Space is Fake

This famous selfie was admitted to be a fake by usatoday only to make others seem authentic. Most ppl never read the fine print anyway
First selfie in space. one eye symbolism and “Cock Camera”
Whata joke. The clean room is supposed to be about the filtration system on the ISS. Hair treatment is a big deal for the cameras as they like to show it standing straight up on fake ISS footage. The guy on the left is throwing up the Hidden Hand gang sign
mustve taken about 20 trips on the Vomit Comet. Each segment is only @15 seconds long.

Every single article that is critical of nasa throws flat earth on top to discredit normal observation.

Now it suddenly makes sense.
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(北京古观象台 Guanxiangtai), Peking (Beijing).  Father Ferdinand Verbiest (1623 -1688) was a Flemish Jesuit missionary in China, who rebuilt and re-equipped the Ancient Observatory.

The Jesuits aren’t no joke to be played with but they gave themselves a fake history with alot more credit then they deserve. They just provide cover for land grabbing pirates and slavers.

There was no ancient observatory. This just seems to validate the heliocentric model and the early generational orphan class would have no clue what these things are if they saw them

The calendar stone is the same thing. Fake ancient space stuff to support modern Sun worship
At the World Fair
globe for blind people at the Perkins Institute, connected to Helen Keller and the war on the deafblind. Even the blind are targeted.. The deaf and blind are at an advantage over someone that has all their senses. Its a 5 sense illusion. If you are not suseptible to the visual propaganda, such as the globe, they cannot get you. 13ft diameter tactile surface globe Also note the checkered floor.
This is a late 1800’s science lab, or at least a picture of what they want ppl to associate science with back then. Its Sun/Lucifer worship.
Heres another classroom shot in the album by G. Cook of the earthquake damage to Charleston in 1886. Note the globe on the left. The poster on the wall is significant too but we’ll get to that soon.

John Adams Whipple not only made significant contributions to the development of early photography, he was also one of the great pioneers of Astrophotography.

It is likely that he was the first person to successfully image a planet, when he obtained Daguerreotype images of Jupiter in 1851. His planetary images preceded those of the Henry Brothers by over thirty years. Sadly the photographic plates have not survived.

“View of the Moon,” daguerreotype by John Adams Whipple. Image courtesy of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Feb 26, 1852. he work of John Adams Whipple was seen by the general public Gold Medal at the very first ‘World’s Fair’ held in 1851 at the Crystal Palace, London; where he exhibited prize winning Daguerreotype photographs of the Moon. He was one of only a small number of Americans to exhibit photographs at the Exhibition and one of the three to be awarded a medal.

Whipple also got the Great Fire of Boston. I turned it sideways to get a better close-up panorama.

This photograph is contained in an album that commemorates the participation of Brazil in the international effort to track the transit of Venus in 1882. This involved the establishment by the Imperial Observatory of an observatory, named after Emperor Dom Pedro II (1825-91), on the island of Saint Thomas in the Danish West Indies (present-day U.S. Virgin Islands). The transit of Venus is a rare astronomical event that occurs when Venus passes between the Earth and the sun, becoming visible in daylight against the solar disk. The transits occur in eight-year pairs at intervals of more than a century. Since the 17th century, astronomers had been especially interested in these transits, as they offered the chance, using multiple observations and complex mathematical calculations, to determine the distance between the Earth and the sun (the Astronomical Unit). There thus was great scientific as well as public interest in the transits of 1874 and 1882. The album is part of the Thereza Christina Maria Collection at the National Library of Brazil. Composed of 21,742 photos assembled by Emperor Pedro II throughout his life and donated by him to the national library, the collection covers a wide variety of subjects and documents the achievements of Brazil and Brazilians in the 19th century. The collection, named after Empress Thereza Christina Maria, was inscribed on the UNESCO Memory of the World register in 2003.

The transit of Venus was a big deal to the Reset Class. I still havent gotten to the reason why but heres another insert. This was the poster on the classroom wall from the Charleston earthquake collection. There was no earthquake, there was no Civil War. They are both covers for the Reset.

Spacewalks and the ISS are filmed in giant swimming pools with green screens. Here are some underwater favs.

According to the War Dept and Ministry of Truth 98% of intercontinental communications are sub marine cable. Read between the lines. Communications are underwater bc there are no satellites.

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The very first space walk from the 60’s. The point of the footage is for him to just be floating around. I mean thats the focal point of the show. He doesnt have to do anything except just be there. The glove is Hidden Hand symbolism.

Meteors. Craters too

Lets start right here, Meteors huh? Antarctica is home to the largest concentration of meteorite deposits on Earth. To explain this the scientists say all the meteorites that fall here are brought into groups by flowing ice which carry the space rocks down hill where top layers of snow melt and expose them making it easy for researchers to fly overhead and pick them up. This sounds like something an adult would say to a child.

 Antarctic Search for Meteorites program, or ANSMET for short. Since 1976, ANSMET researchers have been recovering thousands of meteorite specimens from the East Antarctic ice sheet. ANSMET is funded by the Office of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation.

The first one was found in 1912 by Aussie explorer Doug Mawson during the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. Mawson was part of Shackleton’s team that reached the magnetic South Pole who later lead his own team. The thing is Shackleton never went to ANT, which means Mawson didn’t either. Which means he didn’t go the second time either.

His story has to one-up the previous ones so he came up with a fictional survivors story that hits all the points a story writer would come up with. His 3-man investigation team gets lost and his two partners die, not before one loses his mind and goes insane to death, I’m telling you it was a thing back in the day to lose your mind until you die. Cover-up writers and actor-scientists came up with some nonsensical explanation about how too much vitamin A from eating the dog livers is what did it. It take Dawson a month of solo travel to final reach the encampment only to find out he missed the rescue ship by a matter of hours. He was able to reach out through wireless radio but weather conditions made return impossible.

Wireless radio must have been a new invention and this was a promo piece. Ant was at the cutting edge of science and technology so all the latest gadgets were scripted in to make the story seem as futuristic as possible.

Mawson and the crew members that stayed behind to wait for him had to survive on the ice for a whole other year before the next season allowed a rescue party to return. During this time he gets to spend writing in detailed descriptions of the environment and conditions of the area.

He had so much information it took decades to sort through and was finally published by his daughter. This tells me his daughter just picked up the scam where daddy left off. The book and notes were all frauds, so was the daughters, she could’ve written anything and it would’ve been taken as gospel. Maybe thats where the meteorite story comes from.

Mawson with the standard bad-guy pose; scroll in hand and legs crossed

Doug’s notes weren’t published till the 60’s. His first meteorite find was then. There wasn’t another find until 62, and then the next in the late 70’s when there were over a thousand found in 3 seasons. now they are up to the tens-of-thousands. Its been one of the biggest cash cows of the joint. So you go from a single find and half a century before the next and then exponentially increasing each year after that? Nope, sorry hoss, they might got you but they aint getting me.

Speaking of cash cow, Mawson was featured on the 100$ bill. He received a hero’s return and was even knighted (there was no medieval era)

Wait, I almost forgot the best part. The ship that was used by Mawson in his own exploration was the Aurora:

In 1884, along with other whalers in the area Aurora made an attempt to rescue the controversial Greely Expedition, and her captain James Fairweather assisted with a repair to the US relief ship Bear.

This is how they all connect. Once you take down one they all fall together. One of the key players here is Melville. Herman Melville was the author of Moby Dick, which is based on another false flag maritime cannibal stroy, the Essex. The Greely Expedition is another fake ‘trapped on the ice’ story from the North Pole.You can see the narrative one-up the last as the storyline goes from executing a theif and using his meat for fishing bait and the next chapter where theyjump right in and draw straws for the express purpose of eating the short draw. Theyre all liars.

  1. More HAARP waves, geoengineering fingerprints added to old pics. 2 and 3)Also, if this ship is alone and out in the middle of nowhere then who took the pictures? 4) The first car in Ant.

I was scanning maps of Earth looking for anything that pops out, canals and starforts and stuff. Two cool things I found was a city in Antarctica, its labeled a science station and even has a big NSF (National Science Foundation) painted on the roof so people spying in from google Earth really gets the message. The problem is I know who the NSF are and its not a station. its a small industrial city. I also found a place in china that has been canalized like the size of Jersey, not just a few here and there, it looks like a road system and habitation is concentrated in isolated pockets. They’ll probly say they are rice paddys.

Im looking for evidence of terraforming, or just like massive alterations. I read somewhere that the composition of the soil in the Amazon rainforest contains a type of bio-char which suggests the whole Amazon might be man-made. Then theres the early maps showing California as an island or peninsula, even normie science admits there used to be a vast inland sea, there never has been a good explanation for the salt flats and its not impossible the Grand Canyon was carved out overnight as opposed to a million billion years. By overnight I mean relatively speaking.

I the coolest thing I found was this crater. Its an impact site from 210 million years ago. The problem there is Space is fake and the timeline is a lie. So where does that leave us? Process of elimination. I am usually incorrect a few times, whatever it is I come up I ultimately have to revise everything as Im presented with new information. The only thing I’m 100% positive about is that space is fake and the timeline is a lie.

Who knows what a crater is? Same with volcanos, plate tectonics. Sure. Listen, whatever they teach children in public education is a lie bc the public education system is psychological warfare. Volcanoes can be explained by energy tech. Some kind of laser drill or like the machine we had in metal shop was called a plasma torch and could cut thru a one inch steel plate with just a hairline electrical beam.

Its really called a reserve. To protect the ecosystem. Right. Its really to restrict travel and limit access, thats what the green movement is all about. Louis is used in place of Lucifer, its phonetics, the ‘lu’, like il-‘LU’-imati and George Lucus and I love Lucy. The missing-link fossil is named Lucy, short for Lucifer bc its a fake too. They tell you she was named after the song playing on the radio, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’, it wasnt but now they drag the Beetles down with the ship. The same logic goes with Babel, its short for Babylon, or Ba’el which is another form of Lucifer. In a sense Babylon is another variation of ba’el since the emphasis is place on th B and the L sounds. Its etymology 101, your first lesson in basic spellcasting.

Work it out however you must but this is just the way it is. They named the feature after Satan bc it is a deception. Im still putting some things together to find out what did cause this but bet your ass what did NOT cause this is a flying space rock 210 million billion years ago like they say, Speaking of that time lets talk about dinosaurs for a sec. Fossils are real. I live in the fossil cliffs region of the Chesapeake Bay, Ive got shark teeth big as your face. Freemasons arent sneaking out every night and planting them so that means something was here. The deception comes from the narrative. Maybe dinos did exist in some form but the display you see at the Natural History museum are lies. The first dino skeletons debuted at the World Fair, anything from the World Fair is a trap. Someone could easily find some real fossils like my shark teeth and exaggerate and manipulate and turn it into the fictional creatures we have today. Add a little movie magick and now you have the whole world believing we are the first and only people to ever live here.

The same logic can be used again with their fake/proxy wars that didnt happen or if there was really some military operations carried out by some Orphan Immigrants the reason was def not what is written in public education history books. Take the Civil War for instance, that bitch was not fought over slavery. In a way it could be said too have been if you consider the slaves are the entire population. That doesnt mean the Civil war didnt happen, I have dug up musket balls on the battle fields…Something happened. The Civil war was mainly about destroying fingerprints of the Old World. Shermans March to the Sea?… They just blew up all the pre-existing architecture in the South and claimed a bunch of Starforts. Another thing about the Civil War and slavery Im coming to the conclusions that Africans were in America before Europeans, There was a whole network here that was rebuilding and digging out and once they reached a certain point they started shipping over the Europeans and said “oh yeah, well, we already built that before you got here… It was George Washington”, LOL That mfkr. Anything they say Washington built is a preexisting relic. Later they just turned it around and said the Europeans brought the Africans but they be lying, and used this lie to virtue signal a war that is still used for division today. The Chinese were here already too, on the West side. The Chinese people were brought in to build the railroads, everyone knows that. Bullshit. The railroads are an ancient artifact too, they were always here and so were the Chinese.

This thread lead me to the Midwinter International Expo of 1894, one of the many lesser known World Fairs. Most of the exhibitors of the Chicago fair packed up and headed to San Fran for a repeat. The secondary name was the Oriental Expo, it was an Asian themed fair. Thats huge bc these fairs are all about rewriting and inserting the new, false history narrative. The Chinese were already here and outnumbered Whites. Here is an interesting story about how the organizer tried to get Chinese people to pull the taxi carts on wheels to chauffeur fair-goers around but the Chinee were like “Nah, We’re good.” The organizers had to get White ppl in Chinese costume to pull the carts. If this was an ancient tradition I dont see them making such a big deal about not pulling the carts. Plus the fact they had the power to refuse is meaningful. This was one of the big Colonial expo’s, the Human Zoo’s that scripted the First-Nations people of the world. There were the omnipresent Esquimox, Islander, Indian, and African Villages that treated the people as possessions, objectified them, yet this group refused an organizers backed down and found another way of deception. *Note the Oriental expert that organized the Asian exhibits was George Marsh. The Marsh family is one of the big Reset powerhouses, not only did the Chinese refuse the fair directors but specifically the Marsh line. This is pretty big in showing how solid their community was established in America. Marsh couldve had them all sent on a complimentary cruise around San Fran harbor and set the boat on fire if he wanted but he backed down.

When we look for intelligence other than ourselves we look in outer space, more misdirection. They are trying to hide history. We are very young and didnt build any of this place. Except the disposable plastic stuff, thats ours.

Louis Babel Eco Park. Lucifer, Ba’el, Babylon

I mean that thing is big as Rhode Island, So close to America too I’m surprized Ive never seen anything about it. Mappers must crop it out on purpose. Just dumb every thing down. People have been joking about Project Blue Beam for along time now, I’m sure alot of people aren’t joking, the thing about project bluebeam is relies on a series of satellites, the Calypso satellite if I’m not mistaken. Calypso according to the Ministry of Truth means “concealing the knowledge” but in a “subtle or wily manner”. Sats are bullshit bro. I could see some kind of alien invasion scenario but it would be the threat only. Every war, public and invisible, is fought with perceived threats, potential; terrorism, viruses, nukes, commies, global warming. That none of that shit real and neither are aliens so if it is ever used to stage an invasion we would never see them, we would see pictures on tv and read stories in the papers but we would never see them in the sky.

Instead of Aliens people should start discussing the next potential Directed Energy attack, you know, the next Paradise. Funny thing about that, it was started a place called Camp, California. It became the ‘Camp fire’. Mockery is always a common theme.

This image was taken by the Sally Ride Earthkam, Sally Ride is more word-play mockery, the website is nasa indoctrination targeting children through the public education system. The center mound is even named Mt Babel, how much closer to the Tower of Babel can you get without just saying it? How do astro-nots explain the central uprising inside supposed meteor impact sites?
Louis Babel Ecological ReserveWith an area of 23,540 hectares, making it by far the largest in the Quebec network, the Louis-Babel ecological reserve is located on Mount Babel in the northern part of René-Levasseur Island (Manicouagan reservoir). It is located in the unorganized territory of the regional county municipality of Manicouagan.This ecological reserve protects boreal, montane and alpine ecosystems in the Toulnustouc River ecological region (black spruce-fir-moss forest) and the Marceau Lake summits ecological region (black spruce-fir forest). It also ensures the protection of a site of exceptional geological interest, since it is one of five sites in Québec characterized by a shock metamorphism structure.

The Louis Babel Ecological Reserve protects
an exceptional geological site. Mount Babel
is the result of the rebound from the bottom of a huge
crater formed by a meteorite impact,
210 million years ago.

The relief of René-Levasseur Island is mountainous. Its central part is topped by the Mount of Babel, has interested geologists for a long time because of its shock metamorphic structure. Its origin is linked to the impact of a celestial body, which would date back to 210 million years. This meteorite impact formed a crater, the largest and most complex in Canada. Mount of Babel and a strip of land averaging six kilometres wide in the centre of the island are the two main zones of impact metamorphism that resulted from the rebound of the crater centre.

The ecological reserve is named in memory of Father Louis Babel (1829-1912). A missionary charged with evangelizing the Montagnais and Naskapi, he spent nearly 60 years of his life on the North Shore. In living memory, he was the first white man to cross the interior of the North Shore as far as Labrador, during the years 1866, 1867, 1868 and 1870. These explorations led Father Babel to gather valuable information on the geography of the area and the customs and habits of the Amerindians. He is considered to be the first scientific explorer of northeastern Quebec.

Louis Babel

His existence has been whitewashed, as if he was really cutting his path through the uncharted wilderness for the sake of the heathen soul. From Geneva. Switzerland is an Old World seat of power He was a missionary all right, but his mission was not the feral natives. Babel kept extensive records of terrain features and the ferals he came across.
The area was trapped out by the American Fur Company and later mined by the Military Industrial Complex based off maps made from his material. It was a military intelligence operation. The first type of geological survey in the area. A pull from another bio will say it better than me…
His attempts to preach the gospel to the Naskapi and Inuit made Babel, indirectly, the first scientific explorer of northeastern Quebec. A tireless chronicler, a meticulous observer, and a well-informed scientist, he was the first to report iron ore in what was to become New Quebec. His descriptions of lakes, rivers, rapids, and portages, his meticulous observations on the nature of the soil and the forest, and his constant reporting on climatic and meteorological conditions make his travel journals of particular scientific value. During his 1868 journey, for instance, he used the Rochon telescope, also called the telescope for measuring distances, to give brief descriptions of the places he visited, and he provided copious and detailed data about the size of the lakes, the direction in which the rivers flowed, the length of the portages, and the direction and velocity of the winds, taking care to add the time at which he made these observations. In 1873 the Quebec Department of Crown Lands published a large map based on his data, the first one to describe the interior of Labrador. It would prove a reliable and valuable scientific guide for both missionaries and explorers. Babel’s contribution to the knowledge of native languages also deserves mention. He was the author of a French-Montagnais dictionary, which is still in manuscript form, and wrote notes which were to be used in preparing a Montagnais grammar.
Interesting he is remembered for using a specific type of telescope used for measuring distance, Im sure one could pick something up at the closest Indian trading post for a few beaver pelts.
Most articles mention his ability to communicate in multiple languages and for writing some down for the first time ever. Bitch please, they been saying that same line since the beginning of the Repopulation of North America. Mr Louis just inserted what he wanted, he didn’t learn the natives so much as he made it up, whatever he submitted was the official narrative

Have you ever considered the odds of a fireball crashing through your roof and onto your pillow while you were sleeping?

“The chances of a meteorite big enough to penetrate a roof and hit a bed are about one and 100 billion per year,” said Brown in the wake of exactly that situation happening to a sleeping Ruth Hamilton in Golden on Oct. 3.

Despite the long odds, it’s not the first time this has happened in 2021, with Brown citing a similar incident where a meteor also came through a roof and hit a bed.

Peter Brown has. Brown is Canada Research Chair at Ontario’s Western University and has been a researcher in this field for 30 years.

The HH (88) patch is another tell, Aces and Eights for days. Good thing she put those rubber gloves on huh, lest she might turn into on of those grass-people from that Creepshow movie, remember that one? When the meteor lands in Steven Kings backyard and he picks it up and it burns him and he turns into the grass man? But wait, I thought they just said falling space-rocks generate no heat? Somethings not adding up here, I think someone might by lying.

On Oct 3, (10/3=13), at exactly 11:33:47, (47 is significant too, the year the CIA was announced for the same reasons, some sources try to say it happened between 45 and 49, which is still 47, not that anybody would mark the time to the exact second but it offers a chance for a number drop) several chunks weighing 919 grams (666) crashed through the roof of Ruth Hamilton, landing on her pillow while she slept.

The story was published on Oct 13 (10/13 is still 13) with an interview by Prof Brown, who took the flying space-rock for stidy and will be returning it on Nov 30, (11/30 is 13 again)

Hamilton says that she plans to keep the rock for the foreseeable future, stating that her grandchildren think it’s pretty cool. “I’m just totally amazed over the fact that it is a star that came out of the sky, It’s maybe billions of years old… The only other thing I can think of saying is life is precious and it could be gone at any moment even when you think you are safe and secure in your bed,”

GTFOH, Are we anywhere safe from falling space-rocks? Not even in our own beds?

Here are some videos that say they show the meteor falling. The thing is they dont show the same things and the main one is such a bad copy and paste job I almost think it was made so poorly on purpose. Not to mention the length of the videos published are 31, 13, 13 and 3 seconds long. That one on the bottom has got to be the most convincing evidence for meteors and globes I’ve ever scene. Take that Flat Earthers, ooh you guys are so fucked now.

Lol, I always had the thumbnail window for this image. Now that the big screen you can see the patch where the flash was pasted on top.


Authentic dash-cam footage of Prof Brown from the Dept of Meteors collecting space-rock specimens without rubber gloves.

“It’s got its own escort at this point,” remarked Hamilton. “It just speaks to its importance and its scientific value.”

I guess she saw the same movie, the escort of Prof Brown… Dept of Meteors
Full audio interviews by Hamilton here

“Brown says it’s also not a shock that the rock did not burn the bed when it landed, as meteors stop being luminous at about 18 to 20 kilometres of altitude, giving them plenty of time to cool off in the chilly upper atmosphere.” Are you kidding me? Every elementary school kid is taught air molecules cause friction which creates heat. Thats the thing with their fake science, they can say whatever they want and even say the exact opposite of what they said yesterday and nobody will punch them in the dick for lying so it just gets borderline comical the shit that comes out their mouth.

Not only that but Prof Brown from the Dept of Meteors say it was a 100 billion in 1 odds for the meteor to crash through the roof and land on the pillow without hurting anyone. Such a lucky guy, he sends us to a near exact case that happened just a few months before in India. I say nearly-exact bc this one was so hot it melted the bed sheets. I guess they dont have a cool upper atmosphere in India…

I dont think its a coincidence the sheet is the Disney Castle “Do you believe in Magick yet mothafucka?”
Just by sheer luck the camera man was taking footage of the volcano when this meteor struck inside a volcano
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Aces and Eights, 11/18 date; sells for 1.8 mil; coffin maker

1680 French coin has a UFO on it, experts baffled for 50 years, say its a reference to Ezekiel’s dream. The Latin inscriptions says “It will be here at the right opportunity”. Project Blue Beam predictive Programming.

Not just meteors but craters too!

Of course you cant see it but trust nasa, it’s there, a meteor crater a mile under ice of Antartica, they can see it with satellites.

Not only that but continental plates run right through it which proves to Nasa actors that this impact is what broke up the super continent. Plus, its bigger than the one that killed the dinosaurs through climate change. Man NASA is hitting all the fake science points with this one.

The story was originally published in respectable news outlet CBS. It was shortly thereafter removed and downgraded to the UFO sites, you can still find it on the wayback machine. CBS also did the fake short wave radio broadcasts almost a century before. The must have the monopoly on all things Antarctica.

Moon Crater Names

Bingham was the first White guy to explore South American sites like Macchu Picchu. He actually probs never set foot in S America but his birth rite status got him a crater on the moon.

Many explores have moon craters, Im still in the process of transferring them over here.

Heres two from Adm Byrd, the fake Antarctica exlorer. The moon and Mars.

The Show must Go On

I like the way the snow is packed behind it to make it appear as if it had been sitting in the wind-swept wasteland for ages waiting to be picked up. It’s part of the illusion

This was in the news only yesterday, it popped up in my news feed, one surefire way to see how truly saturated the human population is with fake everything is just scroll down the news feed headlines. Every. Single. One.

These guys found a record 16.7 pound meteor

“It was literally the last hour of the last day. And we stumbled upon this huge meteorite just sitting by itself in the middle of a blue ice field. … And we were, like, what amazing luck to have this happen just as we were about to give up and go home,”

M. Valdez, a researcher at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History
  • This is the same thing that happened with the ‘Lucy’ fossils in Africa, the early human. Lucy(fer)

There is so much going on here… Besides the fact the story is running front page on CNN, Washington Times, and NPR News, among all the other leading misleading outlets the head chief is a Valdes, as in Valdez, Alaska, you know, that big oil spill they had back a-ways. I researched that as one of my very first articles, I’ll tack it on to this thread, which has become more like a bulletin board for short posts.

Nevermind the guy throwing up the Reset Order gang-sign, thats a give-away by itself. Normies call it a ‘peace sign‘ but thats only bc of the Satanic Laws of Inversion. It is not peace, maybe ‘piece’, as in compartmentalized. Its a clear mark that might as well be the ‘hidden hand’ or ‘devil horns’ or ‘One-Eye’. I just saw extensive peace-sign use at the orphanage/monastery of the Bon ppl in Nepal, I’ll have to remember to include an example.

Valdez is working for the Museum of Chicago, Chi-town is a Reset capitol city, its real history is much older than ppl are taught and the projects that come out of there are all geared to maintaining the prison planet status-quo.

The numbers game: 16.7- Ones represent whatever they stand beside, so 66.7. The bitch is from the Museum of Chicago so she probs just fudged the number up by .1 just to try to hide it from being too obvious. The intended audience understand what she is saying regardless of that .1, and the normies skim right over and only think how awesome it is. I see you.

Luck is used to dismiss coincidents that should be the tell tale red-flags that they are being lied to. Luck is a magickal term. Some of the most blatant and obvious frauds and non-discoveries are found with luck. “With just a little luck…” or “It was by pure luck that…” anytime you see someone open with that get ready for a whopper. My fav is “Dumb luck”, lol, yeah its dumb alright, if you fall for it.

This guy named Foucauld (Faux-could) set this heavy ball on a long wire and strapped it to the top of the Pantheon. The ratio of ball weight and wire length is supposed to confirm the rotation of the Earth by the movement of the pendulum action. Some results even claim the pendulum favors clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the hemisphere of the Earth you’re on.

This is some of the crazy ass parlor tricks that are used to trick the normie herd. I’m not here to attack the pendulum but the year it was set up in the Pantheon, maybe both. And some. Foucauld belonged to an aristocrat family of Paris. His ancestors include the first ever vax campaign in Europe and the first attempt at a central bank. He was also homeboys with Napoleon and once had to flee France for cowardice during the revolution, came to the States and ran around with G Washington and Ben Franklin. All of those are fake history and fictional characters inserted after the Reset in order to give the family more prestige and birth-right status.

The Pantheon is a giant Luciferian temple. It’s supposed to be a National monument but everything inside is just a celebration of different mindfuck projects similar in nature to FE. I have a fairly decent article about the temple and its contents, if you check the homepage its shuffled into the Antarctica post, which also has more FE shenanigans, so I wont repeat myself here.

1851 was the year the pendulum was installed. it wasn’t like an accidental discovery that made its way here after a period of refinement. It was, from the beginning, supposed to prove the earth’s rotation for no other reason than to prove it was in fact rotating. That means even back at that early time it was being pushed on the people. Foucauld was like an early FB Reddit troll.

Part of the way Fauxcauld’s pendulum works (as a mindfuck tool, not a science instrument) is by having people with self-validating authority make it seem more complex than it really is. Spooks everywhere from Researchgate to prominent institutes and universities like MIT, Smithsonian, Harvard, and of course the granddaddy of them all, NASA, and promoted in mocking psuedo-science propaganda rags like Popular Mechanics and Scientific American pretend to scratch their head (insert ‘Thinking Man’ pose) and throw around phrases like the Coriolis Effect, Mach’s Principle, Newtonian Laws of Physics, and Einsteins General and Special Relativity. The truth is, the average person is so dumbed down on fluoride, booster shots, and public education they have no clue what a single one of those means, which is the entire point. If they gave you a direct straight up answer nobody would fall for their dumbass bullshit. (Spoiler alert: anything with Newton or Einstein’s name attached for credibility is a bold face lie).

If this picture represents a solution to your question… Anytime the solution needs more of an explanation than the question a kick in the balls is the appropriate responce

“The well known Foucault nonsymmetrical pendulum is studied as a problem of sub-Riemannian geometry on nilpotent Lie groups. It is shown that in a rotating frame a sub-Riemannian structure can be naturally introduced. For small oscillations, three dimensional horizontal trajectories are computed and displayed in detail. The fiber bundle structure is explicitly shown. The underlying Lie structure is described together with the corresponding holonomy group, which turns out to be given by the center of the Heisenberg group”

If you ask how something works and get this as a reply do us all a favor and punch that person in the dick

Supposedly, as the pendulum swings the path will be circular, as the earth spins the back and forth motion will also move in a round pattern as well. You know how else you can tell this is a lie? Bc when you try keyword searches to ‘debunk’ it the only results will be pro- globe. When you do finally get a counter result it is from the fake-truth-flat- earth guru, who wont get a promo from me but I’m sure if you are reading this you know who im talking about. So there you are twice over, a microcosm of the whole, controlled op from both sides to make sure you stay in their trap.

You wanna know the big secret of how these things work? Motors, magnets, and hypnosis. Since the first exhibit at the 1851 World Fair, Fauxcould made some improvements himself by adding an electromagnetic motor to ensure the mezmerizing tactics maintained effect. This means even the guy that invented it knew it was junk. Of course he knew, it was a World Fair exhibit, it was at the Pantheon, and he was a Fauxcould. 3 strikes your out, bud. Not only was it at the WF but its grand entrance (In trance) was March 31. Thats a number drop, icydk, 3/31=333

Nowadays the scam has been modernized with GPS navigators mounted in hidden floor compartments, according to MIT anyway. (this link has recently been altered by the spooks on the other end, it retained the headline but now gives disinfo)

Looks like all the old links about the gps have been scrubbed. I found an issue of Scientific American from 1910 that explains how the pendulum only works for about an hour and gives a detailed walk-through about how it has been electrified since 1908.

Scientific American is regarded as a mainstream authority on all things Normie. On what credentials is never addressed, in fact they are one of the primeire spook disinfo rags of all time, going back to 1849, S.A. is up there with Popular Mechanics and Atlantic Monthly.

I tried to find the issue in the archieves. The SA library is highly organized bc they make you pay for your disinfo. 40$ a year.Im not paying 40$ for a half-page article, sorry. Even the JSTOR edition needs valid login, if anyone has access either from jstor or SA please download this file and hmu.

Heres a screenshot, should suffice

Heres another mocking reference by gatekeeper whores at the NYTimes. A book titled, A Conspiracy to Rule the World, about the pendulum. The part I like is that the humanoid is using the pendulum as intended. hypnosis mechanism. I also see he has a winged lion variation. See my report on that if you want to step your game up.

Here is a pdf on how penulums are used to make people do whatever you want. Well, not really, dont you know tv is fake? What it does is gives the victim a focal point so the mind is open to the suggestion of the perp, in this case you are supposed to stare at the pendulum while the repetition of “earths rotation” imprints itself on your mush brains. This is the secret to how the manipulation tactic works. Sucker.

The Faux-could Pendulm suspended from the Eiffel Tower was the first half of the Flat Earth/Globa’al Trolling community. It also got his name inscribed on the tower along with 71 other like-characters that supposedly contributed to modern civilization equal or greater than the Earths rotation illusion.

While we’re on Paris and the Eiffel Tower I thought it would be a good place to throw in my old pic of ‘construction’, never mind the professional pocket-pool player standing midframe. A canal ride wouldve taken you directly underneath the ancient structure.

72 is a symbolic number, again connected to fake space in one way called the precession of the equinoxes. The Earth wobbles as it rotates meaning the constellations in the sky change orientation to the amount of 1 degree every 72 years, so that a full completion takes… Idk, whatever 72×360 is, thats not the point.

The Eiffel Tower is a mindfuck unto itself as well. A Pre-Mudflood structure. Some people say its a large antennea, part of the Etheric energy grid. I just found some old photos buried in the Rijksmuseum of the backfilled canals around the antennea, additionally some similar towers scattered around the Earth and a few ‘concept renderings’ that may or may not have been part of the original structure at one point.

Click to expand

Found on Google Earth at a remote Saharan rock shelter called a church in the middle of a ‘volcano’ field. You what volcanoes and Meteors have in common? Craters.

Gleasons map is another shot coming from the other side. but except its not the other side they are the same side and as long as you are listening to them jerk asses you are not paying attn to whats going on around you.

The go-to map of the Flat Earth Jump-Squad by spook intel family Gleason
This stamp from Boston Public Library is a signal to other agents that this fake doc is a psy-op. Boston is the spook capital, forget Langley, anything stamped by them is automatically flagged. They have an extensive photo archive of false flag history, just a forewarning, their possession alone indicates general fuckery
There are no 1-5. It starts and ends with 6. In the numbers game a ‘1’ is equal to whatever it stands beside, There is also whats called the ‘Satanic Laws of Inversion’, the “As Above, So Below” concept people like to throw around with no comprehension of what it really means. In this manner 9/11 is how you arrive at 666. Not really relevant here, just a free lesson since we’re on numbers.

Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving are a marker as well, though not many would recognize them right off the top, they are Big Wigs at the Pan-Am Expo of 1901, the Buffalo World Fair. This one featured the fake assassination of Prez McKinley [Note to self: Check for McKinley and McKenney family connection.]

*I have completed a paper on the Pan-Am Expo from the point of view of the fake deafmute intel agent, check the search bar

Check some history on the Patent Office and what their true purpose is and role in directing, by directing I mean diverting, or outright halting, the speed of progression of the whole society. Their inclusion is noteworthy. Also the date, this is just in time for the 1893 World Fair of Chicago.

Sun Burst and Pyramid of the Flat Earth map

My favorite part is calling out the easy ones everybody missed. Yep, heres your most common well-understood-to-be-the-bad-guys sigil in the pictographic language of the Reset Overlords. Right at the top, front and center in bold capital letters and even quotations- to let you know they really mean business. How did nobody catch this before? Mass hypnosis bro. As It Is, sure.

This is really about fake history, we’ve already wasted enough energy on the FE psy-op. I just came across a pic I had to share. I was researching fake Indian tribes to cover for the Reset. The was no colonial America. America was repopulated, not colonized, therefore there were no Indians. What I think was here before the repopulation wouldve been survivors of the Reset event, a Mudflood in some places but not all. Survivors wouldve banded together, thrust back into the stone age surrounded by great ruins. These people formed the Feral Class. Along comes the Inheritors claim ownership of the buildings and bring the Orphan Immigrants. Get in line or get sent to one of the disporportionate insane asylums or re education school.

The imagry of the Native American Indian originally come from spooks at the World Fairs and specifically the Human Zoo’s. This was done on a world scale as well as American. Buffalo Bill Wild West show and PT Barum helped out. The media was always complict in using the invisible threat of indians like they still use the threat of fake nukes and terrorism and viruses. The Trail of Tears has a full chapter Im almost finished and goes back fake indians used to justify a permant military presence and then then Indian eviction. led to the Georgia Gold Rush false flag to repopulate the area formally called Indian Territory, they even had a land lotto. Id like to see the lucky winners of the choice property. The whole thing was a cover for land grabbing. trail of tears was used on many levels but thats just the intro today its about the fake Gleason map.

Indian stereotype imagry circulated by F. Gleason of Boston
Boston Pub. by F. Gleason 2 1/2 Tremont Row

gleasons weekly

Frederick Gleason is guilty of publishing fake illustrations to pass as factual history. He is called the ‘Father of Illustration Journalism’ but its just a step away from comic books. One of the forefathers of the ‘Dime Novel’. Gleason’s Boston based rag was one of the popular illustration publishers of the day. Freddy counted as his rivals PT Barnum, who also had a big role in pushing the Indian hoax, by rival I mean partner. Buffalo Bill and the Wild West show were some of the biggest ones on the World Fair circuit.

A. Gleason vs. F. Gleason

Im sure many people will be yelling at their screen by now at me that the two inserted fake docs are done by two dif people and that doesnt prove anything. Ok, sure, whatever you say. Im not here to convince you. Even though they both are involved with major psychological warfare projects from Boston in the mid-late 1800’s, both have connections to World Fairs, and both share the same name. Im sure theres a logical explanation for this, right? Oh yeah, ‘Coincidence’.

If you search for info on the Sun Simulator the results are science related, evidently there has been technology patented since the 60’s. Searching for an Artificial Sun will take you to the Chinese conspiracy to control the world results. Its always the Chinese, or Russians. They go hand in hand with the fake Chinese moon landing, as if ours or any countries are real… Except India, India’s just landed on the South Pole, that was real.

The thing is, I dont see any real information here I consider it credible. The images of the Chinese artificial Sun remind me of the Cern images. They could be anything. Cern just shows a bunch of overwhelming technical apparatus and provide no explanation and talk to the population like they were school children.

Some call it a Sun Dog, some say it’s a reflection off the firmament. Maybe it has to do with the lens of a giant Directed Energy device.

Localized Sun or power source for energy device?

This hexagonal series of plates is called a prism, part of a conventional D.E. rig. It has been found in clouds as in the image below but the date is 8/8, a huge mark. The monument is too. Crazy Horse. its mocking the people that belive him

The prism is associated with much that looks like this. The song “Black Hole Sun” as well.

This one I took at work personally. I was tracking trails and the beam was visible for about 15 minutes before it went away. If it was a simple camera error it would’ve been in every image.

Space Buddha

I got a little bonus for yall, I was going to leave this out for lack of context but since we already are on Space and shit I figure now would be a perfect time for an introduction for Buddha from Space.

This statue wasn’t known to the world community until 2007 when it was handed over from a private collector that wanted testing done. Turns out it was from the Chinga meteorite which fell along the Mongolian border 10-20,000 years ago, the only accompanying information was the card that read:

“To our knowledge, the statue was brought to Germany by a Tibet expedition in the years 1938-1939 guided by Ernst Schaefer (zoologist and ethnologist) by order of the German National Socialist government. The aim of this expedition was to find the roots of the Aryan religion and the Aryan origin.”

Since then we have seen the whole science community once again struggle to dumb themselves down to the point they fail to provide any coherent explanation about anything at all…except flying space-rocks of course, they’re good for that.

The science Dream Team includes meteor experts, Tibetologists, archaeologists, theologians, academics, historians and scholars of every branch fighting to chime in only to say how truly baffled they are. In fact the only thing they do come up with nobody wants to challenge is the space-rock theory. Thats bc there was no debate. They all know its fake bc everything they put out is fake. The mission objective is to insert the piece into the mainstream narrative and into popular conversation, thus, the staged debate

Needless to say I wont waste any of our time going into mainstream anything but I would like to point out that this serves as another example of how artifacts are inserted into the narrative decades after the fact. The story of the journey of the Space Buddha is handed off to spook scriptwriter that also was charged with demonizing the Schafer Expedition that turned them all into bloodlusting psychopaths that staged whatever evidences they needed to support their ‘Aryans in the Himalaya’s’ claim in order to justify the genocide of millions and millions of people. This is the person that fills in the gaps and smooths every thing out that all the scientists in the world cant seem to figure out, a fictional drama cover-writer. Not that I am defending the expedition; I will not comment on the validity of such an event as pushed on children in public education camps, if it is not clear to the reader by now it is bc you are not paying attn and I can only recommend starting this essay from the beginning repeatedly until it is clear.

You can get a glimpse of the level of credibility of our new expert that now supersedes all previous scientific authority on the banner of her webpage, she has a quote from Victor Hugo. “Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing”. This is also the name of her site, The last Word on Nothing. That’s not a bad gimmick really, I didn’t get it at first. That just summed up so eloquently what I just pegged her as, which is the whole schtick behind Hugo, He was a historical fiction supposedly at rest in the Pantheon. I got a whole essay on the mindfuck construct they call the Pantheon.

The thing the spookwriter does for us inadvertently is shows how artifacts made from space-rocks are inserted into many ancient civilizations, from the Inuit to the Egyptians. Remember the effect it had when you first found out King Tut had a sword forged from meteorific iron? THATS the desired effect. Its psychological warfare bro, theres not much more I can say.

This is a strong lead that points us to every case a claim is made of space-rock metal used for religious trinkets, thats all these are, little collector novelty items, as if a civilization that could have the advanced metallurgy skills necessary to forge such a piece could find no other uses except false-idol worship. It’s a forgery alright. (Pun intended)

Even though this Space Buddha wasn’t ‘discovered’ until 2007 the tag on it says 1938, thanks to our fictional drama writer who now has the power to over ride any and all scientific authorities by confirming that indeed this was the work of mastermind exterminators. The date of the actual creation of the piece has naturally been attributed to the Bon religion, the Proto-Buddhist sect said to be 18,000 years old. Likewise King Tut’s dagger has a date affixed as 1928 although we must really look at the date of the annoucement of the discovery of the material used. Meaning, if they came out in 2005 and inserted the space-rock dagger by glossing over its initial discovery but claiming it was stuck in customs somewhere, or my fav, that secret underground warehouse from Indiana Jones that has the arc of the covenent, I bet thats where it was all along.

The date of the meteor discovery which is said to be the mother of the metal was in 1913. The is around the time meteors were quite trendy, kickstarted by the Aussie during the Antarctic Expeditions the Chinga Meteor.

Update: Turns out I was correct about the later insertion of Tut’s space-rock dagger, it wasnt begotten til 2016, almost a full decade till after Space-Buddha. Both cases point to Inuit tools in Iceland. The recentness suggests we will see more future additions to the international Space-rock false-idol worshiping hoaxers.

The follow-up is in 2020, scientists had been “hotly debating” the origins of the dagger. (anything labelled as “hotly debated” is a lie) The thing is, its so well crafted it stands apart from everything else. (An obvious sign it is a plant.) So well crafted they have to come up with a cover story bc now they have conflicting timelines since it would va been impossible for the locals to craft such an instrument. (lol, as if the people could build the Great Pyramids but not figure out low-temp smelting). Heres where they insert another fake historic site to prop each other up: Now they are saying it has been decoded on clay tablets excavated at a nearby royal library dating to 3,400 years, they found one that matches the description of the dagger to the hilt (puns for all), making it clear this is the direction they are taking it.

Although it would seem the various puzzle pieces have fallen perfectly into place, it will be the job of future studies to confirm whether the family heirloom mentioned in the Amarna letter is indeed the very dagger currently sitting in the Museum of Cairo. Until then, we can all agree on one thing: The bar for wedding gifts has certainly been raised.

When I finally get to Egypt I will certainly cover the Amarna Letters. This highlights why libraries are the most commonly faked excavations, the contents can be made to say whatever they need. One lie supporting another, the whole thing about to crumble. When you take one down the rest comes with it.

  • The Meteoritical Society, and their mouthpiece,Meteoritics & Planetary Science has been the driving force behind all the stories and updates, confirming what I said in my Antarctica paper that they were created for that purpose.

Source: [1], [2], [3], [4]

This collection of images comes from University of Pennslyvannia and shows the construction of the observatory there along with several other observatories around the country. I have pulled a couple out for a gallery here.

The construction photos aren’t genuine. Some are photoshopped others show repair, not construction, most are just a few guys standing there in overalls not doing anything.

The curious part is the other projects. The person that put this collection together back in the day was traveling around the country to other institutions and taking pictures of works in progress going on in other fields of science.


This says Phipps Conservatory, 1893, dont look like the same one with all the busted window
Phipps Conservatory in UPenn archives 1900. Look at all the broken glass

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