Repopulation of China; Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion, and Mass Executions

The text books say this event was a result of interference of the Western world in the affairs of the Chinese court. There is no point going into detail about what the narrative says bc its all make believe.

Missionaries are a code word for New World Order Intelligence. The first people to enter a new territory and ‘help’ civilize a population of natives are the missionaries. All the grandest structures are labeled church property.

Boxers were names for immigrant workers and the fight was centered on missionaries from the church. Missionaries are really Spook Intelligence cells so they are central to the war means this is the insertion of the New World Order

This is June 11. Thats 6/11, or 666. The number 1 represents what ever number it stands next to. They are spilling the beans on Beato for arranging body shots. The thing is, and you’re gonna laugh, Beato is the only guy Ive found that posts real corpses. I mean, not like one eye willy up there, but he plays into this confession, by admitting he arranged bodies in advance you avoid all the attn regarding flaws in the narrative. Look at the American Civil War if you want to see fake dead people. Check Matthew Brady, I havent found a single corpse in his file yet.

Beato shows real corpses with their brains and guts falling out and blood on everything and I saw a compound fractured cheek bone on one guy. Whatever this fight was or how ever old the actual date is up for grabs but They are lying in the statement below by pretending to make a false confession, that’s their style and M.O.

The caption admits the bodies are arranged, this covers their ass for places like the Civil War with all the obviously staged shots, in India and the American Civil War there are not real bodies like there are in China.

The photo is titled only, ‘North Entrance to the Fort’, but it doesnt mention which fort. I spend way too much time looking at fakes. Chop shopped or actors, theres a bunch of ways. So far China has the only real (as far as I can tell) dead bodies.

Beato has his name on this one too but I dont think he did it. The photo of the half-skeleton thing drug up by the dogs I can at least say maybe. Not this one. That guy really had his eye blown out of its socket, and the photographer was on hand to capture the event before decomposition set in or cleanup had begun. One could speculate for miles about the circumstances here.

So this is before the Civil War, so why dont we have a single picture like this? The technology existed. I do not think the bodies were aranged; they died where they fell. Theres one or two things, like the broken arm looks like it showcased but the rope around his throat… I think the weaponry was added if anything. This military technology can be dated and these specific fire arms with the smouldering fuse, before flint lock muskets, can be used. I think thats why there are so many front and center. Stage Props with real corpses.

All the guns laying in front doesn’t look natural. If you really zoom in close none of the wicks have been lit.

I notice the British agents are using Indian troops. India was established first.

This is a fake picture supposedly showing the opening shots fired at Ft Taku. It is fake bc by the time camera man Felice Beato came around and photographed everything the forts and walls and all parts of China had been sitting in ruins for a long time. The earliest part of the history of this photograph begins in 1990 it is found in a French Collection of images. Note the railroad tracks in the foreground, the railroad is a remnant of the Olde World and was established worldwide, repaired, not constructed.

The gallery below is a series of battle shots that are supposedly taken after the battle that the image above kicked things off. The thing here is the shots are authentic but the ruins are ancient, that means the pics were set up like movie sets. The weapons and period elements that are dateable have been planted, that means the casualties too. Asia had a mass execution of the male population, we will get to that next. How hard would it be to think of a plot to execute people on old grounds to create lifelike images of a battle that never took place to support the false narrative. They killed those people on the spot for the purpose of creating a battle sequence. They did it in America too, check out the Civil War pics, only we used living actors, not freshly executed people.

93rd Highlanders

This is supposedly of the 2nd Opium Wars, this photo stands out to me bc of the kilts. The only war-time soldiers that fight in Scottish regalia is the 93rd Highlanders. The were present in the wag-the-dog Crimean War, and the photo of the half corpse-half skeleton image from the Indian Revolution at Lucknow. They are also presnt in the Civil War narrative. Harpers Ferry I think but don’t quote me. Their involvement here would be on par and indicates these are all staged as well, think of this as more like an actors troop.

93 is 999 inverted 666

A whole series of shots was staged; good guy armies, gangs of criminals, the running, flag-waving battle cry.

Jesuit sigil on the Heavenly Lord shrine, Jesuit missionaries were the first outsiders in most places in the world but the virtue-signalling story is a cover
They also bring the Post-Reset construct of ‘time’. No idea yet what was in place before the compartmentalization of the day but nothing is more of a mindfuck than the time keeping system we have today. The solar calendar and heliocentrism is Sun worship.
Goes hand in hand with the Freemasons parade in downtown Shanghai, 1890
The Colonial press at the address 33