Olde World Images of Constantinople/Istanbul at the Beginning of the Repopulation.

Ottoman Empire vs. Holy Roman Empire

The two factions are both fractals of the Post-Reset centralized authority structure, New World Order if you prefer.

They are different but share the same elements. The Ottoman’s have walled cities, citadels, and mosques. The Roman Empire has Starforts, castles, and cathedrals. Essentially, they are the same thing.

The capitol of the Romans was, of course, Rome, and most of the Mediterranean region. While there are a large amount of ruins to support this claim there are similar ruins all over the world, most of which were destroyed so long ago they arent even in the photographic record so we’ll never know for sure.

On the other hand the capitol of the Ottoman Empire was Constantinople, which is now Istanbul, Turkey. I think Constantinople never existed. First off, this is a variation of Constantine, a Roman Emporer, so whats he doing at the center of the opposing Empire? You’d think they’d changed the name.

There is also the Byzantine Empire to contend with, I dont really know the difference right now. I will update this as future information is available. That means pl dont quote this for a school history report or anything.

The history of all the empires is very hard to follow for a reason. It makes it near impossible for an everyday person to comprehend, therefore the most qualified persons are graduates of some university that teaches fake history. The truth is ALL of the empires are make-believe.

That means lets cut to the chase, this is just a few images I came across of Constantinople/Istanbul at the start of the repopulation. There are a few ships in the harbor, a few people on the ground repairing buildings, cleaning streets and planting trees.

One of the things I ve noticed are the monuments. These stone and bronze markers are put in place first thing and then the narrative is built around it. A name is added and the deeds which are attributed to his greatness. Usually the people featured on a horse are the ones to watch out for the most. Names of locations are the same. How many streets are named Washington or Lincoln? This goes right back to the featured Constantinople, there never was any Constantine but the city is called that as a mindfuck to make ppl think it has been that way the whole time.

One of the earliest marker monuments in Istanbul is the Egyptian obelisk. All ancient civilizations are modern fabrications, Egypt included, this is a very subtle yet powerful way to prop one lie up with another. The history of the obelisk is better told by one of the normie gatekeepers here. But sure enough, it is prominently featured in the earliest photographs, which means it was one of the first things installed before anything else. There is even an explaination for the brick and mortar obelisk next to it instead of the single hewn piece, supposedly imported from Karnak, Egypt. The project would take to long to import the one-piece stone so another was built to take its place until the new stone would arive. This shows continuity, they are all stage props, but one appears older than the other so there is chronological order , a timeline. Thats what they are creating here, the entire illusion is the false timeline narrative.

Close up of the Serpent Column, photo attributed to Pascal Sebah, a contemporary of Beato. Several images in the gallery are his. More than likely he is just a file name, not an actual person.
Here is another one labeled 1853 showing no pit or guard rail. Why would the Serpent Column extend meters down under the ground but the obelisks are right on the surface? Draws questions into the age and the Mudflood scenario
I found this image associated with Constantine, I wanted to highlight the ‘SHHH’ finger pointing upwards. Its an Intelligence marker found on tombstones of agents and fictitious persons everywhere.

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