Exxon Valdez Oil Spill was an Inside Job

Otto Didactic                     24 march 22 

Today is the 33rd anniversary of one of the most disheartening attacks on the natural order of Earth we have seen in our time here. At the time it was THE environmental catastrophe which all others are compared. Since then the bar has been raised several times as each event has to one-up the last one in order to maintain the level of shock value needed to keep the whole thing moving. Keeping the mindset that I have never seen a single instance of this magnitude that has occurred organically, therefore I do not believe this is the only case in history that has. I will attempt to document evidence to support my position. This is by no means a finalized essay, everything overlaps and connects so nothing is ever final. There’s always more.The information I find is only here to help the next researcher that can expand further and rewrite for better understanding for the researcher next down the line Ad Infinium. This chapter deserves recognition, anyone so inclined to prepare a decent presentation may use any part of this article they choose. 

I think a Ministry of Truth run down of events is in order so everyone is caught up. On March 24th, 1989 oil supertanker Exxon Valdez strayed from a predetermined course to avoid collision and run aground Blythe Reef. 8 of 11 holding tanks were punctured, spilling 10.8  million gallons into Prince William Sound, a pristine sparsely populated wilderness environment, destroying coastline and wildlife populations for decades to come and still haven’t fully recovered. Initial clean-up was delayed, multiple excuses were given as to the cause and just as much finger pointing is seen. In the end the focal point was to clean up efforts and blame was never really determined. In fact it seems Valdez is used as a smoke screen to hide most other environmental concerns, Similar to how smoking is used in the health arena to hijack concerns brought about by, say, sugar or GMO’s… Almost as if it was designed that way.

Let’s just start with the company involved. Exxon. Exxon is a automatic red flag bc it is only one of many front companies for Standard Oil, I.e., Rockefeller. I’m not gonna spend all day going into detail on why everything associated with this name is automatically suspect. That’s entry-level stuff Im sure if you are reading this I don’t have to explain farther but if you’re new I suggest a lot of homework. 

The ship itself was built by National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, which traces its history back to pre-Fed Res banking when the govt acquired a machine shop after a payment default. The Govt turned it into a military project suggests they were the ones that started it to begin with. NASSCO builds war class military vessels. After changing of hands a couple times, it was sold back into the commercial sector, then private. belonging to the shareholders of the same company that built the Hoover Dam and Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. Also noteworthy is they have the construction contracts for the complex said to contain the space shuttle hangers. So now we have the Rockefellers and the military and NASA connected before we even look at the event. This connection between the pipeline construction and the tanker is significant in that it shows the same people both.

The Exxon Valdez oil supertanker was constructed at military ship yard in San Diego in December ‘86. It was also returned to the same shipyard after the spill for repairs. In case you missed that it means no outside investigation was held. The ship was under possession of the Military Industrial Complex the entire time. The ship was patched up and renamed and sent back out where it lived a long and prosperous life and nobody even knew about it.

The name Valdez is named after the Alaskan port and town where Big Oil runs a terminal, Alyeska Pipeline. The port is named after Antonio Valdez y Fernandez Bazan. Bazan was a Spanish pirate and member of the Order of the Golden Fleece. OGF was another special interest ring of Intelligence agents said to up Christianity and chivalry. Precursor to philanthropists. Interested researchers should include Jesuits and Hapsburgs in their keyword searches. Notice the Hidden Hand gang sign


There are connections to other false flag events as well. One tell-tale indicator of a false flag is references to other false flags. It was called the worst disaster of its kind until the BP oil spill in the Gulf. The BP was in large part a Halliburton job. (Dick Chaney’s war machine company.) Halliburton acquired the cleanup crew only 5 days before the explosion. The same company got paid to build the platform, paid to blow it up, and paid to clean it up. In order to maintain the level of shock value for these events they must constantly one-up the previous event. 

We are given the ‘drunk captain and ice burgs’ narrative as we did with the Titanic. The reports about Capt Joseph Hazelwood being drunk are scattered. He testified at his trial he had 2 or 3 vodkas at 430 in same evening, “(the crash was around midnight.) All witnesses testified he wasn’t under the influence. The blood alcohol level he had was .61, (That is legally drunk in my state) however that was taken 10 hrs after the incident. It’s possible he was drunk at the time and then was given 10 hrs to sober up and still have a .6. If he had taken anything to cause the disaster it would’ve been jumped on in court, he wouldve been the easy scapegoat. The defense team used the time lapse and human error to dismiss the whole charge. Whether he was drunk or not is irrelevant anyway, the crash still was going to happen. The whole thing is likely to be taken from the Titanic script

He was acquitted of reckless endangerment and criminal mischief but convicted of negligence and sentenced to community service and a fine. This is all for show anyway, a mock trial to give the appearance of law and order but really laying down cover and ‘proving’ innocence. 

The media and a supreme court judge likened it to 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Hiroshima, interesting all are nuclear in nature. The fear mongering behind the fake nuke scare does not go unnoticed. A prosecuting attorney called him an ‘architect of American tragedy’, architect is another masonic code word. 

One of the official faults was the lack of modern equipment. Safety gear like ice berg targeting censors. Collision Avoidance System (Raytheon). If they had no ice berg cameras how did the driver know to veer off course to avoid hitting them. The supertanker had autopilot feature but it was disabled minutes before the crash. Of Course, had to disengage autopilot to travel off set path. 

The Coast Guard itself failed to monitor the location of the ship in the predetermined lane. This is similar to NORAD not tracking flights on 9-11. In all fairness I didn’t read that the CG was running training exercises about wandering oil tankers which caused them to misidentify a genuine instance. They blamed faulty equipment as well, along with a shift change. All this equipment failure is sure gonna lead up to some shiny new toys.  

There are many reasons the ship was grounded on Blithe Reef, that’s the real defense here. If there is one or two you could easily prove them wrong, but a whole basket full and now all of a sudden, every cover-story spook author has a new spin. As long as it’s not questioning the accident, they are all accidental reasons happening in such a manner no single one can take full responsibility. You can say whatever you want as long as its accidental.  headlines blame everything from global warming to sexism. Not one has said sabotage. [can’t find link now but supposedly if women were allowed into the fold it wouldve never happened]

The immediate responsibility fell on the Big Oil terminal ‘Alyeska’. Aleska was a consortium of 7 companies that were all part of Rockefellers Standard Oil. They had an 1800 page contingency (aces and eights) plan in place but blamed bad weather conditions on delayed response. They didn’t lift a finger. Exxon was ultimately responsible for clean up, by the time they showed up it was the next day. Exxon failed to keep it contained and the slick spread across 1800 sq mi, (aces and eights) ruining the entire pristine coastland of Prince William Sound and Gulf of Alaska equivalent to the Atlantic Coast. The location was such that accessibility was only capable by boat, helicopter, or plane, its almost as if the remotest spot possible was chosen in order to ensure the response was hampered… In fact, just to give another example of the mockery of the court Exxon tried to actually sue Alaska, the said it was gross negligence that allowed such human error to occur, they should’ve intervened sooner and they handled the clean up erroneously before Exxon dropped the ball. Further more the coast guard says technically the area is just outside their jurisdiction, so it couldntve been their fault. The exact location seems to be strategic bc of all the technicalities.

Exxon also manufactures the cleanup dispersant ‘Corexit’ and said it was a good opportunity to showcase their product. Years later they would have to admit how toxic to marine life it really is. The dispersant is chemtrailed directly over the oil slick and causes the slick to sink to the ocean floor. It doesn’t dissolve shit, it covers it up, and is a petrol product. Some accounts say this was a trial run for a new dispersant product. I guess it would be better named ‘Corex-shit’. 

Heres a good one: The company calendar for the year 1989 featured the tanker on the same month it was run aground, and get this, the headline says ‘Take time to be careful’ gtfoh! Just another coincidence I’m sure. Like how the 2020 state quarter featured a bat.  

Capt Hazelwood and the Valdez supertanker were given the Exxon Fleet of Safety Award for 1987 and 1988… How can you blame outdated and missing technical gear you just awarded top safety awards to two years in a row? While we on the Capt lets check his resume… Father was military. As a youngster he was a member of the Sea Scouts, a military type youth indoctrination program similar to boy scouts of america. Later Hazelwood rose in the merchant marine ranks. Most of these false flag events involve generational military families. Merchant is code-speak for Intelligence. After the affair Hazelwood went on to a teaching career and a legal consultant for a NY law firm. Not a bad recovery id say

Captain Hazelwood is featured on the cover of TIME magazine July 1989. That’s a huge red flag. Time is a spook rag, founded with the intention of promoting and protecting agents and activities. The story title is ‘Joe’s Bad Trip’. The article itself Time claims is the result of a 4 month investigation but I cant see what they investigated, I found more useful information in the weekend it took me to draft this essay. It focuses most of the attn on Capt Joe’s bio to ensure the reader is still buying the alcohol script. The rest of the article is filled with political/military jargon that confirms nobody really knows where blame lies. Intentionally confusing. However it does provide a list of names worth investigating individually, crewmen, officers, lawyers… 

Returning to the numbers we are told 8 of 11 cargo holds were ruptured, that’s an intelligence marker as well, also 10.8 million gallons of oil into the waters. Aces and Eights come up frequently when researching false flags. Most sources will put it out in their own subtle ways, 1800 sq mi oil slick, 18 miles from shore, etc…It was also reportedly 33 degrees F outside. Another numerical tell. Another thing I want to point out is the date, it might be a day or two off but the wreck is not the only event in this series of happenings. this is a 3/22 attack most absolutely. The earthquake itself is extremely suspicious, normies be like- “Earthquake machines!?, you’re crazy”, but here it is, no way this played out organically

Peak oil production in the North Slope was in ‘88. This year was the highest at 2.1 million gallons per day. It was the beginning of the end, every year has declined more than the year before it and 2020 production was @400k gpd. The oil companies know this, they are the ones that dictate which oil comes from which location. This couldve been an early phase-out plan. At the beginning I thought this was an operation to demoralize and silence conservation proponents, which Im positive on some level it was, but that would make more sense if production started an upward trend, instead we have the opposite, production has declined more and more every year down to a trickle and talks are of dismantling the pipeline altogether. 

Exxon purchased the land from local tribe Chugach for $1. Yes, one dollar, but I contest their authority. The real Chugach tribe was dislocated in 1969 during the Good Friday earthquake. A few survivors were settled on the only site feasible to hold an oil terminal. An oil lawyer, Groh, made the new tribe official, then represented them when bartering with the companies, then represented the oil companies from then on out. The point being there was no Chugach tribe except on paper. I have thought this is the case world over when indigenous peoples lose out so bad. Under whose authority do they have to call themselves stewards of the land to begin with. Fake tribes set up for the interests of the Military Industrial Complex.

*See my Fake Indian papers for more about this 

One thing I find interesting is the date. March 24 was Good Friday. That’s a religious holiday for a lot of people but I’m not talking about Christians. The pagans were big into Ishtar, this was Easter Friday. Ishtar goes by many names, Gaia being one of them, Mother Earth. This could be some kind of occult ritual attack on the Earth Goddess. A bit abstract for some but not unrealistic. This also happens to be the anniversary of the Good Friday Earthquake, also in Valdez, which liquefaction caused a landslide which drove 30 ft tsunami waves across the Sound and displaced the native people. This was also around the same time the vast North Slope oil reserves were discovered. I don’t doubt there are suppressed energy technology capable of doing such things but for this report Ill leave that to the discretion of the reader. 

I may have saved the best for last, this might be the smoking gun but requires more indepth comprehension than this ol’ boy can give. One of the many repercussions and legal consequences of the Exxon Valdez spill is the creation of Oil Pollution Act of 1990. Well history likes to claim it was Valdez that begat the Act but if you look at the dates the spill occurred on the 23rd-24th, the Act was started in the legislative process on March 16th. One week before the ‘accident’ a new law was set in motion to set on this very subject. Wow this has been an amazing string of isolated coincidences huh? Someone really wanted this pushed thru. It was signed off by oil-tycoon warlord Bush in 1990. (Presents no conflict of interest?) At face value it provides framework for liability, clean up, prevention, all that bullshit that looks good on paper but never seems to play out that way in real life, that’s why the OILPOL of 1990 was just one in a sequence of similar legislation. Each step seemingly insufficient to oversee the latest incident. The biggest flag that jumps out at me is this variation created a trust fund, the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, which pays for such the whole party, through a system based on taxes. That’s right, taxes pay for cleanup, not the company. Even if the company gets taxed first it will trickle down to the consumer at some point. 

OILPOL 1990 also streamlined several similar legalese documents and eased availability and broadened applicable parties. These include but are not limited to the Coast Guard, EPA, Dept of Interior, Dept of Treasury, and Oil Spill Recovery Institute. This is a legal document that protects Big Oil and provides funding to the groups that are all spin offs of the same inner circles for self-validating oversight. Its like paying the fox to guard the chicken coop, but only stealing the chicken’s money first to pay him with. Unfucking believable.

There were other repercussions too, like updating the Clean Water Act and several others. Also we saw the introduction of the double hulled cargo ship which shouldve been done long before but was probly kept out on purpose just for this event. There was a financial ripples and fines that only got forgotten. There was a ‘secret’ deal between Exxon and a group of food processing companies that got dubbed Seattle Seven by the media, oh look another consortium, I bet if you took the time to look at the stockholders they are owned by the same people. (Any time the media has a catchy little nickname its a sure sign they are in on it.)They just pay themselves tax money from the trust fund. Payments to the Natives got reduced over and over and amounted to nothing by the end. then Exxon only paid half of that.

So thats all i got, I hope something you read sticks with you and you carry it on and pass it to someone else. These old false flag, inside job, hoax, psy-ops, conspiracies or whatever you want to call them are getting harder and harder to find material on. Its more important than it ever has to document each event as it comes to mind. I would also like to comment on how bad internet censorship has gotten since the scamdemic started. Articles and websites used to be even suggested in the keyword searches now are filtered and suppressed. I had the hardest time finding pages I KNOW are there, using exact keywords they wont come up. I found it best to use multiple search engines. Some have a feature that lets you check multiple engines. Thanx for reading.


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