The Phony ‘Burning Monk’ Protesters

Self Immolation’s

The first self-immolator from 2009 was a kid that was protesting bc services were canceled at his monastery. He walked into the market doused in oil and lit himself up. While lit he held up an image of the Lama which prompted the Chinese authority to immediately open fire. The fact that he just lit himself on fire didn’t do it, it was the home made flag that made the cops shoot him. There is a complete list here. Before 2009 there were no suicide fires, the first one started a string that lasted over a decade and almost 200 victims.

Most reports come from 2nd and 3rd hand eye witness accounts and are confirmed by the Free Radio Asia group. That means they probs are not happening, like this one random one I picked from Feb 25, 22 of a celebrity entertainer. The same patterns emerged. Inconsistent media reports, a local media black-out, no witnesses except permit holders. He participated in Chinese version of Americas Got Talent and according to the Central Tibetan Administration’s Human Rights desk, Norbu was “son of a popular and award winning female singer, who was later recruited to Chinese government’s ‘Song and Dance Troupe’.” 

This episode is like the Buddhist protests during the Vietnam era, and also the CIA sponsored suicide bombing psy-op campaign of the Middle East. It also shares script with the Cherokee/Navajo tribes and Puerto Ricans when Rockefeller medicine co-opted the island, Natives weren’t allowed to speak their own language and flags and displays of patriotism were outlawed. It is religious persecution and genocide like the Israel/Palestine conflict. I told you its an international political stage.

“The action of the thirteen self-immolators in Tibet… people are circulating that the monks and nuns burnt themselves in despair because they were not allowed to practice their religion. If that were the main concern of these monks and nuns then the logical course of action for them to take would have been to escape to India, as many others had done so before. Kirti monastery, where most of the young self-immolators had studied, even has a large branch at Dharamshala where they would have been welcome.”

This is significant bc it mentions Dharmashala, the Dalai Lama exile govt headquarters, this is the head of the snake where ideas are implanted and branch outward. The monastery functions as the university does in the West. Recruitment and assignments and project debriefings. Together it means the handlers at Kirti would pass the assignment down till it reached the desk of the local agents. In this list of immolator bio’s and can see just how many are connected to Kirti Monastery, even a gumshoe detective could see the connection

I’m sure there are both the real immolators, like religious fanatics and MK Ultra style victims and the media fakes, like the celeb pop-star from the military family. Each case would need to be viewed individually, in any instance none could ever be called organic.

The slogans all chanted by the immolators is for the return of the DL and him as sovereign leader. This is part of the show. “Ooh, the drama”. Look here, the Lama wasn’t chased out of town. He left Tibet bc he doesn’t want to live there and his command central is based in Dharmashala. Making it seem like its so important a topic that scores of monks are lighting themselves on fire is the psy-op. And the Dalai plays right along, saying how courageous the monks and nuns are but expressing that it is not the Buddhist thing to.

The Dalai Lama character is one of the biggest actors in the world. A little background here in case you haven’t read the full story yet. He supposedly fled Tibet in the middle of the night across the border into India to escape Chinese soldiers but really it was an armed escort.

Dharmasala supposedly just had a major earthquake which destroyed most the town but if you look at the pictures there are mature trees growing up through the rubble and all the travel lanes are clear, meaning this is old damage from the Reset. The town was chosen to be the command center with the major institutions being an arts and cultural center and monastery to provide cover. Tibet is just a staging ground, conditions are so bad bc its part of the script. The D.L. doesnt want to live there but the script says his sole purpose is to try and return so he fakes it.

Comparative History of Self Immolation

On 11 June (666) 1963 Saigon a Buddhist monk, Thích Quảng Đức, sets himself aflame to protest persecution. The photo goes viral and inserts the move into the mainstream commonplace. Durc sourced his information that immolation was a religious rite from fake texts that go back to 400 a.d.

[This photo won the prestigious World Photo of the Year award and also got the photographer the Pulitzer Prize. Malcolm Browne, his mother was a Quaker, while his father was an architect who was Roman Catholic. Browne attended Friends Seminary, a Quaker school in Manhattan. Browne worked for ABC TV for about a year with television journalism, and worked freelance for several years. He did a year’s fellowship at Columbia University with the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1968, he joined The New York Times, 1977 Browne became a science writer, serving as a senior editor for Discover. He returned to the Times in 1985, and went on to cover the Persian Gulf War in 1991. You still believe this guy was just randomly at the right place at the right time?]
This is the iconic image of today:

They try to make him attractive, less dummy-like. Trying to find the original footage is a nightmare. You can tell the colorization people touched up other things too. I think the original image was doctored also with a real burn victim face chop-shopped on the dummy, this is the next step. At no point does the orginial footage show a recognizable face.
You have no clue how difficult it was to convert this to a file type wordpress would recognize. That is partially bc Im on a Chromebook and their operating system sucks so bad, none of the video editor programs are compatible and the ones that are seem to recognize this specific vid and refuse to cooperate. Maybe copyright infringement, maybe it’s ‘safety’ concerns bc the horrible suicide, maybe its just bc they put forth much energy to stop people from accessing original media. Still couldn’t adjust speed to normal so it runs a little fast. No word on where the original is kept

And look at the outfits for crying out loud, they’re costumes.

One of my main complaints with WordPress is they make you use yt for videos. I’m sure there is a way to upload your own video file but they make it so difficult on purpose and make it easy to use yt that you just have to anyway. Those gatekeeper bitches removed the video I put up after about 10 minutes. It is still available in the same place where I found it, its only the little guys that get censored. Im not going to link to the other video though, fuck em. So instead heres a walk through.

  1. You can see the monk pouring gas all over the dummy and the police aren’t doing anything to stop him. There is no intro to the video, this is just where it begins rolling. Thats because that isn’t a real person. Its some kind of dummy or maniquin. This scene is world famous for the guy not moving a muscle or calling out one time. That’s bc it is not a person. At the end it falls over and the legs stay in the same position. This is supposed to be a busy street but there is nobody but cops and monks. The car is broken down with the hood open is a prop, a barricade. After the shoot they just closed the hood and drove away.
  2. All together without a queue they all clapped their hands and bowed their heads at the same time. This was the signal,
  3. All the police at the exact same moment turn around and put up a front as if the monks started to suddenly trying to break through.
  4. You can see the dummy is drenched in gas and the police are holding everyone back. If anything they are protecting the firebug to make sure he completes his mission. Just in case someone randomly tried to rush in a stop things.
  5. Once it is lit there is no more mock shoving and everyone freezes. They’re not making a sound either bc the focus is on how quiet the would-be burning monk is. The cops just turn and drop their billy clubs and watch silently.
  6. At another unspoken queue the cops fade into the background and the monks all drop to their knees and bow down.
  7. Then the money shot. The filmer just walks right up and stands there over top of it. Sorry about the corny overlay. Those sayings were peppered through the whole minute and a half video, I had to screenshot around them. At the end there was no clear money shot of the melted dummy. This serves as a textbook example of how these staged scenarios are used to manipulate people.
The car is it’s own museum. I bet if you compare its not even the same model. The background says the monk stopped and got out and left the car in the middle of the road but I say the car is a prop acting as a barricade. In the video the hood is raised, he didn’t just step out. Plus, what about the dozens of monks encircling the scene? How did all them fit inside this little car.

You can go and look at some of the real immolators if you want. They’ll tell you first-hand, there is no fucking way possible a living human being can sit lotus style and do what is being done in that video without moving or yelling out. Scenes like this help give the mystique of the whole thing. The enlightenment, transcendentalism, ascension is all a mindfuck.

American journalists were invited to watch the immolation, and indeed the assembled monks chanted slogans in English for their benefit. You can see another monk in robes taping the incident in the back left.

The sacrifice had a tremendous impact, protest continued until the monasteries were completely suppressed. Beyond Vietnam, the event introduced self-immolation into the global repertoire of protest. The photograph of Quảng Đửc seated in the lotus position, unmoving and completely calm while consumed by flames, was seen all around the world. 

Suicide protest was now associated with burning. Suicide protests before 1963 had not used fire, but other means of death. Since 1963, 85% of individuals have chosen burning. One difference is worth mentioning. Quảng Đửc and several other Vietnamese monks who set themselves alight had devoted many decades to monastic practice: they demonstrated almost superhuman self-control by sitting motionless while burning to death. By contrast the Tibetan monks are very young and it shows when they physically react. There have been no equivalent demonstrations of physical mastery, to my knowledge.

The immolation’s—like Quảng Đửc’s—were intended to address audiences in the United States as well as at home. This international appeal explains the success in 1963: after nine suicide protests in five months, the government was overthrown. The coup was instigated by the United States. “We cannot stand any more burnings,” explained the Secretary of State. Thats bullshit, the burnings have always been and still are a piece of psychological warfare. That’s why the call was made in advance to the photographer of the ’63 fire.

Another comparison: Falun Gong. This movement was banned in 1999. In January 2001, on the eve of Chinese New Year, five followers set themselves alight in the Tienanmen Square and two more were thwarted. The government initially pretended to suppress news of the event, even though Western journalists had witnessed the scene. A week later, state television broadcast film of the incident, including images of a 12-year-old girl (daughter of one of the practitioners). The official leadership of Falun Gong immediately denied any connection with the movement; it released its own video accusing the government of concocting the incident. (This is a common theme here. The Chinese govt and Tibetan monks here the same propaganda artists working on both sides.) Some of the adults had taken part in previous protests. In addition, two more individuals set fire to themselves in the following months.

Self-immolation became the centre piece of the government’s continuing propaganda campaign back in Saigon, then it continued to Falun Gong, then to Tibet. After those people burned themselves and the party broadcast that little girl’s face on TV for almost a month straight, people’s views here changed.¹² Within weeks, the government ordered a massive increase in repression, including systematic torture. Probly there was no torture, but what happened was it showed that the people were receptive to it. Within six months, Falun Gong was effectively eliminated as a movement within China. The maimed survivors were still being paraded before a press conference in the following year. “Falun Gong is indeed an evil cult and it led me to this,“ said one.

The Chinese state seems to be attempting a similar response to the Tibetan immolations. The first Tibetan in China to set himself on fire survived. According to one report, he was brought on local television (in July 2011) to say that he regretted his action.

Yet the most thing seen is a fund raising letter sent out by the International Campaign for Tibet, asking people to donate money to it because “…13 Tibetans have set fire to themselves,” This from the organization that opposes the Tibetan independence struggle.

Then there are these kinds: In March 1965, an 82-year-old woman, Alice Herz, protested the ongoing Vietnam War by setting herself on fire on a Detroit, Michigan, street corner. Norman Morrison, 31, ignited himself eight months later outside the Pentagon, beneath the office window of Defense Secretary (Minister of War) Robert McNamara. The following week, Roger Allen LaPorte, 22, did the same in front of New York City’s United Nations building. Of these representative cases, Herz was of Jewish descent and had reportedly spent time in an internment camp during World War II. Morrison, who died outside the Pentagon, was a Quaker. LaPorte, who protested in front of the United Nations, was a former seminary student and a member of the Catholic Worker Movement. Normies sources like to use these three as an example of how broad the spectrum is but theyre lying, the three are easily connected bc they are all hoaxers. (Morrison reportedly had his child in arms as he lit himself at the Pentagon, the child survived)

Self Immolation is commonplace in most theocratic societies where the peasant class generally are swayed by superstitious propaganda; places like North Africa, Afghanistan… Muslim and Buddhist countries. The thing is there is a temporary reaction from both the people and the gov. It’d be the equivalent to a white cop beating a black man to death. A lot of orchestrated civil unrest followed by scripted political rhetoric. What this does though is convinces the not-overly-intelligent peasants that this kind of behavior is what makes results, therefore encouraging other acts of similar nature.

  • In 1948 in the city of Harbin a monk seated himself in the lotus position on a pile of sawdust and soybean oil and set fire to himself in protest against the treatment of Buddhism by Mao Zedong’s Communists.
  • H.H. press conference at the 1993 Parliament of the World Religions in Chicago– thats the group started by Younghusband at the World Fair in Chicago in 1893. This was the centennial anniversary party. Maybe nobody else will tell you, its not advertised, I’m the one telling you.
  • From here on the Dalai Lama will be shortened to DL or HH, his chosen title meaning ‘His Holiness’
  • Source [1], [2], [3], [4]

(Part of the Asian Reset series listed on the side panel)

First I thought they were trying to pass this off as another angle of the first video. You can see another camera in the background. This is a separate incident all together. The same tricks are used though. Its a dummy. The camera is used the same way too, like half hidden behind the trees while the cop is just standing there pointing at nothing and then runs away.

Here is an interesting article I found about how the trend is carrying on to new battlefields. Climate Change is one of the top psychological operations. This case is used to push over-the-top feelings of negativity and hopelessness among people that are already weak-minded enough to fall for the global warming hoax to begin with. Its psychological warfare.

On Earth Day, 2022, Wynn Bruce, Climate change activist and Buddhist set himself on fire in front of the US Supreme Court building in DC. Supreme Court police officers responded immediately but were unable to extinguish the blaze in time to save him. Time of death was 6:30pm (666)

All Seeing Eye symbolism along with all the numbers, doubles, trip 7’s, 10/30,

I say not a chance in hell that somebody could walk right up to the steps of one of the most important and secure buildings in the world with a can of gasoline

Eye at the top of the pyramid (reflection in glasses)

On April 23, Kritee Kanko, a Zen Buddhist priest who described herself as Bruce’s friend, shared an emotional post on her public Twitter account saying his self-immolation was “not suicide” but “a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis.”

She added that Bruce had been planning the act for at least a year. She wrote: “wynn bruce I am so moved.” Later she changes her story up. Kanko and other members of the Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat Center in Boulder, released a statement Monday saying “none of the Buddhist teachers in the Boulder area knew about Bruce’s plans to self-immolate on this Earth Day,” and that had they known about his plan, they would have stopped him.  Wait a minute, first she says he’d been planning it for a year and she was”moved” but the next sentence she says she would’ve stopped him if she’d only knew. So you see my problem here?

“We have never talked about self-immolation, and we do not think self-immolation is a climate action,” the statement said. “Nevertheless, given the dire state of the planet and worsening climate crisis, we understand why someone might do that.”

According to a photographer who was present at the scene, Bruce sat upright and did not scream or cry out while on fire for a period of about 60 seconds, after which police extinguished the fire; only after the fire was out did he audibly express pain. So the wheres the footage? Why didnt he try to stop him?

Someone might question the hypocrisy in Buddhism and the act of suicide but spiritual leaders say it doesn’t count bc it is done in a selfless manner. They cite a story about one incarnation of the Buddha that offers himself to a hungry tiger about to eat her own cubs.

Bruce’s father Douglas Bruce told The Washington Post that his son had made a previous attempt at self-immolation in 2017 at the World Trade Center, and was stopped by bystanders. So you mean there were no bystanders present at the Supreme Courthouse. It was Earth Day for crying out loud, the place was jammed packed.

According to some of Bruce’s friends and neighbors, he often had difficulty making decisions as a result of his traumatic brain injury; two described him to The Independent as “suggestible”. Kinda strange all the sources come from mainstreet news outlets. Suggestible is a mind kontrol term for how susceptible a person is to programming. Neighbors dropped him off at the bus station in Denver but news reports say it is unknown how he made it to DC… None of the news reports express continuity.

 The New Republic stated that his suicide had “received startlingly little coverage or op-ed discussion”, explaining that coverage of self-immolations in the United States is “intentionally subdued”. To avoid the phenomenon of copycat suicide, organizations including Reporting on Suicide publish guidelines advising journalists to avoid reporting details about suicides such as the motive, method, and location. Free and Independent journalism, sure you’re right.

*Both highlighted quotes are attributed to Thích Nhất Hạnh, a founding father of many Buddhist schools worldwide. Just a glance down his Ministry of Truth page it says he was given a Fulbright Fellowship, which is a cultural scholarship award that granted him access to Princeton, Columbia, and Cornell in the early 60’s. These are the same schools that participated in training CIA operatives in the Tibetan Resistance. This means Hanh is an agent. Not only that but his hometown was in Vietnam, site of the first immolation, of which Hanh wrote the book about. This indicates he was part of the planning and directing of the skit or at the least had insider foreknowledge.

In fact, now that I do a quick side by side comparison of Hanh and Duc it turns out Hanh was a teacher at Xa Loi pagoda, the school Duc was attending at the time of the immolations and site of the CIA trained opposition groups ransacked the place and managed to confiscate the charred heart of the recent immolater.

Another bullet point is that he is known for establishing a printing set up and publishing about a dozen books the first year. Printing presses are a sure sign of military intelligence in general but part of the arming and training of the Tibetan Resistance included a press for which they created propganda fliers to pass out around the community.

Martin Luther King recommended him for the Nobel Peace Prize is noteworthy. No prize was awarded this year but it showcases how all the so-called men of peace are agent provocatuers. Passive Resistance is one guy getting paid and everyone else getting their skulls cracked open.

 “I do not personally know of anyone more worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize than this gentle monk from Vietnam. His ideas for peace, if applied, would build a monument to ecumenism, to world brotherhood, to humanity”

MLK, “world brotherhood” is code for “New World Order citizen”

Hanh was absolutely a CIA asset and that he was plastered all over Wynn’s social media further suggests Wynn was involved with intelligence projects but he was the MK Ultra mark, esp considering his neighbors comments about his ‘suggestibility’. Most Normies dont know what suggestible means in this context so either his neighbors were his handlers that dropped him off with a bus pass and instructions a la’ Manchurian Candidate or there were no neighbors and the media invented them bc thats what they do.

Wynn’s bio at the Ministry of Truth points out that MSNBC has noticed the similarities to an earlier incident in 2018 of a self immolator environmental extremist. The MSNBC doesnt notice anything. they print what theyre told and thats it.

David Buckel is another personality that self immolated to bring awareness to climate change. He lit himself up at 5:55 a.m., he had emailed a suicide note to multiple news media outlets, in which he wrote “Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result—my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.”

His death was noted by other news rags such as FOX and Huffington Post for being one of the main “architects” of the LGBT right to marry movement.

Sept 11 Connection

In 2004 Mohamed Alanssi set himself on fire to protest his treatment by the US Gov after his role as a star witness

  • 33 y/o Arnav Gupta immolated himself to death in front of the White House in 2019. No motive was established but Times of India declared “A local media report citing unnamed police sources said Gupta had taken K2 and PCP…” Using the phrase ‘local media’ and ‘unnamed police sources‘ mean they just pulled it out of their ass.

The tweet is from him. Thats some sense of humor. This case almost slipped past but its featured on and Heavy .com, which are fractal patterns of each other and publish exclusively psy-op articles.

It was his picture that got my attn. There is no sign of fear or pain. This is a reproduction of the Duc original theme. In the photo above, the head is in pretty good shape compared to the arms and torso. His hair and mustache aren’t melted and recognizable. Plus, it seems to be the only case where someone thought to take a video.

I think the flag and USA are a diff material. Thats a mark. America is burning.

Look at his face. The video isnt clear enough to see if thats the same person. IDK if its photoshop or fireproof mask but this is not a real person on fire. The video is intentionally out of focus and the cops are actors. Watch the one that comes in on his bicycle and jumps off too early and falls on his face. Now that I think about it that nigga is bowing down. Look at the other vid from Oct 27. There are 2 or 3 people that act like they’re just walking down the street and run over and get on their knees and start bowing and in the first immolation there’s a whole ring of monks bowing. It must be some kind of Burning Man Luciferian ritual and that’s why the cop falls on his knees with his hands extended upwards and his forehead on the ground.

Another thing is watch how the cop squirts him with the extinguisher but he bursts back out into flames. They have to hit him twice, most of it is just for the show; a big cloud of dust to go with all the sirens and yelling, but he still is not going out.

The biggest clown is the guy holding the camera. He’s all like, “pull your head out of your ass, retard. Oh its 5-0. This aint no joke, he’s on fire.” What an idiot.

This happened in a high tourist area during peak visiting hours and only one by-stander caught the action…? Also strange is the lack of media reports. In most if not all these incidents every major outlet repeats the same script but this only gets a small blip from the NYTimes…? Thats bc it gets featured in the spook rags like Medium and Heavy. To sum it up the spook intel uses a process called “Revelation of the Method”, which is a mocking form of their modus operandi.

  1. He was reported Missing by concerned family at 9:30, May 29, 2019
  2. He was a Boston University alumni, International Relations
  3. He was an education consultant and coach
  4. He was an artist, poet, and Green Party member
  5. He died at age 33 through self-immolation.

So number 1 just stands out bc the immolation occurred at 12:20, the family reported him missing and said the last time they saw him was only 3 hours earlier. 3 hours isn’t enough time to go to the grocery store and back. How did he manage to get so much attention?

No. 2 says he went to Boston U, Boston is a Spook Intelligence command center. Name-dropping anywhere in Boston is a tell, esp the university. International Relations is code for New World Order.

Not included is his other school, Landon, a prep school in Maryland. He grew up in Bethesda, which is a major part of the military intelligence complex. Landon shows off thie 2013 yearbook of alumni “Where are they now?” featuring Gupta at Mt Everest. Hello!! Everest is Nepal, which is Tibet. This is a nail in the coffin.

4. Any type of artist is a sign of Spookery. I did my own background check. I found his LinkedIn profile. It only had two posts and he called himself a rapper. Weird right? He linked to his own art website. Its no longer valid but I found it on the Wayback Machine for sure, right. Jackpot. If you know history like I do you get why its significant he has a painting of Geronimo for $100,000k.

But this is the Big Cheese with a 10 million dollar price tag:

Here are two big pieces off the break; The 9/11 attacks on the bottom corner and the top has the Eye of Horus and the Freemason sign flanked by Hitler and Churchill. Theres more creepy stuff too that are Intelligence projects, the Liberty Bell, the pentagram, the Kali god of destruction… What else you got? Not bad, for 10 mil its a bargin.

Another oil work of a black panther says he was a targeted individual and an “artificial intelligence guinea pig”. Another just has a naked lady titled “Are You Awake?”

Here is a pic of a real immolator. He’s not just shuffling around quietly either.

This is the propaganda the outside world sees.”All the way to the Chinese Leader!” As if that would change anything.

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