The Dalai Lama Intel Agent and the Ruins of Dharmasala

Lhasa, Tibet

Tibet capital city of Lhasa is home to three World Heritage sites; Potala Palace, Norbulingka, and Jokhang Temple. Each said to be a traditional palace of the lama’s going back centuries, however since 1959 the DL has headed an exile government from India, where he was given asylum from the Chinese invasion.

The Chinese on the other hand say they couldn’t invade their own country, the liberated the people from serfdom society more brutal then medieval Europe. Thats our first clue right there since there was no medieval Europe. The historical narrative doesnt deny that the ruling monk class before the Chinese liberation were indeed vicious overlords. Torture, rape, infanticide… The modern monks remain silent about the past, meaning they dont dent it.

It is the historical record in which we are challenging here, not the Chinese or the Tibets

We will be looking at many sites here and throughout Asia, specifically the land mass in and around the Himalayan Mountains. It is broken up into several countries and autonomous regions. This serves to break up the industry so each country gets a piece and also helps provide cover for activities, each in its own little compartments. This is a pattern we have seen already in the 4 Corners region of the Southwest US; the state lines make a cross hair right in the middle of the relatively tiny area with the fake cliff dwellings, breaking the area up into for 4 pieces.

Many of the sites we come upon are legit Old World artifacts with a newer fake timeline attached to it. There are also many phony sites made up to support history and serve as tourist destivnations. I have found that, aside from movies and photographs, tourist destinations are the most effective way to prop up fake history.

These are the 3 central iconic palaces of Tibet. Each one belongs to the Dalai Lama even though he hasn’t lived there in over 6 decades. The Himalayan mountains hold a high number of authentic Pre Reset structures that today are called monasteries. Just like in Europe the Church hijacked all the castles and called them cathedrals, the same thing happened in Asia where the ruling class took over the good stuff and gave themselves a virtuous make over;

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and is center stage in the scripted political theater for the whole area. There are key players from all over the world that collaborate here, most of whom are all enemies on the surface; Russia, China, 1930’s Germany. This means they have to act like enemies by staging proxy wars and political rhetoric and at the same time get along just enough to work together on scientific advancments.

  • (An autonomous region is an area that is technically within the boundaries of a country but still serves as its own government.)

Passive resistance is one guy getting paid and everyone else getting their ass whipped.

The Great Game was played much like the Colonial Era and their relationship with the Indians. There was alot of treaties followed by warfare, none of which really happened but thats the script everyone plays,

The Sikkam Expedition c.1884 was British sending Indians to spy on Russian and Chinese activity in Tibet. Really, they are all on the same team and now this is the establishing the infrastructure like post office and installing local authority.

The Sikkam expedition led to the peace (piece) treaty which led to the Younghusband.

With sextants and theodolites in secret chambers of their boxes, compasses fitted on walking staffs, paper and hypsometers tucked in hollowed-out prayer wheels, and rosaries with one hundred beads instead of the sacred hundred and eight, they measured distances by keeping count of their paces and mapped swathes of the Tibetan territory.

(Note the swazzie panel of the alter^^^^)
Photograph of the Maharani of Sikkim from the ‘Wheeler Collection: Portraits of Indian Rulers,’ was taken possibly by Johnston and Hoffmann c.1900. Stephen Wheeler, the donor of the collection, was presumably related to J. Talboys Wheeler, organiser of the 1877 durbar and author of ‘The History of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi’ (London, [1877]). Full-length seated portrait of the Maharani of Sikkim, wife of Maharaja Thotab Namgue and stepmother of Maharaj Kumar Sidkyong Tulku. This photograph was possibly taken by John Claude White, c.1900 and marketed by Johnston & Hoffmann. The Maharaja of Sikkam’s family originated from Lhasa in Tibet and settled in Sikkim in the mid 17th century. Puntso Namgye, the head of the family, was sent three Tibetan monks (professors of Myingmapa- the ‘red cap’ sect) to convert Lepchas of Sikkim to to their sect of Buddhism. The descendants of Puntso Namgye became the Raja’s of Sikkim.
Devil Dance, performers of Tibet during the Sikkam Exp.
Titled: Sikkam Kazies in studio. You can tell they’re costumes by the wrinkles in his robes… and the ‘Hidden Hand’ gang signs

Francis Younghusband

Piyang, Tibet
Tibet >> Guge Kingdom > Tsaparang

Not just the geological barriers kept people out but politics too; situated between India and China, Tibet is a buffer area, said to be autonymous but ‘occupied’ by China. Youngblood didnt stick around very long for all the mayhem he supposedly caused. He took over the region in ’05 and handed it right over to China a few years later. The West has been locked out since.

We cant trust anything from the media or history books about the stuff we see and interact with every single day. You know what China is? It’s a full on black out, nothing in or out. China is in on it. They inherited a large portion of the Earth and have their role to play as pertetual bad guy. Communism. This episode right here should convince you they are all on the same team. Their symbols give them away, like always, not only that but they prop each others lying asses up. The Space-Race, the Antarctic Treaty, nukes. Dont you think if China was really the bad guy that would tell Americans all the bullshit going on? No way, they play along bc it behooves them to do so. They’re lying too.

Just after they took over Tibet the Chinese started killing off all the Buddist monks

Franny was a member of the Royal Geographic Society, British counterpart to the Nat geo in America, not that there is any distinction. He led the first outside expedition `Sir Francis Younghusband possessed a passion for hardship and adventure coupled with unmistakable spiritual leanings.  After his expedition to Tibet the direction of his life took on an unexpected turn. Following a shattering mountain top spiritual revelation he had while in Tibet, he increasingly devoted his life to promoting a form of all-embracing spirituality. After his military and administrative career in the British India service had come to an end, Sir Francis started a new mission in life.  His later years were devoted to advancing this form of spirituality by establishing popular inter-faith movements in England, lecturing widely including in the US, writing profusely, and running the Royal Geographic Society in 1919. His opening address at the Religions of Empire Conference, held in conjunction with the British Empire Exhibition in London in 1924,claimed that the ultimate basis on which the British Empire would stand was religion. In 1936 he founded the still active World Congress of Faiths (WCF), also called the Second Parliament of Religions, which had its roots in the 1893 historical meeting of the World’s Parliament of Religions held in conjunction with the Chicago’s Columbian Exposition. This unprecedented meeting is widely regarded as the beginning of the inter-religious movement worldwide. The one world religion of the New World Order.

These were the main guys that were doing the insertion of First Nations people around the World, he was working on the One World Order religion. He created the Himylian culture. By created I mean introduced, this was an international collaboration between countries that were at war with each other on the outside

13th Dalai Lama

Thubten Gyatso was the 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet that was enthroned during the Younghusband expedition. Meaning he was the first D.L. to the West but they just called him number 13 to give him a fabricated history. He was also the one that announced Tibet’s independence. This was the start of modern history. There was no D.L. 1-12, well on paper there was, but the point is to give the illusion of linear timetrap history

First to bring in a Post Office, electricity, automobiles, currency, the National Flag, police force, instituted taxation. Most importantly he declared independence from China. This was the period when all the infrastructure was installed that brought the region out of the Stone-Age.

Chinese govt determined the next Lama by lotto system; names were drawn from golden urn. No chance that could be rigged

World Fair Cultures

Some of the customs designed by the World Congress of Faiths and Colonial Human Zookeepers seem so foreign and over the top its hard to image they could develop without some guidance. Its all part of the mystique the region is intended to generate, part of the attraction.

This is supposed to be a real thing, called the Tibetan Tongue Greeting. First I thought it was a joke but if you sift through the old pictures you’ll find enough of them. Its a joke sure, an inside joke for the Luciferian human-zoo keepers that made it up. This is called the Black Tongue Greeting, a thousand years ago a sadistic ruler was known for having a black tongue, for then on, whenever two strangers met they would show each other their tongue to prove he was not the reincarnation of the evil bad guy.
The last Queen of Mongolia vs. Queen Amidala. The Star Wars character wasnt modeled after reality. The Mongol was created by the same group of Spooksin a sort of living virtual-reality. This type of bling only comes from Hollywood spellcasters.

The American C.I.A., Nazi S.S., Russian K.G.B., and Chinese Communists Walk into a Bar…

The American, Brook Dolan II

Junior made several known visits to Tibet, which in fact is really just one operation. 2 he led himself; one in the early thirties, one in the mid-30’s. In the early 40’s he was part of the SS Expedition supposedly led by Schaffer, and the last was in ’44, an O.S.S. operation called Mission Dixie.

It’s funny he is called “independently wealthy” in one paragraph, only to be followed with, “His grandfather, Thomas Dolan, made a fortune in Philadelphia in textile mills and public utilities during the 19th century. This enabled an elite upbringing for his grandson that included attendance at St. Paul’s boarding school and then education at Princeton and Harvard.” So which is it? You can’t be independently wealthy yet born into Philly Industrial elitist circles.

Dolan was interred at the veterens mausoleum in Honolulu after WW2

Dolan hails from the illustrious Philadelphia Reset family. Progenitor, Thomas Dolan helped found or control major infrastructural companies such as gas and electric. He also was considered a self-made millionaire, starting from poverty he soon owned textile mills during the Civil War. T. Dolan also ran for president of the Reading Railroad in 1890, this is the same line that precipitated the Great Railroad Strike and the Molly McGuire precursor. Legend says he paid from his own pocket to electrify the first street in Philly as a promo to bring light to the city and Baltimore. He retired with 40 years from General Electric, which connects him to Edison. He was also connected to Philly merchant Wanamaker, one of the retail giants that made Thanksgiving a federally recognized shopping day. Another big one is his participation in the Philly Expo in 1876, which he would’ve been a major organizer and content creator for the World Fair by way as one of his roles in the art museum underworld. Plus, he was a charter member of the Philly Trade Union, this puts him at Ground Zero in the Industrial Revolution. All these entities’ partial bio’s can be found on my website. Other members of the Dolan clan were instrumental in developing the agriculture sector.

Not only that, but his gmother was a Howe.

The accumulated generational knowledge of building a society from the ground up would come in handy in the future. The key phrase in Dolan’s intro is ‘Wealthy Industrialist’, he represented commercial interests in creating the ‘Roof of the World’ brand for the consumer-driven paradigm. The brand of Tibet.

The ’31 expedition was funded by the Academy of Sciences in Philly, at the time collecting and promoting Colonialism. Arranging collections from parts of the world yet un-repopulated, such as inner Africa. Brooke Dolan II was 23 and travelling in Tibet to collect for the Academy for the first time as more of a collector and big game hunter. The expedition was his birth-right; his family were royalty in Philly and literally owned most parts due to contract law.

He led two expeditions to China and eastern Tibet in 1931 to 1932 and 1934 to 1936. The first expedition comprised Ernst Schäfer, a German zoologist, Gordon Bowles, Otto Gneiser, and Hugo Weigold. This is one of those cases where the same few sentences are regurgitated on every single webpage online. There is nothing available for other expedition members backstory and makes it seem like it was just a big-game hunting party and the only thing the mission required was a panda specimen for the Philly Museum. There is no information available for Gneiser

Dolan and the Mil Intel team met the 7 year old D. Lama in 1942.  

Dolan would later return to China in 1944 as part of the OSS Dixie Mission, working with Chinese Communists and recovering downed US airman behind the lines. part of 3 man team to observe local resistance force in the Hubei Province, which was still under Japanese Army control.

Dolan’s second expedition may have been motivated partly by the need to take a leave of absence from Philadelphia society after a January 1934 arrest on disorderly conduct charges.

In 1943, he accompanied Captain Ilya Tolstoy (the grandson of the Russian novelist) on a mission for the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the CIA. The CIA would stay in the area during the Cultural Revolution, in fact they were always there and have never left.

On April 15, 1934, Dolan married Emilie Campan Gerhard, who accompanied him for a while on his second trip to China.

Gordon Bowles: The Bowles family was deeply involved with Quaker missionary and relief work during the 20th century. Gordon was a Harvard educated anthropolgist, born into a sect of Quaker operatives stretching back at least 2 previous generations. His father, Gilbert was born to Iowa Quakers in 1869 Ephraim and Elizabeth, educated at the Jewell County School for Teacher Training and then Chicago. Mother was Minerva Macy Pickett. Macy ties to another major dry-goods retailer, commerical entity…also to the Quakers, which is another word for cryptojew, or military intelligence. see my paper of the formation of the Thanksgiving day parade. Together they opened Quaker schools in Tokyo, Japan and taught for 5-6 years. * Tolstoy would also go to school in Iowa

In Tokyo, Gilbert Bowles restructured the Friends’ Meetings in Japan; taught Bible classes; and served as chairman of the Trustees. He also participated in the fellowship of the mission center. Primarily, though, Gilbert Bowles’ greatest efforts were in China, Japan, Korea and Hawaii. He helped organize the Japan Peace and Arbitration Society in 1906, the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Hawaii and, later, the United Nations Association. In 1915, Gilbert Bowles wrote the Japanese Law of Nationality. He testified to the American Congress about the dangers of the Immigration Act and the Naval Appropriations Bill in the 1920s. All this says that he was a major Resetter of Japan, even before WW2. Gilbert was part of the Asiiatic Society, we’ll get around to them eventually. Remember that name.

In 1941, the Bowles’ relocated to Hawaii and during World War II, Gilbert Bowles ministered to Japanese who were interned. He worked with Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Filipinos, and Jewish refugees, representing them and their interests in court, and visiting them in prison. After World War II, the Bowles performed relief work for the Japanese through the American Friends Service Committee and the Friends World Committee for Consultation. The Bowles’ children attended the American School in Japan. Gordon T. Bowles, born June 25, 1904, graduated from Earlham University in 1925 and completed his education at Harvard University, earning his PhD in anthropology. In 1942, he “received a fellowship to the Guggenheim Foundation for analyzing Hawaiian skeleton remains while working for the Bishop Museum in Honolulu,”. Gordon Bowles worked for the Far Eastern Section of the State Department through which he helped plan for the restructuring of Japanese government following the end of the War. Gordon Bowles then accepted a position as professor of anthropology at Syracuse University. In 1958, he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by the government of Japan. In the early 1930s, Gordon married Jane T. Bowles, who helped open the Hawaii Branch of the American Friends Service Committee.

Here is a 1980 interview transcript. Starting off on page one he praises Rockefellers for his ‘contribution’ of the University of Chicago, admits his father was part of the team making collections for anthrology at the World Fair along with Frederick Starr.

In Japan, therefore, my father was
working primarily with leaders of the peace movement or international relations and later the League of Nations Association, later the United Nations toward the end.

Gordon Bowles

As anthropologist it would ve been his job to do all the skull measuring, he said he alotted himself this job and nobody paid it much mind.

  • the Marco Polo Bridge incident. (See ‘China’ Below)

Ernst Schäfer of Hamburg

Ernst Schäfer, born in Cologne in 1910 , came from an upper-class family and spent his childhood in Waltershausen/Thuringia.

“I first only found out about Tibet through Sven Hedin’s books, without suspecting that the great Swede would one day become my kind advisor in difficult times. But then it happened—I was about fourteen years old when a director of the global IG Farben concern came to visit and at the table told me about Wilhelm Filchner’s* new expedition to Tibet. I listened in silence, a new world opened up in me. From that moment I knew that Tibet would become my future land.”

Father Albert Schäfer (1881 to 1971) was chairman of the board of Phoenix AG for many years, a rubber product manufacturing factory based in Hamburg. Rubber was a military technology at that point in time. (Think about Goodyear and his racket) In addition, shortly before the end of the Second World War, Hamburg was handed over to the English without fighting. For his position as head of a military industrial complex company, Schäfer was appointed member of the first Hamburg Parliament convened by the English after the war in 1946, giving him control of the Chamber of Commerce.

As the CEO of a company that produced goods for the War Machine, Schafer had no patriotic loyalty to any country. The only people that took nationality into consideration were the Orphan class. There is a story about the day the power was transferred from the German to English hands: A hospital had been started in the basement of his factory that produced war goods, things came to a head one day when the doctor placed a big red cross on the roof to notify Allied bombers there was a medical facility located in the building. This was a clear violation of the Geneva Convention for war games production and civilian medical centers to be housed in the same place. Schafer wouldn’t accept this and told the doctor to remove the cross from the roof on the grounds that such a thing as the Geneva Convention must be observed above all else, for the good of the human race. The doctor refused, saying it was is duty to protect his patients and the hospital from destruction. Luckily a negotiation team was sent to the British frontline and was able to make a resolution to spare both, Schafer is credited for being the only civilian emissary to go behind enemy lines. lol, If that aint the biggest load of crap I heard all day. There probs was no hospital in the basement and he painted the red cross on the roof himself to protect the factory from some half-cocked pilot that might take aim. The English were not about to destroy an important asset like a rubber products factory that they were getting ready to call their own. They are all on the same team. That is what is called ‘Virtue-Signalling’.

Hamburg, WW2, this is the place Schafer claims he is from. No modern warfare did that. The travel lanes are clean and vegetation has mature growth. WW2 is a cover for the Reset in Europe, just like USA has the Civil War. All war is a cover.

The fact that Hamburg is listed in Schafer’s bio is a spook tell. Wasnt nobody living in Hamburg, the place is an ancient ruined ghost town. This is how these projects use each other to hold up the house of cards.

Met Hugo Wiegold on a university trip who invoted him on the Dolan expedition

The expert on Eastern Asia, used to work in the SS Genealogical Research Centre set up by Heinrich Himmler. Pretty ironic that these cats are so obsessed with ancestry and genealogy. The SS is reputed to confirm lineage back to the year 1800. Surely you’d think somebody would’ve caught Schaffer or he would’ve changed his name or something, being associated with all the H.H. clubs…

The name Schaffer is documented 100% Ashkenazi jew according to each of the 6 or 7 surname websites I just looked at. Other variations are Schiff, the Fed bankster name and Schoffer, itself a variation of Hoffman. This Hebrew genealogy site goes a step farther and tries to help families reconnect after being separated during the war. The funny part is, the location of all the lost Jewish families trying to reconnect is Argentina… Maybe you dont get it, after the war the main body of Nazi officers fled to South America, specifically Buenos Ares and Argentina. There are still German speaking districts in the country today. There was even a show on His-story channel a few years ago that claimed Hitler himself died an old man in Argentina. The inside joke is the Nazi officers were all Jews, thats what this website is poking fun at, Jewish families displaced at the end of WW2. In Argentina. Nevermind.

The Schaffer expedition is referred to as the SS Expedition in both modern and contemporary sources.

Sham-bhala connects us again to the Nazis, and to Madame Blavatsky, the actress/esotericist mentioned it several of her writings. History cant seem to figure out what Hitler was doing in Tibet. He sent a zoological expedition twice in the 30’s (at the same time they were funding Sven Hedins party. The part everyone is confused about is that it was a zoological expedition. Zoological is a fancy undercover word for eugenics, the human zoos. Cover authors write about all the plants and wildlife they brought back to Germany. Schaffer and his crew made basecamp in Lhasa.

In 1951 Schafer is included as UNESCO for semi-arid regions said bc of his work running a bio-research center in Venezuela.

In 1964, a companion of Mr Schäfer´s admitted to historian Michael K. Kater that the SS storm troops were on a mission to persuade the Tibetan army, by giving them gifts, to wean it away from British influence. These kinds of political rhetoric pop up during the whole narrative and fall under the Great Game header.

Marion Duncan, an American missionary on the Tibet border for 10 years, acted as interpreter.

The ‘Ahnenerbe’ 

Ilya Andreyevich Tolstoy. Russian Aristocrat

(3 February 1903 – 28 October 1970), count, U.S. Army Colonel. President F. D. Roosevelt’s envoy in Tibet. He was one of the founders of Marineland of Florida, of the Bahamas National Trust, and he served on the Caribbean Conservation Commission. He was a grandson of count Lev Tolstoy.

Count Ilya Tolstoy was born in 1903 at Toptivovo, Tula, Russia, to Count Andrey Lvovich Tolstoy, son of Count Lev Tolstoy and Olga Diterichs, daughter of General of the Infantry Konstantin Diterichs. Tolstoy attended the Moscow School of Agriculture, before joining the Imperial Cavalry and serving in Tashkent. In 1917 – 1918 he worked for the Russian Department of Agriculture in Turkestan.

Tolstoy emigrated to the United States in 1924. He studied at the William Penn College and the University of Iowa, Ames. William Penn in Iowa is the same school that Gilley Bowles attended

In 1927, Tolstoy became associated with the explorer and naturalist, William Douglas Burden, an associate and trustee of the New York Museum of Natural History. He was inducted into the Explorers Club in New York in 1931.[1] Tolstoy was one of the pioneers of underwater photography and one of the founders and owners of the world’s first oceanarium, Marineland of Florida with William Douglas Burden, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and Sherman Pratt.

In World War II Tolstoy was an officer in the Office of Strategic Services. He went to Tibet as an envoy of the US Prez Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942 and met the Dalai Lama, then barely seven years old.[2] In 1945 he headed a top-secret mission into the interior of China in search of uranium. Funny considering nukes are fake.

Tolstoy and his father, Leo, (orginally, Lev, as in Levi) merit their own thread. Members of a Resetter family unknown by most Western Orphan/Immigrant except for their propaganda cover scripts. Young Tolstoy comes from establishing the narrative history in Northern Canada, as far as the native populations and wildlife is concerned. He also happened to be in the movie making biz and shot what is called one of the last great silent films of all times. This is a good article detailing his role in fabricating Canadian his-story

The 1930 production of ‘The Silent Enemy’ is on the surface said to be about hunger and tries to capture images of the herds of Caribou that stretch from horizon to horizon. These mocking word-play titles are never what the surface says, the Silent Enemy is themselves, the Hidden Hands of World power. The experience he gained filming the Arctic barrens would do to serve him in creating the Tibet hoax.

Years later Tolstoy published an account of the expedition for Nat Geo. Modern cover writers wonder what took him so long to publish and why he didn’t publish more. Possibly it was ghostwritten by one of the professional scriptwriters there that attached his name to it but considering Tolstoy’s father was famed Russian spook author that wrote the cover story for major parts of history including the Crimean War and collaborated with Mahatma Gandhi it’s possible this work is by young Tolstoy just the same. No matter what hand it was penned from the account is as fanciful as one can be. Hi usage of the capitalized ‘Society’ is in reference to National Geographic but to insiders he is talking about the NWO. Here

[Tolstoy’s failure to capture a wild herd of caribou is chalked up to vanishing populations bc of…wait for it… changes in the climate. Yep, Climate Change has always been on the agenda top ten list. which fortunately groups like the Zoological Societies and Nat Geo would rush to support, coincidentally he also was a trustee of all of them. This supports my position that there never was any herds… Not of Plains buffalo, nor the pods of whales that supposedly fuel the lamps of Europe for hundreds of years. There were no great assemblages of any wildlife to the extent that children are taught in public education camps]

The American C.I.A., Nazi S.S., and Russian KGB Walk into a Bar. What comes out?

Answer: The Dalai Lama and Tibet. Finally, that Age-Old question that’s been on our mind for years can be put to rest…
This is some of the first video the outside had ever seen of Tibet. The culture had been inserted decades ago to the local orphan population who took it as their own ancient customs. This was filmed by the Office of Strategic Service, the OSS. The military intelligence faction precursor to the CIA. the expedition was funded in part by the Smithsonian and included Russians, Nazi’s, and Americans. This is how the NWO leaders wanted the outside to think of when considering Tibet, All smiles and dancing and festivals.

*Filchner, Wilhelm (1877-1957), German explorer of Antarctica and Asia was born in Munich in 1877.  From 1903 to 1905 he toured the Tibetan plateau; he then led an expedition to Spitsbergen to test the material for a major Antarctic expedition. From 1926 to 1928 and from 1934 to 1938, Filchner led two expeditions to Tibet, which aimed not only at geographical but also at geomagnetic studies. In 1939 Filchner went to Nepal to continue his studies there. During World War II he was held in India and only returned to Germany in 1951. The second largest ice shelf in Antarctica is named after Filchner. On his Asia expedition from 1925-1928, in a time of uncertainty in Central Asia, marked by upheavals, uprisings and local revolutions, Wilhelm Filchner shot valuable material used for a cultural film made in 1956 that was intended for the cinema.

Source [1]

  • Nomads‘ is the term used to explains cookie cutter sites and repetitious artifacts.
  • There are only 1.000 permits issued to people per year in some zones. This is artificial scarcity. Makes people want it even more and plus, they would be alot less likely for skepiticism if someone spent 3 years on a waiting list to travel on foot for 6 days to go watch a Mossad agent chant for 8 hours straight.
  • lost kingdoms of Mu, Shambhala, Shangri-la
  •  Pyotr Kozlov, Charles Alfred Bell and Gustaf Mannerheim
  • In 1895, Canadian missionary Dr. Susie Rijnhart became the first western woman to enter Tibet. Her attempt to reach Lhasa ended in failure with the death of her husband and infant son. Years later, she too died in Tibet

Sven Hedin and the Nazi Connection

St Johns Arm, found in Sweden, matched cave art found in Nepal found by Hedin, who was from Swede

Leave it up the Swedes; when I saw his name I knew I was on the right path. Sven was a student of Nordie, the Viking family that displayed phony Mesa Verde artifacts in the Swedish Museum. *The Swedish Museum is part of the Nobel Prize Committee

The royal geo soc is one of the oldest cover groups for the reset. they are responsible for the mapping of the World. I’m sure somewhere who is controlling the DEW has maps from the Old World and who knows how useful they would’ve been anyway in a post mudflood world. The RGS are the ones that fill the positions of the University and museum level, from there they teach and recruit the next rung down, they are all fractal groups

After losing his camera in the desert in 1895 Sven Hedin had to solely turn to his sketch-book for such purposes. Sure.

Theres always a guy touching his chin like the ‘Thinking Man’. In 1936 Hitler invited Hedin to give the opening speech for the Olympic Games. The Olympics are a World Fair side-show tribute to fake ancient history, thats why he was invited. Look at his nose, his family openly admits they’re Jews.

Sven is the one that is credited with surveying the Great Wall of China for the first time, also mapping the route of Marco Polo. The best part about Marco Polo is he never existed, that means you can say whatever you want, you can change the narrative any time by inserting new evidence and expand the grid to fill in gaps in the narrative. Glitch in the matrix.

The biggest take-away here and possibly enough to blow the whole case is his affiliation with Hitler and the Third Reich. He and Hitler were homeboys, photogrpahed together numerous times. Not only that but the Reich Gov is the one that funded Svens fourth and final expedition. That means Hedin was working for the Nazis, even though his bio openly admits he’s Jewish. He even had written a book that was pro-german in the run up to the War so much that the Ministry of Propaganda wouldn’t allow it published in Britian without substantial changes, which he refused to do. The book was never released in England

Sven kept this detail hidden until he was 85 years old, he said only after tough negotiations with the Chinese was he allowed to enter on the condition a handful of Chinese representatives go along on the ride. The Chinese were concerned bc of the Civil War they had raging someone run off with their artifacts. Funny this was brought to the attention of the world by the University of Bonn. The University is one of the largest and most prestigious in Germany. Keep that for a bit, it’ll come back up.

“Meteorological observations were made on the way, maps were drawn, geographical observations were made, plants were collected, excavations were carried out at places where we came across ruins. Yes, we were, so to speak, a wandering university: 19 scientists,”

Sven Hedin, fake memoirs

Apologists and whitewashers dismiss this by pointing out that before the knowledge of the Camps broke to the outside many prominent people supported Hitler. We’ll have to take a closer look at this fourth party

These negotiations with Chinese authorities show full participation of all countries. A very important part of the Reset was in the beginning stages and required a group effort. The Chinese might have been an acute authority over the people but how much did they really know about their own land? Sven also did the surveying for their infrastructure, elements like roadways and train tracks and bridges and dams are all built by his recommendations. I dont believe that for one second, first off these features are all ancient artifacts, The rail road has always been there. That would mean that China was incapable of having their own land surveyed. Im sure in China the victims of their public education system are not taught that some Swedish Nazi is the person that laid out their countries infrastructure. I just dont see it. I’m sure they have a fake founding father just as every compartment does. So that tells us the his-story scripters plug one of their own. Just bypass all the fake founding fathers of China and pretend the Nazi did it. Lump all the bad guys together.

This could also mean that China is not that old, if they really didn’t have their own territory surveyed then it is only bc they themselves were NWO plants that had been set up just like all the other tribes. India is starting to appear as a local headquarters for the Reset Intelligence. Im sure thats why the fake natives are called ‘Indians’, it is just a blanket term to cover all the indigenous people that were supposed to be here but weren’t. India was the first and the largest fake settlement to establish before the repopulation. Early Orphan/Immigrants would’ve been told the East India Trading Company had been working for 200 yrs already. The first they heard of American Indians much later in the timeline. Whose to say China was not started in a selective breeding program and then the most obedient slaves and their kin forevermore were given leadership of the whole joint as long as they played within certain parameters. Either they are lying about China not surveying their own land, or they are lying about China as a world superpower. They went to the moon for fux sake.

At the end of the war, United States Army troops deliberately confiscated documents relating to Hedin’s planned Central Asia Atlas. The U.S. Army Map Service later solicited Hedin’s assistance and financed the printing and publication of his life’s work, the Central Asia Atlas. They didnt confiscate or solicit shit. Everyone was on the same team.

Gyantse Dzong,

  • #3. Phari Dzong in 1904, photo taken during Younghusband expedition to Tibet.

Fortress said to be 800 yrs old was Tibetan stronghold of 1904 British invasion. The fortress held off attack for months until cannon hit the powder room and blew a wall out, allowing enemy forces to advance. Monks leapt to their death rather than surrender. A marker and museum is on the site now, like a Chinese Victory Column. The Brits arrived en masse in 1904 but the Russians were already here, the Imperial Russian Geo. Soc. gave a collection of photos in 1901 to the American Geo Soc. They are all the same entity.

The fortress overlooks the Palcho monastery in a walled section below. the ziggurat structure is 108 rooms

Harrison Forman. Photojournalist and explorer, Forman undertook three expeditions to remote areas of northern Tibet between 1932 and 1937. 

William Woodville Rockhill– politician, ambassador to China, traveled to Mongolia/Tibet 1891. Map maker. Here is his obit in JSTOR, died in Hawaii, 1914. Sent by Smithsonian on scientific mission in 1888 to Tibet, however he got beat by the Russians. The Smithsonian sent him again into Mongolia and Tibet a second time the next year. The published his travelogue in 1894, Diary of a journey through Mongolia and Tibet. The whole thing is a total promo piece, the guy maybe never even went there. It was part of the international build up, preparing for the British invasion coming up in 1903 with Younghusband at the helm.

AK Pundit 1880 report

Tsechen Monastery and Dzong

In 1869 the Royal Geographical Society published a collection of maps and travelogues made by British Pundits at Lhasa, this ensured their presence would be known in Russia. (Pundit is the term for native from India that works for the Western interests) The Russian explorer Nikolay Przhevalsky felt there was a British threat to Russian ambitions in Inner Asia, and set out on a series of 1870s expeditions. Although he failed to reach Tibet’s capital city, Lhasa, he traveled extensively in Tibet, and parts of China. Przhevalsky’s expeditions became famous and increased interest in European expansion into Asia among the Russian press, aristocracy and academia. In the 1880s, Przhevalsky advocated for the “forcible annexation of western China, Mongolia, and Tibet, and their colonization by Cossacks”, although the plan received some pushback from leaders who favored influence rather than an invasion.

Nikolay was the Russian Indiana Jones, him or his protege are credited for penetrating through to places not seen since the days of Maro Polo and discovered the ruined city of the fabled Khara-koto

Hugh Edward Richardson, last explorer before Chinese invasion 1950

Gould Mission in July 1936 communications specialists in Tibet set up wireless telegraph. The Signal Corp. A telegraph line was already in operation as far as Lhasa but “It was a single strand of galvanized iron wire supported on light wooden poles with no specific insulation… Mounted linesmen patrolled the route re-erecting any poles that were blown down and repairing breaks in the line.” Evan Nepean and Dagg’s task was to set up and operate a portable wireless which could transmit messages should the Mission go beyond Lhasa. In fact the Mission remained in Lhasa but the setting up of the wireless had a great impact in the city. The cover story was it enabled the British to counter the influence of the Chinese-run wireless and thereby curb the Chinese monopoly on supplying outside information to the Tibetan government. Always a competition w China

Nepean spent three months in Lhasa before being recalled by his commanding officer to the North West Frontier. During his time with the Mission, he and Dagg were occupied transmitting cipher messages to the Government of India. They expertly addressed themselves to the challenge of transmitting at high altitude and to official communications but they also exchanged messages with amateurs in different parts of the world. Nepean and Dagg also made an important contribution to a key objective of the Gould Mission: strengthening and improving relations with the Tibetan government and residents of Lhasa. This was achieved (in part) by providing entertainment in the form of film shows. It was Nepean and Dagg who set up and maintained the projection equipment at the British Mission house, the Dekyi Lingka. Nepean also assisted Spencer Chapman in his photographic activities and took many photographs of his own. They just admitted relations were strengthened by propagandizing the residents. This was in ’36, they were there for longer.

World Fair

Sven was behind the CHinese building a model temple for the fair and giving a duplicate to the Ethnographical museum in Sweden

Sven Hedin had a stucco fresco of the region he surveyed presented to the 1933 World Fair in Chicago, Century of Progress. Chicago was also home to the grandaddy of American World Fairs ‘The Columbian Expo”, this one is to mark the 100 anno of the founding of Chicago. Chicago is an Old World city, it was repopulated not founded… Maybe thats another play on words, someone found it alright, cuz it was just sitting there already built.

China participate in up to 25 International Expos from 1867-1904 but the content was always selected by a group called the Imperial Maritime Customs Service. The IMCS is said to be a collection agency, related to the IRS.

  • See Also: royal city of Loulan discovery. I think the word ‘discovery’ is a wordspell/mockery. if you dis-cover something it implies that it has been covered up, hidden, and now has been revealed. All these incidents are always labeled ‘discoveries’, the word is special, that what I’ve come up with so far.

Dalai Lama

Said to be the homes of the Dali Lama during each season. This is like a star fort or cathedral complex with a fake history slapped on the structure and made the local religious icon the leader. The Dali Lama is a NWO plant. The first one known by the White world was number 13, the ones before him were fake history. The D.L. was the religious authority similar to the Pope in some circumstances. He was also paid by the CIA during the years China had Tibet cordoned off from the outside world, $180,000 per year.

Historically, the title of the Dalai Lama was introduced in 1578 C.E. by Altan Khan (con) of the Mongols

The Dalai Lama was born to a Mongour farming family as Lhamo Thondup on July 6, 1935, in the province of Amdo. His parents, Choekyong and Dekyi Tsering, were moderately wealthy farmers. Farmer is a code word for land-owner, in some instances a slave-owner. He was the fifth of nine children, his eldest brother, Thupten Jigme Norbu, has been recognized as the reincarnation of another high lama, Takser Rinpoche. His other elder brothers are Gyalo Thondup and Lobsang Samten, admitted to be CIA assets.

When the Dalai Lama was about three years old, a search party was sent out to find the new incarnation of the Dalai Lama. The thirteenth Dalai Lama had turned to face the northeast while he was dying, indicating the area where the next Dalai Lama should be found. Shortly afterwards, a senior lama had a vision of a house with strangely shaped guttering. They found a house similar to the one in the vision after extensive searching. They presented the boy they found, Lhamo Thondup, with various relics and toys of the previous Dalai Lama. It is claimed that he recognized them by saying, “It’s mine, it’s mine!”

Lama began his monastic education at the age of six. At twenty-five, he sat for his final examination in the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa, during the annual Monlam (prayer) Festival in 1959. He passed with honors and was awarded the Lharampa degree. (roughly equivalent to a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy). 1959 is a big year for Tibet, it marks the local uprising, public executions and subsequent fleeing to India.

The Dalai Lama is the default leader for most Tibetans, a political puppet, supposedly the reincarnation of the Buddha, an equivalent to the Pope. It is illegal for a DL to exist without approval of the fate of China. He fled Tibet years ago and has been called the government-in-exile. In 1988 he met with British Parliament about Tibet become an autonomous region of China, that is totally dif than being an independent State, he advocated to remain Chinese despite what the Free Tibet crowd parrots. In 1989 he was given the Nobel Prize. See how that works. He was given the Templeton award in 2012, a religious flavor of the Nobel, and its $1.7 million award.  His response: “I am a simple Buddhist monk, no less, no more, after receiving this award.  Of course more people may pay some attention about my talks, my thoughts, so in that sense, I think, [it is] very very helpful.”  He joins Mother Teresa as the only two people to receive both the Templeton and the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Short bios of Lamas’ 1-13. [link] (there were no previous Lama’s)
  • 1959 public executions in Lhasa. Chinese took control  on 23 March 1959 (3/23).
  • The Dalai Lama’s older brother Thubten Jigme Norbu, long time CIA asset
  • documented uprisings among Tibetan serfs in 1908, 1918, 1931, and the 1940s. 150 families of serfs of northern Tibet’s Thridug county rose up in 1918, led by a woman, Hor Lhamo. [1]
  • Here is a Newsweek article from ’99 that is the offical cover story of DL roll as cia operative
  • 1968 declassified report of Intel ops in Tibet suggest the CIA helped create the situation which led to the exile of the DL and crew. The group making the approvals calls itself the Committee of the 303
  • declassified 1964 report on the training of 133 Tibetans in Colorado and sending 20 to Cornell U
He’s got his Colorado hat on, where his Special Ops team was trained in the mountains… And the location of staged ancient ruins where engineering was taught to another fractal group. Probs the 20 that went to Cornell for free. I’d like to see their class schedule if anyone out there from Cornell wants to contribute.

The DL was groomed from childhood to be a central figure on the world stage. This is a guilt by association system so you can see a pattern by the company he keeps.

The peace mongers are all do-nothing-and -take-it pacifists set up by the elite as controlled opposition to ensure no physical resistance is ever offered. There is even a famous photoshop of the child demigod standing with Gandhi. The two wouldn’t’ve been able to meet organically but that never stopped anybody before. My biggest surprize was the normie gatekeeper outlets admitting this is fakes. In real life the D.L. tries to connect himself to the Mahatma by having a vision of a meeting with the peace-mongerer

According to the narrative the CIA didn’t become involved until after the DL was already on his way to exile in ’59. The CIA is just a cover story. Steps were taken in a long sequence so it played out exactly as the script says. They have been there in one form or another the entire time. For example the precursor faction, the OSS, was the ones that shot the video footage from 1943. This also is an opportunity to highlight a good example of why they change their name so frequently. The CIA couldn’t pretend they didn’t show up until the party was almost over if they were still called by the same name. Did you ever think of that?

Religious leaders at the The Parliament of the World’s Religions opened on 11 September 1893 at the Art Institute of Chicago, as part of the World’s Columbian Exposition in that city. It means all religions are fractals of the One World religion of the NWO.

After the CIA (They Never Left)

The first public appearance in the West was in 1979, Geneva. It would’ve been Switzerland bc they are a NWO seat of power

In September 1987, a small number of monks staged the first public protest in Lhasa since 1959, possibly organized to mark the Dalai Lama’s visit to the United States earlier that month. All were arrested. A few days later, police beat protesters holding a small demonstration in support of the monks, and the city exploded. As Robert Barnett, who was in the city during the protests, described:

About 2,000 Tibetans then besieged the local police station to demand the release of the monks detained inside. Eventually they set fire to the door of the station to enable those prisoners to escape. When the authorities opened fire on the crowd, around ten people were shot dead, including children, with several times that number wounded.

March 6= 3/6= 666

Then, in early 1989, the Panchen Lama died, removing China’s most senior supporter. Funeral marches turned into scuffles with the police, and, on March 5, the cops opened fire, killing at least ten people. The riots that followed were the largest since 1959, occupying the center of Lhasa for three days. Hundreds were killed and thousands jailed in the subsequent repression.

the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4 overshadowed these protests, although students at Lhasa University struck in solidarity with Beijing. Some four hundred reportedly held out as late as May 21. The nationwide crackdown that followed hit Tibet especially hard. Martial law, imposed in March, lasted for over a year and saw tanks on the streets of Lhasa in early 1990.

According to Tibetan Buddhism, when either the Panchen Lama or the Dalai Lama dies, their spirit is reincarnated in a young boy born at the time of their death. Monks from the deceased Lama’s monastery find the reincarnation and bring him to the other for final approval. So, the Dalai Lama ultimately chooses who will be the next Panchen Lama, and — crucially — the Panchen Lama chooses who will be the next Dalai Lama.

In 1995, the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama each announced that they had found the reincarnation. The Dalai Lama’s choice is presumed to be under arrest with his family. When the government tried to impose its choice on the Panchen Lama’s home monastery, a revolt erupted — in what had previously been the main base of religious support for Chinese rule in the TAR — and a number of leading monks went into exile. The dispute over the reincarnation of the tenth Panchen Lama in 1995, in which Beijing selected its own Panchen Lama and placed the Dalai Lama’s chosen appointee under house arrest

Beijing subsequently enshrined its support for the principle of reincarnation in state regulations, insisting that

To maintain the validity and purity of all living Buddha reincarnation and uphold the solemnity of the law, it is necessary to reiterate the key principle already enshrined in the new rule that any reincarnated living Buddha, appointed against the rule [that the government has the final say in ‘recognizing’ a reincarnation], is illegal and invalid.

This says China has the final say in appointing its own leader of opposition

In 2002, China opened negotiations with the Dalai Lama’s representatives, holding out the possibility of a political settlement that would allow him to return. Inside Tibet, however, repression increased, with ever greater restrictions on monasteries. At the same time, economic development caused huge environmental damage and left most Tibetans further excluded from economic growth.

The tensions exploded in March 2008. The Dalai Lama declared that six years of negotiations had led nowhere. Monks from the Sera monastery in Lhasa took to the streets in his support, and security forces attacked with tear-gas and cattle-prods, then live ammunition. By the end of the week, thousands of people were fighting against a massive police and army presence with stones. Rioters took control of substantial parts of Lhasa.

According to the Free Tibet campaign, there were also protests today in the Labrang monastery in Gansu province, where 200 monks led demonstrations on the streets. The group said this showed the protests were gathering momentum.

The International Campaign for Tibet said two monks at the Sera monastery had stabbed themselves and others had gone on hunger strike. About a dozen monks were reportedly detained on Monday, when several hundred from the Sera and Drepung monasteries took to the streets chanting slogans for the Dalai Lama to return mark the 49th anniversary of a failed uprising of the public executions in Lhasa.

Heres the kicker, and how I know that the whole half century of violence has been scripted, the outbreak of violence comes just months before the start of the 2008 Olympics, the protests against Beijing rule threaten to overshadow preparations for the games. The Olympics are a NWO political shit show. They were started as a side show to the World Fairs and are dedicated to maintaining the fake narrative. Of course this was part of the build-up to the fairs and part promo for the Tibet Inc. Industrial Complex.

After the 2008 protests, a “patriotic education” program, forcing monks to denounce the Dalai Lama openly, was intensified and expanded beyond Lhasa to cover every monastery across Tibet. 

February 27, 2009 was the day that self-immolation came to Tibet. The authorities had just cancelled a Great Prayer Festival that was supposed to commemorate the victims of the government crackdown in 2008. A monk by the name of Tapey stepped out of the Kirti Monastery and set his body alight on the streets of Ngawa, in the region known in Tibetan as Amdo. See how each segment of violence is just a continuation of the last and the whole thing is based on nothing substantial.

Since February 2009, at least 153 Tibetans have set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. Suicide as protest has a long history in China and in several religious traditions, including Buddhism. It came to prominence in the modern era in Vietnam, when Buddhist monks burned themselves to death to protest the South Vietnamese government’s religious persecution.

The government has passed new laws making it illegal to self-immolate, to help anyone else do so, to spread news of a self-immolation, or even to organize prayers for someone who has died. Collective punishments have been imposed on the families, monasteries, nunneries, and sometimes whole villages. Since 2012, Lhasa has been essentially closed to Tibetans, already a minority in the city, who live elsewhere. There has never been a Tibetan population in Lhasa, except maybe a few token recruits and enough actor-monks to pull off the fake. Lhasa is a stage, all of Tibet for that matter, and everything that happens there is a production.

The majority of Tibetans still live on subsistence agriculture and livestock herding, though the Chinese policy of forced settlement is rapidly restricting this traditional economy. Something like two million farmers and nomadic herders have been forcibly resettled in newly built villages.

In the TAR the establishment of nature reserves — which ban nomads but allow over-harvesting and industrial development — is driving this resettlement. These reserves now cover one-third of the land area of the TAR, and just over half that in Qinghai. Ahh, this is another facet to the creation of the World Bank Nature Parks, it evicts all the Nomads out.

A common ploy works something like this:

Nearby construction had cut off all sources of irrigation and thus prevented them from working on their remaining farmland, and yet the village committee did not have enough capital from farmland compensation to complete construction. Villagers were thus left to wait for other work units to come and expropriate their remaining farmland so that the village could finish building their resettlement homes. Ironically, then, villagers waited idly to lose farmland so that they could use the compensation to pay to move into apartments built on their expropriated farmland. This is effectively creating ghettos, or even something like the American Indian Reservations.

 Most normie outlets blame the Chinese for investing heavily in construction and infrastructure for the development of the so-called two pillars of the TAR’s economy — tourism and mining — and hydroelectric dam projects. All will exclude Tibetans from everything but the lowest-paying jobs, and all will do great ecological harm. Not only does the newly established land preserves restrict land use to the nomads it opens up mining rights for the World Banksters that fund the project. It isn’t China, they just play the bad guy on T.V.

Tourists are increasingly living in a theme-park version of Tibet dubbed the “Disneyland of Snows.” As in other developing nations, tourists largely stay inside a bubble of upmarket hotels, shopping malls, and organized trips that exclude the local population and bring little benefit to them

Mining on the Tibetan plateau is crucial for maintaining ‘economic growth’. Metals and minerals — including copper and gold, and the lithium used in batteries of electronic devices — are abundant across the region, and mining there has greatly expanded since the opening in 2006 of the train across Qinghai Province to Lhasa. In 2016 an accident at the Gyama mine killed 66 people during an avalanche.

(Molybdenum, which was discovered by the Swedes in 1778, has a high melting point and is used to make the electrodes of electrically heated glass furnaces. Some electrical filaments are also made from molybdenum. The metal is used to make some missile and aircraft parts and is used in the nuclear power industry. Molybdenum is also used as a catalyst in the refining of petroleum.)

For almost fifty years, the Chinese government has extracted coal, oil, asbestos, salt, lead, zinc, and other minerals. It now plans for tar-sands oil extraction and fracking for gas. Mining has destroyed half of the area’s primitive forest. Pipelines leak, asbestos and copper mining wastes are rampant, and industrial waste has completely polluted water resources.

The result is more mock-protests. One rally against a project in Markham County by about 1,000 Tibetans in August ended with the fatal shooting of a man by security forces, according to a Human Rights Watch researcher and Radio Free Asia. Several self-immolations have focused on mining operations as have a number of large-scale mobilizations, which met severe repression. Paramilitary police fired on crowds at least twice, both times killing at least one person.


The Tibetan refugee’s capital is situated in the small town of Mc Leod Ganj, next to the district capital Dharamsala [1]

Tibetan Institute Of Performing Arts

TIPA is about fifteen minutes’ walk from McLeod Gunj. Established in 1959, TIPA was the very first institution in exile. It is the home of lhamo, the arrestingly colourful and unique folk opera of Tibet. TIPA preserves a wide repertoire of musical, dance and theatrical traditions from Tibet. To balance the weight of tradition in its repertoire, the institute has a modern Theater Troupe which puts on contemporary plays. TIPA also maintains its own workshops for making costumes, masks and musical instruments.

TIPA trains instructors who are sent out to teach music and the performing arts at schools and settlements throughout India and Nepal. It also runs a schools where a mix of modern academic and traditional Tibetan education is provided to children who are, in addition, trained in Tibetan music, dancing and acting from an early age. Of late, TIPA has started a special programme to teach the Tibetan performing arts to non-Tibetans.

TIPA holds an annual Folk Opera Festival in April. A number of folk operas, dance programmes, plays and concerts are presented on this occasion. It is always an exciting time to be in Dharamshala. On important national holidays throughout the year other performances are given. An annual competition among students is held in May or June. Special shows can be arranged for visiting groups if the Institute’s office is notified in advance. A standard fee is charged for filming shows.

Artistes from TIPA have performed in many parts of the world. Plans are underway to open a museum of Tibetan folk culture where the rich range of regional costumes, musical instruments, masks and arts will be displayed.

escort, not escape

The year is significant as it is also the time DL arrived. So you’re telling me after all the CIA involvment and treacherous mountain trekking the first thing they want to do is open a performing arts center? What a great idea!

This could be one of the more important pieces. A performance arts studio right across the street built the same time sounds a little funky. That probly is bc you dont think he actually wants to live in Tibet do you? The backwater desolete science experiment? Do actors normally live on the sets built on stage? Thats all TIbet is; DL is religious royalty. Would the Pope leave his shiny throne in Rome? Thats the reason why the pretend exile in the first place, so him and his crew dont have to live there. Lama was not fleeing for safety in the middle of the night, it was a private army escort. an extraction.

Now he can direct traffic, err, be programmed by his handlers, closer to civilization and the arts studio can host leading authories in areas that would draw suspicion say, if they went and stayed in an area where the local celebs are lighting themselves on fire. Did you ever think about that? What about that?


Starting in 1997 there was a great push for propaganda for Tibet in main stream American media. 2 Hollywood productions came out, one directed by Scorsese about the early life of the 13th Dalai Lama, even Scorsese getting involved with the anti-Chinese propaganda and Tibet promo piece. The other movie is a Brad Pit joint about a German mountaineer from the 30;s that was a political prisoner in Tibet for 7 years. This form of movie magick could’ve written the whole narrative and nobody would even know it.

Aside from the silver screen front page headlines were featured in pop rags like Newsweek and TIMES, and Rock and Roll. Even the Super-Spooks down at the Atlantic Monthly printed a story about how the Beastie Boys made a life changing trip there in 1997. Science periodicals like the Smithsonian and Nat Geo started a Tibet campaign. It was a full-on Tibet propaganda onslaught.

The Brad Pit movie was a bio pic about Harrer, the SS officer. The book published with his name on it in 1953 was the first time that Tibet was inserted into the mainstream. This was the first time Tibet reached into pop-culture for a new generation, with a new media; TV over book. Considering it was only 3 years after the Chinese hostile takeover I’d say even if Harrer was there it wasnt for 7 years.

So it says, Harrer was on a climbing expedition in India in 1939 when WW2 broke out, he was placed in a camp. He escaped the camp and wondered around the Himalya’s for a year before stumbling into Lhasa where he ended up being teacher to the 11 y/o Buddha incarnate until the Chinese came in 1951.

All the S.S. documents are housed in a collection made available by America using captured German records. Among them are the Nazi elite documents’ file with the German acronym, RuSHA (Russia). That was a nice touch added by the scriptwriters, connecting one phony bad guy to the other. The Heinrich Harrer file is 80 pages. The double ‘H’ is a trigger, like the D.L. designation His Holiness. Heil Hitler is another. Heinrich Himmler is the S.S. guru. The officail photographer for Der Fuhrer was Heinrich Hoffman, a two-fer since he is the double 8’s and a Hoffman to boot.

(Himmler is the one credited with documenting the lineage of every SS officer going back to the year 1800. That’s bc 1800 is the year of the start of repopulation, every record before this was falsified.)

The records themselves contain bits that indicate they are just as falsified as anything pre-1800. For example Harrer’s marriage request contains information about his climbing accomplishments that are irrelevent and a real jacket wouldn’t include. They are stage props.

Harrer was inducted into the S.S. on April 1st, 1938 as an athletics instructor. April Fools Day, huh guy?He was also a participant in the ’36 Games on the ski team. Atheletics was a way for world leaders to gather without drawing suspicion, the pinnacle being the Olympics, and athletics was also a way to insert agents without the political baggage most other cover stories would carry along. The missionary schools that started up in Rome that had the fake martyrs of the Paris Commune later switched up to athletic programs, even though the mission stayed the same.

Harrers’ Nazi affiliations came to light only a few months before the movie was released. It timed like that on purpose. A German rag called ‘Stern’ put the piece out, a German variety of Newsweek. Sources call tthe timing a “coincidence” and “irony”, as of there was such a thing. Harrer says it was Chinese operatives set to stain his name.

He and his companion that escaped the labor camp before trekking his way to Lhasa together took up work inside the city to evade capture. His buddy, Peter Aufschnaiter, was commissioned to design a sewer system for Lhasa and Harrer surveyed the entire city. sort of engineering is a red flag. Sewer systems in particular. Nobody has ever thought to question tunneling capabilites, thats for another day.

Harrer ended up being the teacher of the D.L. and even after the fleeing of DL into India in 1959 the two remained frineds. Later, Harrer opened a museum, which he set up in Huttenberg to celebrate Tibetan culture: the museum was opened by the Dalai Lama in 1992.

Harrer the Handler. He is said to have been personally greeted by Hitler with the rest of his team when they returned from the climbing expedition. Theres just one problem, this image is a fake. Look at the way Hitlers’ shoulder overlaps with the guy on the right, his boots are blurry around the edges and lighter than the surrounding area. The gentleman at the far right has an outline shadow going all the way down his back.

This plays along with his fake marriage permission slip which for no reason declares him the famous mountain climber the scaled the north face. They would only include that if they were inserting it to prop up the narrative.

Harrer and DL stayed friends all the way up intill his death.

Here is a pic of Harrer and godchild Lama. This has alot going on. He is pointing to the horizon (Horus) Harrer has the One-Eye and the Explorer/knee up, those are pretty standard poses. Im point out this one bc its another image with fake chemtrails in the sky added later to make chemtrails seem natural and they’ve been there all along. This is like the third one, each one is its own mindfuck project; ruins of Stalingrad and Antarctica expedition. The inserted chemtrails are a completely different mindfuck operation. A few more examples and it’ll get its own thread.
  • check the backstory of the 130 ft dive while being chased by Head Hunters in New Guinea.

Invasion or Liberation?

China’s point of view is they couldn’t invade a territory that already belongs to them. They say they liberated Tibet from serfdom, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the Medieval Period. It wasnt until the Chinese annexed it in 1951 that the serfdom was abolished. Its labeled as “Theocratic Feudalism”, which 95% of the population was ruled by a handful of slavers disguised as religious men. Sounds just like everywhere else.

The political bantering has been going on for over half a century, neither side presenting a strong case, both sides being right and wrong at the same time and keeping score. Thats bc there is never supposed to be an end, its a trap. Any unresolved humanitarian issue is only meant to drag on so more energy is drawn out.

There is no data before the Chinese annex for one very clear reason, there was no history before then, we were still coming out of the Reset and hadnt begun repopulation yet. They were building up the infrastructure for the first time, all historic records before this are fakes.

 “The parallels between Tibet and medieval Europe are striking”

Scholar on Old Tibet

That’s bc the scriptwriters used regurgitated narrative:

Religions have had a close relationship not only to violence but to economic exploitation. Until 1959, when the Dalai Lama last presided over Tibet, most of the arable land was still organized into religious estates worked by serfs. A great deal of real estate belonged to the monasteries, and most of them amassed great riches. . . . Individual monks and lamas were able to accumulate great wealth through active participation in trade, commerce, and money lending. Drepung monastery was one of the biggest landowners in the world, with its 185 manors, 25,000 serfs, 300 great pastures, and 16,000 herdsmen. The wealth of the monasteries went to the higher-ranking lamas, many of them scions of aristocratic families, while most of the lower clergy were as poor as the peasant class from which they sprang. This class-determined economic inequality within the Tibetan clergy closely parallels that of the Christian clergy in medieval Europe.

Along with the upper clergy, military leaders did well. A notable example was the commander of the Tibetan army, who owned 4,000 square kilometers of land and 3,500 serfs. He also was a member of the Dalai Lama’s Cabinet. Old Tibet has been misrepresented by some of its Western admirers as “a nation that required no police force because its people voluntarily observed the laws of karma.”  In fact. it had a professional army, more like a Blackwater type personal security force that served the landlords. 

Young Tibetan boys were regularly taken from their families and brought into the monasteries to be trained as monks. Once there, they became bonded for life. Survivors report that it was common practice for peasant children to be sexually mistreated in the monasteries. Not only rape but lifelong servitude as domestics, dance performers, and soldiers as well.

In Old Tibet there were small numbers of farmers who subsisted as a kind peasant class, and perhaps an additional 10,000 “middle-class” families of merchants, shopkeepers, and small traders. Thousands of others were beggars. A small minority were slaves, usually domestic servants, who owned nothing being born into slavery. 

In 1953, the greater part of the rural population were serfs. They were allotted only a small parcel to grow their own food. Serfs and other peasants generally went without schooling or medical care. They spent most of their time laboring for the monasteries and individual high-ranking lamas, or aristocracy. In effect, they were owned by their masters who told them what crops to grow and what animals to raise. They could not get married without the consent of their lord or lama. A serf might easily be separated from his family should the owner send him to work in a distant location. Serfs could be sold by their masters, or subjected to torture and death. 

In addition to being under a lifetime bond to work the lord’s land — or the monastery’s land — without pay, the serfs were obliged to repair the lord’s houses, transport his crops, and collect his firewood. They were also expected to provide carrying animals and transportation on demand. It was an efficient system of economic exploitation that guaranteed to the country’s religious and secular elites a permanent and secure labor force to cultivate their land holdings without burdening them either with any direct day-to-day responsibility for the serf’s subsistence and without the need to compete for labor in a market context.

The common people labored under the twin burdens of forced unpaid labor and onerous tithes. They were taxed upon getting married, taxed for the birth of each child, and for every death in the family. They were taxed for planting a new tree in their yard, for keeping domestic or barnyard animals, for owning a flower pot, or putting a bell on an animal. There were taxes for religious festivals, for singing, dancing, drumming, and bell ringing. People were taxed for being sent to prison and upon being released. Even beggars were taxed. Those who could not find work were taxed for being unemployed, and if they traveled to another village in search of work, they paid a passage tax. When people could not pay, the monasteries lent them money at 20 to 50 percent interest. Some debts were handed down from father to son to grandson. Debtors who could not meet their obligations risked being placed into slavery for as long as the monastery demanded, sometimes for the rest of their lives. 

The theocracy’s religious teachings buttressed its class order. The poor and afflicted were taught that they had brought their troubles upon themselves because of their foolish and wicked ways in previous lives. Hence they had to accept the misery of their present existence as an atonement and in anticipation that their lot would improve upon being reborn. The rich and powerful of course treated their good fortune as a reward for — and tangible evidence of — virtue in past and present lives.

On top of all that the Lama class is reported to be well versed in the arena of torture. Many ran away and resisted. Once captured, the favored torture and mutilation included eye gouging, the pulling out of tongues, hamstringing, and amputation etc. The punishment law was codified in the 13th century by the Sakyapa sect, derived from the Yasa (statute-book) of Genghis Khan,

Since Buddhism fundamentally forbade the killing of a living creature, criminals were often tortured to the point of death and then left to fend for themselves. If they now died of the consequences this was purely a matter of their own karma. These days the power elite in Dharamsala maintains an embarrassed silence about such inhuman acts and brushes them aside as Chinese propaganda. a public whipping, which took place in the middle of Lhasa in 1950 was reproduced in the American magazine, Life, f(Life, November 13, 1950, pp. 130–136). Likewise, the killing of animals — strictly forbidden in Buddhism — was normal practice among the monks in Lhasa — they had the animals slaughtered by Muslim butchers who thus brought the bad karma from the killings down upon themselves, then the consumption of meat is not a “sin” for the Tibetans, but the slaughter of animals decidedly is. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama, himself a meat-eater for “reasons of health”, nevertheless campaigns constantly (in the West) for a vegetarian lifestyle.

When the Chinese occupation came in ’51, the problem the monks had wasn’t with the fact they were Chinese, (General Chiang Kaishek spent 200,000$ in silver for the inauguration party of the 14th DL and an armed guard) The problem was they were Communists and threatened the status-quo of the elite monk class. Furthermore, this is why the insurgency failed, the commonfolk refused to defend the monk class and many claim that it was these citizens that destroyed the structures blamed on the Chinese Army during the Cultural Revolution.

Around 1956-57 armed bands of Tibetans representing the ousted monk class attempted to rise up against the Chinese liberators. The uprising received extensive material support from the CIA, including arms, supplies, and military training for Tibetan commando units. It is a matter of public knowledge that the CIA set up support camps in Nepal, carried out numerous airlifts, and conducted guerrilla operations inside Tibet. Meanwhile in the United States, the American Society for a Free Asia, a CIA front in which the DL’s older brother played a central role, energetically publicized the cause of Tibetan resistance. This is who the Free Tibet are, the torturous slaver class and the CIA.

The DL claims repeatedly that over 1.2 million have died bc of Chinese occupation, however the census of 1953 proclaims the entire population was around 1.2 mil. So if that was the case wouldn’t we see mass graves and empty cities? I think the census is lying (duh) and the lack of people is attributed to the repopulation was still in the beginning phases. Indeed, There never really was a repopulation, the country remains as a whole, largly unpopulated except for a token number of locals that serve more as a human zoo/tourist trap exhibit than a ancient cultural center.

The mutilations specifically of all the cut off hands is a representation of the ‘Hidden Hand’ symbolism. I missed it at first but the Reset in Africa includes much of the same script, not that there were mass atrocities, Im not saying that, Im saying it was done as a way to promote themselves. A tradition that continues to this day.


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