Bordeaux World Fair, Maritime Exposition, 1907

This is a good example of how the World Fairs and International Expo’s were split up to camouflage themselves. In reality there was only Exposition that was worldwide and ran for about 150 years. Until yechnology made them irrelevent that is. The World Fairs is how the fake history and culture was inserted into the popular narrative.

Right across the canal from Paris

That’s all this maritime history expo is there for. It’s Bread and Circus. Theres a Human Zoo with villages from Africa and China, some souped up battleships. A carnival ride of swinging airplanes… The important thing is the symbols.

Thats what caught my attn was the Belgium pavilion is a reproduction of the castle with the Winged Lions.

The Russian Pavilion has the Double-Headed Eagle over the door and atop the gable end.

The castle in Antwerp hosted World Fairs also. It has the same imagery; the Double Eagle in the seal and the reproduction castle at Bordeaux has the original Winger Lions at the end of the ramp. The local giant fable takes up residence now.

Swaztika and Owl decorations
Neptune in the back. I see alot of trident symbolism everywhere.

The American Pavilion was a replica of the White House, an Olde World artifact.

The typewriter was the featured machine. Among others was the Sewing machine and the Combine Harvester. These were certain projects that were worked on development all over the world and would meet up at the WF to determine the speed and direction of progress.

Chinese village

African Village


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