Weather Warfare (Mud)Flooding Event Used to Trap ‘Burners’

‘Burning Man’ Military Intelligence Project Sponsors ‘Climate Change’ Psychological Warfare in Joint Operation

I just heard the word that the Burning Man satanic ritual was declared a National Emergency bc of historic amounts of rain and flash flooding leave 70,000+ party go-ers stranded in the desert.

I would say its a different rendition of Woodstock but theres too many unanswered questions about Woodstock for me to be sure it even happened… As if they would put a world class headline act like jimi hendrix on at 6am monday morning. gtfoh.

So many ppl have pointed out that FEMA was already on the scene. Umm, bc its a military operation for one, used as fema training. Commentators compare how the response was in Maui. They are mocking you. Anytime news outlets criticize any govt policy or action it is bc the script tells them too.

I just typed in a few keywords to see what came up. The first thing I noticed was a video of the ‘city’ posted on tik tok. A panda projected on the side of a black pyramid. Panda’s are a reference to child abuse. Im not going into detail here on this one. You have a search engine.

then the next thing I found was that, yes, they did get stuck in the mud. Before the show even started there was an incident with Climate Protesters that set up a barricade in the road blocking the entrance to the grounds.

The ‘barricade’ is a metal bed frame

At one point about 8 ppl show up and pretend like they rare trying to move the ‘barricade’, but it is just too heavy for them.

It boils over when a protester reveals she is chained to the structure. Some scripted confrontation ensues but nothing comes of it. The chain on the people is about half mile long holding them to the frame.

The group of protesters calls themselves 7circles. Their twitter profile has 81 followers. Aces and Eights drop. but has only 4 posts and just started aug 27.

7circle barricade features a globe and signs for fossil fuel, both are BS. an extension mentions lithium. The climate ppl mention jets and lithium but never say a word about chemtrails? J.S.

Watch the pair sitting on the right side of the trailer. They have a big pipe covering their wrists so that cops cant remove the chains or cuffs off of them. She tries to hang on but it doesnt work so well.

The black pipe connecting the two perps is supposedly so cops cant cut the cuffs off of them.
Not just Pyramid Lake, that’d be creepy enough but Anger Pyramid.
Reflections off the firmament
Block Rock City from above. The infamous eyeball of despair
fire-nado’s, at least they dont have sharks
The protest photographer flew into the Nevada national guard runway next to Air Force One. I dont know the significance of that but there it is.
3:31, 9/3 (666), 88 replies… its all in the numbers game. Anytime they say ‘Stay Safe’ the best thing to do is run.

The whole show has been put through twitter, must be a Musk venture. Even SpaceX is connected.

many sources comment on potiental 5G radiation attacks. I would only say that I heard a burner explain how the alkaline desert floor will stir up dust that you need to wash off with an acid like vinegar or lemon. Now there is 3 inches of this mud that causes chemical burns to unprotected skin. This type of chemical burn could be mistaken for 5g radiation, or vice versa.

This post says the burners have started a mud based fashion show with a mud catwalk. When you get to the bottom of the post the readers have already called the bullshit, it was a legit fashion show, as if there was such a thing. Displays like this are meant to get some readiness for the headliner on the part of the target.

As if global warming isnt scary enough they hit you with an ebola outbreak too. Man, and ppl really fall for this shit. The flood story is supposedly a cover story for Ebola that the gov is trying to contain.

Here is a video posted somebody claims they got off a private jet from Burning man to LAX and were moved into quarrintine. Funny how the climate ppl were just on the rant about private jets
I found this headline but didnt watch the vid. Absolutely they throw Bill Gates under the bus. He is the personification of Capitalism, sworn enemy of Burners everywhere according to the 7circle barricade, His character crosses over into Big Pharm, with the vaxxzeens and all. Why not add him in there as well. Finally we have a chemtrails shout out. They dont even use it with the record shattering rain at the Burn. Nope, Woodstock. Another psy-op. Gates, Ebola, Burning Man, Chemtrails, and Woodstock. is the game “How many psychological warfare operations can we fit in a single sentence without actually saying anything proactive?”
FEMA and the National Guard just happened to be there, you know, just in case.

Story compliments of CNN

A big wooden box was torched to reveal a big iron Phoenix, a symbol of the NWO.

The artist that put this together wasnt present, as she was quasi-captive in her home town in Ukraine, where the monument was dedicated. She watched via live stream SpaceX satelite feed.

The psychological warfare train is hitting all the stops. How this connects to the war in Ukraine is anyone’s guess. SpaceX is fake bc satelites are science fiction.

I have a larger file on who and what organizes B.M. and the Psychedlic Industrial Complex as a whole. The MK Ultra research has just moved from the gov sector to the medical side but it never stopped. Events like this are used as you can see how the entire narrative is built on one psy-op on top of another.

Another big hoopla in the Psychedelic Industrial Complex is called the ZENDO project. Zendo works with volunteers at Burning man in harm reduction, to help people having a bad trip. You can sign up right on their website to volunteer. Sure a few normie volunteers make it in but these aren’t regular volunteers, most would be agents conducting field research. Burning Man is a Military Intelligence event, the people working there know that, most of them anyway. I like the way they are called volunteers, its not bc they are doing it for the experience and free entry, it’s more legalese spellcraft. we are given a heads up here:

In support of Burning Man’s Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Initiative (R.I.D.E), the Zendo Project is collecting data on identity factors from Zendo Project volunteer applicants, with the intention to increase diversity among Zendo Project volunteers and support all efforts for a more equitable Black Rock City. We will have more announcements about these efforts as we get closer to the event…

Hundreds of three-eyed ‘dinosaur shrimp’ emerge from mud pits at Burning Man as 70,000 revelers escaped flooded Nevada festival

This is telling you they are data mining your shit. “collecting data on identity factors… on applicants” GTFOH. It’s not even from the volunteers that get ‘selected’, all you have to do is apply and they have control of all your identity information. It doesnt even say what kind of information they are hijacking. All in the name of political correctness. Normies can use it for virtue signaling to allow id theft.

All volunteers are required to upload a profile photo with their application.While we love fun photos of you at festivals or getting wacky at parties, we want to see your eyes and face so that we can either remember you from our past events or recognize you when we meet for the first time.

This is probs the funniest thing yet, as if nobody ever heard of facial recognition. Right after you agree to let them have all your personal data too. Just so they can recognize you when you first meet. LOL, yep. Maybe they figure the applicants will be so burnt out and fucked up they wont notice. See the rest of the Psychedelic Industrial Complex page for more details



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