The Occult Ritual at Ft. Sumter

This image is put in my Richmond Ruins folder, it shows a shell exploding and the official claim is the lucky photographer happened to take the picture at the exact second the shell went off, making it the first explosion photograph. It was the funniest claim I’d seen to date. This was the official narrative since the shot was developed in 1863. The image wasn’t published until 1911, as usual decades after said event, but since day one the angle was that it was the famous first exploding shell picture. I scoffed about it last year and sure enough the narrative has changed to almost ridiculing anyone be so foolish enough to believe such a thing is even possible, and of course to provide excuses for the first guy in 1911 that shared it had “obviously overlooked” technical limitations of photography of the day. That is a showcase example of why they release false evidence later in the timeline

Here is the new caption:

Photo of a John R. Key painting, based on three half stereos taken by George S. Cook inside Fort Sumter on Sept. 8, 1863 and published in The Photographic History of The Civil War (1911). Note: The famous “exploding shell” photo falsely attributed to George Smith Cook is in reality a painting by C.S.A. Lt. John R. Key, based on three half stereos taken by Cook inside Fort Sumter on Sept. 8, 1863. Noted Civil War photo historian and author Bob Zeller of the Center for Civil War photography personally inspected the negative, which is the source for all known “exploding shell” prints, and is archived at the Valentine Richmond History Center. The negative had been carefully masked to show the Key painting only and not the parlor table it sat on, nor the three chairs behind it. Francis Miller’s experts, in compiling The Photographic History of The Civil War, had obviously overlooked the fact that no camera of the time was capable of taking the wide angle depicted.

George Cook was the photographer for the 1886 earthquake. He got the business from his father and passed it to his son

So the picture is used to plug instant photography, a new technology in the Post-Reset timeline. Not only that but it is sponsored by the Daughters of the Confederacy, a scandalous bunch that brought us the Jamestown hoax and rewrote many false narratives for starforts. Dont try to distinguish between groups like Daughters of the Revolution, or the Colonial Dames, they are all a single entity that hides behind compartmentalized fractals.

Here it is, a sketch of the battle, but no images of the battle itself, only drawings. The damage said done by conventional bombarding by one group parked in the fort across the harbor. No way.

It was supposed to be the opening shots of the Civil War.

The normie history says the fort was started in 1824 and 50 years later it still wasnt complete. Thats bc they didn’t build it. The artifact was reclaimed.

Ft Sumter’s history and the photographic evidence makes it unclear what exactly happened here. Its a starfort that has been pulverized and rebuilt several times. It’s possible the structure was found ruined and a series of photos of the reconstruction was shown in reverse.

The date on this is 1868, theres alot more extensive damage here than just 3 years of exposure. The dates must’ve been scrambled. Possibly, it was found like this, then repaired, then destroyed again, then rebuilt. Some variation of that is the only way Sumter sequence makes any sense. The wash-out is in the wrong place. In the clean images the ramp goes up and angles to the left instead of the above image that goes right.
First is start cleaning up all the debris. Trash burning is a good way to begin.
The old flag pole shot in half had to be repaired
First thing is get anything made of wood out in the open to see what can be salvaged and take a picture to make it look like people were here recently. None of the Reset pictures have any regular trash or anything disposable, not even furniture. Many shots of old ruins will have a rocking chair thrown in the foreground as a prop.
A couple wheel borrows isnt gonna be enough guys, even if you use a shovel.
Building supplies
Clean up underway. Still mud piled up to the second story window.
maybe a light source
The raising of the flag ritual is turning out to be uite the big deal. It was the grand finale of the fort reconstruction. The people are pasted in and the dirt piles are left over mudflood dirt
This one must have been taken a few minutes later, the caaption says 1861 anniversary of surrender
Almost there
Clean up in the yard
Note the semi-permanent features to the left, such as the stone chimneys and compare to the bottom
Matthew Brady Image of Interior of Sumter. Close up of the chimney’s
Cheap wooden addition is the modern part attached to the ruined starfort like a leech.
“The Raising of the Old Flag”, this is an occult ceremony. the fresh sapling bough’s represent a wooded grove and the flags draped overhead are symbolic of a starlit night sky. This is a pagan ritual setting mock-up. I can’t believe I just realized that.
Now the people are starting to arrive
Now the people have showed up they can have a ceremony for the Profane, although I think anyone that had the opportunity to be was in a certain class.
Flag raising from the opposite side
They might have sat out front and shot the place up with conventional projectiles but the cannon balls just bounce off the face of this, it wasn’t the same weapon that did the rest of this.
Thats not just some cannon damage. Thats a sand dune. The weapon that did this is not the same one that did the damage above.
The cannon balls strewn across the rocks is Ft Sumters variation of the Valley of Death photos of the similar nature.
Many exterior images show cannonballs strewn about at the base of the fort. Too bad we have seen this in multiple wars, such as the Crimean War, admitted to be staged to fall for it again.
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