The Library of Congress is a Luciferian Temple to the New World Order. The Swastika’s at the L.o.C. and Otto D’s Field Trip to D.C.

She wanted to go. I root through the cellars of the internet obsessively and don’t do too bad. The trick is knowing what to look for. Still, I’m always getting cockblocked by some gatekeeper mutt, the next step up is to go in person and root through the tangible collections.

Every time something gets digitized it passes through a censors hands so they remove certain material to keep it out of public circulation.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend any time rooting this round, it was more like a recon mission. Now I know how the operation works I can be better prepared and I have a bookmark file of files held without restricted access.

The first thing I notice is all the swaztika’s on nearly every piece of trim and floor tile in the place and how the fuck nobody else notices is evidence the spell is effective

Interior of the NWO Temple



    1. There’s a big ‘X’ in the upper corner smart guy. I haven’t been trolled in awhile, almost forgot how good it feels “Cunt smut” I like it, gonna be my new handle. Let’s see what you bring to the table… Where’s your work?

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