Australia and the Reset

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Don’t know why I don’t have much on the whole continent. The narrative is pretty basic. Not ‘discovered’ til the mid 1700’s and by the early 1800’s it was being used as a prison colony.

I did some work on the labor movement in Britain in the mid 1800’s. It seems like every labor organizer or agitator was sent to Aus and after a spell migrated to Canada. This helps explain the heavy Spook population in the U.C. (Upper Canada its called) but there was no prison colony.

The Continent also has come up in my Antarctica essay bc its deep water port of Hobart is the nearest place for large vessels supposedly going to the Ice Wall.

It is also said that Europeans annihilated the Native population, they get the same treatment in America. (The Europeans, not the so-called Natives) So the building I found some pictures of were, according to government mandated public education, built by prisoners who were at the same time committing mass genocide. No disrespect to anyone with soft feelings, thats part of the psychological warfare side, make the lie so bad only a monster could dare think to even question it, let alone deny it. Let me just say I have done enough work here if there was a diploma for Truthology I would have a fucking Masters degree and a PhD and one thing that stays consistant is the further from the truth you get the harder it is to argue fact or fiction. Remember that you see an article about WW2. The Aboriginal genocide theme is used in America, Congo, Aus… anywhere there should be a Native population but isn’t.

The extreme over-the-top cultures were presented at the World Fairs a century ago and shortly thereafter at the Human Zoo’s. (The Moko face tattoo’s are a perfect example.) These are again blamed on Colonial European imperialism but really the one benefiting are the same ones benefiting from the WW2 script and the taboo to question any aspect.

So before I go off subject and get a box of angry hatemail lets just get to the photographic evidence.

Lets start with a few words about Australia’s World Fair history. The Main Hall was constructed for an expo in 1880, the Melbourne Centennial, however the Bureau of Expo’s decided that didnt qualify as a World Fair, so it stayed at International Expo status. World Fair status had to wait til 1888 and was held in the same building.

The building was granted UNESCO World Heritage acclaim relatively recently. Those guys only do that for stolen historic items so in case you had any doubts about the age of the building UNESCO’s complicity indicates the structure is way older then 1880. Today it still exists and hosts art and garden shows but has been stripped of most its grandeur.


They imported a Serpent Slayer bronze from England that stands in front of the State Library today. I just updated my Winged Lion and Serpent Slayer folder. Its got some good shit.

The first recoginized World Fair in Oz, opened 1st of August (8/1) 1888, until its closing on the 31st of January (1/31=333) 1889.

The first electric tram was introduced to Melbourne. This is the second time that happened, the other was in Sydney, we’ll get to that.

 USA exhibited many sewing machines, led by Singer, with Edison’s phonograph and chewing gum; a weapons feature included Aboriginal, Chinese and Borneo examples; a Renaiscance Chateau was built to display furniture; despite complaints from the temperance society there wasd also a display og brewing and winemaking.

Exhibitors included: Anheiser Busch Brewing Association, Bissell Carpet Steamer, Colgate, National Cash Register, Pratt & Whitney, Singer, Studebaker, Winchester Repeating Arms… I read that Iboga was displayed here for the first time to the outside world. Thats a psychoactive plant found in West Africa. I got some but havent tried it yet on account its supposed to bring you near to death so you visit the Ancestor realm.

The German royalty was here too and determined low-income housing could be achieved for the new Orphan Class. everything we see around us today has its roots in the World Fair thread. Now that I think about it, it German beer hall was the only group of living people out of the few images that I saw. This is been established as an outpost of the resetters, this was probs a private party for a few of them and however many subject.


Even though the camera and photography was commonplace by the 1880’s there are not pictures, only sketches and woodcuts. I dont trust these and after scrutinizing several other ‘International Expo’s’ to determine nobody was there except a handful of Reset Class overlords. Thats why they all claim to lose so much money, there was no people until the Orphans were brought in at a later date. This was no different.

In 1880 there wasn’t even a central gov in Aus, that didn’t come til 1901, Melbourne and Sydney were autonomous City-States so the events like this were seen by today’s standard as Colonial competition. Not only that but Barcelona held a Universal Expo in 1888 that stole most of the thunder of the minor Melbourne Expo. This could also be a cover strategy, use Barcelona as an excuse as to why nobody showed up to a fair that never really happened… Maybe it did happen, Im just saying a UNESCO plaque and some woodcuts are not enough to convince me it took place at all.

  • there was also a WF in Glasgow in 1888

I saw a question the other day about the difference between a World Fair and International Expo. I been wanting to expand a little but for now the short answer is nothing, there is no difference but the Spooks at the BIE break up the picture so nobody can see the complete whole. There is no difference, they both have the same agendas and promote the same themes.


Here is my case in point; 1888 was the first World Fair in Aus but they had an International Expo a few years earlier in 1880, these were in Melbourne. So you think that the end of it but then you find out there was a similar function held in Sydney the year before, the 1879 Sydney International Exhibition, this was mainly an agricultural Expo and most of the stuff was leftovers from the 1878 Paris Expo the year before.

These are supposed to be real construction pictures. The building was planned and erected in 9 months. Shortly after the fair a fire broke out and destroyed the whole building in less than an hour. This is recycled script from the Crystal Palace in London.

Not only that but the building housed all the govt documents, including census paperwork. Lol, GTFOH.

These are the remains after the fire. Thats the funniest thing I seen all day. Maybe the ruins were there from the Reset and the World Fair narrative was scripted around them. There obviously is no fire damage here and some crumpled up corrugated metal was scattered on the foreground to make the shot.

Or maybe the ruins are fake as well, a backdrop. It is an arch afterall, a military symbol, and that’s not even mentioning the big ass obelisk out front. the foreground is unnatural and the gravel and bricks tossed about is a terrible stage prop. Who knows. Who cares. It gets even better when you find out the whole area was flattened to make room for a new railroad station. The RR are the O.G. Military Spook Intel.

Oh look, here is a piece of supporting evidence inserted later by self-validating entities. A piece of certified mail from the Census Bureau requesting permission to house census docs inside the building.

This case here just confirmed my suspicion that there was no fairs at all. Maybe some readers would argue, thats cool, Im not looking for your approval, thats just what I see.

The fair provides a cover story for another ancient artifact, the railroad. Supposedly a tram and trolley grid was installed just for the show and decided to stick around afterward, this became the nucleus for the entire network… The RR was always there, they are pulling your leg.


So now youre thinking this was the real start of the fairs afterall, it wasnt the 1888 or the 1880. Youre still incorrect. The 1879 fair used hand-me-downs from the Paris expo but it wasnt the inspiration. The 79 expo was just an extension of the Sydney Intercolonial Exhibition, also called the Metropolitian Intercolonial Exhibition

This was more like a 4-H club meeting where livestock and produce was shown off for awards and hosted by the Bible Society. It couldve triggered the beginning of the next phase in rebuilding.

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900 page debriefing regarding general status of farming and husbandry of Oz in mid 1800’s

Disease is often used to dismiss quarries in the absence of large populations. Whole swathes of civilization wiped out in the blink of an eye… If only it worked like that. Viruses are not air borne contagions, dont take it from me bc Im not a doctor but I do hold a Masters degree in Truthology and if viruses were airborne contagions it wouldn’t be up for debate.

Lemme put it to you this way, if the MSM is geared to fearporn and the bottom line is to keep everyone tuned in bc they’re scared to death they wouldnt need fake viruses in the media. If all they had to do was chemtrail St Louis with Ebola and sacrifice an entire large city as an example imagine the impact that would have. Forever lasting collective trauma; and don’t be so naive as to think it hasn’t been tried.

This isn’t the place for that conversation, I only bring it up bc in 1919 the Melbourne Exhibition Hall was used as a medical facility for a Spanish Flu outbreak. This might have been the signal that the repopulation had officially begun.

In fact, now that I think about it, the Spanish Flu was a Worldwide event allegedly triggered by WW1. There was no WW1 though. This might be confusing if you aren’t familiar with the bulk of my work, I can hear the scoffing from nooby nay-sayers, just bare with me… The worldwide outbreak of the Rona these past few years should give a hint about the kind of control taken and the People’s eagerness to give it up. Well what if a century ago there wasn’t that many ppl like they say and this provides a way to explain where 1/3 of the population went. The Black Death, for example, is said to have killed off like 66.6% of Europe back in the day.

1919 could have been the start of repopulation in some area that were void of all people and a landscape in ruins said to be from the war that brought along the outbreak, but in reality there was no outbreak or war or people. A new Orphan class could be shipped in and given the State sponsored narrative and who would think to question it… Just a thought, I’ll have to expand on it one day

The albums are from military sources

I havent yet been able to find any ruins anywhere in the whole continent aside from an old church or something, nothing like the Chicago or San Fran Great Fires. This means the land was scrubbed before anyone was let back in. The only places left standing are those with potential tourist value or those hijacked by authority. By ‘authority’ I dont mean the State, though there is the standard Post Office, Courthouse, Municipal Hall buildings that are the massive stone superstructures. Authority also means the Banksters, Cathedrals, Universities, and merchants… the NWO is a consumerist construct. Class Warfare, duh. It means the Haves and the Have-Nots. Cant have Class Warfare without the fucking Macy’s dept stores, ya dig? Have you ever wondered why in a deserted city there is such a strong want for hotels? Esp those of the epic porportions as we have in the 1800’s… Entire cities void of people but the biggest buildings in town are all hotels. Crazy right.

These pics are from the range of 1869-1889. There is no reason for there to be ruined castles if they werent built until 1840, yet here they are.

Arches are symbolic, a military conquest allegory, usually involving a parade. Marching band is the lowest form of military exercises, thats why theyre called ‘drills’ and move in ‘formations’.

These basalt column formations are also found in the Ghost City Edinburgh albums. I dont know the significance or maybe its the way they are formed. There is also thermal hot springs and terraced water falls, I think this is signatures of Directed Energy technology.


Are there several monuments to fictional characters set up. This is a common theme from all across the board. Before the repopulation the Resetters would go in and place markers up that support the narrative. Characters like this, a Capt John Smith archetype… All explorers and exploration is BS

Obligatory Obelisk

A fucking sky tram, are you kidding me? Built by convicts in the mid 1800’s. Sure you’re right.

At the Universal Exhibition of 1878 in Paris, the municipal administration exhibited a set of 88 photographs under the title “Collection of gas lighting devices established on public roads” .

Commissioned the previous year from photographer Charles Marville, this set of prints illustrates the variety of lighting devices that can be seen in the capital. The Parisian public gas lighting system is indeed a source of national pride, it gives Paris its name “City of Light” and contributes to the influence of France.

The series of photographs was subsequently sent to the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880, together with that devoted to “ Edicules established on public roads and on promenades ” . These series of photographs were offered at the end of the exhibition, on April 8, 1881, to the Australian government, and they are today preserved at the State Library of Victoria (State Library of Victoria ) .

The photographs were taken over a period spanning 1861-1862 to 1877.

The Carnavalet Museum and the Historical Library of the City of Paris also have prints and negatives from this series.

As far as I know, this is the only complete set online. about half were featured in the link above, the rest I had to scavenge from the deepest recesses of the web. I managed to come up with 84 out of 88 and this was a fun Easter Egg hunt. As synchronicity would have it this double album set was gifted to Australia for their 1880 Expo in Melbourne which I just happened to publish an article about last week… So they are complimentary, IDK if I should link to it or just copy and paste to make one all-inclusive report.

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