Lucknow Ruins and Olde World Architecture of India

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Indian Revolution 1850

The provincial/state museum of Lucknow had only been established for 20 years, According to Normie history Lucknow had come out of the independence revolution. The East India Trading Company controlled the area until 1857 there was a major battle called the Siege of Lucknow. This is total fake history. Just like the American Revolution it is a cover story for the Reset. Every independence revolution for that matter.

I have images said to be of the Lucknow siege a few chapters down. This was no simple battle. A battle of which is said to come behind a series of wars called the Anglo-Sikh Wars. The damage is so bad they need two fake wars to cover for it. The main thing I look for is vegetation growth and travel accessibility. If there are mature trees growing through a rubble pile and all the road ways are free of debris chances are it has been that way for a long time.

The British put down the rebellion and are the ones blamed for destroying the building. (create a strawman target, promote insert racism). The building was considered a NGO (non government org), by NGO they mean NWO. This means the museum dealing in all the fakes isn’t tied to a nationality, they are covering the States ass. Like using a front cpmany to avoid freedom of information acts (FOIA, as if those were real), this creates plausible deniability. lol, the NGO was an American golfing club, they had a private golf club and the museum together in the same place. It was only a museum in history books.

The collection housed at the golf clubhouse was moved to its current location in 1883, when Der Fuhrer arrived. No sources would tell who the own of the building was but their virtue-signalling always gives them away. When I looked to see who the donation of artifacts came from at the time of the relocation they were quick to say it was a generous Abbott, not the priest kind, the Abbotts are one of the bankster families that are in charge of the Federal Reserve still today. Big Pharm, International Banksters, museum of fraudulant antiquities, all under the same roof.

Images of the Lucknow Revolution provided by Neato Beato

Reset Photography: Documenting the Transition

I want to highlight this picture, hopefully you can see why without being told. The thing that makes it more noteworthy that you can’t see is the person credited with capturing this, and all the first images of a Post-Reset Asia. Felice Beato.

Beato is brother-in-laws with Roger Fenton, the photographer of Crimean wag-the-dog war. This indicates that they both do not exist. We have covered a fake photographer in the Abe Lincoln essay, Mattew Robert Brady, so its not a stretch that these images were brought by a Post-Reset agent corps of photographers and all attributed to a single person. Whether that person was a flesh bone entity or existed on paper is up for grabs.

Furthermore the damage done in the image above is given to the 93rd Highlander Corps. This connects twice over to Crimea, as they were there in kilts battling the Prussians. This time they are there in memory only, no kilts.

93rd Highlanders

93 is 999 inverted 666

Mermaids in ruins and the Olde World Power Grid

Not just Mermaid but they have wings as well. Beats me. Some have two ‘tails’, as if each leg turned into its own fin. Wait, doesn’t the Starbucks mermaid have two tails?