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I got a little bonus for yall, I was going to leave this out for lack of context but since we already are on Space and shit I figure now would be a perfect time for an introduction for Buddha from Space.

This statue wasn’t known to the world community until 2007 when it was handed over from a private collector that wanted testing done. Turns out it was from the Chinga meteorite which fell along the Mongolian border 10-20,000 years ago, the only accompanying information was the card that read:

“To our knowledge, the statue was brought to Germany by a Tibet expedition in the years 1938-1939 guided by Ernst Schaefer (zoologist and ethnologist) by order of the German National Socialist government. The aim of this expedition was to find the roots of the Aryan religion and the Aryan origin.”

Since then we have seen the whole science community once again struggle to dumb themselves down to the point they fail to provide any coherent explanation about anything at all…except flying space-rocks of course, they’re good for that.

The science Dream Team includes meteor experts, Tibetologists, archaeologists, theologians, academics, historians and scholars of every branch fighting to chime in only to say how truly baffled they are. In fact the only thing they do come up with nobody wants to challenge is the space-rock theory. Thats bc there was no debate. They all know its fake bc everything they put out is fake. The mission objective is to insert the piece into the mainstream narrative and into popular conversation, thus, the staged debate

Needless to say I wont waste any of our time going into mainstream anything but I would like to point out that this serves as another example of how artifacts are inserted into the narrative decades after the fact. The story of the journey of the Space Buddha is handed off to spook scriptwriter that also was charged with demonizing the Schafer Expedition that turned them all into bloodlusting psychopaths that staged whatever evidences they needed to support their ‘Aryans in the Himalaya’s’ claim in order to justify the genocide of millions and millions of people. This is the person that fills in the gaps and smooths every thing out that all the scientists in the world cant seem to figure out, a fictional drama cover-writer. Not that I am defending the expedition; I will not comment on the validity of such an event as pushed on children in public education camps, if it is not clear to the reader by now it is bc you are not paying attn and I can only recommend starting this essay from the beginning repeatedly until it is clear.

You can get a glimpse of the level of credibility of our new expert that now supersedes all previous scientific authority on the banner of her webpage, she has a quote from Victor Hugo. “Science says the first word on everything, and the last word on nothing”. This is also the name of her site, The last Word on Nothing. That’s not a bad gimmick really, I didn’t get it at first. That just summed up so eloquently what I just pegged her as, which is the whole schtick behind Hugo, He was a historical fiction supposedly at rest in the Pantheon. I got a whole essay on the mindfuck construct they call the Pantheon.

The thing the spookwriter does for us inadvertently is shows how artifacts made from space-rocks are inserted into many ancient civilizations, from the Inuit to the Egyptians. Remember the effect it had when you first found out King Tut had a sword forged from meteorific iron? THATS the desired effect. Its psychological warfare bro, theres not much more I can say.

This is a strong lead that points us to every case a claim is made of space-rock metal used for religious trinkets, thats all these are, little collector novelty items, as if a civilization that could have the advanced metallurgy skills necessary to forge such a piece could find no other uses except false-idol worship. It’s a forgery alright. (Pun intended)

Even though this Space Buddha wasn’t ‘discovered’ until 2007 the tag on it says 1938, thanks to our fictional drama writer who now has the power to over ride any and all scientific authorities by confirming that indeed this was the work of mastermind exterminators. The date of the actual creation of the piece has naturally been attributed to the Bon religion, the Proto-Buddhist sect said to be 18,000 years old. Likewise King Tut’s dagger has a date affixed as 1928 although we must really look at the date of the annoucement of the discovery of the material used. Meaning, if they came out in 2005 and inserted the space-rock dagger by glossing over its initial discovery but claiming it was stuck in customs somewhere, or my fav, that secret underground warehouse from Indiana Jones that has the arc of the covenent, I bet thats where it was all along.

The date of the meteor discovery which is said to be the mother of the metal was in 1913. The is around the time meteors were quite trendy, kickstarted by the Aussie during the Antarctic Expeditions the Chinga Meteor.

Update: Turns out I was correct about the later insertion of Tut’s space-rock dagger, it wasnt begotten til 2016, almost a full decade till after Space-Buddha. Both cases point to Inuit tools in Iceland. The recentness suggests we will see more future additions to the international Space-rock false-idol worshiping hoaxers.

The follow-up is in 2020, scientists had been “hotly debating” the origins of the dagger. (anything labelled as “hotly debated” is a lie) The thing is, its so well crafted it stands apart from everything else. (An obvious sign it is a plant.) So well crafted they have to come up with a cover story bc now they have conflicting timelines since it would va been impossible for the locals to craft such an instrument. (lol, as if the people could build the Great Pyramids but not figure out low-temp smelting). Heres where they insert another fake historic site to prop each other up: Now they are saying it has been decoded on clay tablets excavated at a nearby royal library dating to 3,400 years, they found one that matches the description of the dagger to the hilt (puns for all), making it clear this is the direction they are taking it.

Although it would seem the various puzzle pieces have fallen perfectly into place, it will be the job of future studies to confirm whether the family heirloom mentioned in the Amarna letter is indeed the very dagger currently sitting in the Museum of Cairo. Until then, we can all agree on one thing: The bar for wedding gifts has certainly been raised.

When I finally get to Egypt I will certainly cover the Amarna Letters. This highlights why libraries are the most commonly faked excavations, the contents can be made to say whatever they need. One lie supporting another, the whole thing about to crumble. When you take one down the rest comes with it.

  • The Meteoritical Society, and their mouthpiece,Meteoritics & Planetary Science has been the driving force behind all the stories and updates, confirming what I said in my Antarctica paper that they were created for that purpose.

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