Alcoholics Anonymous and It’s MK Ultra Roots

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This post has a personal importance to me. I struggled with alcohol and addiction most of my life and even though I have maintained sobriety for almost a dozen years the effects of alcoholism never go away. On top of that I was MK Ultra-ized during a period of my life. The experience should have been a rebirth, it was a gift. Alot of people got hurt emotionally and I was unable to keep any personal gain. Now it is a heart break, I never recovered the memories in time to reach my father/sponsor/handler and I am haunted by his ghost, I hear his voice dictate these words even as I write them. This is for you Buddha, not the guy that fucked my mother, the man that brought me into the world as I know it today. He had to watch me revert back into a coward and alcoholic without saying a word about our shared experience. I wish he hadve shot me instead. There was a jelous little bitch named Gay face Billy, except it is spelled Bill-Lie bc he lies about everything and killed me at my birthing ceremony, he that poured a bottle down my throat before I could open my eyes. No body could understand unless you were there about how I stood in front of an entire AA group and smoked crack as I told them about being raped, needless to say I got my ass whipped but I provided an opportunity for the guy that threw me out the door, pipe and all. A few hours later I passed a lie-detector test that the whole incident never occured. Took me 20 years to get that memory back. That’s what they are there for. One thing I forgot to say, Thanks for letting me share guys.

. AA has always been a psychological operation, thats why alcoholics were sent to asylums and sanitariums back in the day, but it wasn’t bc drunks acted insane or needed a place to dry out. The condition of temporary insanity was being studied so that it could be weaponized. Have you ever looked at some of the old asylums? They’re crazy big and decorative, old world artifacts. Asylums were a hang out spot for Intel agents bc who could believe anything a crazy person said? Prohibition was repealed by the 21stamendment in December, 1933

The setting is the town of Dwight, IL,

  • laid out on Jan 30, 1854 (1/30=13, 33) by
  • 3 engineers from the Chicago RR, a Morgan, Lee, and Campbell.
  • Contains an original section of old Interstate 66, (I66=666).
  • In 1860 the Prince of Wales came for a visit, no reason why, this sticks out bc I have done a report on Wales at this time and it was a ghost city, same as Edinburgh. They name dropped him in there bc thats how the parlor trick illusion works.
  • The Alton railroad station is semi-famous and the bank was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Home to Diana Oughton, member of Weathermen Underground. W.U. was a Civil Rights extremist group started at Michigan U responsible for a Greenwich Village explosion. GV is a Spook hub too and Oughton is the name of one of the central characters coming up in the treatment facility racket.
  • A local tourist trap windmill from 1896 had an 88 gallon tank. Built  U.S. Wind, Engine and Pump Company of Batavia, Illinois, on the same estate as the Oughton family. Batavia is a military industrail town where agri-tech implements were made.

The story of the lost cell salt begins in 1879 when Dr. Les Keeley, (1832-1900) a graduate of Chicago’s Rush Medical College who served as a surgeon in the Union Army during the Civil War. initiated the first double chloride of the gold treatment clinic in Dwight, Illinois. He opened the Keeley Institute with John R. Oughton, an Irish chemist that was the pharmacist for Raymond Seymour and a merchant named Major Curtis Judd that coincidentally happened to be the mayor of Dwight.

Keeley graduated from Rush in 1864, soon enough to catch the end of the war. (cough) Unfortunately all his records were destroyed a few years later when the Great Fire of ’71 razed half the city. Heres a pic of the faculty in the ancient ruins. There was no fire or war, both are cover stories to explain Reset damage.

Their motto was an invitation: “We were once as you are; come with us and be cured.” Its chanting. There was another slogan, “Gone to Dwights.” that is eerily similar to “Friends of Bill’ ppl could use to id each other anonymously.

Frederick B. Hargreaves, a former minister and temperance lecturer, is the spiritual part, the mouth-piece. Hargreaves, left and started his own inebriety cures known variously as “Dipsocura,” the “Hargreaves Cure,” and the “Dwight Cure.” By 1925 advertising and labeling deception standards changed and the term was changed form “cure” to “Treatment”, bc they dont want to cure anything, they dont even want you to see the word Cure. Our medical system offers ‘treatments’ to temporarily relieve symptoms.

The first mainline commercial treatment center for addiction starts with Leslie Keeley. He sold what the media regarded as a literal “secret gold recipe cure for addiction” based off some medico-technical jargon summed up as Schussler’s 13 cell salt, a form of colloidal gold. which would repair cells and even damage DNA from long-term drinking. The Gold Cure which amounted to Medieval witch’s Flying Potion. Any kind of mixing secret ingredients and gold is alchemy, a misunderstood occult branch of science.

An entire village sprung up around the institute in Dwight, 75 mi from Chi-town, it’s credited for bringing in the railroad, sewers, electric lighting and paved roads. All these basic infrastructure needs were already in place. We are talking about Repopulating after the Great Reset in Chicago’s backyard. 700 new people a week were arriving to the town. The town existed, the institute was just the cover. The building remains today as a bed and breakfast and the public library.

Right off the bat Keeley was in legal/political hot water when his zealous advertising led the Illinois State Board of Health to revoke his license to practice medicine in 1881 The governor reinstated it a decade later citing a technicality as the Board of Health violated procedural rules. These mock State rituals only really serve to keep his name in the headlines.

By 1882 Keeley had started the first successful business franchise, he had a commercial enterprise with 200 dispensaries open, “Institutes” they were called and opened in Mexico, Britain, and Canada. Regiments were a series of injections a few times a day for a few weeks. Aftercare treatment focused on group sessions and community outreach. Former patients were called “graduates” and organized as “missionaries on behalf of the cure.” This was the proto-AA model. The Institutes were indoctrination centers where the already-wet brained inebriated were brainwashed into the hive mentality and sent out to imprint themselves on the rest of the world. Also like AA in that it was connected to the courts, similar to probation ordered AA

The Double Chloride of Gold formulas were a proprietary secret and those who became part of the franchises signed a pledge not to reveal the formula. The ingredients of the cure were a closely guarded secret: Strychnine, apomorphine, willow bark, ginger, ammonia, belladonna, atropine, hyoscine, scopolamine, quinine, coca, opium, morphine, and alcohol were among the rumored components. Keeley vigorously denied the use of atropine. These are all psychoactive plants used in witches Flying Potion. Few—including Keeley’s onetime business partner Hargreaves—believed that the cure included gold, the very ingredient that made it famous. Keeley insisted there was enough “to plate a ladle.”

The All-Healing Vibrational Frequency of Gold. Cover story author passing excuses for the snake oil formula, as if the product were effective even with the main ingredient

From the year 1880 until Keeley’s death in 1900, the gold treatment heralded a 95% success rate. Dr. Keeley said it was even higher and the 5% were “comprised only of fools that chose to drink again.” He claimed his formula worked so well that to prove it he solicited the Chicago Tribune’s publisher, Joseph Medill, in 1891 with a challenge that he would sober up Chicago’s most offensive drunkards. Medill accepted by sending six men. Subsequently, Chicago was returned six sobered men after three weeks. “…they went away sots and returned gentlemen,” read the pages of the Chicago Tribune. 

Medill’s lead was soon followed in every major city. Testimonials and first hand accounts were published in all the papers. Later in court Hargreaves testified they were all written by Spooks

The thing is, there was a James Keeley that was editor in chief at the Tribune in the mid-1890’s and I find it hard to believe the two are not connected. J. Keeley wrote scripts for WW1, which was a total BS piece bc the war was all media driven and proxy.

Here is a clipping of his wife that passed, printed Mar 22 (322). Keeley isnt a large part of this essay but we can’t go past without mentioning. Mrs K covered Suffrage from Boston, a heavy Spook capital. The two ran a pop Chicago rag before combining with the Hearst Media Industrial Complex.

The secret gold snake oil flying potion wasn’t effective either, that’s why it was promoted so heavily in the media. Reported side effects of the treatment included rashes, extreme fatigue, confusion, temporary blindness, and “insanity.” That’s like the night-time sleep aids that cause insomnia. They had to cease production from 1883 to 1885 bc people were getting to messed up from side-effects. It relaunched with a change on the label.

Downloads: 1894 issue QJI, Keeley Day at the World Fair history

Here is the complete set from 1876-1913

Dr. T. D. Crothers, a leader in the inebriate asylum movement, said: “There is no gold cure for inebriety. There are no facts to show that gold has any value in this disease.” While pretending to be a critic or competitor Crothers was supporting the ‘disease’ diagnosis. There are no facts that show ANY value. Temporary relief from symptoms at best, no cure. Crothers attacked the gold part, not the premise. The best way to control the game is to control both sides of the field.

Crothers was sole editor of the Quarterly Journal of Inebriation and a founder of American Association of the Cure for Inebriates, a group that reviewed laws and treatment methods surrounding addiction and treatment.

Just a quick search revealed that the journal was edited by Crothers but published by the Royal College of Physicians of London. Keep that on the back burner for a minute. There is an issue from 1894 DLC here, I skimmed through some to see if I could find something connected to Keeley or the World Fair. The first sentence in the preface says the institution was founded on the premise that “Inebriety is a Disease and Curable”, this is the slogan from the Keeley Institute. So they are all the same afterall, they even shill a competitor brand inebriation pill.

Fame was confirmed when The World’s Fair of Chicago officially designated a “Keeley Day” in coupled with widely publicized events and the gold treatment was imprinted on people’s minds world over. By 1891, Keeley Leagues with patient organized clubs, religious meetings and social events, later grew to a membership of more than 30,000 former patients in 370 chapters across the United States. They were first known as the “Bi-Chloride of Gold Club”. At the time of the World’s Fair, one which attracted about half the US population, a total of 118 Keeley franchises had spread worldwide. At the time of his death he boasted 400,000 clean cases.

Eventually a congressional investigation was underway and The only thing most court records agree on is that the injection didn’t contain any gold-too many possible side effects. According to the testimony of Keeley’s original business partner, “The only patient who ever received Keeley medicine that actually had gold in it almost died.”

That was the response in Europe too, testimony from the addiction treatment centers over there proclaimed that an analysis found no trace of gold in the medication and that it had a high alcohol content. Keeley shot back with more mock lawsuits filed over liability. These court suits played out in the media as a way to protect the company from potential real cases but mainly this was an intro for the first European K.I., which happened to be under management of the DeWolf family. In America there was a steady stream of lawsuits to serve as newspaper fodder, some Supreme Court precedent setting cases, they were all handled by the founder/mayor of Dwight.

Any Congressional investigation is going to be a show, thats what politics are for. Keeley had a contract with the US Surgeon General for crying out loud. It was to use the “Keeley Cure” in all branches of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. Thats funny. Disabled vets and snake oil alcohol cures. It might have something to do with the Keeley League Prez, Andrew Smith who was also manager of the Sailors and Soldiers home. Many of the institutes were connected with the State military bc it was a military intelligence project. Psychedelic warfare. Surprisingly or not, many of the same military agents connected to the medical beast were also connected to the Media. It’s a three in one. At this point in time the US hadn’t even been fully repopulated. All the infrastructure and control grid.

*The 1895 convention was held in Gettysburg, the fake battlefield. This is the same year congress passed legislation making it a National Military Park.

Surprisingly or not, he was not criticized for never divulging his tonic, even though by todays standard his said revenue generated one third of a billion dollars, or 333,000,000$. I would think that if his ethics were challenged this would’ve come up but no, the media has always protected Big Pharm even before there was a Big Pharm. These guys have more money than the gov, in fact in 1898 the US Treasury Department ruled that the Double Chloride of Gold Remedies were taxable. Keeley’s appeal was unsuccessful. The media, Pharm, and Big Gov are all on the same team here.

In 1905, the Food and Drug Administration investigated this time. It revealed that most of the Keeley medicines contained high dosages of morphine, cocaine, alcohol and cannabis. Cover writers reflect that this series of legal entanglements eroded public confidence but Keeley Centers continued to operate until 1966, over half a century. The AMA never directly challenged him.

*Pure Food and Drug Act, 1906. Pure Foods was a regular pavillion on the World Fair circuit.

Another source says: A 1907 lawsuit had exposed the actual ingredients of the Gold Cure compound: strychnine, atropine (the drug ophthalmologists use to dilate pupils), boric acid, water — and no gold, in “bichloride” form or otherwise. 

6 states passed “Keeley Laws”, Minnesota state legislature enacted an inebriate law which provided that “any drunkard who has not the means to defray the expense of the bichloride of gold cure may borrow the necessary sum, not exceeding $100, from the county in which he resides, giving his note therefore payable at any time within five years, without interest.” The Minnesota Supreme Court declared the law unconstitutional on May 16, 1896.

  • Dr. William Duncan Silkworth. “the little doctor who loved drunks”,  
  • he attended Princeton,
  • graduated from NYU – Bellevue Medical School in 1899.
  • He was a member of the psychiatric staff at the US. Army Hospital in Plattsburgh, New York, for two years of World War I.
  • Served as associate physician at the Neurological Institute of Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan from 1919 to 1929.
  • He had also been connected with Broad Street Hospital.
  • Towns Hospital
  • Dr. Silkworth was a major influence in persuading the management of Knickerbocker Hospital in upper Manhattan to set aside a small ward, beginning in 1945, for the treatment of alcoholics.
  • Died March 22, 1951 (3/22)

 “The Doctor’s Opinion,” a chapter that precedes “Bill’s Story” in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The writing did not show any Gold Cure material.

Hank Parkhurst 

William Wilson was born Nov 26, 1895, Vermont. Thats probs not his real bday, The week around Thanksgiving is a trigger, its similar to saying he was born on Sept 11. The double ‘W’s’ are rotated 3’s. He was born in the home of his parents that was also the Inn and tavern, so he was born in a bar.

 Dr. Emily Griffith Wilson –Bill’s mother, born 1870; divorced Bill’s father left Bill age 11; went osteopathic school Boston after divorce; helped pay Bill’s hospitalization; refused nomination inclusion Who’s Who America; eccentric, kept no books, guest 1955 Intentional Convention St. Louis; Bill’s nickname Hetty after famous Hetty Green, early part century amassed large fortune & wielded equally large political power died wealthy May 15 1961 nursing home Dobbs Ferry New York age 91, buried East Dorset cemetery Griffin family plot. *Griffin is a reference to the Winged Lion featured in many of my reports, a symbol of the upper crust even in the elite class

The Ministry of Truth says the grandfather was also named Willie Wilson, middle initial C, which is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, so you have the trip three marker. Influenced by a preacher grampa climbed to the top of Mt. Aeolus, had a spiritual experience and never drank alcohol again. This is the first attempt to tie spirituality to recovery. It gets worse.

Ol’ Drunk Willie attended Norwich, a private military academy connected with the founding of West Point and the Citadel, in Charleston, South Carolina. These are prestigious elite grooming facilities which prepared W. for a long-game project.

Bill was treated in Towns Hospital was owned and run by Charles B. Towns have to respect the “mission statement” based on the allopathic medical model. At the hospital, he was administered a drug cure concocted by Charles B. Towns, which included hallucinogens. “There is the possibility that his ‘hot flash’ may have been delusions and hallucinations characteristic of momentary alcoholic toxic psychosis.” W. had a spiritual trip while detoxing with a belladonna treatment which caused him to quit drinking. There was most likely no trip and the story is made up for the literature. Most references you see to any kind of substance induced psychosis is some kind of intelligence project.

During this period he reunited with Ebby Thacher and met other Oxford Group members and had his first spiritual experience at the Bowery mission of Sam Shoemakers Calvary Church. 

experienced short term success as a Wall Streeter, was now in desperate straits as the result of his own alcoholism. He had been treated once at Towns Hospital, the Towns-Lambert Cure, and would return three times more in 1934. Seabrook likely could have afforded to place himself in Charles Towns upscale facility in Manhattan,

“The degree to which addicts and alcoholics experienced such suffering while under the belladonna treatment depended on where they received treatment—which depended mostly on their class. influenced by the Petty method popularized years earlier, Charles Towns, and Dr. Alexander Lambert declared addiction and alcoholism “curable” in 1909, to much acclaim in the popular and medical press.

The belladonna treatment came out of the revolution in pharmaceutical and medical knowledge. In the 1830s, German pharmaceutical researchers isolated compounds from nightshade plants that could treat specific ailments. By the 1890s, asylums used nightshade alkaloids, called hyoscine (or scopolamine), to treat cases of chronic mania and, increasingly, chronic alcoholism. In 1901, two physicians published papers extolling the benefits of “the hyoscine treatment” for morphine addiction. Dr. Petty was responsible for the belladonna treatment “coming into the country.”

Under Petty’s method, the patient was weaned from morphine over a period of 36 hours while simultaneously giving them “cathartics” to purge the body. After the morphine ended, Petty administered frequent doses of hyoscine and purgative drugs for another 36 to 48 hours to induce delirium and continue to clean out their system. 

Addiction treatment in 1900, derived from belladonna and henbane plants in the nightshade family, were potent, psychoactive, and potentially fatal. As the belladonna treatment spread physicians and medical researchers engaged in a process of trial and error to control the mixture. In practice, this meant that poor addicts encountered a far more dangerous version of the belladonna treatment. The hyoscine cure reveals the two-tiered system.

The version given to the treatment’s earlier and poorer recipients was far more severe. In 1901, Texas acknowledged that patients could become “quite wild,” hallucinating voices and visions, and recommended that patients be supervised constantly in order to prevent self-harm. In 1904, a Mississippi asylum superintendent, published his observations of two hyoscine patients—one of whom underwent the treatment against his will—in the American Journal of Insanity. Over the course of a few days, Buchanan’s notes recounted the content of belladonna-induced delirium: “Begged for morphine and cocaine. Has begun to see bugs.”

To physicians like Dr. Alexander Lambert, Theodore Roosevelt’s personal physician and the other founder of the Towns-Lambert cure that Bill Wilson underwent—it made sense that “toxins” like alcohol and morphine must be banished from the body by “antitoxins” like hyoscine. One of Dr. Lambert’s acolytes described the method as “a really rational treatment for the drug addict,” since it serves to “unpoison the system,” mainly by evacuating the bowels of the patient. Both Petty and Lambert emphasized the importance of purgation; Lambert even mentions “abundant bilious stools” as evidence of a successful treatment. Though addiction researchers by the late 1930s would deem the theory “illogical,” belladonna’s proponents reasoned that if narcotics induced euphoria, then a cure might necessitate a degree of suffering.

 Yet the popularity of the Towns-Lambert method—and the luxuriousness of its institutional setting—often obscured the fact that hyoscine treatments remained dangerous. In 1921, physician Charles Terry testified in the U.S. House that he had been responsible for the death of an addicted woman after administering the Towns-Lambert method to her in a Jacksonville clinic. He had raised funds to operate a clinic on the Towns model for indigent addicts, but “was not prepared for the extreme suffering” he observed. In a 1938 report, influential addiction researchers Lawrence Kolb and Clifton Himmelsbach concluded that “unreported deaths” from belladonna treatments must have been “fairly common,”. They also emphasized that the Towns-Lambert treatment permeated American medical practice. In the case of two deaths, Kolb and Himmelsbach attributed them to the hospital’s refusal to provide any morphine to the patients, because the staff “considered [it]…to be more or less sinful and criminal to give morphine to an addict.” 

 Bill Wilson visited Towns hospital four times using the Belladonna poison treatment for alcohol abuse The treatment was the secret society’s solution key role players in suppressing vital medical information for the organization Alcoholics Anonymous by design in order to defend against competition. There was no vital info, that was more pre-big pharm propaganda to sell snake oil.

The ministry of Truth page for Charles Towns is remarkably short and pretty large gaps. They say he was born on a farm in 1862 and worked for the railroad as a young man, then they skip over a bunch and say he was a successful business man in NYC selling insurance. Railroad and insurance salesmen are code words for the bad guys; theres nothing worst then an insurance salesman.

“It was at this time he was approached by a mysterious unnamed individual who claimed that he had a cure for drug addictions such as heroin, opium and alcoholism”

For real thats what his bio says

Then all of a sudden hes treating gangsters and working with Roosevelt’s personal physician (theres no difference) and treating wealthy stockbroker drunks during the ’29 Wall St collapse. This is probs how he was connected to Wilson who has Wall St in his background as well. It’s probable none of them were involved in the stock market, it serves as a smokescreen so spooks can move money around with the appearance of legitimacy.

Before you know it, Towns was sent by the US government to China to assist with the recovery of some of the 160 million drug addicts in the country. I have a folder a mile thick on turn of the century China, he either wasn’t there or he was experimenting on the opium addicts there and setting up his own system of hospitals in Asia; this was the same time Rockefeller was installing his medical industrial complex worldwide.

Between the years 1910 and 1920 Chuck aided in the drafting of the Boylan Bill and the Harrison Act, key pieces of legislation regarding the international regulation of narcotics, especially opium and cocaine, which was still available to prescribe by a doctor, and the treatment of addicts. The Act was endorsed by politicians based off reports from missionaries stationed in Asia, this is where Towns was setting up shop.

AA sells nothing but offers a free message, has no bio-chemical treatments or services, and provides no nutritive information in its approved literature applicable for maintaining health against related diseases specific to addiction. And yet, it is a well-protected and beloved program. Reasons for this may be so that AA remains successful and would fail if changed in any way. 

He is on record for having found a solution in 1960 for treating anxiety and depression using vitamin B-3 therapy and worked tirelessly for eleven years begging for its inclusion into A.A. recovery circles. his passing on January 24, 1971.

Its important to understand at this point most doctors are unconnected from the whole. They are still among the elite with the same goals and agendas but they are still decentralized and the treatment options are plant-based witchcraft and alchemy. The early 1900’s came along with the Flexner Report which is some political mumbo-jumbo that was used to shove competitors out of the way.

The details are here

It happened to coincide with the introduction to birth control methods and vaccines. All this is one trunk thread with many branch lines that split off. The link above details parts of it, its a good one.

Willy Wilson, AKA Big Bill W, has several connections to the MK Ultra and drug culture revolution of the 60’s. One would be enough but this thread runs miles deep. We’re going to go down the list here and without getting too far off course, going to stop at each character and find out how they areconnected.

Abram Hoffer and Bill W have a well documented friendship, Hoffer is Canadian from Saskatchewan remembered as the godfather of orthomolecular medicine that helped Bill with his depression by high dose niacin sessions.

Orthomolecular medicine an alternative medication therapy that uses vitamins, Hoffer believed that deficiencies led to chemical deficiencies in the brain causing things like schitzophrenia. Hoffer and his partner, Osmond, made the Hall of Fame for coining the “adrenochrome hypothesis”.

So lets start with that. Schizophrenia, Saskatchewan, and adrenochrome. Schizo is a medical term it always means New World Order Intelligence. Agents or projects or research, whatever the outward context is the real meaning is the advancement of the NWO. In this case it is medical research which is MK Ultra, mind control, as opposed to criminal context like the crazy mass murderer living next door that nobody expected had a dozen hookers buried under the basement. Schizo is a disease of the mind, the terminology here is up for debate.

The research done in Canada in the 50’s was set up by the gov and at the same time across the border in America, the CIA was running the early LSD and mind control programs. The two are treated as disconnected and you’ll never find an essay that holds the two together, except here at Its All fake, even though they are really the same program. The international boundary acts as a divider as if one side and the other side couldn’t be related, this is the most effective protection the NWO uses throughout history, compartmentalization.

MK Ultra in America has been spun to make it seem sexy; rock and roll stars, Hollywood, Woodstock, counter culture, free love… The real dirty work was done over the border in Canada. Hoffer’s hq is Saskatchewan, where they treated the first two alcoholics at the Weyburn hospital.

Hoffer and Osmond developed the oxidized adrenaline – adrenochrome model of schizophrenia, the Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic Test (HOD), niacin therapy for schizophrenia, and tests for hallucinogenic indole metabolites.[4]

In attempting to devise a treatment for alcoholism, Hoffer and Osmond did studies with LSD. Theorizing that alcoholics needed to hit bottom before they were willing to stop drinking, Hoffer and Osmond attempted to use LSD to simulate delirium tremens (i.e.: hitting bottom) in alcoholics. Hoffer claimed a 50% success rate with 2000 alcoholics, although he noted that it was more likely the psychedelic experience of LSD rather than simulated delirium tremens that convinced the alcoholics to stop drinking.[5]

link, source

This explains how Hoffer and Osmond were experimenting with LSD to simulate psychosis. This is also how they came up with the adrenochrome hypothesis. Adrenochrome is a substance with euphoric and hallucinogenic properties common among the elites in Hollywood and Capital Hill. Its derived from the stimulated adrenal glands in the kidneys which is summed by an adrenaline rush, the way this is achieved is through fear and terror. They are torturing people to extract the adrenaline from their kidneys. The good doctor is using alcoholics as subjects, which in the backwoods of Canada happens to be the local indigenous population.

This article [link] from atlasobscura details how Weyburn was the site where Osmond did LSD experiments on thousands of alcoholics along with electro shock therapy and lobotomies. The article is bullshit though, it connects the CIA and says the alcohol treatments are what drew their attn and not the other way around. The take away is now we have the CIA, LSD, human experiments and Bill W. all in the same place. Nobody is going to ‘Ohh’ and ‘Ahh’ over a Canadian Intel group; the CIA is inserted bc thats why they were invented, they’re a tee-shirt org just like the rest of them. In this regards MK Ultra is a hoax bc it just gives a focal point for mind control and drug experiments as if there was nothing before or after. The point is the CIA had to be inserted as part of the narrative. Its a World Order but since the international boundary cuts through, the script is written as if the origins was completely medical with no military applications attached until after the CIA caught wind… Basically the saying “You don’t shit in your own backyard” is in play here. All the brain butchering is going on the indigenous population of Canada so America is saturated with Ashbury-Haight (Hate) and Woodstock.

Osmond also is the person credited with coining the term psychedelic. Labeling has always been a point of contention. Guess who else was there with him… Aldous Huxley, the author of dystopian future novel “Brave New World”. Aldous was part of the adrendochrome junkie elite crew in the NWO, that’s how he knew to write the book, he didn’t get lucky, he had insider knowledge. Maybe that they both come from Britain makes a difference.

Leaving Weyburn behind, Osmond moved on to the New Jersey Psychiatric Institute before becoming a professor at the University of Alabama.

This article chronicles how the two met through a mutual radio program host, Gerald Heard, at Huxley’s Trabuco College, a spiritual retreat facility in Southern California. One source calls him an “Anglo-Irish mystic and early proponent of psychedelic spirituality”. It was this relationship that under the medical supervision of Dr. Sidney Cohen,  a noted  LSD researcher and UCLA psychiatrist, Wilson was administered the experimental drug at a Los Angeles veterans hospital. Again we see the vein of the military thread.

Huxley and Big Bill W. were thick as thieves. They were both into the human potiential and mysticism scene and the Trabuco College (created by Huxley and cohort Gerald Heard) is the origins of Esalen Institute, the New Age guru HQ that would roll out in the counter culture movement. This connection inserts the AA founder into all the main mindfuck inner circles. Here, the location is the important part, not the person. Here we find the likes of Aleister Crowley and Normie prestigious institutions like the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Wilson is in with these guys by default even if not recognized in the literature.

This Order-sponsored mysticism is the root of AA’s spirituality that one must submit to, the “Acknowledgement of a Higher Power”, its Lucifer.

Cohen is an elite class family, even one of the top banksters at the Federal Reserve.

  • Cohen graduated from Columbia University as a pharmacist in 1930.
  • After study at the City College of New York,
  • 1938 his medical degree from the University of Bonn.
  • medical internship at Queens General Hospital in New York City.
  • he joined the U.S. Army Medical Corps, WW II Pacific campaign,
  • he completed his residency at Wadsworth VA Hospital in Los Angeles he became the chief of psychiatric service.
  • At the UCLA School of Medicine, served as an associate clinical professor until 1970.
  • appointed by Richard Nixon in 1968 as the first director of the NIMH’s Division of Narcotic Abuse and Drug Addiction. 
  • returned to the UCLA School of Medicine in 1970 when he was promoted to clinical professor.
  • He was the author or co-author of a number of books and over 300 articles.
  • In the 1950s he was a pioneer in research on LSD. He did research on barbiturates, amphetamines, and tranquilizers, as well as hallucinogens.

Sidney Cohen is perhaps most well-known in popular culture for LSD experiments he conducted with Keith Ditman, Betty Eisner and Gerald Heard, based on correspondence with Humphrey Osmond, in the mid-1950s. Cohen also conducted a number of very loosely-controlled experiments with LSD, resulting in descriptions of LSD experiences. Cohen provided LSD to Clare Boothe Luce and Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, among numerous others. After becoming convinced that use of LSD could be dangerous, particularly if unsupervised, Cohen maintained a public anti-LSD stance and sometimes testy discourse with Timothy Leary. Cohen also provided the LSD used by Aldous Huxley in his deathbed experience and advocated LSD research, particularly for the terminally ill, until his own death in 1987.

“Loosely controlled” and “Dangerous when unsupervised” are straight lies, the experiments were as tightly controlled as possible and by nature that is what made them so dangerous

Mink Coat Mafia

Clara Luce Boothe, Mink Coat Mafia member connected to elite Jewish lesbian group of Orphan class reformers such as Eleanor Roosevelt, lady Belmont, and DeWolf. Boothe line goes to the Lincoln assassination conspirators. Luce is her husband, media journal mogul, Henry Luce (Lucifer) publisher of TimeLifeFortune, and Sports Illustrated amongst others.

This is significant bc Life is one of the main contributors of the mind-control drug war on the population, they published the first article featuing psilocybin mushrooms in 1957. Supposedly it was written by Gordon Wasson, a NWO agent with so many claims and titles its impossible that he couldve done them all. The mushroom experience introduces shrooms on the world stage as some mystical religious rite and shows that the ‘Stoned Ape’ theory was woven into the fabric from day 1, Wasson hits all the World Fair scripted cultures and religions and inserts psychedelics into each one. Every one mentioned is a tell, from Tibet to Papua New Guinea.

The image above is noteworthy bc Wasson and Hoffmann both worked for Swiss Big Pharm Company Sandoz when LSD was ‘discovered’, also bc Hoffman is another variation of Hoffer, making the mindfuck a family business going back and branching out all over the world.

Wasson is relevant here as well bc he was in charge of many aspects of the drug induced mindfuck war on the people as well:

  • Rockefeller agent, head of the Council of Foreign Relations also was VP at JP Morgan bank on Wall St and handled the Vatican account.
  • Close ties to Dulles, Father of the CIA and headed MK Ultra subproject 58
  • Wasson and Luce were both Skull and Bones and Century Club members.
  • Wasson, Luce, and Life are also connected to the JFK assassination, Life published the Zapruder film when it was owned by Luce and overseen by Wasson.

Watching the video its seems odd that decades and decades of analyzing for authenticity and manipulation but not one person has ever said anything about the moneyshot being Frame 313. I dont even have to watch the video to know its a crock of shit. (Now whether that was really JFK in the car is up for debate)

Image shows trip sitter Eva Mendez passing fruit body to Wasson. One-Eye symbolism and demonic witch entity in back. E.M. =33, Ram of Mendez is Baphomet sigil

Lucille Kahn

Another connection to the Mink Coat Mafia held by Bill W is Lucille Kahn, (1902–1995) a successful Broadway stage actress who became notable in the 1950s and 1960s for her advocacy and support for efforts to expand human consciousness. The Luc syllable is Lucifer, Kahn – Con

In the 1920s, Kahn appeared in several productions opposite theater legends, including the Barrymore dynasty. This connection, along with the inclusion of Clara Luce represents the early MK Ultra of Hollywood and the mind control of actors and actresses.

In 1927 she married David E. Kahn, a close friend and early supporter of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. Throughout the 1950s, she played an active role in bringing together proponents of Eastern philosophy, spiritual exploration, and metaphysical development, and her home on E 80th Street in New York became an informal salon for lectures and discussions that included Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard, and Bill Wilson (founder of Alcoholics Anonymous). She was having trip sessions in her apartment and they are written up as AA meetings

In 1958, with the encouragement of Wilson and Heard, and with funding from the Eileen Garrett’s Parapsychological Foundation, she helped to organize a group of intellectuals to explore clinical and spiritual potential of LSD-25. Between 1958 and 1960, the so-called “Basic Group” gathered on a regular basis to take LSD-25 in an intimate but controlled setting. The sessions were held in private homes just outside New York City. A small dose of the drug (75 to 100 micrograms), which was at that time still legally available for research purposes, would be administered to a single subject by an attending physician, Dr. Robert Laidlaw, then chief psychiatrist at Roosevelt Hospital. In addition to the subject and the physician, several other members of the group would be present, both to offer support, take observational notes and occasionally to ask probing questions of the subject during their experience. The subject’s observations were compiled into written transcripts of the experience, and in most cases were accompanied by audio recordings. After the experience, subjects were asked to write a “subjective report” reflecting on their experiences. The transcripts and reports were distributed to the various members of the group. Participants in these experiments included religion editor for Harper & Brothers Eugene Exman, Buddhist scholar and  Bollingen Fellow Dr. Garma Chen Chi Chang, and early civil-rights activist and educator Rachel Davis DuBois.

Her later life was devoted to promoting the work of Edgar Cayce, through the Association for Research and Enlightenment. She traveled extensively to holy sites, often as part of ARE tours, and once met with the Dalai Lama. She wrote the final chapter of David Kahn’s posthumously published memoir, My Life with Edgar Cayce, as well as several articles for ARE publications.

  • On a personal note I have been initiated into a group such as the one highlighted above, I was MK Ultra-ized 20 years ago at a rebirthing ceremony. I had a bottle of liquor poured down my throat before my eyes opened and I was not allowed to keep any progress I made and the experience was suppressed. I only got it back a little at a time over the course of 2 decades. The experience left me a trainwreck for most of my adult life and now I have gotten enough memory back to use it as the positive experience it was meant to be the people around at the time are longer available. Its no longer scary, now its just sad, sad for them bc they made a beautiful creation of a human and then it was taken from them. The worst part is they had to watch me revert back to a coward, a drunk coward. My handler/father/sponsor is gone and all of his associates swore an oath of silence. I was able to reach out to the person representing the group my fathersponsor had chosen for me to go with. I spent few months with them but I still hadn’t recovered enough to have any practical use, only a want of belonging. Now I do have enough and there is nobody to share with, I am blackballed from the community by the same person that poured the bottle down my throat. I dont have Buddha anymore. I never knew my father, We only had each other for a few hours.

Timothy Leery

Here is a letter from Bill W to MK Ultra guru Timothy Leary about the possible benefits of LSD in recovery. The dates in the letter are June 3rd, which is (6/3=666) and a follow up on Aug 1st, which is 8/1, aces and eights. Aside from the number drops the letter is a plant to promote lsd in general, which was getting a bad name in the press so letters like this were inserted into mainstream. Aldous Huxley is brought into as well.

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Bill also has a celebrated relationship with his buddy the famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, which he discussed LSD use at length. I discredit this info bc it comes from 2 letters. The first is dated Jan 30, 1961 which is a numbers game drop 1/30= 13 or 33. The second letter was just ‘discovered’ by an author writing a new book which was written March 30, which is 3/30, or 33 again. Anytime something is ‘discovered’ when a new book is coming out it is going to be fake. [link]

I am certain that the LSD experience has helped me very much. I find myself with a heightened color perception and an appreciation of beauty almost destroyed by my years of depression…The sensation that the partition between “here” and “there” has become very thin is constantly with me... My original spontaneous spiritual experience of twenty-five years before was enacted with wonderful splendor and conviction,”

Bill W quote, never “dropped acid” in his life. He said the treatments were used to simulate a ‘rock bottom’ experience, no way could be described as a wonderful splendid conviction.

Bill Wilson is said to have arrived at the A.A. symbol in a dream; a triangle within a circle.  Wilson introduced himself and early AA members into the secret society and learned their practices which included channeling and séances.  This particular AA design ironically resembles the trade towers incinerating at the tops of the buildings.  The triangle itself exhibits the geometrical 3D structure of the alien space crafts denoted on the air force space NASA would be one.

Master of ceremonies, Andrew W. Saul, includes Bill Wilson as an inductee of the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame at the Hotel Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, April 29, 2006 in his induction speech, Orthomolecular Medicine’s founder, Abram Hoffer and Bill Wilson’s good friend, clarified to me over the phone, “..yes, Lee, he wanted to share this information as an added step and talked about it all the time because he felt so strongly about nutrition…”  Abram Hoffer passed away a few months later in May having lived healthy and happily for ninety one and a half years.

“Friends of Bill” is the secret password that members will ask openly to identify each other. This is another Spook Intel mark. Friends of Bill might signal alcoholics but “friends…” will signal other agents its a front organization. i.e., Friend of Jesus, Openly Friends Society are Quakers and Jesuits are just two representatives.

I have covered in the past about how the NYTimes organizes like-themed operations on the pages. Bill’s obit is neighbors with the Manson murders verdict.

John D. Rockefeller managed Alcoholics Anonymous so that it would not fail and this is noted today because the organization is not considered a failure when in fact few people truly recover relying on a one-sided system.

physician, Dr. Robert Holbrook Smith, Bill Wilson directly approached the Rockefellers for financial support and was subsequently offered business associates who shared extremely close ties with John D. Rockefeller. LeRoy Chipman, who looked after Rockefeller’s personal affairs, Frank Amos an advertising consultant, and Willard Richardson, an associate who introduced Bill to Rockefeller, they expressed their eagerness to help Bill with legal matters, thus defining a direction for what was to become Alcoholics Anonymous became members of the  board of trustees to the new foundation created on August 11, 1938. (Aces and Eights)

The story goes, Bill W. and Co. struggled the first few years to get the AA program on the road. In 1940 Rockefeller hosted a dinner party for the group to tell their stories and was convinced to fund the Big Book.

The Oxford Group was a Christian organization (first known as First Century Christian Fellowship) founded by the American Lutheran minister Frank Buchman in 1921. Buchman believed that fear and selfishness were the root of all problems. Further, Buchman believed that the solution to living with fear and selfishness was to “surrender one’s life over to God’s plan”. Founding members are connected to Princeton, Cambridge, and Yale, the YMCA and names like Meyers, Lewis, Gandhi

 Buchman served as minister at the Overbrook Church of the Good Shepherd, in an impoverished section of West Philadelphia, and founded and administered settlement house centers in Philadelphia and other cities. He then went to England to attend the “deeper-life” Keswick Convention. After returning to the United States, Buchman spent the years from 1909 to 1915 as the leader of the Pennsylvania State University YMCA chapter.

in 1921 he chose to pursue his religious endeavors independent of any institutional connection. During the early 1920’s Buchman worked primarily through “house parties” on prestigious eastern college campuses, where he sought to lead the students to changed lives through public confession of their sins. These confessions often centered on sexual matters, with resultant public disapproval. Buchmanism was a movement outside the established churches that sought to bring individuals to dynamic spiritual earnestness within the framework of their own religious traditions. What theology it had was drawn from the common elements of the major world religions. One World Religion of the NWO.

A plush conference center at Caux, Switzerland, became the world headquarters, and Buchman spent part of his later years there.

In another mocking article from TIME features a slim column about AA next to a full page advertisement for Martell Brandy