Halifax Explosion Narrative Self-Destructs: 1917, 1945, 1995

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The Great Reset is hidden all throughout history in little episodes such as the Halifax Explosion in 1917… and 1945, and again in the 90’s. They try to tell you some big ships collided in the harbor and blew up the largest man mae explosion at the time until the fake blasts at Naga and Hiro.

“A few seconds before 9:05 a.m., the Mont Blanc, carrying 2,500 tons of high explosives and with a deck-load of monochlorobenzene, blew up, shattering the 3,000-ton vessel and spewing destruction over 325 acres. The explosion killed more than 1,600 people instantly and injured over 9,000 others, in a metropolitan area of 65,000 people. More Nova Scotians were killed in the explosion than were killed in World War I. The catastrophe resulted in over $35,000,000 damage.”

The Mont Blanc, a French steamer, was 330 feet long and 40 feet wide. Her cargo of explosives was bound for the fighting in Europe by way of Bordeaux, France. And what a cargo it was.  The manifest of the Mont Blanc reads like a chemistry experiment:

  • 2300 tons of wet and dry picric acid.
  • 200 tons of TNT.
  • 35 tons of benzol (stored on the open decks).
  • 10 tons of gun cotton.

Historians note it was the most powerful manmade explosion until the atomic bomb in 1945. The huge explosion and fireball leveled the north end of the city. Debris from the blast was thrown in a radius of four miles, says Blair Beed, a local historian in Halifax.

“It would’ve been a clear day but there are piles of wreckage covered in snow. After the explosion a severe snowstorm came and covered everything so what was wreckage may just look like piles of snow, and you would’ve seen that all the windows had been all boarded up, because the windows shattered for miles around Halifax … they would’ve still been looking for lost children, lost parents, and they didn’t actually find the last body from the explosion till year later when we were moving debris inside an exhibition building.”

The blast was only part of the problem as fires broke out, says Beed, “The wind force of the explosion knocked in houses that were heated by wood and coal burning stoves, and those buildings burned for 12 days on the material that was in them.”

The same script is used repeatly in Halifax, just like flooding at Johnstown and hurricanes at Galveston. In 1995, some 50 years after “Halifax Explosion II”, the military began to remove some of the ammunition that fell into the harbor.  They used the subtle method of blowing it all up 

On 6 December 1917, a munitions ship exploded in the Halifax harbor in Nova Scotia, killing almost 2,000 people and injuring around 9,000. The blast destroyed more than 1 square mile of the city of Halifax.

The only conspiracy related angles come from war mongerers that say it was the sneaky Germans. It was the Great Reset in reality, the ruins have been there and the clean up is what is being documented

The explosion occurred after Norwegian steamship, Imo, headed out of the harbor and collided with French steamship, Mont-Blanc. The Mont-Blanc was loaded with 2925 metric tons of explosives and blew up after catching fire during the collision. Tsunami waves of 18 meters high followed the blast, destroying more than 1600 buildings and causing the Imo to become stranded on the shore.

News reports at the time predictably expressed doubt about it being an accident and inferred that something more sinister (such as sabotage) had taken place. Conspiracy theories grew as time passed, and rumors of German spies having been involved in the disaster soon reached the public. The explosion was suddenly seen as a declaration of war, leading to Germans being attacked in the streets of Halifax in retaliation.