Defective Baby Psy-Op and Eugenics

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In the early 1900’s a string of medical cases sprang up in all corners of the world that would fan the flames of the eugenics movement. The first part of the 20th century was a hectic time for the organizing of social classes, operations and projects were coming out from all directions; birth control, Labor Unionizing, Womens Suffrage, Civil Rights….

Nov 1915 another project took the form of a misshapened newborn infant boy born at the German-American Hospital in Chicago. that was never even given a first name. This was an attempt to keep from humanizing the subject. 

The child was said to have been missing his right ear and his cheek was connected to his shoulder and his spine was crooked all the way around. On top of that he didn’t have a butthole and all his guts were tied in a knot. No pictures certainly and nobody was allowed to even see it except a few on the ‘inside’, which means those will go along with the freak show only. 

Even the mother admitted she never even saw the child. I don’t believe any mother would refuse their own blood, even if ultimately she decides to euthanize it I don’t fell she would reach that decision without even seeing the baby first. There is mention of a Catherine Welsh representing the catholic church who said she witnessed the baby after birth and saw a perfect baby, and begged for the doc to perform the surgery. Welsh is there to speak for the religious and pro-life side.

The doc is said to have replied “I’m afraid it might get well”. Georgetown U, a Jesuit spook academy still uses the case for references in the bioethics dept today 

Harry Haiselden, a prominent surgeon, examined the child and decided that the “defective” baby’s life was not worth saving. Not only did he decide that but he convinced the parents to allow the baby to die. He hastily called a news conference to publicly announce his decision. Boom, An instant celebrity was created.

Dr Henery Haiselden was a eugenics advocate who argued it was his duty to society to not do the procedure lest the baby would likely become “an imbecile and possibly criminal.” He openly brags this is not the first time he had made this decision, it was commonplace, and he wanted to shine some light on the practice.

The opposition came from Chicago Commissioner of Health, Dr. John Dill Robertson:

When I visited the German-American Hospital eight hours before this baby died and made an examination of it and viewed the Roentgen-ray pictures, I was startled to observe that this was not the defective baby that I had expected to see… There was nothing to indicate that this child would have been mentally defective except that which would come from the absence of the sense of hearing on the right side.

Dr. Robertson said that the making of an “artificial opening” in the anus could have been performed but instead Baby Bollinger was allowed to die. Reportedly, a coroner’s jury of six physicians and surgeons declared shortly after that “it found no evidence that Baby Bollinger would have become mentally or morally defective, as Dr. Haiselden believed. It expressed the belief that the infant’s physical defects might have yielded in a measure to plastic treatment.”


Haiselden became the lead man for all the defective baby mercy-killings that started happening in the city. Born in Industrial Manufacturing Complex city of Plano, IL and graduated medical college in Chicago 1893, which is the Columbian World Fair drop.

Haiselden opened the Bethesda Industrial Home for Incurables. Little is known about this institution, but Haiselden later became an outspoken opponent of institutionalization of the mentally ill. His experience with the Illinois State Institution for the Feebleminded in Lincoln, Illinois, exposed him to the horrors of institutionalization and would later help justify his decision to let deformed infants die rather than grow up to become institutionalized themselves.

 He claimed that he received no monetary gain from the case, and that the “publicity the case had received had been of great benefit to the cause of eugenics.” In 1916, Haiselden was dropped as a member of the Society, but continued working as a physician on similar cases and speaking out for his point of view. 

In the same year Haiselden created and starred in a film entitled The Black Stork, which promoted euthanasia and continued commenting on the case and issue itself. 

Baby Grace Werder [link]

Nov 30, 1915, (11/30=333) Another baby was born discovered to have a hydrocephalic head, with water tumors, and a paralysis of the lower extremities at Chicago German-American Hospital as Haiselden is getting served papers by the Medical Board he performs another mercy killing of baby Grace.

Science again has folded its arms and again a weakling Chicago baby has paid its debt to the law of eugenics. “This baby would have been an imbecile. It would have hated its parents and have been a reproach to the humanity that brought it to life. We are spending our scientific energies in improving animals. I believe we should pay some attention to improving human beings.”

Chicago Tribune

The father objected when talk of saving the babies life came up and pushed for the killing. He worked at the State Industrial School in Rochester and lived at 4646 Drive (46 is an Intel mark) the Industrial school is where all the functioning retards are sent, the media wrote this guys bio to fit the part. The media is a total mindfuck tool, they quote the father:

 I did not have the heart to force that baby to live. Dr. Faltermayer told me an operation would save it. But I refused to let him operate. IT would have been sin. The baby would have lived for years, perhaps, and every day of its life would have been a curse to me and its mother. I thank God it is dead.”

The mother is left out of the picture here too and the repeated religious angle is covered when an unnamed nurse baptizes the baby before death. Doc Haiselden speaks for her: “There is no doubt that monstrous things have their effect on a prospective mother. The baby could have been saved by an operation but it is a thousand times better dead.”

The good doctor leads us to another case in the very next sentence:

“I have just returned from New York, where I was called to view the so-called Roberts baby. This case is worse than the Roberts case plus the Bollinger baby. This child moaned feebly and refused nourishment. It was plainly and impossibly defective.”

 Dr. C. E. Humiston, secretary of the society. filed charges for violating ethics. The ethics violation is not for the mercy killings but for self advertising in the media. They had already determined Haiselden acted within his “Moral and ethical rights”. The narrative he is publishing in the papers is over-the-top dramatics and poor taste here is a full page write up of the killing of the Bollinger baby… his main concern is giving it morphine.

Chicago’s coroner is a Hoffman, primere Spook family, he makes it clear the jury is there to clear Haiselden of any accusations, link

All the agents get in on this one. Thats why they run these projects, for the commentary

Commentators todays are bewildered how a person deaf and blind could advocate euthenasia for other with disabilities. The simple answer is she wasn’t deaf or blind. [link] source

What is so striking about Keller’s letter is how closely her opinions
reflected the general philosophy of the Progressive Eugenics movement.
Keller makes three basic arguments in her letter in support of Haiselden.
First, if infants with severe disabilities really understood their situation,
they would be happy to be put to death. Second, the cost of caring for
persons with these disabilities is an intolerable burden for families and society. Third, individuals with severe disabilities are almost certain to become criminals and therefore they are a danger to society. In addition, the letter demonstrates the Progressive faith in objective scientific opinion as a means for settling ethical dilemmas.

Ironically, the Nazis employed just these kinds of ‘juries’, called “Hereditary Health Courts,” brought about by the 1933 Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring (The “Sterilization Law”) and implemented brutally through the 1939 Action T-4 project, which slaughtered tens of thousands of disabled people–of all ages, 

The Black Stork was a pro eugenics movie designed as propaganda to warn teenagers about promiscus and interracial sex. This goes right on par with the birth control and womens liberation movements going on at the same time.

The movie starred Haiselden as himself and was coproduced by strawman for William Randel Hearst, the media monopoly agent His film company, International Film Service, produced The Black Stork

In the movie a soon to be mother has a dream that her malformed son grows up to a lifetime criminal. Upon awakening she kills the baby who floats up to the waiting arms of jesus. The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures almost banned the film but after surveying opinions from prominent review board members from across the country, decided to require 18 changes to the film before permitting its release.  Because of the film’s controversial content, theaters offered special male-only and female-only viewings. In 1918 it was played under the title Are You Fit to Marry? and continued to appear in theaters until as late as 1942.

Indiana played an enormous role in the history of eugenics when the Hoosier State became the first to enact a compulsory sterilization law in 1907 — a law that lumped the mentally handicapped in with sex offenders, made it virtually illegal for whole classes deemed “unfit” to reproduce, segregated many of the disabled into mental hospitals,

Furthermore, there are eerie parallels to the Knauer baby in 1938 Germany. The father of a deformed infant asks permission from Hitler himself to ‘put it to sleep’, this was the precedent setting case in Germany. So it was an international campaign which started in America first and the Nazi’s got to take all the blame. Even mainstream historians claim the similarities are covered up, Nazis have made a pretty good scapegoat and even though the eugenics program started in America first researchers like to let Hitler take that one too.

Kellers’s death panel jury would later would play out in Nazi Germany as the Hereditary Health Court thanx to the Knauer baby. Nazis are again the scapegoats for all things eugenic related but they themselves call it the US model and while the concept had been adopted at the national level in Germany contemporary experts claimed they were lacking when compared to areas in the American counterparts. Keller never acknowledges the similarities between her death panel juries and Nazi Hereditary Health Court, like I’ve said, sometimes the best thing to do is just shut the fuck up. Apologists claim it was her Socialism over compassion that led to the comments. Others say it was bc Keller was supposedly born ‘normal’ and became disabled through illness. 

Modern Eugenics was just getting kicked off by the early 1900’s. The term itself was coined by Brit Frances Galton in the mid 1800’s. Galton was a cousin of Charles Darwin, another freemasonic fraud, ‘Artificial Selective Breeding’ partly inspired eugenics. Galton also drew from ‘Survival of the fittest’ guy Hebert Spencer. Add some ‘Racial Hygiene’ from 1895 German, Ploetz and ‘Sustainable Population Growth’ guy, Thomas Malthus, shake, and this is Eugenics History in a single paragraph. Malthus and Malthusian leagues are the proto­ population control/eugenics/abortion advocates.