Sikkim Flood: Geo- Engineering Projects Fuel ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ Fear Mongering

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The NRSC satellite imagery showed that the lake was drastically reduced from 165.7 (166 or 666) to 60.3 hectares.

  1. An earthquake in Nepal kicked things off on Oct 2
  2. The earthquake came right before a “cloudburst”, a highly localized downpour, that the runoff entered a glacial lake.
  3. The runoff was enough to cause the ice dam to break through which caused a surge of water downstream to a hydro-power plant which in turn caused failure of the dam.

The earthquake was initiated to weaken the dam specifically but also as much infrastructure as possible, Roads, bridges, tunnels. I have some background info on the region and the Hidden-Hand powers that control everything in my Ginger Mummies post, they are a group of groups that represent Swiss banksters and international construction companies and World Heritage hoaxers… The New World Order.

Its really quite the comic book’s evil genius plan. There are hundreds of lakes set up all over the Himalaya’s like little time bombs

The earthquakes were in the headlines right away but immediately ruled out in favor of “Global Warming”.

While not totally uninhabited its not a very populated area. No reports of immediate damage. Police officials said 17 people – 11 women and six (666) men – were injured and were being treated in hospital. One woman was missing after being engulfed by a landslide triggered by the quake, he said. Most of the people affected were connected to the Tourist Industrial Complex.

2’s are a heavy presence in the numbers. The event happened on 10/2, 102 missing, 22 military, 2011 rescued… more than 22,000 people impacted by the floods. There are more but you get the point. Trip 6’s are common throughout as well, these numbers aren’t accurate, its not a coincidence, they are inserted later. Another source claimed a flood that killed at least 31 people, 166 rescued. Theres your 33 and 666 drop right there.

The locals arent very happy with the project. In the beginning they were told they could trade in their torn shirts for 3-piece suits but the reality is the contractors imported 90% of the labor force and the only thing that went up was the STD rates.

The 1,200 MW project on Teesta River located at Chungthang and Mangan in North Sikkim district had started making profit for the first time since last year only. That means the dam had paid for itself so nothing was lost. Now they can beef up the infrastructure or not, it seems they are intentionally not letting the region get to far advanced and everytime some does get some headway another ‘natural’ disaster comes along and resets everything back to zero.

The lake outburst also led to the breach of the Chungthang dam, the biggest hydropower project in the state. It is part of the 1,200 megawatts (MW) Teesta Stage III Hydro Electric Project in which the state government is the majority stakeholder.

The design and placement of the Teesta-3 dam were controversial. Local activists argued that extreme weather caused by climate changes makes dam-building in the Himalayas too dangerous. “Despite being the biggest project in the state, there were no early warning systems installed even though the glacier overflowing was a known risk,” said Himanshu Thakkar of the non-governmental organization South Asian Network for Rivers, Dams and People.

Normie outlets are trying more and more to normalize chemtrailing and weather modification. Earthquake discussion is limited to fracking and controlled opposition source Geoengineering Watch.org. Lemme just say HAARP is so outdated now adays it would be comparable to having an analog tv with rabbitear antennas… and tin foil balls on the ends and needle nose pliers for the channel changer bc the knob broke off. Anything promoted is a lie, even the doomsday tech.

India’s National Disaster Management Agency said authorities failed to apply the lessons from a 2021 dam breach that killed 81 (Aces and Eights) people, allowing an “eerily similar” disaster to occur.

“We knew that this was coming,” said Gyatso Lepcha, general secretary of Affected Citizens of Teesta, an environmental organization based in Sikkim. “The same can happen with other dams also,” he wrote, in a statement that called for a safety review of all dams in the state.

The Press Trust of India news agency cited a statement by neighboring West Bengal state as saying that the bodies of four soldiers were found. However, it wasn’t immediately clear whether they were among the 22 missing soldiers, or had died separately. (Trust is a bankster term, connected to media and State showcased) Eleven bridges in the Valley were washed away, which also hit pipelines and damaged or destroyed more than 270 houses, several towns, including Dikchu and Rangpo in the Teesta basin, were flooded, and schools in four districts were ordered shut.

The official said though it’s difficult to ascertain right now but ‘a cloud burst does not cause such results’. Some experts who have been to the site think that the earthquake might have triggered the floods there.

“This is, incredibly sadly, another classic case of a cascading hazard chain that amplifies as you go downstream,” said Jakob Steiner, a climate scientist with the International Center for Integrated Mountain Development, commenting on Wednesday’s flash flooding.

Earlier this year, Steiner’s organization published a report saying that Himalayan glaciers could lose 80% of their volume if global warming isn’t controlled. Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent as global warming contributes to the melting of glaciers there. Despite risks the Indian federal government aims to increase India’s hydroelectric dam output by half, to 70,000 megawatts, by 2030.

In fact, the government is already taking steps to prevent disasters caused by such cloudbursts and GLOFs (Glacial Lake Outburst Flood) Gov has said that it has plans to install early warning systems for real-time alerts at most of at-risk glacial lakes in India. An expedition surveyed at-risk lakes in the first week of September 2023, in order to deploy such warning systems. This is when they were formulating the diabolical geo-engineering plan. Continuous monitoring of the glacial lakes and weather in the mountains is key to preventing such disasters, including proactive response in time by the dam authorities. For this, efforts to improve the predictive ability for such events will also be intensified in collaboration with relevant agencies.

To back this threat up they cite a dam supervisor that was able to alert the nearest village just in the knick of time to evacuate.

As of September 2023, the region had 81 large hydropower projects, 32 projects under execution and another 320 large projects in the pipeline, according to the Central Electricity Authority under the Union Ministry of Power.

Matter fact, this is where it gets good, the first phase of early warning systems had just been set up less than a month ago that were supposed to activate dam overflow gates and set off alerts up to 90 minutes ahead of the flood. However, the monitoring devices that were installed and were supposed to send data to authorities had lost power for “unknown reason” last month.

“It’s quite absurd, really,” Geoscientist Simon Allen of the University of Zurich was quoted as saying by Reuters. He was involved with the early warning system project. “The fact it happened just two weeks after our team was there was completely bad luck“.

Good one. There are no coincidences and luck is a con-artist trick. Zurich is where the hq of infrastructure contractors. This was the group that was the boots on the ground setting up whatever kind of arrangements needed to


Here is a humorous article put on by the Weather Channel of all people about the legitimacy of geoengineering operations in India, specifically monsoon and cloudbursts. WC sticks tight to the script and sticks to Operation Popeye cloudseeding during Vietnam and

It gets better, back in 2021 there was a guy that wrote a report about just this very thing. Its mostly technical jargon to me but the evidence is here that pre-planning had been in the works and the same sub-glacial lake was targeted. If anybody wants to decode this and send me a copy I would be happy to post it.

Heres a PDF briefly detailing some of the shady moves used to cut the deals necessary to build the infrastructure. International contract legalese. It dont matter, these would have been built regardless of who was in charge at the time. The system is based on policy, not people.

There is a dam in the upper reaches of Sikkim that holds back a murky reservoir of bribery, collusion and manipulation in allotting of power projects to private players, shell companies that are fronts for shadowy owners, seemingly reputable bureaucrats who have exchanged favours for post-retirement ‘benefits’, nationalised banks that have risked thousands of crores of public money in loans to inexperienced companies and ‘consortiums of convenience’ and the tragedy of a battered environment and lost lives. A crack in the face of the dam has already begun to leak secrets of lies, favours and bribes. It is called Teesta Urja Limited.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The story of the scam and scandal behind the Teesta Stage III Hydro Electric Project and other such projects has just begun to unravel. There are many more details about the other projects, their actual owners and political backers that have yet to be revealed.

  • Central Water Commission (CWC)
  • Union Ministry of Power.
  • Border Roads Organization (BRO)
  • Teesta Stage III Hydro Electric Project
  • International Center for Integrated Mountain Development
  • South Asian Network for Rivers, Dams and People
  • Affected Citizens of Teesta
  • Sikkim Urja (formerly Teesta Urja) 
  • Central Electricity Authority
  • Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority
  • National Remote Sensing Centre and the Indian Space Research Organisation