Fake Footprints at White Sands National Park and the World Heritage Tribute to the New World Order

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White Sands Nat’l Park just made an annoucement about some testing done on a set of human tracks sent in for dating. The footprints set the human record back to 23,000 yrs ago.

One method of disguise to hide behind is to constantly keep changing the date of habitation or activity. If there is no established date of settlement nobody gets comfortable and free to pursue other interests. The argument is always going in the wrong direction, steady going backwards instead of focusing on how young everything is. All the ‘old’ stuff they have is fake and all the ‘modern’ things are the real artifacts. You can say the timeline is whatever you want as long as it older and not newer.

There was no Ice Age just like there was no Wild West or Gold Rush. This line of tracks goes on for .9 miles; thats a long distance to choreograph a storyline to. White Sands has the highest density of tracks anywhere in America.

The tracks are obvious fakes to me, you can tell just by looking at the toes. The next time you are at the beach pay attn to foot prints in the sand, natural prints do not leave toe prints like that.

The prints weren’t discovered until 2018 by Park Service employees. Tracks are north and south bound and are a small child and woman. There is a whole scenario made up like a soap opera about how the mother carried the child from time to time and crossing animal tracks show the mega-fauna Ice Age beasts that moms had to protect themselves from terrifying predators like dire wolves, American lions and saber-toothed cats. Giant sloths, camels and woolly mammoths roamed these plains as well.

One thing I find amusing, idk if its oversight or mockery is the carbon dating material used we are told is specifically a fresh water grass however the are is said to have been a salt lake, evidenced by salt flats nearby.

This is a National Park Service site, they are master psychological warfare handlers, this is a show case example of mind control through the power of suggestion:

The giant sloth seems to have hesitated when approaching the human tracks, standing up on its hind legs (to smell the air, maybe). It moved around in a circle before leaving the area. This apparent nervousness of the giant sloth could be explained by previous research done in the White Sands area, which suggest that humans hunted giant sloths. The animal clearly wasn’t at ease and knew a human had passed by shortly before.

The mammoth also crossed the human tracks, but showed no sign of any hesitation. It didn’t stop or even slow down, which may indicate that it didn’t consider humans as a threat. Alternatively, it may simply not have noticed anything unusual.

Another set of tracks shows children playing in puddles created by the footprints of large animals.

NPS Spellcasters

This study was done by researchers from Cornell University, Bournemouth University, the Royal Veterinary College, the Liverpool John Moores University, Smithsonian, Popular Science, and the National Park Service. It was published in the Quaternary Science Reviews.

White Sanda National Park

  • President Hoover declared White Sands a national monument in 1933 under the Antiquities Act of 1906. That means it was being set up as part of the New (World Order) Deal, labor for the construction came from the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps. The Antiquities Act is the same piece of legislation made for Chaco Canyon, detailed below .
  • From 1969 and 1977, 95 oryx were released to increase large game opportunities for hunters, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish wanted to establish an exotic animal population. Today thousands of Oryx live on the neighboring missile range and the gov erected a 108 km fence to prohibit the animal from entering the park.

World Heritage

The fossil tracks were initially noted in 2008 even though they weren’t excavated until 2018. I don’t believe in coincidences so when officials filed for paperwork for UNESCO World Heritage status in 2008 the two must be correlated.

One of the stipulations for application is “the strong support from elected officials.” This means one of the installed meat puppets that especially committed to the New World Order, or whenever the most opportune moment arises since all the politicians just read a script

On December 20th, 2019, White Sands National Monument became White Sands National Park with the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act. You can also read the Establish White Sands National Park Act in the 116th session of congress.

(116 is 666)

The following text is the establishment of White Sands National Park from the National Defense Authorization Act from page 133 STAT.

“To authorize appropriations for military activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes”

So what that says is in 2019 White Sands changed from a National Monument to a National Park. The change might not seem like a big deal but remember we are a caste system structured by title, one little word change means a very big deal. According to the NPS:

Q: Why is the National Park Service pursuing a nomination?

A: We are pursuing nomination and inscription as a World Heritage Site for White Sands to gain international recognition for a unique and spectacular resource. We also feel this recognition could lead to increased visitation by international and domestic visitors.

Dept of the Interior

The redesignation of White Sands National Monument to White Sands National Park is consistent with the nomenclature patterns of National Park System areas. Units designated as national parks generally contain a variety of resources and encompass a large land or water area to help provide adequate protection of the resources. At over 143,000 acres, White Sands encompasses a large land area, and it protects a variety of distinctive resources, including a major portion of the world’s largest gypsum dunefield. Among the most prominent features of the monument are the brilliant white dunes that rise up to 60 feet in some places and move as much as 30 feet per year. (666) White Sands is home to more than 10,000 years of human history from which remain thousands of archeological sites, including gypsum hearthmounds found nowhere else on earth. The young gypsum dunefield, less than 10,000 years old, provides the ideal conditions to study rapid adaption as observed in many white colored lizards, insects and rodents. In addition, White Sands is known as a mega-track site for its significant paleontological resources and the largest concentration of Ice Age megafauna fossilized footprints, including human footprints, in the Americas, and possibly the world.

In 2018, more than 600,000 people visited White Sands National Monument to enjoy a variety of recreational experiences and spent $32.2 million. (Skull and Bones) This spending supported 443 jobs with a cumulative benefit to the local economy of more than $37.1 million.


Military Inclusion

The whole fake archeology site and war background and National Monument/Park is part of the Military Industrial Complex. Using war as a cover, and Pearl Harbor specifically the military opened the area for training and exercise games in 1945. Pearl Harbor was a supposed sneak attack and gave the noncommitted public the bloodlust for revenge, the justification for entering the war. The Prez exists much in a similar fashion in that his character is used to humanize policy and the war machine. A Presidential Order was established as if the military base wasn’t part of the plan all along. Proxy wars and meat suits.

Furthermore the name and classification is changed more often than my underwear, making it difficult for outsiders like us to keep tabs on them.

  • 1942, Roosevelt created the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range.
  • 1945 the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range (Alamagordo Army Air Base) closed and re-opened in 1958 as Holloman (Hollow Man) Air Force Base.
  • The White Sands Proving Ground was established in 1945 and was later renamed White Sands Missle Range.

Both military areas still operate around the park boundaries and in the cooperative use area in the western part of the park. This cooperation mutually benefits both the military by providing them additional space and the park by insuring the lack of development on the surrounding lands.

Apache Wars, Buffalo Soldiers

In 1988, archaeologists from Human Systems Research, Inc., a non-profit organization, were contracted by the U.S. military to survey the Hembrillo Basin battleground. Their survey found rock art and other artifacts indicating that the Hembrillo Basin with its springs of potable water, rare in the surrounding desert, had long been a sacred site for Native Americans. Source

HSR wrote the script his-story for the area which consists of Indian art work and a battle between Apache and Buffalo Soldiers. Evidence was also planted at the site which consists of some cartridges and belt buckles and rock art. Numerous downloads about the history of White Sands and Hembrillo by HSR.

Operation Overcast took effect on June 30 (6/30=666) and became Operation Paperclip 19 days later. This means all of Germany’s top scientists were brought to America and put to work at White Sands Missle Range. Mockingly, Von Braun and other scientists arrived on the vessal Argentina, which is where some ppl say fleeing Nazi’s relocated after the war.

You know what Paperclip scientists are famous for? Developing the nukes that wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

White Sands contains the Trinity Test site where the supposed A-bombs were developed that were dropped on Hiro and Naga. The thing is, nukes are fake, Hiro and Naga weren’t leveled by nukes, conspiracy researchers say they were firebombedwith a side order of earthquake damage. I say those are both incorrect. Most likely the damage was left over from the Reset Event.

Its relevent here bc the park at the epicenter of the bomb is a UNESCO-protected World Heritage park. Nukes and all things surrounding the nuke narrative, such as the testing grounds, are fundamental to preserving the prison planet paradigm, therefore are set aside as World Heritage site. World Heritage is a code word for New World Order. The fake footprints are in essence similar in nature to weaponized history.

Heres a download about Trinity tests and Hiro/Naga nukes, I only skimmed through it, theres some good stuff but alot of bullshit, some intentional, some just poor research. 108 pages is an Aces and Eights drop and the only link is to fake truth guru miles mathis project.