Hiroshima and Nagasaki Ruins; Fake Nukes

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Japan was fucked up along with the rest of mainland Asia way before the 1940’s.

We have covered much of WW2 on this website, all the famous firebombed cities at least, and concluded the destruction was wrought some time before the narrative says they were. Hiro and Naga is supposed to be the climax of the war and the unofficial coupe d’tat that ended combat. WW2 is also supposedly the most filmed war in history, with the ratio of photographers and videographers being the highest to date. That’s bc seeing is believing and in order to pull off a carny scam the height of which is attained with the second world war they would need a lot of footage. The fact that there is no footage of the climax is sort of ironic isn’t it.

Things would make much more sense if there was no climax, (they faked the climax. Get it?) and used a few clips pasted together so that they had just enough to pull the con off.

The story goes that there were supposed to be several videos taken that day; one on the plane mysteriously malfunctioned and another was ruined during development. That leaves the third copy being just a handheld camera operated by a crewman on the Enola Gay. The fact remains there are only pieces patched together for Hiroshima and nothing but a few fake stills for Nagasaki. The most common form of fuckery is to display a Hollywood version of a steady cam and zoomed in fireball in slo-mo, thats all video editing trickery. Nukes are sci-fi

Nukes are science fiction, sure, but specifically its a form of occult Sun worship, the El-ites are paying tribute to Lucifer in the form of an artificially created Sun, the Morning Star

The film looks fake to me for one bc as the mushroom cloud expands the white smooth cloud seems to appear as if the frame was superimposed and faded in. Besides that it’s an obvious fake bc of the littler clouds surrounding the blossoming mushroomhead. This thing produced a sonic boom hotter than the Sun traveling a million miles an hour, yet those little puff ball clouds aren’t agitated at all. They should dissipate altogether by my reckoning or at least blown out of the way. The mushroom passes right through them and that is unnatural.

This image here was passed off for decades as the real thing until recently someone noted it was just “commonly misidentified” and corrected as a firestorm cloud. That is just replacing one lie with another. This is photoshop, someone just added the identifiable peninsula jutting out from a curtain of smoke

The above footage is the one 9/10 that is featured in both Hiro/Naga reports. Officially its Naga. I have been studying for 3 days and haven’t found one with both explosions in the same article. That’s bc there wasn’t any. These are the two most important events in the war and you expect me to believe neither were considered worthy of video documenting? That’s the biggest crock of horse shit.

The segment below is credited to Harold Agnew, he captured a few seconds of the Hiro mushroom cloud but no explosion, the footage is rarely seen and I had to dig to find it. Your welcome

So its possible the Naga explosion sequence was photoshopped and then clipped to a firestorm cloud shot, giving the illusion of the nuke hoax. This also explains why the Hiro footage is missing the money shot, the explosion itself, and just has the grainy jumpy vertical spire, the pyrocumulus cloud. Boom, I cracked the case, bitches. No nukes.

The Ministry of Truth informs us they are also called Aa flammagenitus cloud, also known as a flammagenituspyrocumulus cloud, or fire cloud, is a dense cumuliform cloud associated with fire or volcanic eruptions A flammagenitus is similar dynamically in some ways to a firestorm, and the two phenomena may occur in conjunction with each other. However, either may occur without the other. Here are two examples below, each could be inserted as a nuke column and nobody would suspect they were being deceived. In fact this could be the base for most nuke images. I win

Furthermore Tokyo has some photographic evidence of the same phenomenon during the 18923 earthquake, we will get to that very shortly but it is significant the two are mentioned independently of each other two times.

The middle clip is often inserted into official sources but its npt even the right time frame. The beginning is the same photoshopped explosion and the mushroom cloud is taken from an H-bomb test over a decade later, making it the wrong footage. Its probs faked as well making it the wrong fake footage. Get it?

This is a clip I came across in the archives, crisis actors. Watch the lady bent over stumbling around, she is giving the appearance of searching for something but not really searching for anything, just pretending. She pauses and looks at the camera, a no-no, then the boy walks into frame. Take 2. They shoot the scene again and the boy walks out earlier this time and then there is an exchange between the guy pretending to be sorting rubbish and the lady pretending to be churning through debris. The next shot is the group of boys walking around bent over, again pretending to be sifting but not really, just looking like it. They have a difficult time not looking at the camera also. Notice about halfway through a trolley car rides past in the background. Gives away their desolate wasteland illusion.

This looks like some footage I dug up from WW1 of some soldiers pretending to sift through some plane wreckage. Check the search feature

What I look for in all images of ruined cities is evidence that there was a period of time between the destruction and the picture. Usually this is vegetation, like if a structure is said to have recently been blown up yet there are mature trees growing through the rubble its a pretty good indicator the rubble has been sitting a while. Likewise, if the entire grid is razed except some toothpick telephone pole still standing that raises flags of its own as well. Speaking of the grid, the bomb was awful considerate not to get anything in the travel lanes. Some images say they were taken some months after the event so I’ll give them that, but most captions claim they were taken the very next day yet the streets and trolley lines are completely clear of debris, so I say again, how considerate of the Bomb was that?

There were a few buildings standing and wouldn’t ya know, just like in all the other reset ruins, the buildings left standing are comprized of a bank, library, post office, pharmacy, etc… Not necessarily a State building but def a NWO building.

Paying close attention to the footage you can see the buildings are just concrete shells. There is no office flotsam, i.e., furniture, curtains, paper like what we saw at Ground Zero on 9-11. There are no interior features like drywall or ceilings or partition walls either, just open concrete deck shell buildings.