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Someone made the suggestion that a post be added for reading materials. This is not a promotion or endorsement, just a few downloads or links that I found helpful. Once you get to a point trying to read a book is just as painful as trying to watch a movie, nothing but subliminal programming and psychological manipulations.

Please leave suggestions in the comment section and I’ll try to get the pdf.

Pale Horse and Protocols

Most versions of the Bill Cooper book have been edited. Most dont include the entire Protocols of Zion chapter, so I included that separtely, although I must say its Jewish propaganda, not anti semetic like they want you to believe.

Warning about cooper too, he a Spook, still shilling for the Park Service on his website. Check out my article on him.


Hamlets Mill

(Spoiler alert- They’re all about the Reset and/or Lucifer)

An old friend asked about reading recommendations and said he was interested in comparative mythology.

By far the most thorough survey of world cultures and their mythology that I have come across is Hamlets Mill. The book draws no conclusions and simply holds up different cultures spread out all over the world and points out similar themes and patterns.

Invisible Rainbow

History of electrical interactions with humans, keep in mind humans are electrical beings

Where Did The Towers Go?

Directed Energy technology brought down the WTC. Judy Wood is still controlled-op and I doubt she wrote the book, it just has her name on the cover.

Dr Marys Monkey

About Oswald the Intel agent and the Medical Industrial Complex