Modern Serpent Worship and the Mexican Earthquake Machine

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The most frequently cited attribute is the detailed paint job. Many ‘new’, as in modern discoveries, are known for the fine quality of preservation of color. Its not longer good enough to have the item itself, now it has to be colorized, an attempt to brighten up the past. Imprints fake history in vibrant colors.

Rise of the Snakeheads

I can summarized this in a few sentences, during an earthquake a snake head icon surfaced right under a Ministry of Antiquities building that hosts an international art student program. lol. Reminds me of the Catholic archaeologists that discovered the Roman catacombs in the courtyard of their new headquarters. Not only that but the earthquake happened less than an hour after a planned earthquake simulation which is in rememberance of the last TWO previous quakes the occured on the same day. # quakes on the same day. The USGS calls it a series of coincidents and point to Taiwan, where the same thing happened… The details are the best part.

On September 19, 2022, the subsoil of Mexico City manifested itself not only in the form of a seismic event, but also from the bowels of ancient Tenochtitlan a colossal snake head carved in stone appeared, which that day was recovered by personnel from the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico, through the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), with the support of specialists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, through the Institute of Engineering and the general directorates of University Heritage and Works and Conservation.

A little more than a year after that event, the INAH continues the conservation work of this carving that is more than 500 years old, which represents the sculpture of a Mexica snake head with the greatest vestiges of color, among those located until the date, with polychrome on approximately 80% of its surface.

At 4.50 meters deep, DSA archaeologists identified the sculpture – 1.80 meters long, 1 meter high, 85 centimeters wide and an estimated weight of 1.2 tons – which, although it was outside its original context, was found associated with a series of architectural elements… Whatever thats supposed to mean “Outside its original context” means it wasn’t supposed to be there, someone put it there.

The heads of the Directorate of Archaeological Salvage and the Museo del Templo Mayor of the INAH reported that the discovery was verified under the east wing of the School of Jurisprudence of the UNAM, in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

[“Salvage Archeology” is for-profit, contracted, commercial digging. The normie context is said to be ‘Rescue archeology’ like urban renewal or road construction type situations but the underlying truth is its when the customer buys whatever archeological services they pay for, such as a 1-ton snakehead]


The National Autonomous University of Mexico isn’t Mexican or autonomous, its a program offered by the University of California which sends students to travel to foreign countries for a “fully immersive experience” with over 100 participating institutions in 30 countries. They set up housing and conduct their own grades and credits. Its training for World Class Spooks, you go to a foreign school but really you remain under authority of your Cali-based handler. Students dont even get the grades ascribed by the teachers, say the UNAM has their own agenda and grading policy, it doesnt necessarily have to be academically oriented, a student could hypothetically speaking pass all tests and assignments but still fail if they dont meet requirements of the central command.

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is a hub of educational and cultural activity as well as Mexico-related research. It also plays a critical role for the nation through its support of the National Seismological Service, the National Astronomical Observatory, and the National Botanical Garden. Attending this university gives you comparative insight into the education, health, legal, and socioeconomic systems of both Mexico and the US. 

Popular subjects include anthropology, indigenous culture studies, psychology, economics, and US-Mexico relations. For more practical experience, add an internship related to art, marketing, or aiding refugees, women, and children. Program outings include historic sites, cultural events, and museums. 

UNAM Website

An international art program meets indigenous culture studies huh? The marketing part is their “salvage” and psychology is the psychological class warfare…. with a sprinkle of seismological services if you tip them. (You know seismological means earthquake, right?)

The Mayor

The current mayor of Mexico City is Claudia Sheinbaum, the first open Jewish (Ashkenazi) and first female mayor of the city, she’s connected to the UNAM where she received her Ph.D. in energy engineering, not only that but her mother is professor emeritus of the Faculty. Her father and brother are noted scientists as well, the family biz.. Hey, didn’t the Institute of Engineering Dept help with the snakehead? No word on what kind of energy she is specialized in, mayhaps ‘Directed Energy’?

Furthermore she is connected to the last Sept 19 quake in 2017. Claudia was then-mayor of the town that took the hardest hit, not only that but she is blamed for the deaths of 19 children and 7 adults. Not for directing the quake but through non-transparency during construction that led to a private school collapse. She is implicated a second time for a metroline collapse that happened during her office which killed 26 and injured 60. The fault was put on trusses weaken during a quake that worsened over time. The charges against her were made by an ‘investigative journalist’, which means he was really protecting her from real accusations.

The level of her involvement is not being discussed, only that she has multiple instances involving earthquakes and engineering faults that fit her academic background. I’m just saying, its a little odd she has so many red flags and nobody has thought to ask why. As an academic, she authored over 100 articles and two books on the topics of energy, the environment, and sustainable development. Sheinbaum contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. In 2018, she was listed as one of BBC’s 100 Women.

Sept 19 attacks

A magnitude 7.6 earthquake shook Mexico’s central Pacific coast on Monday, killing at least one person and setting off a seismic alarm in the rattled capital on the anniversary of two earlier devastating quakes.

There were at least some early reports of damage to buildings from the quake, which hit at 1:05 p.m. local time, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey, which had initially put the magnitude at 7.5.

It said the quake was centered 37 kilometers (23 miles) southeast of Aquila near the boundary of Colima and Michoacan states and at a depth of 15.1 kilometers (9.4 miles).

Mexico’s National Civil Defense agency said that based on historic data of tsunamis in Mexico, variations of as much as 32 inches (82 cm) were possible in coastal water levels near the epicenter. The U.S. Tsunami Warning Center said that hazardous tsunami waves were possible for coasts within 186 miles (300 kilometers) of the epicenter.

Alarms for the new quake came less than an hour after a quake alarms warbled in a nationwide earthquake simulation marking major, deadly quakes that struck on the same date in 1985 and 2017.

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“We knew we’d get this question as soon as it happened, sometimes there are just coincidences. The quake was not related to or caused by the drill an hour or so earlier, nor was it connected to a damaging temblor in Taiwan the day before, this is a coincidence.” [That this is the third Sept. 19 earthquake.] “There’s no physical reason or statistical bias toward earthquakes in any given month in Mexico. Nor is there a season or month for big earthquakes anywhere on the globe, but there is a predictable thing: People seek and sometimes find coincidences that look like patterns.”

U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Paul Earle

Lol, GTFOH, Paul. The last name is a pun, a title of nobility, a joke.

This kind of statement is a form of mockery called ‘Revelation of the Method’, its when they tell on themselves on purpose and show you how and where they did it but play dumb at the same time. He name drops Teiwan for a reason, lets go take a look


Heres the best part, ready?, the exact same day last year hit the exact same place. Surely this is a string of coincidences, only crazy people and conspiracy theorists look for patterns in random and disconnected events.

The numbers are all a code. Magnitude 6.3 = 666, 6×3 or 6+6+6 = 18, the headlines drop 180 km in the headline but they also add the depth to be at 183 km, 18/3= 666 again. Thats according the Chinese agency, the USGS is slightly different, they put forth the distance was at 191 km north of Japan, 191 is 666 again; a ‘1’ represents whatever number it stands with, as in basic multiplication, ‘9’ is an upside-down ‘6’ (The Satanic Laws of Inversion are absolutely a thing. The USGS also added the exact time was 13:21:23 (UTC). Lucky for us they converted it over to military time (it is a warfare operation afterall) that way we get the 322 Skull and Bones mark forward and backward. The date 9/18 is symbolic bc of context: 9= 3×3 or 33, or 6+3, which can also be 18, or 666, the Mark of the Beast. The year 2023 is just fucked all year since its an inverted 322… The date of the Mexican earthquake was Sept 19, or 9/19, the ‘1’ represents the mirror bookends and the Laws of Inversion is 666 again. Nah, no patterns here, just random, isolated occurrences totally disconnected from each other!

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If you are new or skeptical to the numbers game dont worry, its not as difficult as some channels pretend. The places that sound like they’re just rattling off numbers that dont make any sense are usually just trying to confuse you. A major tool in the shillbox is using the numbers to either make themselves sound so smart by making the listener feel stupid, be be wary of ppl that blurt out numbers real fast and act like that totally solves the case, they’re lying. Numbers are a part of the universal One-World Language but they aren’t important enough to make or break the case. An easy rule of thumb is to look for multiples of 3. Doubles are a mark, triples even moreso. Aces and Eights are a trigger bc they pun with ‘An Act’, ‘Un Oct’. Letters have value too but just stick with this till you get the hang of it. Sept 11 is 9/11 which is 999, which 666. See how easy it is?

  • Taiwan also had a devastating quake in ’99 killing thousands on Sept 21. 3 days off and another on 9/16 in 1994, 2 days the other direction.

Heres just some cool pics of Aztec Human Sacrifice

Temple Ruins of Mexico

I go into alot more depth in the South American post, which looks like much of the same visual record. Locations buried for years or decades only to be ‘discovered’ at opportune moments.