Industrial Revolution Follow Up: Triangle Factory Fire Memorial Unveiled

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My ol lady just told me about a broadcast she heard on the radio about a new memorial they unveiled recently dedicated to the Triangle Factory Fire. She only new about it bc I have researched the Industrial Revolution to the point of near obsessive compulsive behavior and she was pleased to have something to contribute. Normally she is only tolerant of my work.

If you dont know the complete story you can take this link, here. Briefly, the TFF was a domestic terror false flag. At a time when workers were starting to consolidate the industrial capitalists locked the doors and set the place on fire, killing 146 girls that most of them jumped out the windows. It was done on a sunny saturday in front of a packed Manhattan streets cape.

One of the reasons the girls were torches was the creation of all the new laws and safety regulations, all the legislation that gives the system its power.

The TFF was the only building, across the river in Jersy was the Wolf Muslin fire that killed a bunch more, that was the practise run. In both cases the fire dept got a new truck since the fires were higher than the ladders could reach.

Less than a week later the Olde World artifact, NY State house mysteriously burnt down, seriously hampering a real investigation and erased the structure from memory. The Industrial Revolution was a military campaign just like any war, the battle ground is the mind, its a psychological war we are fighting

The memorial is anchored to the exterior corner and runs up to the 9th floor, its black stainless stain meant to look like mourning ribbon draped over the whole building. The building is the NYU biology lab today. I hate to say it but this has turned into another case of self advertising and virtue signalling. The names on the memorial are all Jewish names, not just Jews but Cohens, Koch’s, Prado’s… Elite bankster Jews dont work in tenement shops.

A public event, A Collective Ribbon — Weaving Stories of the Triangle Fire, will take place on March 16 and 17 at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Those who are unable to attend can send in personal pieces of ribbon to the Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition at PO Box 1822, New York, New York 10113. Donors of $25,000 or more will have their names inscribed on the memorial.

someone inthe comment section pointed me to Coconaut fire in Boston, 1942 Similar to Boston’s Cocoanut Grove fire in 1942, a lot of the exits were chained shut to keep people from leaving without paying, and when the first first started bouncers refused to let people flee the burning building until they paid their bill.

492 people died.