Sodom and Gomorrah Mudflood: Meteor Impact vs. Directed Energy and the Ancient Starchart of Babylon

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Post-Script Intro: This essay has helped expand my position that the Reset and Reset Event serve as the archetype for the Old Testament and all the equivalents found in every other culture on Earth. The Garden of Eden and Noah’s Flood are the Olde World and Mudflood. Now I see the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as evidence of a suppressed energy technology in the form of a D.E.W. attack (Directed Energy Weapon). Modern Spooks modify authentic Olde World ruins and plant fake artifacts to incorporate the real thing into the false timeline. This not only erases evidence of the switch but usurps support for the parasite system. This has also further my understanding on D.E. involvement in archeology, its a lot more common that I first thought.

Get ready for a whopper.

Two Brits proposed in a book back in ’08 a giant Space meteor skipped along the Earth’s crust, clipping a mountain in the Bavarian Alps, causing n inexplicable ancient rockslide, before terminating in a fiery explosion above the Mediterranean Sea which leveled the biblical cities of Sin, Sodom and Gomorrah. The whole event was recorded on a clay tablet found in the Royal Library of Babylon a century and a half ago but not until modern A.I. programs have scientists been able to process the information… That about sums it up in two sentences.

Where do you want to begin? How ’bout the two Brit ‘Scientists’, Mark Hempsell and Alan Bond, Rocket Scientists by trade, you know that old expression, “It’s not rocket science…”? well, it’s not a compliment. The couple work together designing inner-Space spaceships with refueling capabilities at the ISS. Sure ya do, guys. Before that the couple were partners in the British Interplanetary Society, a Space exploration advocacy group. They also ran the Reaction Engines Co., which designs rocket engines for DARPA and the Dept of Defense (that means missiles) The company claim they build Space ship engines but the astronautical Industrial Complex has been privatized to absolve govt accountability. They’re the UK’s SpaceX.

The part about missiles is relevant bc nuclear explosions are mentioned frequently from all sides herein. Fake nuke site Hiroshima seems to be the standard control model for large explosions and consequences like vitrification, the presence of glass formed by heat and pressure; micro-diamonds; shock glass; underground nukes… The Tunguska Event is name dropped so many times by all parties can only mean this is another DEW site. Every aspect can be explained with focused-energy but Spook sci(-fi)entists arent allowed to mention the concept. I just wanted to remark that nukes are fake right here so we dont have to repeat ourselves later

This chapter incorporates so many threads, the scriptwriters that came up with the idea get my Gold Star for the day. Outer Space, archeological sites, Biblical Hellfire, historic prestigious institutions like the Royal Palace of Babylon and modern prestigious institutions like the British Museum, Landslides… All rolled up into one narrative, all fake, all holding the rest up. Thing best part about our prison planet paradigm is when you take one down they all fall together.

So here we go, we begin centered on another 19th century mystery, a Cuneiform tablet in the British Museum collection No K8538 (known as “the Planisphere”). It was found by Henry Layard in the remains of the library in the Royal Place at Nineveh. Already we got a bite, the “Planeisphere”, how can something be a ‘Plane’ and a ‘Sphere’ at the same time? Thats the Satanic Laws of Inversion. Shouldn’t it be called a “Globe”isphere? Thats a subtle mockery embedded into everyday common language.

Lets start with Layard since he is credited for being the original source. We met Layard in episode one of the Fake Ancient Babylon saga. Layard was credited for discovering the Royal Library of Ashurbanipal, among other claims. He came from a bankster family and was stationed in Constantinople by Ben Disraeli, the famous Cryptojew head of Britain. During the last cycle of his life Layard retired to Venice at one of the premiere palazzo’s on the Grand Canal and smuggled fraudulent artworks to the British Museum. Nobody else in history has seemed to notice that the Babylonian sculptures he was so famous for discovering just happened to be the same icon as Venice herself, the Winged Lion. I have been chasing this symbol all over the world and throughout history bc the false-idol represents the Olde World via Venice’s urban canal grid, and the New World Order which filled in and erased 99% of the old canals. In short, the Winged Lion is a manifestation of the Great Reset, how nobody has thought to question the chances Layard unearthed the same totems means either the population has been snorting too much fluoride or the overlord class intentionally looks the other direction and pretends the connection isn’t even there.

What about the excavation images? Thats legit looking, right? Must be the fluoride kicking in

This is the ‘Planisphere’, an ancient sky chart, an astrolabe. Yon can tell just by looking at it about half is missing. Don’t worry, that 40% that broke off isn’t enough for the new A.I. programs to read what is going on here. By sheer luck the only parts that were busted was what happened after the impact.

With modern computer programs that can simulate trajectories and reconstruct the night sky thousands of years ago the researchers have established what the Planisphere tablet refers to. It is a copy of the night notebook of a Sumerian astronomer as he records the events in the sky before dawn on the 29 June 3123 BC (Julian calendar). Half the tablet records planet positions and cloud cover, the same as any other night, but the other half of the tablet records an object large enough for its shape to be noted even though it is still in space. The astronomers made an accurate note of its trajectory relative to the stars, which to an error better than one degree is consistent with an impact at Köfels.

*The date June 29 is meant to be June 30. Sometimes Spooks will change the date by one or two days to make things not so obvious but to the people that know the drops know the intent, thats the important part. June 30, is 6/30 or 666. June 30 shows up frequently, thats the target. Another way I know is the Tunguska Event was June 30, 1908. It wasn’t really but that was the date ascribed bc of the 666 drop. Tunguska is held up for comparison at the Sodom site and the rockslide in the Alps, they wouldn’t keep throwing it up only to have the date miss by one day. Nope. They just told us Tunguska was a DEW site in case you weren’t paying attn.

There are constellation illustrations on the Planisphere, along with their names and where they are in relation to the comet’s path of travel precisely. The third image, for example, reveals that the comet passed through Orion on the 9th day of observance. More evidence shows they possessed an excellent understanding of trigonometry and was able to record the comet’s flight path, time of arrival, and distance traveled from the moment it first appeared in the sky. Not only that but the little plate records cloud cover, a description of flash lighting in the sky and the massive rise of ash plumes as a result of the collision.

Thats a whole lot of information for a single little plate missing half its contents and fits in the palm of your hand… People will believe anything if you tell them A.I. figured it out. I called this out, not long ago technocrats announced they had developed artificial intelligence programs that could decipher cuneiform tablets in seconds that human ‘experts’ haven’t been able to crack the code in 150 years. When I read those headlines I knew the scriptwriters were about to start working overtime. Its bad enough ppl believe anything if you tell them an ‘expert’ or ‘scientist’ says so, now we are dealing with concepts nobody even understands how they work. They don’t even have to work, the ‘experts’ just have to say they do, get it? “Scientists at Harvard couldn’t pull it off but this robot did.”, and the normies will gush and eat up every word. When you read the fine print the program is a souped up version of Goggle translate.

In reality nobody can translate these tablets bc they dont say anything, bc they are fake. The possibility exists that a language was invented just for this reason. The deception runs deep and if you consider that Star Trek affectianados created a usable Kling-On language all of a sudden its not so far-fetched that the most prestigious institutions in the world come together to create a language to go with a fictional culture that they use to control history with. I aint buying it though.

Another headline to keep an eye out for is this new meteor thread to be supported in other areas, there is already foreshadowing on one website that claims this is a plausible explanation for the sudden disappearance of the long-lost city of Akkad. Archaeologists have yet been unable to locate remains of the ancient city but we know its real bc of the Old Testament, like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sodom and Gomorrah is not the only legend that the crash in 3123 BC gave rise to. “At least 20 myths from all cultures can be used as an explanation,” says Hempsell, referring to the young Phaeton, who caused his father Helios’ sun chariot to fall to earth, and the battle of Zeus, the father of the gods, against the Titans.

Co-author Mark Hempsell

These are all Sun worshiping allegories. The authors are creating a scenario the inserts ‘Science’ as a religion into the mix. Their variation ‘Aten’ assumes the form of a falling Space rock but the outcome is still the hellfire raining down and glassifying the Judaeo-Christian historic locations… Am I explaining it so everyone can comprehend? Its still the same narrative; a Babylonian priest and astrologer are the same. A fiery Space-rock explosion and the Hand of God’ are the same thing.

Ministry of Truth throwing shade like the pre-fight smackdown

Ancient Ruins of Tall el Hammam; You can say anything except Mudflood and Directed Energy

Some biblical archeology subscribers claim this IS Sodom, the nay-sayers admit its the most likely candidate or at least in the vicinity.

The biblical record is under attack. TeHEP is dedicated to backing up what the Bible teaches. Higher Critical Theory (HCT) has become a dominant school of thought as it denies the Old Testament. Imagine, many scholars are determined to indoctrinate students that King David, Solomon and the Temple never existed! HCT teaches that “Moses didn’t write down the Torah, and that most-or-all of the Old Testament characters and events, including Moses, likely didn’t exist at all but were merely fictions  invented as propaganda for the purpose of advancing the religious and political agendas of Jewish writers, mainly between the 7th and 5th centuries BC.” When we are able to definitively connect Tall el-Hammam to biblical Sodom the impact will be significant and we’d like you to share the journey with us. 

Sales pitch for the fake dig-site, the lead team named “Inner Circle” (No hidden meaning I’m sure)

So the whole self-admitted point is to connect this site to Sodom and Gomorrah, thus the illusion of evidence of the Old Testament. The self-admitted purpose going all the way back to Layard and the Royal Library was to prove the authenticity of the Old Testament. thats been the con since day 1, to prove the bible is real. The statement above has all sorts of psychological fuckery, not only the ‘Revelation of the Method’ tactic with fictional historic characters invented to further Jewish agendas but they spin it as if the fake happen millennia ago and totally not being propagated today. Heres a clue; the writers of the 6th century bc are fictional characters just like Moses.

These guys give a short bio on their website, turns out most are from Albuquerque, NM region, which means they are connected to the grid of fake Ancient Pueblo Indian and Cliff Dweller sites. These are the same institutions that made those fake sites a century ago, now they have turned their specialty to the fake digs in the Near East. The template is the same no matter the location or label of the culture. They’re fractals, we are dealing with archetypes.

 The forensic evidence suggests that the two bodies may have been decapitated, dismembered, and disarticulated. All bones observed had been shattered into small pieces and embedded in a loose debris matrix composed of pulverized mudbrick, ash, and charcoal. Furthermore, even though these bones were found in close association with large charcoal fragments, the bones lack evidence of direct exposure to fire, except for the extreme upper ends. For one skeleton, ~ 10 cm of the ends of both femurs showed evidence of charring. Another skeleton was found buried in a crouching position with the hands raised to the face, a posture commonly adopted for protecting the head, as occurred during the volcanic eruption at Pompeii.

The quote above is taken from the Ministry of Truth. They try to frame as if caught in a ultra-violent turbulence but the simplest observation is the remains were prepared offsite and planted. The comparison to Pompeii is an absolute tell the site is rigged. Pompeii is one of the biggest historic Mudflood frauds in modern his-story.

Wait a min, I almost missed a good one. I didn’t get the significance of the salt encrusted bones mentioned in the report, they chalk it up to some type of agriculture bullshit. Then I read what the bible says about the destruction of Sodom. Duh. I should’ve started with that since thats the narrative the dig site is modeled after. When Lot is fleeing the city he’s instructed not to look back. His wife can’t help herself and what happened? She’s turned into a pillar of salt… Good one guys.

Archaeologists examining the structures’ ruins have found evidence of a sudden high-temperature, destructive event—for instance, pottery pieces that were melted on the outside but untouched inside. 

Not an Energy Beam by chance, huh guys?

The new paper, published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, examined possible causes of the devastation based on the archaeological record. The researchers concluded that warfare, a fire, a volcanic eruption or an earthquake were unlikely culprits, as these events couldn’t have produced heat intense enough to cause the melting recorded at the scene. That left a space rock as the most likely cause.

 “Köfels’s Impact Event”, Say anything but a Mudflood caused by Directed Energy Technology

Everything fits the meteor impact scenario except the main ingredient, theres no meteor. Thats where the airburst jumpsquad comes to the rescue… Using the computer simulator Bond and Hempsell say the fast moving object depicted in the planisphere is an Aten asteroid, (one that crosses the Earth path), its trajectory would have put it on a collision course with the Otz Valley. “It came in at a very low angle—around six degrees—and then clipped a mountain called Gaskogel around 11 kilometers from Köfels.” Hempsell went on to explain how the object exploded as it traveled down the valley and ultimately produced an event of literally biblical proportions. (Theres your 666 drop)

However, according to geologists, the Köfels’s event is generally thought to have occurred around nine thousand years ago, far earlier than the 3123 B.C. date referenced of Sumerian record, Bond and Hempsell believes that the dating mistake caused by contaminated samples used in the earlier analysis. (Thats the 322 Skull and Bones drop) Bond and Hempsell counter this discrepancy by claiming the tablet is a 700 B.C. copy of a far older tablet. Copy of a copy, thats an m.o. when someone tries to fake an artifact, like a picture of a painting. The most obvious retort would be to challenge the dating of the landslide, the method used was to radiocarbon date some carbon material found in the middle of the debris flow. To challenge the validity of radio carbon dating would be to challenge the whole phony system though, they can’t stir up that much mud, that’d be like saying meteors aren’t real.

Bond and Hempsell do claim that the explosion would have generated a massive mushroom cloud and filled the air for hundreds of miles with thick dust or the “Köfels’s Impact Event” that matches the statements on the tablet. The thing is, they can make the tablet say whatever they want it to. Who’s gonna factcheck them?

According to the geologists the landslide is technically classed as a Sturzstrom, a large landslide which travels a great distance forward compared to its initial vertical drop. Sturzstroms have similarities to the flow of glaciers, mudflows, and lava flows. They flow across land fairly easily, and their mobility increases when volume increases.[2][3] They have been found on other bodies in the Solar System, including the Moon, Mars, Venus, Io, Callisto, Iapetus, and Phobos.

The amount of energy in a sturzstrom is much higher than in a typical landslide. Once moving, it can ride over nearly any terrain and will cover much more horizontal ground than downward-sloped ground. Its momentum can even carry the sturzstrom up small hills. (Would that be Directed-Energy?)

Ministry of Truth, trying not to use the word ‘Mudflood’

The Kofel Sturzstrom occured in the Otz Valley of Austria, this is the same place where Otzi, the Iceman was found back in the 90’s. He was from around 3300 bc too, maybe the next article these guys write will say the Iceman wrote the Planisphere, Nah, I’m saving that for myself, thats my next article.

Kofel is a rockslide 500 meters thick and 5 kilometers long that has presented a challenge for an explanation since its first notice in the 1800’s

The plot thickens.

Kofelsites have the appearance, texture, and feel of pumice. Samples are often called “pumice of Köfels”. They date to about 7815 B.C.. The specific origin of kofelsite rocks is uncertain & debated. The rocks are found in a landslide deposit in western Austria. Researchers have suggested that the landslide was impact-triggered. The kofelsite samples in the landslide deposit thus may be impactites (fused rocks from the heat of impact). Some workers have suggested that the rocks are frictionites (fused rocks from landslide heating). Locality: Köfels Structure (apparent impact-generated landslide deposit & scar), just east of the town of Köfels.

This site has its own mystery rock thats unique to this specific area along with Hall el Hammam that conventional science can’t explain the formation or classification. “Impactites” and “Frictionites”? Is that the best you guys can come up with?

The Impactite crew was in the lead except one little problem, theres no impact crater. The rocks have been melted around the edges, heat has been difficult to explain, the best anyone could come up with is that the mountain face cleaved off and set off a chain reaction of collapses which generated enough heat to create the nano-diamonds. That hypothesis was put forth in the 30’s… by a gentleman named Seuss, as if the kids book writer. In a world dominated by generational family clans that stay in their own bracket, that should give you an idea about the credibility of the Dr Seuss theory.

The location is relatively close to two well-known ‘Impact Crater’ locations; Nordlingen is the village that half the town is made out of stone quarried from the ejecta which contain the shockquartz/nano-diamonds. It also happens to be the town at the end of Willy Wonka when they fly through the roof in the glass elevator and circle the town, its this one… Not that that means anything, just sayin…

The second one doesn’t have much class, just a ditch in a field. The stone in the surrounding area contains micro-diamonds, evidence of extreme instant heat and pressure the only directed energy technology can accomplish. I saw a commentor scoff at the air burst theory but his alternative was anti-matter collisions, which is just as ridiculous but at least the guy understood energy. If the only access to alternative information is CERN then antimatter particle collision is all you got.

The span is 100 miles, thats alot closer than Jordan

*This researcher, ‘Blue Collar Scientist‘, put out an article using normie science and basic critical/logical thinking to discredit the Hempsell/Bond theory although he still considers the Babylonian tablet, killer Space rocks, and nuclear bombs the stuff of reality instead of science-fiction. There are even replies from one of the co-authors in the comments section.

On further inspection B.C.S. turns out to be Mark Boslough, professional agitator connected to Snopes. Quite distinguished in normie academia

  • he is a physicist at Los Alamos, which means he is well aware that nukes are science fiction.
  • His B.S. comes from University of Colorado, which connects him to the Chaco Canyon Cliff Dwellers culture, that is relevant since we are talking about faked archeological sites.
  • Research professor at University of New Mexico, more Cliff Dweller/Ancient Pueblo Indian fake cultures. This point also means he is most likely personally familiar with the Tall el Hammam crowd, probs part of their “Inner Circle”, since they are from the same dept in a niche community.
  • Bozlow was involved with politico-religious scripted drama back in the 90’s, he fueled discussion when lawmakers were pushing the teaching of Creationism in public school indoctrination camps. As part of an April Fools joke he published a letter about changing the value of Pi. Nat Geo elevated the jokster all the way up to the list of “Greatest Hoaxes of All Time”
  • He also faked some Darwinian Awards by inserting his own name about passing them around… IDK what a Darwin Award is but I know Darwin is a cover for eugenics and a branch of fake science.

Theres more but you get the idea. Bozzie is the definition of controlled opposition. He pretends to be shooting down all the attempts made to fake evidence to support an invalid claim but really he is supporting the system as a whole. His website features lengthy articles about dinosaurs, relevant bc dinos were supposedly taken out by an asteroid impact, right? There were no dino’s. He also writes on climate change denial, the Tunguska Event, Cliff Dweller sites (Told ya so) The Ice Age , relevant bc another impact supposedly caused the so-called Younger-Dryas Event, and of course, the Sodom Airburst. The patterns in his jacket are clear, he is a professional cover story Spook and all his material is trying to hide the Reset Event and advance energy technology.

Addidit Post Tempus Cogitare

So after the comment made about the child found curled up sucking his thumb being remenicent of Pompeii I travelled over that direction just to see what I could see. Pompeii has been on my radar since the beginning. It’s like the ultimate mudflood scenario and since they can’t use the term ‘mudflood’, volcano has been swapped out, except for a few random images that have crossed my desk bc of the photographer I havent paid much attn to the joint. This was the jumpstart I was waiting for.

It has been proposed that it was written (obviously either by a Jew or a Christian) during the eruption that destroyed the city with “fire from heaven”, just as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah,

Ministry of Truth

Im still gathering material, havent written anything yet but skimming through the graffiti catalogues I found this scratched into the walls of one of the houses.

It’s humorous whenever the Ministry uses the word ‘obviously’, the only thing obvious is that they are hard pressed to cover such a terrible lie, as if somebody knowingly was taking their last breathes before an agonizing death would use that time to carve a biblical reference into their wall. The thing is, the MoT has to say dumb shit like that bc it is not within their parameters to suggest tampering had occurred at a later point. This would throw all credibility out the window to acknowledge that if this one had been inserted than any of them could have been. The only choice they have is to play dumb and use psychological warfare tactics like the term ‘Obviously’. IDK whose worst, them for doing it or the poor fluoridated fools that believe it…

This piece also highlights the parallels between the two fictional locations. (I know S&G is supposed to be two locations but really its just one, you cant have one without the other, their names are spoken as a single word Sodomandgomorrah, its never Gomorrahandsodom, kinda like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, its a form of compartmentalization.) Pompeii was supposed to be the original fake archeological site to support the Old Testament. You can swap the narratives of the two places and nobody would be able to tell. Plus, they both were taken out in a similar fashion, fire and sulpher raining down, it would’ve been the same if homeboys ‘airburst meteor’ was true, or nuclear explosion for that matter. You’re allowed to say any of those, as long as you dont say Directed Energy, Mudflood, or insinuate any kind of false evidence or general fuckery.

This is also note worthy, the Pompeii is full of frescoes similar to this one. At first I thought it was to sell travel tickets, “Sex Sells” and all that, but this is supposed to be Sodom. Read the writing on the wall, Grasshopper. Where do you think the word “Sodomy” comes from?

Follow up Reading

L: Shock quartz found at Tunguska, Trinity, and the Russian ‘nuke’ crater

Other potiential DEW sites:

  • Desert Glass of Libya,
  • Abu Hureyra, Syria,
  • Tunguska Event in Siberia.
  • Ries Crater in Germany and
  • Popigai Crater in Russia
  •  Meteor Crater in Arizona
  • Wabar Crater in Saudi Arabia
  •  Russian atomic bombs detonated in Kazakhstan
  • Trinity bomb test site (underground nukes could be a cover)
  • Charlevoix crater