Pompeii, the original Sodom. Biblical Archeology and Tourist Trap History

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A Roman poet Pliny the Younger, who was 17 at the time, recorded much of what happened during the eruption, but it is thought that a horrific cloud of ash, volcanic gas and stones spewed from the volcano to a height of around 21 miles.

Ministry of Truth

Characters like Pliny are used to pretend to have an accurate script of the past, as if nothing is speculated bc good ol’ Pliny was there. The ancient historians are fairy tales.

Pompeii was the first archeological site, well the catacombs in Paris were there at the beginning too but they weren’t the same class. This place was discovered at the same time I peg the world for the beginning of the repopulation.

There was a thick vein running through archaeology, still present today, at the very beginning to confirm the Old Testament as historic fact, even though organized religion as a whole has been one of the most effective control mechanisms in his-story. If it were proven scientifically the control circle would be complete.

The volcano replaces the hand of God from the fairy tale story Genisis. Pompeii replaces Sodom and Gomorrah. There is even graffiti on the walls that makes the connection for the dim. I guess they figure you needed help to make the connection you’d be to dim to see how everything has been laid out.

I got to go to work, start a new job so idk how long its gonna take to finish this but Im sure you can fill in the gaps.

Pompeii was also the site that kicked off the tourist industry as the historical gatekeepers, people started flocking after promotional efforts by a former preacher. thats another point in my favor that the connection between archeology was to confirm the bible.

Right my my thesis states that there were legitimate ruins from the old world that were taken out by directed energy induced mudflood, these were rewritten as the old testament and groups go around still today with the same agenda and tactics, likee modifying genuine ruins to fit the narrative by planting false evidence… and like the example above, scratching graffiti into the walls.

To better help people scratching their heads right now the place that lead me here is the last post I published, read that first, it has alot of relevent material that will help this make sense.

The Left panels are Swazzie panel labyrinths from Nineveh, Babylon. Above is labyrinth graffiti from Pompeii. Labyrinth is a symbolic mindfuck. There have been several connection to Babylon, its the template Sin City Sodom that fake history is modeled after.

Swazzie floor tiles, means its a fake

Serpent in the Garden of Eden. But I thought it was Pre Christian? Hydra Fountain and Snake fresco

“The contorted postures are not the effects of a long agony, but of the cadaveric spasm, a consequence of heat shock on corpses.”

Disinfo agents, the contorted postures are meant to be of shock value to the tourist

Our only surviving ‘purpose-built’ Roman brothel, In 1862, archaeologists began to excavate the two-story brothel, which sits between the forum of Pompeii and its main North-South business district. It catered to Roman men who bought sexual services from both male and female prostitutes. Just five years after its initial excavation, Mark Twain would visit the structure and remark on the fact that female tourists at the time were kept from entering it due to the rather racy wall paintings. Although Twain bashfully remarked that ‘no pen could have the hardihood to describe’ these frescos,  Since the renovated brothel reopened to the public in 2006,-

  • Anything that inserts Twain for a promo is fake

These are some of the frescoes lifted from around town, look up close, many of them appear male. This is supposed to be Sodom, famous for its sin, Sodomy

 “Well-endowed Mercury”: a character with the beard and giant erect phallus of Priapus is walking away with the caduceus and winged sandals of Mercury

Jews use money as representations of themselves

Gay money. You dont get anymore Sodom and Gomorrah than that.

No Jewish insertion or nothing, right?