St Louis Cyclone of 1896

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This is a second bell in the same album I found in the State library undigitized. Thats where you find the good stuff, I’ve noticed gatekeepers are eager to give their own works out, thats why theyre there. Most repositories at the State and University level have contact buttons, just request an unpublished collection ID and offer to pay. They usually never accept donations but seem happier to fulfill request. Check the restriction status, most are unrestricted.

Heres another angle taken a short time later, the pole was serving as a support system, leaning against the bricks to brace the weight of the bell. With a bell you could go out and notify everyone for miles around, who in turn could ring the same sequence to pass the message. In this manner a relatively small network could send a message over a large distance.

More about St Louis, the first post I did featured pre-existing buildings, the first Olympics, World Fair and Human Zoo You can find it in the search bar. This is about the ruins. They say its a cyclone or tornado but I know they’re lying. The trees are cut, not unrooted, vegetation overgrown, photoshopped people and horses… Same ol schtick. Theres no litter like clothes or textiles or curtains and the places that do have such are staged. No furniture or signs of habitation, theres one picture of desks lined up in a school perfectly but the whole exterior wall collapsed. Some buildings are leveled yet the neighbors dont even have broken windows. Signage is new and buildings have gov designations like big pharm, tobacco, Library, Schools, Church and Hospitals. Railroads are targeted. Telephone poles are matchsticks but all seem to have survived well, except the ones that are for the camera, we saw that i the Johnstown Flood, telephone pole and wires erected just for the sake of knocking them down to make the shots seem modern.

A few World Fair images I missed before and a very small amount of Kansas City mudflood and 1927 tornado. The people are either chop-shopped or actors throwing up Spook gang signs like the Capt Morgan or Hidden Hand pose. One large crowd called the Republican Democratic National Convention Ive read about seems to be a Resetter/Repopulation kick off party. I even found the only pic I ever seen of the destruction from the 1877 RR Strike featured in the Wage Slave Creation essay.

St Louis has a rich hidden untold and covered up history, the more I look the more I find.

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The telephone pole is a stage prop used frequently in St Louis, like the iconic tree truck through the window gag in Johnstown. The people are either photoshopped in or actors, standing around playing pocket-pool.

I reached out to the Missouri State Library, ward of the cyclone holdings, about some unpublished images I found in the archives. This was a trial run, I got boxes and boxes of items I want access to. For another instance there is a box of 100 images of the St Louis World Fair that have never seen the light of day. The description says the album features scene of the displays and the Human Zoos and possibly some of the Olympics. The very first Olympics were a Human Zoo Carny side-show, similar to Wild West Buffalo Bill that ran beside it.

This is the first time anyone outside the MO State Library has seen these Cyclone pictures. I left the whole album in PDF form so you can download it.