Fake Bog-Bodies of Florida

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The official history narrative is already written, they just need the ‘proof’ to back it up. This chapter is one of the most embellished and bullshittin’est stories ever to come out from the Normie news arena, Its just put together to prop up the worst of the lies. The narrative is stretched out so far, in fact, the date of the original find was 1982. The large gap is supposed to give time for the physical location to have been modified just enough to support the claims, and then the claims can turn around and support the physical location. See how that works?

Wet sites have yielded some of the most spectacular archaeological finds in the world. Prior to Windover’s discovery, ancient human remains had been uncovered at four others in Florida:  Little Salt Springs (Sarasota County), Warm Mineral Springs (Sarasota County), Republic Groves (Hardee County), and Bay West (Collier County). Known as mortuary ponds, these sites served as cemeteries during the Early and Middle Archaic periods, roughly 10,000 to 5,000 years ago

First off, the location is a mark bc its home of all the Fake-Space people. Titusville, Florida, is situated on the famous Indian River just west of the Kennedy Space Center. Home of the American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame, it is this progressive and technological association Titusville has enjoyed over the decades with the Kennedy Space Center for which it has become best known. The Bog Bodies are the inversion of the Space Cadets. The town is also less than an hour from Disneyland, this is a theme park attraction.

167 bodies discovered in a pond in Windover, Florida, begin to pique the interest of archaeologists. Researchers from Florida State University arrived at the site, believing that more Native American skeletons had been discovered in the swamps. Being that the high acidity in Florida soil generally lends to fast decay, the majority of human remains found under similar circumstances are not more than 500 years old; however, the neutral peat at Windover provides near-perfect conditions for preservation. [Providing an explanation without a question, similar to 9-11 “Harley Guy” and the jet fuel melted steel beams lie. One discoverer states he noted “tanins had seeped into the skull over time it turned a shade of yellow, I knew it wasnt new”. Sure ya did buddy.]


The Windover Bog has turned out to be one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in the United States.

Steve Vanderjagt, the discoverer, was using a backhoe to demuck the pond in 1982 for the development of a new subdivision about halfway between Disney World and Cape Canaveral. Vanderjagt was confused by the large number of rocks in the pond because that part of Florida was not known for its rocky terrain.

Vanderjagt got out of his backhoe and went to check, only to discover that he had found a massive pile of bones. He immediately contacted the authorities. The place was only preserved because of his natural curiosity.

At first they estimated the bones to be 500-600 years old, then they started embellishing. The bones were radiocarbon dated from 6,990 to 8,120 years.

                                                               The pond that Steve stumbled upon.

After the medical examiners declared that they were too old, specialists from Florida State University were brought in (another brilliant move by Vanderjagt- too often sites are ruined because experts are not called). EKS Corporation, the site’s developers, were so fascinated that they funded the radiocarbon dating. Following the discovery of the startling dates, the State of Florida provided funding for the excavation.

Heres another pic showing some skin. I think this is a real person but the image, therefore ALL images are staged in order to make them appear datable. The bug-eye dark glasses and floppy brim hat with scraggly beard scream 80’s. They also say military intelligence agent. The chick above is just there to show a hint of ass, to add sex appeal to something boring sounding like archeology. Thats what Indiana Jones was invented for. As if guys walked around on EVERY dig site shirtless with an 8-pack stomach and booty shorts showing thong straps and bikini snaps were no biggie.

Brains and Bits

Unlike the human remains discovered in European bogs, the bodies discovered in Florida are just skeletons — no flesh remains on the bones. However, this does not diminish their value. Brain matter was found in nearly half of the skulls. The presence of brain tissue in 91 of the corpses implies that they were buried soon after death, within 48 hours. Scientists know this because, given Florida’s hot, humid environment, brains would have melted in bodies that were not buried immediately.

Though these were not the first ancient skulls found with preserved brain matter, this was the first time such a discovery coincided with advances in technology that would allow researchers to analyze the tissue on a molecular level. To ensure the preservation of the brain matter for future study, it was removed from the skulls in the field, sealed in nitrogen-filled containers at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit and transferred to the lab at the University of Florida, where the containers were frozen at minus 94 degrees. By comparing the DNA in these tissues with the genetic sequences of other populations – particularly mitochondrial DNA (passed down maternally) and Y-chromosome DNA (passed down paternally) – it is possible to trace the history of human migration.

The contents of the bodies, as well as other organic remains discovered in the bog, show a diverse environment. Paleobotanists found 30 edible and/or therapeutic plant species; berries and tiny fruits were especially essential to the community’s nutrition.

One lady, maybe 35 years old, was discovered with a mixture of elderberry, nightshade, and holly in the place where her stomach would have been, implying that she was consuming medical plants to treat an ailment. Unfortunately, the combination did not work, and whatever ailment the woman had eventually killed her. Surprisingly, the elderberry woman was one of the few bodies that was spread out rather than coiled up, with her face looking downward. Elderberries were also utilised to treat viral illnesses in other Native American cultures.

  • According to Joseph L. Richardson of the Windover Archaeological Research Project, at the end of the three six-month field seasons, a total of 91 skulls would be discovered that contained brain tissue, and some even contained entire, intact brains. This priceless tissue was preserved in a frozen state for future study.
  • “In addition to a variety of wooden artifacts, archaeologists recovered 119 objects made from animal parts, many of which would have been used as tools to fish, hunt, and butcher meat”
“…(3) 6 month…”; Theres your 666 drop. 119 is an inverted 666 as well.

Ancient CSI, Just as Fake

The site is making the headlines all over again even though the discovery was made in the 80’s. The first two were just about the sensational headlines, they didn’t have to really be doing anything. during the third and final field season in 1986, as the team began digging in the northern part of the pond, they suddenly started finding undisturbed burials with distinct, nearly complete skeletons. This is when “the graves began to speak.”

None of the remains recovered from the bottom of the pond were tossed in or arranged haphazardly. Each had been wrapped carefully in cloth, and placed delicately in this location–in all likelihood, a place revered the people who used it for such burials–and often with special items of possible ritual significance, for use in the afterlife.

The bulk of the bones were discovered laying on their left sides, heads facing westward, maybe toward the setting sun, and faces pointing north. Most were in the foetal position, with their legs tucked up, but three were laying upright.

This was a relatively low death rate given the location and period.

Interestingly, each body had a spike driven through the loose cloth that encased it, probably to keep it from rising to the top of the water as decomposition filled it with air. This practical measure eventually safeguarded the remains from scavengers (animals and grave robbers) and preserved them in their proper placements.

The discovery gives unprecedented insight into a hunter-gatherer culture that lived in the area about 7,000 years ago, more than 2,000 years before Egypt’s Pyramids were erected. In the decades after their discovery, the bones and objects discovered alongside them have been examined nearly continually. The study presents a picture of a difficult but rewarding existence in pre-Columbian Florida. Despite subsisting mostly on what they could hunt and collect, the group was stationary, suggesting that whatever problems they had were minor in comparison to the benefits of the region they chose to live in.

Theirs was a really loving civilization. Almost all of the children’s bodies discovered had tiny toys in their arms. One elderly woman, maybe in her fifties, appeared to have multiple fractured bones. The fractures happened several years before her death, indicating that despite her disability, the other villagers cared for and assisted her even after she could no longer contribute meaningfully to the workload.

Another body, that of a 15-year-old boy, revealed that he had spina bifida, a severe birth condition in which the vertebrae do not develop properly together around the spinal cord. Despite his many damaged bones, evidence shows that he was loved and tended for his whole life. When one considers how many ancient (and even a few current) cultures abandoned the weak and disfigured, these discoveries are mind-boggling.

Other significant findings from the site included some of the most well-preserved ancient fabrics found anywhere in the world. Dr. James Adovasio, one of the foremost authorities on perishable artifacts, examined these samples and found that the yarn from which they were composed was made of fibers from various native plants. The fabrics were made using at least seven different complex weaves; according to Richardson, such patterns would likely have required the use of some type of loom in order to be made in this way.

Doran was forced to hire a full-time communications specialist to respond to media inquiries, organize volunteers, and spearhead educational initiatives such as tours and school programs. The Brevard Artists’ Association even held a contest, challenging artists to produce the best Windover-inspired artwork, with Dickel, much to his dismay, to serve as the judge.

                                                                              Hand on hip, one leg extended forward w knee slightly bent, mil intel mark       

Another notable distinction between the Windover bog people and their European counterparts is that none of the Floridians died violently. Men, women, and children are among the corpses. When they died, almost half of the bodies were younger than 20 years old, while several were far over 70 years old.

Surprisingly, DNA examination of the bones reveals that these corpses have no biological ties to the more recent Native American populations known to have resided in the area. Recognizing the limitations of latest technologies, roughly half of the Windover site was preserved as a designated National Historic Landmark, so that archaeologists might return to the bog in 50 or 100 years to uncover undisturbed remains.

After the excavations were completed, the Windover site was filled with the same peat that was initially removed from the area, and continuing studies will likely occur at a future date when more funding is available.

I just realized after reading that there may not have even been a physical site to begin with. Any evidence can be introduced at the opportune moment and backdated, just like the alleged site was backfilled with the same dirt as the surrounding area. Who’s gonna know? Its the Outer Space ppl for fux sake.

  • “We have a tremendous amount of archeology to be done in this area, mainly because of the land set aside for NASA’s use,” Wentz said.
  • “In addition to the hundreds of Indian shell mounds that were largely destroyed to make roads, we find lots of occupation sites, from camp sites to butchery site. So there’s a lot out there and we need to be notified when anybody knows of something they think might be of interest.

“…And although the remains cannot be put on display, the public can get a feel for them at the Brevard Museum of Natural History Museum in Cocoa, where a showcase houses replicas of what was found at Windover. The museum exhibit displays a replica of a skeleton positioned as it was when it was buried as well as replicas and information about two of the most significant finds at the site – Brain matter – the largest source of its age in the world from which DNA was extracted – and woven fabrics that are the oldest-known in the world…”

There was no discovery site in case you couldnt tell by now. The year it was supposedly found was 1982. Thats the label on the museum replicas anyway, the year makes documenting original sources near impossible. When was the museum display unrolled? Backdated images and fake dig notes are inserted all the time

EKS Corp.

In one of the articles they say the developers were so thrilled at the discovery they footed cost of the initial excavation. Yeah, cuz thats what big time housing developers love to do, halt progress and pay extra fees while putting the project at risk to be shut down for historical interest reasons

(This excuse is popular in many other places such as the catacombs of Malta that are destroyed by contractors rather than reported, however they are destroying evidence of a fakery. Only fragments are published as to hide any proof of fraud.)

EKS Services are the site developers that were kind enough to foot the excavation bill, can you guess what ‘services’ they offer? War actors, a step up from the general Crisis Actor gig.

We provide non-personal services support to Department of Defense (DoD), Federal Law Enforcement, and other government agency clients. Our intelligence support includes support to DoD elements from the tactical to strategic levels, across the full spectrum of the intelligence cycle. Our training support includes scenario development, classroom and field instruction, administrative support, and extensive role player services.

Their website is a real mindfuck. Here’s a clip from the website. Interestingly they had a lot of job openings right around the Hawaii ‘wild’ fires started. Interesting bc one of their ‘services’ are “Pyrotechnical and battlefield effects”

“Operational Environmental Prep”?! Sounds like something involving staging a fake Indian burial site.