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I came about this article when I saw a headline that told of another “Great Fire” in 1893 that took out a large chunk of the city. I wouldn’t be surprized if the narrative does recycle the same script here as every other place that uses a fire to hide Olde World ruins. The photo evidence I found doesn’t show much fire damage but I didn’t make it far from the historic section by the river, this is where all the action happens. The pictures show the repair of canals and hydro power plants used in the food processing industry today. The presence of Olde grain elevators suggests this was the case long ago as well.

Another thing is this is the only picture available. If it really took out a square mile of city wouldn’t you think there would be some kind of evidence. All we have is some newspaper headlines… The NYTimes at that, not exactly credible outlets, ys know?

tunnel collapsed, 1869

I dont think the left image is genuine. It just doesn’t look like a real bridge that would span the Mississippi River. Looks like a facsimile from like the Renaissance Festival. The right images doesnt have a year attached but couldve served as a model for an earlier bridge that didnt exist, a common occurance is to give the appearance of gradual progression in all things. Infrastructual elements is a big one since nobody likes to explain how a fully developed and integrated system just sprang out of nowhere.

The Cornerstone Laying Ritual was supposedly attended by 5,000 ppl. This looks more like a staged set to me

All the bells were removed and clocks were installed in every tower in the world. Bells represent a form of immediate, all forms of communication are psychopathically controlled. The concept of time is similar to that of currency; neither have any value but they are so ingrained into our system we couldn’t imagine an existance without them.

Electric trains, 1890

The hotel on the lower right is said to have slid off the track for a total loss, says the papers but Im thinking if that were true we would be looking at a pile of matchsticks instead of a complete building.

Rev. Neill, assistant to Prez Lincoln. Neil was head Jesuit in charge of education for the State

Pillsbury, Controlling the Food Supply

Im sure it wouldn’t take an extra step to connect this to theagri-tech thread, which was about developing farm implements necessary to commercialize, and thus centralize the farms. This was the route determined to take the food supply, a main ingredient in the overall Full Spectrum Dominance system we have today. The farms that grew the cereal grains are not far inland from the river where we have the storage centers for stages like processing and distribution.

Pillsbury, the still-popular giggling doughboy appears to run shit in Minneapolis at the very beginning of the repopulation. They even have a great big ass sign on the canal walls used as a promo, the O.G. billboard Spook. The big ass building in the back is the Exposition Center. This is the most important building in any major city, the home of the international industrial expo’s and world fairs are all at the Exposition Center, anytime you see one, think “World Fair”. The fair is an allegory for the New World Order.

This is a statue of Pillsbury at the University of Minneapolis, flanked by pyramids of cannonballs. All wars are proxy, meaning they have the appearance of what the narrative says but in reality the only war we have ever fought is a psych war starting day 1. The weapons used against us are things like the food supply.

Fake Indian Wars

Minneapolis is too far from the East to be included in the Civil War cover story but they still needed something similar. Perpetual war is the default setting as far as the historical narrative is concerned. So here, just like everywhere, a string of fictional ‘massacres’ and the like are put together for the public education camps.

The Minnesota Massacre in August 1862 resulted in the deaths of more than 450 settlers living near the reservation. Many white settlers came to help “civilize” the Sioux and establish an Indian school. Although the government offered over a million dollars to the tribe for their land, white merchants [Jews] preyed upon the trade good dependent Sioux by granting massive amounts of credit that they collected directly from the government. Tensions rose as many Sioux found themselves unable to provide for their families. One store attendant refused to take more credit and turned away starving women and children saying, “If they are hungry, they can eat grass”. After the attack some survivors found the store owner dead with grass stuffed in his mouth. When the annual payment from the government failed to arrive on time, Wo-wi-na-pa, the son of Little Crow, and some other Dakota men led an attack against the white settlers. Among them was Little Six, the grandson of Shakopee and leader of the Mdewakanton band, and Medicine Bottle, the nephew of Chief Medicine Bottle. Little Six and Medicine Bottle fled to Canada after the massacre. In early December 1862, the military convicted 303 Sioux prisoners of murder and rape by military tribunals and sentenced them to death. Thirty-eight of the convicted hanged all at once, making it the largest hanging in American History. Medicine Bottle and Little Six evaded capture for almost two years until Major Edwin Hatch kidnapped them in January of 1864. They were put on trial with Wo-wi-na-pa and charged with war crimes. Wo-wi-na-pa managed to escape the noose, but Little Six and Medicine Bottle did not. They hanged at Fort Snelling in 1865

Father Hennepin, or as he is known in the field, Henny Penny

Going back even farther to the very first “White” person to come across the river is the fable of Father Hennepin, for which all the oldest parts of Minneapolis are named. There wasn’t any Native American tribes. Period. No 13 Colonies, No Pilgrims, No Spanish Missionaries. This is how his-story holds the whole shitty illusion together; the entire world was ruinous and empty, they cross historical figures backgrounds with other fictional characters and locations so many times it appears to be a solid history but once you take one out the whole house of cards crumbles.

The fictional monk is said to be from Belgium and traveled at behest of the King Louis XIV, missionaries are a military campaign, hence the name ‘Mission’. He traveled with another group, adding credibility to everyone involved, started out in Canada, reinforcing modern imaginary boundaries, leaving out of another hi-jacked fort, a rendering of which can be seen next door. The map is dated incorrectly on purpose and shows a starfort. The thing that interests me is the fortifications part is facing land-wise, meaning the builders expect no threat from the water.