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I stopped by my homeboys website, someone told me he had some stuff on the fake DEW fires in Maui. Probs he will say the fire videos are fake bc directed energy is a hoax.

LOL, What a fuckin idiot.

I couldnt even make it to his articles to find out, I saw his posting a Phi Beta Kappa diploma as his own made me laugh so much I lost interest in his other thing

PBK goes back to a fairy tale history of the Colonial Revolution and they drafted the Declaration of Independence even. Good Shit.

Even if this was a true timeline the bloodlines that are involved wouldn’t consider some fake truth guru art fag as one of their own. This is mocking you for not knowing this is fake. They all know its fake, thats why they use it, bc they know you think it’s real.

Here is some of their his-story


PBK is a calling card for intelligence agents, dont let them fool you with all the separate fractal pattern groups and splinter factions, thats just them hiding through compartmentalizing themselves. it camoflage, there is only one Intelligence agency but goes by many names, Phi Beta Kappa is one with a fake history to give themselves more of an edge in the psychological warfare going on today and everyday for the last two and a half centuries.

It was founded at the College of William and Mary which was also given a fake history for the same reasons, the two lies prop each other up and work together… So William and Mary was a central authority in the Jamestown Settlement hoax and World Fair, all to give validity not only to William and Mary and the crown they were named after in Jolly Old’, which is tied into the original Colony charters. all the lies hold up the whole structure of civilization today. We live in a world enslaved by binding-contract magick, there was no crown, there was no Jamestown or Revolution, but look how much power the institutions gain today bc of those fairy tales.

Now we have a backdrop for who created the college and why, we can take a look at what is called the Oldest Academic Society in America. Founded initially in 1776 at William and Mary college in Williamsburg VA, when the school was shut down due to the revolution 2 chapters were opened at Yale in 1780 at Harvard in ‘81. Harvard is the only school which has remained unbroken. 

Tradition has it that in the wake of signing the declaration 5 students met secretly in the Apollo Room of tavern on dec5 1776 to discuss politics without fear. They adopted a seal, motto, secret handshake and initiation rites. The first 50 brothers were called founders. It seems kinda like a youth club, of the 50 founders all but a few were teenagers. Also important is that it was open to noncollegians, of which there was a 24 yo Harvard grad named Elisha Parmele that stands out, he is credited with saving the fraternity during the revolution when W&M was shut down, he was the one that opened the two chapters up north.  

[*There was no revolution bc the Colonial period is a lie, this is fabricated to have a linear explaination how the sigils could be everywhere simultaneously at the beginning of the repopulation of America. I bet there is a bronze statue of Parmele somewhere, or somebody today is using birth-right claim to prestige. That link is his ancestry page which treats him like a real person. On paper he is real, there is a paper copy of all of us, no paper copies are real but peoples focused energy makes them…nevermind. Parmele is one of 11 children, that branches out to so many decndants today that can hold his name up and say “Look what we diid for you.” The same way stuff like slavery is held up to say”Look what you did.”, its all bullshit.Another way you know he was a fake person, here is his bio put out by the Atlantic Monthly back in 1879, his 100 yr anno, thats a big one for celebrating false flag events, anything the Atlantic touches is a psychological warfare operation.]

During war-time most of-age males were enlisted in the army where they were needed most however of the 50 founders only 14 had military service. Over half had distinguishing honors and one was the brother of future Prez James Madison. That tells me these are all spoiled rich kids from aristocratic families. Many went on to become politicians and wrote all the legislation for the newly formed state and was hugely involved with drafting the constitution itself. Two members refused to sign the piece when the time came, one citing ‘odious features and the other expressed concern ‘the constitution would only result in a monarchy or tyrannical aristocracy’. The first guy caved after he was appointed gov of Va, the second stood his ground. One member that stands out is named john Marshall and was a high-ranking judge that declined an unsaid ‘mission to France’ offered to him by Prez Washington himself but accepted an unspecified ‘special mission to France’ offered him by Prez Adams. Marshall was the judge presiding over the Aaron Burr trial. It would worthwhile to take a closure look at the Burr trial. *Apon first glance it would seem Burr, if staying consistent with the rest of reality that says everything these ppl do is a lie, is quite the uber spook. Two things remembered is Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel which he was never charged and Burr trial for treason which he was acquitted. There is also the Manhattan Well Murder case where the body of a quaker woman was found in a well that was owned by Burr’s well company that acted as a laundering front. Burr merits a closer examination but not today. 

[So this is just a bunch of colonial rhetoric, its just chatter, like a soap opera. This IS the way history says it happened, that the entire era is scripted this seems to be clearer why everything just fits so nice and neat in a linear timeline. This still took alot research to put it all together in one place, whitch had not been done so much as I could find. (Thats Compartmentalization) Burr might be a real person I seem to remember him skipping town to go down to New Orleans till things cooled off, it wasnt advertised as suspicious but thats what makes it important, the details that go by unrecognized instead of what is parroted in every single article. Repetition means bullshit]

Let’s go back to Elisha Parmele. He was the one the organized the Yale and Harvard chapters. He was set up to go to yale but changed his mind at the last minute and choose Harvard instead. studied in Chaldean Aramaic and Syriac languages. Semitic. He says he was in Virginia for health reasons. He went thru the initiation ritual, but it doesn’t say when or where. I peg him as the go between. Initiated at Harvard or Yale but down in VA on spook business. His-story says he was back and forth as his health deteriorated over the next four years till he died on his way to Va. I think he just got reassigned, we know him as a different character. Like Anne Sullivan who just appear with no background. The first in the Parmelee line in the New World was John P. in the early 1630’s that helped to settle Guilford and signed the Plantation Covenant, Covenant is a religious based term- Calvinist Puritan. He has an interesting story involving another covenant signer William Plaine. Plaine was executed (hanged) by the state in 1646 for two counts of sodomy and teaching youths how to masturbate ‘above 100 times’. Parmele married his widow Anne till she died and then he married Anne and Williams daughter, his step daughter, Hannah. The Plaine case has received a lot of attn by the LGBT community and Plaine himself is a symbol for gay rights. 

[See, told ya they would hold him up today for some kind of false idol, well maybe not him exactly but his decendents are just as fake and Parmele is only one in a long line of similar characters, everyone in his family seems to have some star celebrity role… Even the villians. This might have been inserted BY the lgbt community in like 1997 or something, did you ever think about that? Maybe the document was “discovered in an attic before demolition of the house” as we have found happens quite frequently.]

I think the group was well established before 1776, if they were the ones that wrote the constitution that kind of thing doesn’t just come out in a few months, they had been working on all the paperwork for a long time, using students and universities as a cover and couldn’t admit of their existence till after the declaration had been announced. Much of the buildup to the revolution was happening to close to the other university center of operations to be safe, W&M was the farthest away and would provide the best cover. There were already chapters at the other schools since inception being they are all part of the university grid and they didn’t have to announce themselves till W&M shut down, they could just appear as new chapters but had in fact been there the whole time. All the secrecy openly dies out in 1831 and they stuck with their devotion to intellectual endeavors and not secret political ones. 

Among the members of Phi Beta Kappa are Henry Kissinger, Nelson and John Rockefeller, George and Jeb Bush, ex Prez Clinton, FDR, Carter, Wilson and news commentator Tow Brokaw, and 7 of 9 current Justices of the Supreme Court. When members start to cross over into the Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission this suggests to me they are still in fact keeping secrets. 

[my entry point was John Macy, while he was working on the Helen Keller Project at Harvard, he wrote the book which had Helen Kellers name on it as her own.]

 The story goes that he was introduced to HK through a mutual friend who thought the two would get along. Macy became smitten a short time later to the much older Sullivan and the two were wed in 1904. They all lived together for a time but the marriage didn’t last so they separated in less than a decade. Sullivan wouldn’t get John a divorce. John died an alcoholic. 

John Macy was famous enough by his own rite as a literary critic and editor. The thing I don’t like is both of those are based on other people’s works. A literary critic doesn’t write anything and an editor just corrects what they say is how a paper should be written. He is credited for doing much of Kellers first book in 1903 but how much is left unsaid. He would’ve also done the contractual work with publishers.