Mocking Directed Energy Technology: Maui Footage and the Secret Service Rental Car Fires

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This is a coordinated effort to keep Directed Energy Technology in the mainstream alt-news conversation. Even as Im finishing this article the MSM just published within the hour the 100th victim just died.

Predictive Programming: D.E.W. Maui Burst

The D.E. subject only comes up when there is another ‘wildfire’. This time the point was to make it seem so obvious both that the videos were fake and directed energy is real you have to ask yourself whats the angle. The point is to discredit DE itself. The events were staged for the DEW, the face value is secondary. Like Biden’s car rental, the “Conspiracy” seems to be focused on why the DEWs were used, like sending a message, destroying evidence, that sort of thing. Nope, the video was made for the purpose of bringing DEWs to the spotlight. Not to try and fear porn you bc fake nukes dont work, but bc Directed Energy is real and common but you aren’t allowed to know that.

I came about this report starting with the Florida Bog Bodies, A group of 8,000 year old remains were found in the 80’s but not really, the museum displayed a bunch of replica artifacts and released some backdated pictures to ‘prove’ there was a discovery but the site was on NASA owned property and the developer that virtuously paid for the initial excavation was called EKS Corp. There was no excavations and EKS was just given a shout out.

A follow up on EKS revealed they were involved with supplying the Dept of Defense with highly skilled and trained crisis actors, here is a screenshot:

This is like a resume, should you ever need a good Signals Intelligence you know where to go.

  • One thing the really caught my attn was the list of available job openings…

I stay away from headlines in the Normie media, its not just that they’re all fake but they actually make ppl dumber after they read it. I couldnt help notice the date and location of the latest cluster happened to be Hawaii right before the most recent string of “wildfires”. I cover Directed Energy signatures often on this website, D.E. is used all the time but its only pointed out when weaponized and then only by the alt media. I used to think the alt media was just as bad as mainstreet media but now I think they’re worse. The alt media still lies about everything and still just as obvious in their mockery but its worse bc they know the readers think they are on to something the general population isn’t aware of. The EKS Group connection shows it is literally a military operation. They are civilian by label only, to avoid those pesky govt transparency laws, they pretend to be a private company.

Fake Truth Guru’s

Heres where I dedcided to look up Maui DEW fires. I’ve seen the memes and read about it in the comment section so lets see what they got.

This is the headliner “proving” the mass deaths in Hawaii that the MSM is covering up. Its all CGI. What more in a post apocalyptic world can you get? It looks like it was made for a zombie video game. The source is some guy on FB named leafy that also was posting about Aliens and holocaust maps… I dont think so.

The website host charges by storage space used, videos are so large its too expensive to support them. This way they force you to use their platforms like yt and shit.

Fake bodies, fake fire. CGI videos. The fires, the body. All of it.

Here is a link for a fake truth guru channel

There are two sources providing video footage. One is Geoff Cygnus which takes us back to EKS Group, if you take the link to their “transparency” page they transport you to a Cigna Group, I’m guessing it looks like an insurance front but its a mark, he’s letting the ‘in’ crowd know. Its like gang graffiti.

Heres a 12 min vid I made, I dont do videos for the most part but heres a feeble attempt.

This one calls themselves out as if its like the NASA guy or Elon Musk that said “You can tell its real bc it looks so fake.” In this segment the two surfer doofus EKS agents are driving through the island, EKS doofus 1 says “It looks like Terminator 2, Man” and EKS doofus agent 2 says “It doesn’t even look real, Man.” Well T2 was probs the inspiation for most of the videos and it doesn’t look real bc it isn’t.
Here is full video

Crisis Actors in Maui, “Bodies everywhere; human and animal bodies”

Mock DEW Fire Site #2, Biden Secret Service Cars in Nantucket

First off, the Secret Service doesnt borrow or rent cars from Hertz. This is significant considering the cast and setting. The history of the Scret Service is tied to Abe Lincoln and Pinkerton, two fictional characters so whatever one of their babies pops up its a mindfuck all the way. Second is Nantucket; connected to the myth of whaleing. Im not denying the existence of minor operations or a brief period of commercial whaling but the stories of acrossing the Atlantic on blow spouts is fiction. If you look at the history of the Island its a Spook Intelligence ring. A group of families supposedly traded a handful of beads and a beaver hat for the island and its founders are elitist cryptojew families still today. Very creepy. Thirdly is it happened on Thanksgiving. TGivin is the start of a consumerist religion ritual, remember there were no Indians or Pilgrims, so how TF do you explain Thanxgivin? Its the start of holiday season. See my article in the archives about thanksgiving pagan roots. Now that I think about it, The leading family that puched the most for the official recognition as Thanksgiving the start of the shopping holiday season was Macy’s, as in the Macy’s Santa Parade on Thanksgiving. Macy’s were also one of the nine founder families of Nantucket for some beaver hats. All these agents and operations are tied together.

The mainstream media is connecting any attempts to keyword seard ‘conspiracy’ is sent to factcheckers, the Monistry of Truth unbiased witness who in turn send us to a thread on the Secret Service and their role on Jan 6, lol. Sure, cus that was real.

I think the Chatbot or Chat gpt, I call them Trolbots, are refined on reddit and yt comment sections. I dont even think most of these are real ppl. The army of meat puppets has been replaced by computer trollbots. Pick any one and click the profile.

Heres one with 252 subscribers… I only have 2. This has the double M thing going. When you turn the M’s they are the 33. Goes for Marilym Monroe, Eminem, Manson, Miles Mathis…

Speaking about Agent Mathis and Co., the other Fake Truth Guru crew talking about Maui DEWs are David Icke and Jim Fetzer, the same ones are now also talking only about the fake war in Israel, by fake war I mean fake footage of the israeli State of Occupied Palestine real apartheid.

Other Conspiracy Fact Checkers have debunked Direct Energy Technology…