Fake Sphinx of Babylon Body Reunited with Head

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This is more like an update, or extension to the Biblical Archeology posts I put out recently. They put the shit on so thick, how does anyone fall for this crap.

The rediscovery was made the other day a giant Lamassu Sphinx was unearthed at the Nineveh dig site, the Royal Library. The background story was interesting AF, albeit the script reads like an over the top drama soap opera. Isis terrorists wrecking havoc on cultural relics, the local population in distress reburied some artifacts to keep them safe. The head was cut away but recovered by customs and is in the Baghdad Museum, the body was just ‘found’.

Its a source of National Pride to the Iraqi ppl, any thing that promotes patriotism is bad. Does that thing look like it was buried for 30 years?

This was the same statue that was the center of international outcry at the destruction of cultural relics in 2015

  • According to the press release, the lamassu was first discovered in 1992 by an Iraqi archaeological mission during excavations at the 6th gate, located in the western part of the ancient city of Khursbad.
  • Following the lamassu discovery, the head was stolen in 1995, but was later recovered and preserved in the Iraqi Museum. The main body was then reburied to preserve the architectural remains following the Gulf War conflict. This act likely saved the lamassu from destruction, as in 2015 ISIS systematically looted and destroyed much of the remains of Khursbad.
  • The archaeological story of the Lamassu in Khorsabad started much earlier, though. In the 19th century, French archaeologist Victor Place mentioned the statue, but the the relief dropped from public records until the 1990s when Iraqi authorities earmarked it for “urgent intervention”. Thats when it was inserted with the fake 19th century notes faked.
  • Only the head was missing and that was already in the collection of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad after being confiscated by customs officers from smugglers in the 1990s,
  • It was during this period that looters pillaged the head and chopped it into pieces to smuggle abroad.
  • The rest of the relief was spared the destruction wreaked by the Islamic State jihadist group, which overran the area in 2014, because residents of the modern village of Khorsabad hid it before fleeing to government-held territory

Interesting that the video admits the pieces look like plaster, not stone. The setting doesn’t even look like a real museum, more like a scripted stage. Anytime the news uses terms like ‘Unconfirmed’ or ‘not verified’ they are lying. They spin it so that the Isis destroyed artifacts for the camera were fake but the real items were smuggled out and sold to collectors to fund terrorist operations. Good one.

Other sites said destroyed are the Temple of Be’al, in Syria. It was fake to begin with. They worship Ba’al/Bel

Other mil intel projects focus on Muslim Extremism includes the Buddhist statues blown up by the Taliban in 2001. Same thing here.