American History Trash

This just a repository of links for a group of common themed posts and a brief description. American history threads.

One-Eye symbolism in fake John Adams pic. Reported by the Atlantic, housed at the Smithsonian. The story of how the picture was found in an antique store printed in the 70’s

Gettysburg Address– This one has information about the Civil War, Lincoln, Spook photographers. Matthew Brady

Abe lincoln– dedicated to Lincoln and photographers Brady, Sullivan, Gardener, Indians, civil war Pinkerton intro

Westward Expansion– abe lincoln, indians, world fairs, tourist trap heritage sites, cliff dwellings

Antarctica– polar exploration continues where the Westward Expansion leaves off.

Jamestown the most complete breakdown of the fraud that is the jamestown colony ever written in history.

Indians are fake– trail of tears, Cherokee reservation, War Dept portraits. Couple with the fake western tribes in the Westward expansion paper

Richmond– Civil war, photographers, abe lincoln, part of World in Ruins page in the works, Matthew Brady

industrial revolution– good article about the organization of the tax-slave class

1824 newspaper– paper from the Colonial period breakdown, Trail of Tears prequel

Leo Frank media psyop, fake murder, fake revenge execution. They all meet up at the San Fran World Fair to celebrate

Molly Macguires– media psyop, allen pinkerton, the railroads are ancient, fake public execution

Birth Control/population control/eugenicists- margaret sanger, big pharm, military industrial complex

Colonial Notes– Normie history notes, misc

Conservation civilian corp– group that restored pre-reset sites and turned them into tourist traps

Croton reservoir- This has info on early NYC infrastructure: architecture, water supply, canals. heres another about NYC, state building and more.

Hampden Reservoir– Baltimore water supply and the sunken industrial ruins of Out of Place Artifact center

NY State Capital building, mudflood architecture

Starforts- Pre Reset artifacts

Hoosac Tunnel– Industrial center from before the repopulation, New England, Appalachian Trail

Mysterious Disappearance– Barbara Follet fake death, Boston Elite. Worked for Atlantic Monthly. My first troll comment <3

Helen Keller is the most fucked up bitch I ever seen