Pet Health: Coconut Oil and Dishsoap for Fleas

Im aware the average person doesnt have the attn span to make it to the end of this article, so the short answer for everyone included is yes, coco oil is the best home treatment for flea infestations made by nature. the oil contains Lauric acid which is particularly unpleasant for biting parasites. The oil coats the exoskeleton first causes immobility followed by suffocation, leaving your furry friend with a soft coat and healthy skin. On top of this I should add even if your pet doesnt have any fleas you should still do this for them. it made a world of difference to my suffering little fuzzy companion. The reward of having your pet look at you like their savior is worth any inconvenience it takes

How did I not even know about this stuff? The general lack of knowledge about the range of benefits of coconut oil shouldn’t be surprizing. Shits good for everything. Especially treating flea infestations.

Dishsoap is a cheaper less toxic less expensive alternative to flea and tick shampoo and works in seconds. The degreaser penetrates their exoskeleton and they die instantly. This is the purrfect prewash cycle. Coco oil isnt messy really, I mean its oil, but its not greasy and is absorbed into the skin quickly, but it collects dirt as you go and by the 48 hr mark you’re companion will be kinda groady looking so you dont want to start with dirty right at the beginning.

Plus the oil gives many of the little bastards time to jump away. If you just want to apply to a stray or an outside animal thats fine, you dont want to treat a fleaa ridden pet indoors, all the fleas just jump off the cat and onto the carpet and furniture. A dish soap bath beforehand not only knocks the dirt away but kills everything on contact. Theres no fleas to jump off if theyre all dead.

Flea dirt is another reason to wash first, its essentially blood that has been turned into shit, not very healthy Im sure, and the pet will naturally lick himself once the oil is applied, you dont wanting him licking shitblood off his coat.

I have made several posts about this thread, you can find them in the reader section. I get each point a short page instead of one long page I dont think anyone will read. Really it was a learning experience to get familiar with how the web builder operates. Ive been working on a research assignment I want to share my conclusions but im not sure the best way. I took the pet health assignment seriously and was honest about every post. even if its not my genre I still do the best in everything I do. My other stuff about Mathis is honest too, guys one for sure, as my understanding progressed I do not consider him any different than any other distraction from Babylon. Bitch lies about everything. I should make a post every time I find one. The only reason its important is for the new arrivals. People still coming out of their comas and still sharpening their discernment skills will be led astray by liars like Mathis and his fan club. Its up to the community elders to call them out for who they are. Crrow777, TheHighersideChats, RussianVids Icke, 153news… theyre all the same, selling partial truths to bury bigger ones.

Anyway, i thought this would be something everyone could take away from. It wont last forever so its a temporary delay at best. It’ll give you time to find a more permanent solution. It does work though, no debate, I’m just sharing personal first-hand experience.

Angelpie stretching his arms for the first time in years after i cut the dreadlocks limiting his mobility so he couldn’t jump on the fence.
Angelpie on a good day

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