Harpers Ferry: Mudflood, Great Reset, Hidden History

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I just got back from Harper’s Ferry. I went in with the understanding that the history books are all fabricated. I wanted to see the place where John Brown was supposedly hung, wanted to check out the armory where the action supposedly happened, wanted to check for cathedrals and architecture. These are the things to keep an eye out for. Any kind of memorial or marker is just a bonus, they only remember their own, makes them easy to track. I had no clue how much I would find once I got there, I got some pics of alot of stuff I knew was important but I missed a lot bc at the time I didn’t know what I was looking at. Later when I got home I could do the homework I should’ve done before I went but the stop was unexpected, it was part of a larger mission to visit the Paw-Paw Tunnel, which I believe is much older than history books lie about. The Paw Paw Tunnel is part of the C&O Canal and the canal system is what the main objective was, Harper’s Ferry was just a pit stop. There is too much to see in one day, maybe even two days.

Theres a couple things here that you have to understand before we go any farther. There was some kind of paradigm shift in the recent past. The world was repopulated. This article is not going to try to convince skeptics these are what happened, there are other articles for that, if you dont buy it, thats cool, prove me wrong. American history is all a lie, most people agree but few understand to what degree. George Washington and the Founding Fathers are bedtime stories. Theyre not real. If there ever was a flesh and bone person named Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson their school-book persona is so far removed from reality it may just as well be called a lie anyway. The late 1700’s we start seeing the installation of the worldwide centralized control grid. By the time America was repopulated with the Orphan class immigrants the infrastructure was already in place and we have been in a series of refinments ever since. The American Revolution, Colonial America, the War of 1812, the Civil War…Theyre all bullshit. There may have been some degree of proxy operations individually we can discuss at a later time, right now the take-away is they are all providing cover for the Reset.

Anything George Washington’s name is attached to is automatically red-flagged. I’m telling you, it wont take long and you’ll see. For instance he is credited with starting the first Canal interests, without much luck. Thats because the canal systems of America are ancient, they were always here, like the railroad. Now there is a phantom historical icon associated with them for any interested parties come snooping around the ruins there is there is an explanation how they got there. See how that works? Good, because that is the same thing they did with the whole town of Harpers Ferry.

Georgie wrote about H.F. in his diary dated 1785 while on a surveying mission to inspect water ways for his Patowmack Company, which was guaging the logistics for constructing a canal system. In real life Washingtons journal is a forgery used to justify an illegitimate claim to authority. Land grabs are big too, not just Washingtons but all old fake records are wills and deeds used to steal choice locations. The fake doc might go back 300 yrs and the Inheritor class uses ‘real’ fake family trees to justify their own illegitimate claim, over the course of so many generations there are alot of people that have a ‘legitimate’ fake claim. Most importantly the diary props up a false narrative history.

The C&O canal is ancient, thats why they used Washington to explain how it got there. It was so old even the Inheritors couldnt take credit for it so they assigned its construction to and even earlier person that didnt even exist but nobody would know that bc it was a generation or 2 before them, close enough to the present that nobody would expect some kinda fuckery.

Nine years later in 1794 Washington would return to H.F. to open the first armory. Construction would begin in 1799. This means the site was already manufacturing, they just clipped Washington’s name to it to give it the facade of timeline history. Harper’s Ferry was an old World site, strategically significant where two major rivers meet. There is also the canal itself and the railroad connection and the Appalachian trail all run through it. There is also a megalithic site overlooking the town that is almost humorously named Jefferson Rock, after fictional Founding Father Tommy who was also written into the script

There are several monuments I could find, both dedicated to the false-flag John Brown raid in the run up to the Civil War, which the town would play an important part to the narrative but in reality the war was used as a cover to destroy any signs of the Old World and rewrite history. One was an obelisk dedicated to John Brown presented by the Railroad company.

The railroad has been here longer than his-story books lead us to believe as well and its as old as the canal. All the history of the RR has been its management. No construction. Sure they had to do some repairs and reroute some tracks but the infrastructure was already here. Anything worthy of an obelisk in their eyes would be a tribute to their own, the RR is behind some of the worst moments in modern memory.

RR sponsored obelisk commemorates John Brown and Harpers Ferry

C&O Canal and Paw-Paw Tunnel

My understanding of canals has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. The canal grid is much more extensive and older than I ever thought. The C&O stands for Chesapeake and Ohio, although it doesnt make it to Ohio. Officially this is bc they say they ran out of money and the Railroad passed by. From the evidence I see the canal is much older and the RR was built on the old canal grid, not in every case but often enough. Sometimes it the two run side by side.

The beginning point is in Washington D.C., it follows the Potomac River all the way up. There is an obelisk at the beginning point in Georgetown with the name Fiske on it. There is another important marker with the same name in the keystone of the Paw-Paw Tunnel, outside of Harpers Ferry. Fiske was a Reset agent that put his name on things to steal credit but he didnt built or engineer anything. The most these guys did was some repairs.

The town of Antietam is only 6 miles away from HF by canal. The major Civil War battles happened in the same weekend but they are completely isolated from each other, thats bc the Civil War is a cover story.

Along the C&O is the tunnel, again with isolating compartmentalist history that looks good on paper but once you see it with your own eyes you realize theres no way a few immigrants with some donkeys built this thing.

This is my favorite spot inside the tunnel. It shows 5 or 6 layers of brick that case the opening down to the bed rock behind it all.

Here are some pictures of pictures from inside the rr museum

Jefferson Rock, Megalithic site

Jefferson rock says it gets his name bc Tommy Jefferson stopped to take a dump or something just as ridiculous, even if there was a real person and they named it after him it just seems they’re doing it sneakily. So the story goes the top slab used to teeter-totter and was a threat to children so sometime between 1850 and 1860, nobody knows exactly when, some unknown residence, nobody knows who, braced it up with the legs. The narrative makes as much sense as the namesake.

The part that gets me are the slabs at the bottom leaning up on the side. It looks very much like they were somehow incorporated but got knocked off. This could be an attempt to fix some ruins from back then but I dont think this is the complete story.

The megalith is located at the top of the hill behind the church, you cant miss it. Access is on the Appalachian Trail, the trail is one of the major attractions to the town, its as old as the train and canal and Harper’s Ferry itself, maybe the oldest section of all. The normie history says it was even an idea till 1921, but here it is with a rich history, even fake as it is, going back to the Antebellum period before the civil war. So that doesn’t make any sense either. The time between the John Brown fiction and the civil war seems to be about the time there was some major changes starting. This would be the Great Reset.

Appalachian Trail

We see a common sigil (pyramid capstone) inside another sigil that gives the Appalachian Trail away

The origins of the AT would probs make for a good article, without even looking we have uncovered it was well in existence , even if it was in parts, Im willing to accept it was all connected in the 20’s but thats not what his-story says, they say it was conceived at that date which is bullshit. Maybe it was an old world road system, or maybe like the Silk Road. Most histories agree the AT started out as Indian foot paths, Im sure they do agree since Indians are about as real as Honest Abe and Pinkerton. America was repopulated, not colonized. No Indians, I accept there was survivors of the Reset Event, a Mudflood to some, these survivors I refer to as the Feral Class. When you hear the word Indian, think survivor. Indians were used as just another invisible threat like nukes and viruses and terrorism. All early mentions have been scrubbed, as if the concept of a footpath through the mountains was so far out there nobody thought of it till 1921. The tall-tale of John Brown says he planned to flee south through the Appalachians setting slaves free to fight for the resistance, this cockamamie scheme would make somewhat alittle more sense if they mentioned he had a well worn existing trail the way but they cant say that, they have to pretend it wasnt there. Well how did Thomas Jeferson get up there to take a dump if there was no path?i

Civil War Shenanigans

Harper’s Ferry played a significant role in the war for several reasons, for one, look at it as an intro to the war itself with the run-up being Browns armed rebellion and the core being racism and slavery. now fast forward to when the Emancipation Proclamation was supposedly written by Lincoln. The Proclamation was published exclusively in Harper’s Weekly, which is like the Atlantic, or NYTimes in that it is a gatekeeper, Hall of Records and every thing it posts is a psychological warfare operation. This outs the doc as a Hollywood stage prop. It was published in the paper bc Lincoln existed only in papers. At the time Lincoln was under the protection of Allen Pinkerton, the uber James bond intel bad-ass, and that nigga was a phantom too. This might be too much for some people if you’re not familiar with this content i get it, go through the stages of processing the information all you want, this is not the article to try and convince anyone, I have those Im trying to edit.

Not only is the emancipation proclamation and its entire cast a fictional character but its release was also at the battle of Antietam, which as Civil War history buffs will tell you is the biggest mass casualty war time event in history. 30,000 people supposedly died that day. Im sorry but i have a hard time accepting that. Not only does the amount of people some incredibly high but the way it happened, in stages, drawn out and with shifts, its very scripted reading. The civil war could be a cover for a low population, all mass casualty events for that matter could just be written down to dismiss why there is not more people. Maybe 30,000 did die, I mean, where did everyone go? We have all these pics over the whole entire world of major metropolises and beautiful stone architecture all empty. Whatever really happened Im only sure of one thing that did NOT happen was 30,000 people fought to the death over slavery. Harper’s Ferry is connected to this bc this is where the battle came from. The fighting left H.F. and continued on to Antietam for the grand finale.

Another oddity I noticed at the Civil War Museum in town was the exhibit of Garibaldi Guard. It wasn’t their flamboyant uniforms. Giuseppe Garibaldi was a Reset character that traveled around the world to help get the infrastructure set up before the repopulation. His name came up in other research papers connecting him to other early Reset figures, most notably Sammy Howe and Mikey Anagnos that set up charity and educational institutions in America. Garibaldi was part of the Young Italy movement lead by Mazzini, the famous freemason, and Guiseppe himself holds titles to every ‘secret’ society you can think of, they idolize him.

Everywhere Garibaldi went was a war zone; Italy, Greek, Brazil, America. Compartmentalization misleads us into believing they were all isolated but they werent. They were all part of the same event that reset the world authority. That means anybody that pays tribute to him must be in the same line of work. So why would there be a special elite troop that takes his name? Because the Civil War is part of the same Reset.

The Garibaldi Guard was active in all the major turning point battles; Gettysburg, Petersburg, Bull Run and many others, so either they were inserted into s false history or they just traveled around playing out proxy mock battles for the next generations indoctrination. Either way it raises some serious questions about the entire narrative. Still yet, it was composed of Turkish, German, Swiss, French, Spanish and Portuguese nationals, seems like quite a mixed group to be so passionate about a foreign country. Many had served in Europe and Crimean wars under Garibaldi himself. The historical fairy tale says Lincoln offered him a spot in the Union which he refused. This was an elite body of multinational battle veterans. We call them mercenaries. There is correspondence in letters that prove either Gary knew the whole production was a charade and played along, or Gary was a fictional icon as well.

The earliest connection Garibaldi has to Harpers Ferry goes back to before the war to John Browns Raid, one of Browns co-conspirators, name of the prominent Forbes family supposedly paid 600$ to garibaldi to be his drillmaster. Hugh Forbes is the one that wrote the Sec of War to give him an early warning.

The Civil War battle was staged here just so the army could set up their 100 pound battry across the river and blow the evidence of the true age to smithereens

John Browns Fort

John Brown and the failed insurection was part of the drum up to the war. Supposedly Brown and a handful of escaped slaves were going to raid the arsenal and take the weapons and travel southward along an old Indian Trail setting more slaves free and capturing more weapons along the way.

Heres the thing, the weapons they were going to steal were pikes, and the Indian Trail has no name bc it wasnt part of the timeline yet. It would become the Appalachain Trail in the coming decades but that is said to have been the manifestation of a single person, with no fore runners. (IKR) The arsenal is attributed such low tech gear bc that, too, was not supposed to be a reality that there was manufacturing to the degree I think there was at the time.

Harpers Ferry was a Pre-Repopulation industrial center. Its proximity to the mountains meant raw ore like metals and coal could be brought in by canal and major works could process it into whatever they needed and then ship out on railroad.

The ruins for the manufacturing works are found all along the river and canal and kiln chimneys are still scattered in multiple locations around the area.

Brown supposedly was publicly executed by the military but thats a lie too. He was funded by a group called the “Secret Six”, which included the likes of Samuel Gridley Howe and Franklin Sanborne. Everything they do is a false flag; the Civil War is a Psychological War.

John Brown plays a large part of the towns celebrated fabricated past. The fort was disassembled and taken to the chicago Worlds Fair. The WF is a place where controlling factions can get together without drawing unwanted attention to themselves like, say, the Bilderbergs or Bohemian Grove. Its a place they pay tribute to their own works and direct the progress and direction of civil development.

After the fair it was abandoned in a field for several years before someone realized the propaganda potiential and shipped it back to Harpers Ferry.

Lewis and Clark

Might as well squeeze as many bedtime story fantasies into one narrative as possible. One of the open-air museum shops is a tribute to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The fictional duo is said to have come here to stock up on supplies before their perilous journey. Of course they did, just like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson took a piss behind that rock. GTFOH. This is his-story sold as a tourist trap. Its even maintained by the Park Service.


The entire town is set up like an open-air walkabout museum, each little building housing another part of the narrative. If you know what your looking at, each exhibit only disproves what the narrative line is.

One of those is this little gem. The brochure says when scientists were excavating a foundation they found another underneath, and then a third. At the end they admit its impossible to know how old the houses are bc they are built right into the bedrock.

Not only that but there are buried doorways andwindows below street level.

Stayer University

Stayer is a black college in Harpers Ferry that acts as a gatekeeper for their timeline history trap. They are in control of the whole town pretty much and use racism to virtue-signal their version of events and if you try to challenge them you are a racist. Of course the Black university would be headquartered in Harpers Ferry. Its a form of narrative protection

I found this bottle in one of the mock-up store fronts, the Hoffman family is a bunch of scandalous-ass bitches. This was not placed coincidentally in the window sill, this was their version of product -placement. Hoffman druggist family include Abby Hoffman, the counter culture guru of the 60’s and Albert H, the guy that is credited with discovering LSD for the Warburg family in Switzerland. Galveston is a mark as well, full of pre-reset buildings and ancient canals