Fake Truth Guru. Chemtrail denier, Fluoride apologist. Art Fag. Agent Mathis

How to tell if someone is lying to you: Lincoln never existed. Hitler is misdirection. Trannies hidden in plain site are a thing. The globe is a lie. the Mudflood is real. Space is fake. Dinosaurs are fake. World Fairs are a thing. Helen Keller is a gatekeeper. The Great Reset already happened. Napoleon never existed. Indians are fake. America was repopulated. Chemtrails are real. Fluoride is bad. The Railroad is ancient. Phoenicians are fake. Suppressed energy technology is real. nukes are fake. Pedophiles do exist. Germ-theory is a hoax. Anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying to you or is too stupid to realize they have been lied to.

“The spooks assume that enough noise can drown out anything, but I have found by long experience that the truth tends to rise above the din by a music all its own. Somehow the truth just sounds different than a lie. It is in a different key, so that no amount of noise can cover it.” -Agent Mathis about to deliver a whopper.

why you should always trust your gut. Miles chemtrail paper was the worst thing I’d ever seen. This single paper outs him as a disinfo agent and the rest is supporting evidence. **Disclaimer: I am not promoting him or directing traffic to his site on purpose. Do not take the link unless you dont mind giving him the numbers. It is important for green researchers to be able to identify bullshit from authenticity.

Most times you can tell by the things they say, Sometimes it by the things they leave out. Thats what makes this operation different, he tells the truth about alot of stuff, establishing trust. But he knows the reality is very few are going to actually check. This way he can hide bigger truths. Manipulating someones perception by intentionally withholding information is called ‘Omissive Lying’.

His name: You have the capital M’s, as in Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Manson, the rapper Eminem and the candy as well just to drive it home. So initials MM become 33 if you rotate it, which comes up somewhere else on his own bio page. Not only that but M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. 13 is a powerful number by itself. Think the 12 zodiacs and the sun or another interpretation 12 disciples and Jesus, the So(u)n. Our M.M. claims is middle name is William. M.W.M. These parasites are so inverted there is no differentiating. Doubles are special, triples even moreso. W is just an inverted M; MMM 333, making him the triple threat. Miles ‘Triple Threat’ Mathis. Occultists use 333 to hide 666 all the time. however my accusations do not hang on some numerology.

MM, or WW in this example, rotates to 33, as you can see tranny Becky Lynch ‘The Man’ paying tribute just like Agent Mathis does in his namesake. Read more about wrestling trannies here. Pants-on-fire Mathis caught lying about the role of the deceptive tranny invasion, which goes all the way up to the white house or maybe he really thinks Big Mike is just a big conspiracy theory

On to the ‘Edition 33’ bronze pieces in his gallery… Even if this was organically somehow the 33rd edition of anything he cannot claim ignorance and continue to promote them. People that do the level and depth of research he claims would not have any association with these psychopaths. Whether they are genuine or not is irrelevant, they raise suspicion.

[Finally got Harriet Westbrook Shelly and bronze homage to demon whore succubus gatekeeper its own article to go more in-depth on why anyone would choose her as a subject.]

Learn to recognize the signals for yourself so you are not dependent on assholes like this for incomplete truths. I could’ve left them out altogether but they DO merit note. It does not matter if they are bullshit to you, they absolutely are not bullshit to the parasite class that use them so intentfully.

Thats his Modus Operandi. Dont tell direct lies when possible, establish trust, and appear transparent. Its how he hides, by pretending to be honest and open. Most operatives give themselves away by what they say. Like Assanges’ comments that he is ‘constantly annoyed’ by 9-11 truth bc it is a ‘distracting false conspiracy’ outs him as an agent in one sentence, Mathis chemtrail denial does the same thing.

The pdf is only 7 pages long but the first 4 are just him buttering the reader up, trying to get your defenses down. He opens with name-dropping other agents he has worked with on other intelligence projects. He outright admits these ex (lol) co-workers and their pages are fronts but expects you to believe he was totally ignorant at the time, and could not possibly be in the same league bc he told you the truth about other stuff. He even uses bold lettering as if that says he really means business. Then he goes onto remind you some of the other stuff he was truthful about like the Zodiac and Manson murder. (I havent looked into either case personally so idk how truthful he really was). See how that works? He starts out by dropping a few names and sites, Veterans Today tbe, just you let you know they are controlled fronts. I single out VT because Mathis does. In another article he direct lies about an interaction he has with them and an intentional omission over source material, you can read it here. He brings up Natural News and Infowars. Of course. He tells you how fake Alex jones is so that means the Triple Threat himself cannot be fake. He talks about Infowars all the time. Every time he tells you how fake Jones is he is promoting himself, hiding behind Jones’ fakeness. Using him to prove how unfake Mathis is. This is how they prop each other up. Anybody that consistently uses Alex Jones or Infowars to throw under the bus as controlled op is lying to you about something. He probly has Hicks on speeddial so they can coordinate an info leak that Miles can use to show how much faster and unfaker he is. That is another thread I have noticed, agents like Mathis and Max Igan and Crrow777 are given information to release ahead of others so that they can come back and say “See. I told you so, I predicted it first”, seeming to boost their credibility but in reality it was a scheduled info drop, their handlers tell them what to say and when to say it. Really the script is easy to predict if you can read the signs, do it for yourself though. You dont need some kind of conspiracy psychic powers.

This is how most of the article goes, distraction and rhetoric and self promotion/validation. It doesnt get into chemtrails for over half the essay, but when he finally does his intro gives himself away. He knows he has to get you to swallow a big ol’ spoonful of horseshit so he lays it on real thick.

“The spooks assume that enough noise can drown out anything, but I have found by long experience that the truth tends to rise above the din by a music all its own. Somehow the truth just sounds different than a lie. It is in a different key, so that no amount of noise can cover it.”

So how did Mathis arrive at this particular page he bases his whole entire position on? Well his alibi is that it was the first link that came up in his keyword search ‘chemical composition of chemtrails’. Thats a goddam lie. First off, only the promoted fake science sites are at the top of any search is this arena, the algorithms know what you are looking for no matter how you word it, they’re going to send you to Harvard or Popular Mechanics or something. Duh. You can try other more PC search terms like solar radiation management or geoengineering even then you have to untangle the disinfo associated with these searches. They know what information you are really looking for and AI directs traffic where they want you to go.

Finally he includes a link he claims proves everything he said about chemtrails, which at pg 5 of 7 is only a few sentences worth. The link is now 404 but it was in the wayback machine here. The homepage of the 404 link is still available here. The site is called Mayan Magix and its got all the sun and pyramid symbolism and astrological new-agey evolution crap that goes hand in hand. Definitely NOT a credible reference for any science related field. It contains all the symbols Mathis ousts as markers in almost every essay he writes, including magic and shamanism, even the little pedo spiral. That this somehow slipped past him is just as likely that his ‘Edition 33’ is natural.

This is Mathis’ source for scientific chemical analysis.

The page with the composite list is unlike the rest of the site. Why would chemtrail composition be on a site dedicated to ancient Mayan Codexes? Well because they are all part of the same network Mathis is a representative of. The domain name contains the word magic for crying out loud, Mathis repeats himself every time it arises that any time you see references to magic or supernatural or satanism its a cover for Intel. This is smoke and mirrors.

“Laboratory examination of those chemicals found that they were manufacturing wastes from military, industry, and bio-warfare substances.”

The above quote is from Mathis’ essay he lifted from his source article, he claims it confirms everything he says . Bullshit. It confirms nothing except you’re an idiot if you fall for his little shtick. For starters why don’t you try clarifying what kind of examination was performed.

Another signal is he keeps repeating the mistake of saying ‘bio-‘ instead of ‘geo-‘ engineering. Bioengineering this and Bio engineering that. Not just once or twice either, every single time in the article. Maybe I could let it slip once or twice but not every single time. Either he is making the mistake on purpose or he is too fucking stupid to realize what he’s doing.

Mathis claims chemtrails cant be real because it would not be cost effective to spray over uninhabited locations, therefore they have to dump on preexisting flight routes, therefore it only appears as if they are spraying over populated areas. Does that make any fuckin sense? These people print the money. They don’t use it. Stupid.


I like the part where he compares particulates in the sky similar to fluoride in the water. He props up one lie with another seeming to validate both. He insinuates corporations dumped some industrial waste in the water supply for lack for storage to save a few bucks but it just coincidentally happens to be one of the most toxic substances on the planet and a developmental neurotoxin. Surely when the Nazis fluoridated the camps water supply they didnt know about sterilization and neurotoxicity, they were worried about dental health, our own govt says they add it to the water for prevention of tooth decay. Sure.

Even our gatekeeper buddies at The Atlantic get in on this one. They like to pretend everything you read in the newspapers is real, that official govt entities are benevolent and the only authority that matters… Its a Statist propaganda rag that comes up frequently mocking critical thinkers and whitewashing or making excuses for practices like fluoridation. (Please read some of the material i have published about them here.) I expected they’d show up. This one is written by a Mann. They are a familiar name in this sort of thing. Spooks at the Atlantic provide us a history of Fluoridation that starts with the Manhattan Project, scientists started a ‘medical section’ to look into it. Bullshit again. There was no A-bomb. The Manhattan Project was about human experiments with radiation, that was the reason for a ‘medical section’. I have written about this in my Oak Ridge expose‘. Guess what The Atlantic article forgot to mention… The Manhattan project ‘scientists’ were Operation Paperclip Nazi’s. They’re all on the same team and use the whole world as their petri dish. They just confirmed the connection between water fluoridation of the Nazis and the US.

Also interesting that MM would choose to showcase fluoride is the connection between fluoride and aluminum itself. Another coincidence. They have synergistic relationships in that they each do harm separately but have an intensified effect when added together, fluoride kinda holds the door open for aluminum to enter the brain more efficiently. Mathis tries to break the association and downplay any concern.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Ok so let me say the list he accepts was written by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. GTFOH. A food activist that started the controversial ‘Primal’ diet is another painfully obvious spook. Aajonus led the raw milk movement and got into confrontations with senators on Capitol Hill; just waltzed through the front door and sat on down. Another colleague of Mathis I presume. So miles takes what Mr Aajonus listed as gospel, even though Mr Aajonus offers no source either. Sort of, Mr Wonderbread sites another Intel project like they always do. Then MM compares it to the other list of cloud seeding ingredients he lifted off the Ministry of Truth that is wikipedia. He fails to tell you where he gets this second list. You can highlight and right click search Mathis’ words directly off his paper and it takes you right there. He concludes chemtrails are not cloud seeding operations bc the two completely trustworthy lists do not have the same constituents. Furthermore, if you add his cloud seeding list to a keyword search containing the word ‘chemtrails’ you find all kinds of hits. From there you can use your own discretion. There are many types of chemtrails and compositions, cloud seeding is only one. He treats the two as completely separate. Trying to find a list of chemtrail composition is like trying to find out whats in the vaxxeen. You cant. There are too many and each one is different, so his whole premise from the jump is a lie.

Spook colleague of Agent Mathis displaying his servitude with the ‘Thinking man’ Intel gang sign. Mathis’ go-to authority on all things chemtrail.

Of course he throws in there the global warming fear-mongers. this is more self promotion/validation. ‘Look how fake they are. Not me. Im not fake bc i told you they are fake.’ He just told the second biggest hunk of crap in the world (chemtrail denial) so he has to remind you of the even biggest piece of crap. (global warming) Thats why out of a 7 pg report he has a 5 page intro and a one full page closing about how much more faker the other guys are, he has to keep focus on them. plus constant reassurance of all the truth he says.

Desiccated human cells in chemtrails hoax

Theres an interesting but baseless claim on Mr Wonderplanets list that leads to something called desiccated human red blood cells. Using the handy highlight right-click method I see its freeze dried blood cells most commonly talked about in conspiracy sites about chemtrails. That right there is all I need to know, it was inserted. Most, if not all sites that use the word chemtrails as a credible research term are intel sites. especially if they appear scientific and use really big words unnecessarily, if it sounds confusing they’re probs lying. Sites like this that don’t progress and keep the focus on the same thing forever so that nobody elses progresses either. Mathis here again is a red flag with all his pdf’s. you really think he has not changed his outlook or come across any new info in a decade? Aside from his little addendums that is. He never changes his position on anything bc he is wrong from the start. Not wrong, he is lying, there is a difference.

Keep on the lookout bc they post things like ‘desiccated human blood cells’ only to discredit the whole field. There are other ways to tell: one site about human blood chemtrails is sponsored by Northrup-Grumman of the military industrial complex, another site is a black conspiracy podcast. As in African American, sorry guys, its a thing. Oh wow look at this one:

A proponent of desiccated human blood cells in chemtrails is RevMichelle Hopkins Mann throwing up the same ‘Thinking Man’ intel gang sign as Vonderplanitz. This is how they communicate to other agents. She is also of the Mann family…and Hopkins, even worser. And her name is RevMichelle, one word, not as in Reverend Michelle, as in ‘I’ll add it to trick everyone.’ She leads everyone down the Second Coming/ rapture trap. Her portrait is on canvas too, a shout out to the art world spooks. She makes up some churchy sounding bullshit about ‘witnesses’, Im assuming she means Christians, but this is her projecting herself as a personification of the art world.

Thinking Man

Since the sign language keeps popping up here anyway I thought Id a few more just to keep them easy to find. The statue is a character from the early deafblind pedagogues, the war on the disabled is recognized by so few…some adrenochrome junkies from hollywood the counter culture sees them as icons, People think Tessla was a good guy and victimize him, sure Edison was the gatekeeper for alot of stuff but that doesnt mean Tesla wasnt right there with him. Voronoff was one of the first involved in the population control project, worked to produce chemical castration to achieve the complacency of the eunuch

Mathis lies there as well claiming the art world was hi-jacked, as well as the media. They were not hijacked they were started specifically to cover the installation of a centralized infrastructure. There was a Reset Event at the end of what we call the 1700’s/ early 1800’s the infrastructure was put in place and has been in a continuous series of refinements and advancements for centuries. Mathis makes sure you follow the timeline. whatever you say about hitlers jewishness is fine as long as its not about all the architecture that was destroyed in a campaign to rewrite history.

The position is that freeze dried blood cells are added to chemtrails and sprayed over food and never go away even when its transferred back into the soil. which people eat and then get sick. For real they say that. They wont say anything about PFAS or forever chemicals or smart dust. See how it works? the half truths and omissions, this is why you dont get your news from outlets like Mathis. Mathis’ work leads to people like this, Mr Wonderbread and Revmichelle, he is one of these people.

What these assholes are doing is promoting the germ-theory scam. If viruses were really airborne contagions everyone would be dead. Think of all the fear they could drum up if they chemtrailed ebola over somewhere the size of St Louis. motherfuckers would be lined up real quick for their death jab… Oh wait, they already do. The point is this a way to spin the ‘chemtrail illness’ associated with the spraying thats not the truth. thats the mission objective, anything you want to say is open, as long as it doesn’t contain the truth. Thus, Agent Mathis and fan club support team at the cutting thru the farts. The authority that both ‘thinking man’ gang-bangers, Wonderbread and RevMichelle, cite tries to have a clean and institutional appearance to bolster credibility, but all you have to do is scratch and the whole thing crumbles. The spooks there claim to have been working on Morgellons Disease since the 90’s with no breakthroughs. Viruses are fake bc germ theory is a scam. This however does not mean people get the dreaded ‘chemtrail sickness’, what it does do is covers the real reason. Its not fucking human blood chemtrails, sounds like a B-rated horror flick, its more likely whatever they really are spraying is making you sick, aerosolized lithium and Prozac and shit. The same stuff they put in the water. Prozac is fluoride. They have been caught use it as a constituent before, why didn’t agent Mathis tell us about that little number? Another possibility is these spooks know the profile of their typical reader, “they’ll believe anything.” People can make themselves sick by telling themselves they are. The brain tricks the body into becoming sick. This works both ways, which is why we have the Placebo Effect. By planting the association of chemtrails and illness this is a step in that direct. You know what also is a real mind-fuck is the use of extremes, extremes imprint on the brain. Whats more extreme than tainted human blood being sprayed over the food supply to make you sick? Its almost comical except some unfortunate souls eat that shit up.

In his closing statments he tries to slip this little maneuver past his fluoridated and chemtrailed reader he directs the focus to another essay of his on the Lincoln assignation… Which seems like truth except its not. Mathis Lincoln assassination Im sure is accurate using available wiki-type schoolbook history. The problem though is Lincoln only existed in the newspapers and history books. he was a fictitous historical icon. Come on now, I know the first response to the dreaded eye-roll but this one isnt that hard to accept. All of colonial America and most of the civil war is bullshit, fake history. The founding fathers, the mayflower is all fake. This is what they are ALL hiding, mathis and all his scumbag friends at NatNews and VT. Maybe they know it, maybe not, who cares, he knows he is lying, not like he can call oopsie-daisies like the blue lodge free masons that think they are in a gentlemans club.

To end he throws in there a Hail Mary and switches to his Pi=4 paper. Thats his Grand Finale. That might be the funniest part, I guess he figures anybody stupid enough to believe his chemtrail essay will believe anything. Im not saying it is wrong. I am saying he knows most ppl dont have an understanding of what pi=4 means. I am saying he is using your misunderstanding as a way to appear more intelligent than he is, thus distorting your perception. I am saying that he used this sleight of hand con to knock you over after he already had you off-balance from the mixed bag of truth lies propaganda and self validation and ass kissing he hit you with for 7 pages.

His response when I asked him about how is it possible to be so far wrong about chemtrails and so right about everything else was one sentence that he just doesn’t have the time and will get back to it maybe later. At the time I thought he WAS right about alot of stuff, that was before my innerstanding fully developed, and now I must say, he ain’t right about shit. He just acts smarter and his schtick is to make you believe he is smarter than you. Dont buy that shit bro, just punch him in the dick, little art fag. That’s why he uses the prefix Bio everytime. Bio-engineering and geo-engineering are completely different things. He can claim ignorance, plausible deniability. ‘OOPS, Silly me, well i admitted i just glanced over it briefly. See, I wasn’t intentionally lying, I couldn’t even spell the word correctly’. This is another manipulation technique. His ego is so huge he couldn’t stand to be that wrong. Im sure I have not been the only one to tell him his chemtrail paper was terrible and raised suspicions and yet he leaves the tell where it is. Thats another red flag; his format is pdf’s. That means he cant easily change or edit when presented with new information or his understanding changes. I haven’t yet met someone that hasnt changed their position in a decade on topics like this. All the little addentums dont mean shit if the whole premise is wrong.


Triple Threats specialty is distorting perception. some of his headlines are things like ‘Was I a topic at Bilderberger?’ LOL Fuck no and he knows it but thats not the point. This is the most extreme he could come up of a ‘me vs them’ relationship. Extremes are what imprints in peoples minds, he is literally trying to imprint that ‘him vs them’ association into your brain. If you dismiss him as arrogant or egotistical or a fag doesn’t matter, even better really, as long as you’re not thinking they are on the same side, which they are. Whats another pillar of successful propaganda? Repetition of course, repeat the lie often enough till it becomes believed, thats why he hits you in every article.

He says he got a copy of the Bilderberger itinerary from an anonymous source. Im sure he did, gtfoh. His secret document lays out several general topics one of which is ‘post-truth world’. It doesnt mention him at all but he wants that association to be in your brain. I do not like the thought of a “post-truth world” and the “future of research” being thrown around like predictive programming but that’s at least twice its come up. He assumes every mention of truth research is directed at him

The last thing I read was the “bad conspiracy theorist’ he does the same thing. I just reread it. Its disgustlyingly laughable the way he talks to his potiential readers about himself and almost insults their intelligence. I hope nody falls for this shit. Its 8 pages, 4 and a half are him fluffing his readers ass, theres a half page of outrageous arrogant claims. (Isnt that like one of the deadly sins? Ahh, Vanity, like false-idol worship only self-false-idol worship), and 3 and half pages of a movie review. You know what kind of people write movie reviews? and the dmfkr attached it to an essay titled the bad conspiracy theorist?! If he is promoting hollywood in a paper about proper conspiracy theory-ism by accident he is not as bright as he likes to pretend. That would mean he is mocking you, thats what the 4 pages of fluffing is all about. Its mockery, kissing his readers ass to make them feel good about themselves for blindly falling for his mind-games. Flattery is another tool of manipulation.

The Bad conspiracy theorist paper focuses on an article that’s been regurgitated since the 70’s. That’s what MWM is doing, re regurgitating the same crap. This time he claims the entire thing is directed at him. Paraphrasing it says two mistakes researchers use are jumping to false conclusions without cross checking the information, which they are correct, you should absolutely verify everything yourself. They offer a specific researcher, Doug Reed, that offered that Hitler was duped by the Jews unknowingly doing their dirty work but this can be applied to any researcher and much broader is about Hitler research itself. I say this been used periodically to discourage the entire field. Ive only scanned parts of his Hitler paper but in the Bad Conspiracy the take-away is that Hitler was not only duped but related to Jews himself, however he still sticks to the script that Hitler did not know it. Reed and Mathis are both liars. Hitler knew his role. At that level there are no dupes. Even the proxies know they are proxies. is using psychological tricks to fool the reader into believing he is some kind of target, some kind of an ultimate conspiracy grand poo-bah authority. More importantly is that you think lesser of yourself. That you cant do it. that you need him to do it. Thats the purpose, its just as important to get you to feel like you cant do it as for you to believe that he is the only one that can. Isnt that some kind of cultist leader psychological disorder?

Im not familiar with D. Reed but glancing at his Ministry of Truth page it says he worked for the bank, the military, and as a war correspondent for international media outlets. That’s all I need to know. He wrote a book questioning the six million which effectively ruined his career. His Magnum Opus about Zionism was published 2 years post-posthumously, which probly means he didnt write it and his name was just attached. Mathis trying his best to insert himself into everything, It is kinda creepy. Like that guy at the party that nobody wants to talk to but he keeps trying to butt in. The notion that hitler did not know he was being used is the cover. Of course he knew. Thats what makes Mathis a liar. Of course the beer hall was fake, the whole war is a proxy. Every war is a proxy war and its not about a handful of jews or fake Phoenicians at the beginning. Mathis is just chatter. nothing relevant and very little truth. He worser than Alex ‘Bill Hicks’ Jones. friggin art fags man.

The second mistake conspiracy researchers make, they say, is people try to lump all conspiracies together into one giant conspiracy. That is the biggest lie of all. Alot of people go through alot of trouble to make you think everything is random and unconnected, a series of unrelated events. Bullshit. they all are related. Linear history is a psy-op. there is only one conspiracy everything else is just a vehicle. it all overlaps and connects. Mathis doesnt give you the important stuff, its all misdirection, “Hey look at this, a 50 pg essay about hitlers jewish uncle” PPBBBLLTTTT. fuck you. Tell em about the repopulation. tell about the world fairs and the human zoos. the great reset and the industrial revolution. All of Mathis supposed work is junk. He even has defended jews by saying the Phoenicians are hiding behind them. Bitch there was no Phoenicia.

Miles doesnt explain any of this to you, he only wants you to come away thinking the article is directed at him. ‘They are so fake, look at them attack me, Im not fake.’ Sounds familiar.

Harriet Shelly Bio

I check up on my boy every few months. check the titles mostly. Last time I went through I saw he was trying to peddle some Einstein books. They only promote their own. Miles himself has written essays about how fraudulent these people are, now hes trying to…nevermind, you get it. I thought it was fitting he even offered to autograph them himself due to the massive amount of email requests he was getting. sure he was. He must’ve sold them though cuz they weren’t up today.

The statement that Harriet had never been subjected to art is another bold face lie.

Lets talk about art for a sec, the art world is completely run by intelligence spooks that use the name of art to transfer shit tons of money and pay tribute to themselves and their works. So when someone name drops a person or some event it really throws up some flags. Whoever they put up is really going to have an upswing in their career, even if they play the bad guy in his-story books. They only promote their own. The most revered get bronzed. If you see a bronze in public it is an agent or a tribute marker. I challenge you to find one thats not. Marble busts are common too. Murals. Paintings. The common ground is art. It needs a dedicated report we don’t have time for so lets jump to why we’re here. Miles ‘Triple Threat’ Mathis, the art world advocate. Look at the list of people and places he promotes. These contacts are significant and indicate a high-birth, or a lifetime of shabbas goy servitude.

As for his art itself, I’m not a critic but i will address his retort to the suggestion he is gay that ‘Would a gay man paint so many pictures of naked women?’ Yes, they do and you know it, painting little naked children don’t help you there either. No I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the Triptych.

Harriet’s story… Well for starters she doesn’t even have a Ministry of Truth page. Everyone thats connected to the people she is connected to has a wiki page, seeing someone without one is a tell, usually means they are hiding something.

Harriet Westbrook Shelley, successful merchants daughter, was the first wife of poet spook agent Percy Shelley. Writers are another variation of artists. The Ministry of Truth says the two met after Harriet and Percy’s’ sister were schoolmates. Percy had been expelled from Oxford as their relationship developed and the pair eloped. He was 19 and she was 16.

Percy wasn’t expelled from shit, he was sent on a mission maybe, classic misdirection with the fake falling out but nobody gets expelled.You cant get expelled bc there is no admittance either. There might be a recruitment here and there for window dressing but these people are born in. If someone does something bad enough to be expelled they are eliminated altogether and blackwashed in history books. Percy was the homosexual companion of Lord Byron. Byron the pedophile deviant. Maybe that was a quick jump, shouldn’t be, all these people are, you should already know that. I was just putting it in perspective. The marriage was a sham. They need each other to procreate and for the deception but they don’t know love

The story goes that the two didn’t last long together. Harriet got the preggers after the teens eloped and Shelley abandoned them. A short time later they remarried and she got preggers again but it is admitted the marriage was only for appearances for the children’s sake. Percy had hooked up with Mary Godwin by this time and Harriet had moved on to another man as well. A military man. Percy even writes a poem about the war medals clanking in time with the bedsprings.

Harriet was so broken hearted she drowned herself in the Serpentine Lake. Some sources call it a river but Serpent is the take-away. Oh yeah, and she was about 8 months preggers. The smart bet says she went into hiding, faked the death to start a new family with the bastard father. She needed an out and after the fake suicide was propped up by complicit media Harriet could pop back up in another part of the world somewhere with a new name. A new background can be inserted and whose gonna know? Whose gonna tell? The media that covered her slip out the back door? Intuition says celeb and elite children do not die. They are taken to be groomed for the long game. Inserted just like a fake name.

The suicide narrative also gives Percy what he needs, hes living with Mary Godwin by this time so he needed an out as well, his marriage to Mary was not recognized and she had already had children out of wedlock and they had another child 7 months after their wedding. All families concerned are aristocrat class elites… I mean this wasn’t a jerry springer show, reputation means more to these people than the law. They dictate the laws. The future-Mary Shelley’s family despised Harriet and was putting pressure on our homeboy Percy. Daddy was funding everything since Percy couldn’t really provide a living so the timing couldn’t’ve been more relieving

Mary would later be given credit for writing Frankenstein while on a vacation with Percy and Byron, she didn’t write shit. They lie about everything. Mary was also a generational spook, probs from another sham marriage, her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft, an early feminist of note and her father William Godwin was forefather in the controlled-opposition anarchist movement.

The odd thing is at the time of the supposed suicide things had turned around for the poor thing. Harriet was set up financially, her father-in-law had set up a maintenance fund for her, on top of that Shelley was paying her a fair allowance. After her grandfather died she would have been well-to-do for the rest of her life. She had met a new beau with a baby on the way.

The context of Harriet’s’ death is the subject of debate, but its intentionally derailed. Any speak of non-suicide goes to murder instead. Or accident or illness. As long as its not fake, as long as the line keeps her dead it is permitted, as soon as you say ‘that’s a lyin ass bitch’ you’re out of bounds. There is evidence to support foul play, for one a journal entry by Godwin reads ‘H.S. dead’ on Nov 9, that’s the day she disappeared but her body wasn’t ‘discovered’ till 6 weeks later. the premature journal entry is taken as evidence of murder but it shows advance knowledge of her fake death. Everyone was in on it.

Harriet was given a promo piece by Mark Twain himself, it doesn’t get any more spooky than that and Mathis knows it, he published an essay on Twain on his website, which is now discredited along with everything else attached to his name and must be revisited for omissions and bullshit. Another one of her whitewashing biographers is named Boas, a variation of Boaz, the pillar of freemasonry. Every name is a lead.

That brings us back to the Mathis painting. Why, out of all the people in history why her? Its not like a little sketch either this bitch is 15 ft tall. In his statement on the piece he admits part of his inspiration comes from William Blake, I think the inspiration is from Blake the occultist super-agent not Blake the do-nothing art fag with big painted letters.

As for the triptych, its an Old World feature, usually in architecture, the Freemasons are big into it, or at least they like to try and take credit for it. They didnt build shit. He calls it an altarpiece which gives it religious connotations.

Triptych architecture, the feature is also found in art, one center canvas with two flanking

Lethe, Greek Succubus, River of Forgetfulness

There also is a bronze portion of mathis’ piece, remember what I said about bronzes, the Mathis website has a short normie bogus background of Harriet and description of the piece. He mentions the bronze but doesn’t include any details, not even some BS version like he did with Harriet. On a different page there is the name ‘Lethe’. Lethe is one of the 5 rivers of Hell. Specifically, the River of Forgetfulness, which flowed from the cave of Hypnos. The newly dead would drink its water to forget the past life. Lethe was also the goddess that personified forgetfulness or oblivion. There is a Phoenician connection here too, Greek and Phoenician colonists were preparing were battle but settled diplomatically instead, naming the local Spanish river Lethe so the two would forget their differences. After the Islamic invasion the Arabs renamed it Guadalete, which is Arabic for River of Forgetfulness. They kept the concept, just added a Middle Eastern flavor.

So wtf is there an alter to this daimona with a 15 ft tall painting of some chick that supposedly waded out into the water at 8 months prego and drowned herself? A baby killer and a Succubus in one piece? Most people of the mathis fan club will say it’s a classic Greek theme showing where Harriet crossed over into the underworld and forgot her former self. Sure it is. More plausible is Triple Threat is part of her cover team, propping up her false narrative while trying to swindle a buck at the same time. The piece is a tribute to one of their own. She is emerging from the waters as a new person completely detached and forgotten from the one called Harriet W Shelley.

Mathis says he chose her bc she had never been subjected to art before. He a goddam liar. again. He just assumes nobody will ever check. Check everything, from everyone. painting 1 and Painting 2.

My fav part is Lethe is kinda growing a cult following, from the Star Wars to a pop vid made by two artists Sudden/Vise. (nothing to see here) There is even a homosexual printing company that calls itself Lethepress. Their tagline is, “We’re Queer and You Better Be OK with That!”. LOL I think this is more appropriate for Miles. The big gay book club.

“The Dreaming Lolanthe”

Here is another rendition of Lanth, this one comes from the character in a play by Danish poet Henri Herz 1797-1870. Brought to life by artist Caroline Brooks and displayed at the Philly World Fair of 1876. It is a 9 pound block of butter that traveled 2000 miles to make it to the show. Anything that comes from the International Expo’s is some kind of tribute to the enslavement of the planet. Mathis likes to pretend the fairs are not even worth mentioning.

It just found another reference to butter sculpting. A 1880 German translation of Heinrich Keller, ancestor to gatekeeper Helen Keller, butter sculpts the pope and ruler of Prussia and a third. Apparently it’s a thing in the art world and we should look deeper.


  1. Hey man, dig your angle on all of this mindfuck and your research on the shadow people is mind blowing. Njoied the farktard in the thread who thinks there’s a god particle harmonic etc they need a strong trip to realise everything is all here and now, nowhere else! Besides unless you’ve imbibed you gnow jack, peace bro
    when I can ill drop you sum change

    1. Thanx old friend. You gotta watch out for the shadow people. Psychedelics are a potentially useful tool but are mostly used as a weapon. I just inoculated a jar of grain spawn yesterday but I don’t consume them. I got trash bags I give away. It’s more rewarding and satisfying to cultivate. Plus I had a bad experience along time ago that haunts me. I was puddled and hypnotized and couldn’t tell friend or foe, who was hurting me and who was trying to help me. Ended up killing the only person that stood up for me. Been wanting to write an article about the targeted individual community and gang stalking. Psychological warfare ain’t no joke. Overall the experience is what led to my superpower gift of insight, it’s how I can see past all the bullshit. The shadow people always tried to take what was real to me but it turned out nothing is real, it’s all fake. Mushroom cultivation has been therapeutic just be careful with set and setting.

  2. “As for his art itself, I’m not a critic but i will address his retort to the suggestion he is gay that ‘Would a gay man paint so many pictures of naked women?’ Yes, they do and you know it, painting little naked children don’t help you there either. No I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about the Triptych.”

    The subject in Miles Mathis’ “Triptych Altarpiece of Harriet Westbrook Shelley” appears to be another male-to-female androgyne that the Mathis entity favors, along with actor Justine Bateman and singer Taylor Swift. The model has huge “sanpaku” eyes, a square jaw, high cheek bones, long sinewy neck, narrow hips and I suspect—hidden by water—long legs and big feet.

    “Tess with Whippet” has the usual Disney penile subliminal. Can you spot it?

    Far from being a rebel, the Mathis entity is totally mainstream and traditional, with his/her use of biological males as female subjects. Even the young girls resemble the castrati of UK photographer David Hamilton. The model appearing as Mathis, like Hamilton, might be female-to-male, though you could be right that Mathis is a male homosexual, assuming Mathis has any real existence at all and not an imaginary entity like nearly all the personages you expose on this website.

    1. I published only one report about tranny wrestling before it was cool. Whether or not agent Mathis sucks dick and lies about it is on you buddy. You can have that one, keep us updated.

    2. The only painting that comes to mind when name comes up is the naked child with labia exposed. There is no hiding behind art. That is child abuse. Your comment surprisingly was thought-out. Shameful to waste potential on such a weak cover. I have not visited site in 2 or 3 years now so don’t waste your time, for your own good.

      1. Every day, Comprachicos sexually inverted by surgery hundreds—if not thousands—of children. The technology is nothing new and perhaps has been here for centuries. The inverts dominate the adult film industry regardless of the country, so no one should not be fooled by external genitalia. But regardless of how much of the opposing sex hormones the Comprachicos give the growing child, they cannot change the basic bone structure. Even paintings and Photoshop can’t completely hide it.

        The notion that Miles/Melissa is female is not original with the last post as it’s been suggested by dozens of others skeptics (both sincere and shill) over the web forums and social media since the 2010s and maybe even before.

        That some of your readers are trying to type Mathis to either the British, or say, the Vatican, is a fruitless exercise, as there are no independence religions, any more than there are independent countries. Miles/Melissa works in lockstep with everyone he/she “opposes”.

        As you show, the world is one big movie back lot, like the Hollywood 40 Acres. And is as real as nearly all of what passes as the news, history, law, economics, science, medicine, philosophy, religion, art, and “culture”.

  3. Do you have a theory about who or what is manipulating humans/humankind/this realm?

    1. Yeah there was a reset event around 1800-1801 aces and eights. the bad guys won. suppressed energy tech is real, they used it to mudflood areas, its still there, some of us see it. the world was repopulated. not colonized. 4 classes of people. Resetters, Inheritors, Orphan Immigrants, and Ferals. We have always been at war. not fake timeline wars. secret class warfare. news was not hijacked it was installed. Im trying to transfer some papers I got written up already. just subscribe so you can read them. I got some good shit will blow your mind. no colonial america. think about that for a minute. I got 250 pages typed up bc i wanted a single book but it got too big so i got to break it up. plus i keep learning as i go and everything changes. so many layers. The stuff i wrote 17 months ago is incomplete and needs to be redone.
      as far as the Pre Reset world I dont know. I know space is fake so no aliens, no demons in a bibical sense. maybe interdimensional or outside our frequency. Its a trap though. like so many other real issues flat earth and fossils and giants. all that shit is real but its also used against us same as elections and vaxxzeens. Thank you for asking

      1. Thank you for your quick answer. Im looking forward to your new publications.

      2. thanx alot bro, its alot of work. People want all the answers wrapped up in a short little article with links and a headline and an image, real life doesnt work like that. the devil is in the details, meaning you could have an important piece but without context nobody knows what it means. thats why history and science and politics and education is so compartmentalized so nobody sees the bigger picture.
        I can tell you now the best articles I got are about people you have never heard of. shadow-workers. the names like rockefeller and vanderbilt are there to take the spotlight but they do not have as much power as they make you think. The people you never heard of are the ones you gotta keep your eye on. A hard part im having is trying to title stuff to make people read it. My best advice is to read the articles featuring names you dont recognize. Gammons is one, anybody from the deafblind history… man those are some creepy bitches. Thanx again my friend.

  4. Your wrong tho :p youll get it someday. Ill go read his essay on chemtrails now.

    1. Okay ill tell you why that’s my opinion. If you use ushashashi ayanamsa and 108th harmonic in astrology you come to the most important chart. And I, like him have lilith conjunct moon there. And that specifically has the effect of what u called ‘poetic gook’. Just being able to sense truth like he said.

      1. Im wrong about what? Sorry, you’ll have to be a little more clear, all i got is hakuna matata and aces and eights. I can sense truth too, the other half is I can sense bullshit. Your boy got alot of bullshit with him. call it whatever you want, Dragonlady.

      2. About him being controlled opposition, yre just being sceptic for no reason. I think you are probably controlled oppostion yourself or something. You get pushed hard by the search engine. He also has jupiter in pisces, exact sextile with saturn in capricorn. Two times those planets at home so he’s good at diciminating information, like he does.

      3. I’ll say again, you’ll have to be a little more clear what it is you think Im wrong about. ‘Everything’ is a stupid response. i see you havent even read the article… any of them. search engines dont push shit, i get like 4 visitors a day. This website is only to familiarize myself with the web page building programs. Its not my main body of work. Im gonna have to get a new domain name bc i dont want to seem like im promoting or associating with mathis, who btw is a punk. His phonician navy garbage only serves to support a false history, he is covering for other bigger truths. There was no ancient Rome or Phonecia. colonial america is fake, so is the wild west, the world was repopulated. the Railroads are ancient. suppressed energy technology. I dont understand what you dont understand. his schtick is to sell partial truths to cover bigger lies. This is not about mathis, the ego maniac probly reads my page when he jerks off. this is about seeking out decievers. the false light. you want to talk to me about astrology boy, you cant even tell a bitch-ass agent when you see one. Go read one of the mathis articles if you want, theyre truth. Are you familiar with the astronomical clocks of the ‘medieval’ period? go try and figure out where they came from, who built those, along with the harmonics of the pipe organs and the structures themselves for that matter. maybe you think it was a handful of jesuits with some donkeys and wagons then its not my problem your straight up stupid son. Hakuna Matata old friend.

      4. oh yeah and if you believe astrology isnt real not my problem youre straight up stupid :p its everywhere son

      5. you want a quicky? go read his article on john brown, it sux, its all bullshit narrative history. Harpers ferry is a pre-Reset site, with megalithic structures I might add. His famous arsenal was disassembled brick by brick and relocated to the worlds fair in chicago, what happened to the original is anyones guess but what got reinstalled in Harpers Ferry is admitted a reproduction. How many papers about the world fairs does he have? those are some of the most important events as they serve as an opportunity for the centralized international power structure to get together and determine the direction and speed which civilization would develop. The Mathis camp doesnt say shit. He gives you a few half assed false flags like hes doing you a favor. heres a hint smarty-pants, theyre all fake. The challenge is for you to provide a single instance of celebrity, or historic or political anything at all that is genuine. There are none. George Washington is a fictional character, like all founding fathers, like abe lincoln. his essay on the assassination is used toilet paper. He tells you all these deeds were early false flags to stop people from looking for themselves. Its every single article bro. not just an error here and there. He denies chemtrails ffs.

      6. i mean, the clues are everywhere … no hakuna matata, everybody is just doing it all wrong and there’s much misinfo in the field. 13 signs, tropical zodiac, both are crap.

      7. The astronomical clocks are interesting but yeah I would think they are some jesuits or something designing those in 13th century. But they probably had way better ones way before that, in secret.

        I think if miles mathis is so fake you could prove it by just looking at his research. I don’t really know to be honest, you might be right and then his evidence might be created for it. But if your not youll see that many links he links to ge scrubbed, and stuff. I honesty never went on geni.Com, those sites, to verify what he said is there. But to convince me he’s a trap youd have to expose his evidence as false or falsified.

        Astrology is just my thing I’m still waiting on the right moment to talk about it openly I guess.

      8. no you dont understand. There were no 13th century Jesuits, the astroclocks are Old world. They are kept secret now, the ones that haven’t been destroyed. you really think a handful of warrior monks on donkeys could do that? we are not talking about the same thing my friend. jesuits and Catholics didnt build those cathedrals, they just chiseled their name on the front. Speaking of harmonics you should understand about the pipe organs and resonators of the old structures called cathedrals. many people say they used sound vibration like an energy plant, the point is nobody knows, just like the astroclocks. that shit is from Before. people think the only great reset was either Noah’s flood or Klaus Anal Schwabs book. there was a paradigm shift very recently, somewhere near the beginning of the 1800’s, the ultimate Aces and Eights, that would put us in the year 221. linear timeline history is a trap. Mathis core work centers on shit like ThePeerage, which is 100% a fake document.
        Lemme ask you this, name one single episode in history that is NOT a scripted event, name one historic icon or politician or celebrity that was who they say they were. take your time. you cant. Mathis and his fan boi’s wont tell you that bc they still have to preserve the status quo. If you would read my page I call out like a dozen of his articles. He is a disinfo agent, the only real truth he tells is about fake nukes but im sure if you looked he is covering up something. that and the Jews, he’s really the only one out their that says the word jew, although his end game is the phoenicians ot something but thats a big fat lie too bc there was no Phoenicia, its scripted false history. agent mathis is covering for the reset and repopulation. also check his paper on Tartaria, he gives himself away there as well.

      9. he has no evidence. I cant expose what he offers if you continually refuse to read my rebuttal. i tried to read your website, its a little scatter-brained but hey, it cant be worse than mine. I would like you to clarify what you mean when you say “how and why the political and financial systems need revamping”? How and why indeed but thats too broad a statement. “How to shed light on the techniques used for brainwashing” Bro wtf do you think im doing, you’ve been so brainwashed you cant even see you are defending the handlers. “Take the Purple pill” ?? what is that? there is no purple pill. there is truth. That’s it. Once you distort it in any amount it is no longer truth. I mean maybe thats why you cant get past agent mathis, he gives you your purple pill, a little bit of truth mixed in alot of bullshit, omissions, misdirection, derailments. You kinda have to read my work to get it…

        You have your comments section turned off, do you realize you are trying to pass off an A.I. program name Python (serpent symbolism) as some kind of positive mechanism? nothing from google or chrome named after the serpent is going to be helpful. you even have a quote about symbols ruling the world. thats a misquote too btw, Confucius was a fictional character. your whole premise is wrong. the difference between you and Mathis is you are just incorrect unintentionally, mathis is a bold faced liar. not being rude, just constructive criticism

    2. I have a little bit of an explanation about my finding on astrology on my little website is have set up on piscesofage.com but it still doesn’t have my latest finding about the 108th harmonic which is the most important but you can excrapulate how that would work fairly easy from what I already stated.

      MM never denied chemtrails! And I mean I just felt like your articles about him are a bunch of attack without much evidence to support your claims.

      1. you still haven’t read anything. yes he does deny chemtrails are a thing, he just tries to word like a little smarty pants bitch. the support is real research. if you would read it you would see. im not attacking him as a person, idgaf what he does or doesnt do with himself. I am attacking his lies though yes, I dont care who they come from I will always attack deceivers. Mathis is a wolf in sheeps clothing. the thing is, once you get past all the little manipulation tactics he uses its actual comical that people fall for it. I get it though, i fell for it too untill i went and did the research myself and was like hold up, this nigga lying, then the more research i did the more lies I caught him in til finally this site came about. dude you still havent told me what parts you think Im wrong about. I make very specific points about what he lies about even reorganized the whole joint to make it easier to read and navigate. course none of that does any good if you wont read the thing. you have kept the whole conversation focused on mathis when the good stuff is the research

  5. I wish I could give proper credit to the person who suggested it, but this person speculated MM was a Tavistock creation and ‘his’ research papers are written by a team.

    1. youd have to remind me where i say Mathis & Co. is a tavistock creation, I dont think thats accurate. absolutely there is a team of sock/meat puppets, thats what the entire CTTF webpage is all about, his support team/fan club, but how much of the script is fed to him and by whom is up to the readers discernment. thank you for your input.

  6. Perhaps you should look into MM s upbringing. That outs him far better than your article. Especially the picture of him as a teenager lying on his brand new Mercedes.

  7. I understand that English may not be your second language but proper grammar is very important in the truth movement. This is so because those on the opposite side of the coin are looking for anything and everything to discredit those in the truth movement. I have seen instances such as, “See, how can anybody believe you guys if you cannot even spell properly?” Whether English is or is not your native language I suggest you educate yourself on English grammar and/or find someone who is knowledgeable of English grammar to proofread your information before you post it online. Also, the vulgar language does nothing but make you look like an uneducated, blithering, loose-canon. Clean up your act and others will be more likely to follow you and possibly believe a single word of what you bring to the table.

    1. you think i give a fuck about what you consider propper grammer? you can take a hike along with anyone else that would try and belittle someone because they dont use spell checker. You really think my motivation is gaining your acceptance? if the only thing you can bitch about is grammar it means my info is correct. you got nothing.

    2. GH Vallins, a British academic, wrote back in 1951 about finally solving spelling:

      But the real way, strange as it may seem, may be back to the spontaneous, phonetic spelling used by Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare and Milton, before (in the words of Bernard Shaw) we became ‘entangled in the absurd etymological bad spelling’ of Doctor (Samuel) Johnson. Then, provided we make our symbols represent the sound, we shall be at liberty to spell as we please: receive, recieve, receave and receeve will all be equally correct. We shall have the noble freedom of the men of old—a freedom that was lost for English by the lexicographers of nearly two centuries ago.

      It’s interesting that English literature was so much better when the authors spelled words however they liked at the moment.

      1. Never was much on those poetic types. I find it interesting that spelling can be used to date something. The ‘e’ added to everything Olde Worlde. Basically I cant support anyone history remembers, Shaw was tight in the eugencist movement and fucked margaret sanger for awhile, Shakespeare never existed, probs the rest too depending on how old they are. IDK Dr. Sammy. Back in another life I was an avid Steven King reader mainly bc I liked his style of language expression.
        Ive been rewriting some stuff on the early Socialist movement; all the little fractal groups of Communism, Socialist, Marxist, revolutionary, Syndicalist, Anarchist, Radicalist… Theyre about as differant as all the Christian sects. Politics and religion. They were amazing orators, both the written and spoken have gone to shit. people just dont communicate as well as they used to.
        Hard to believe that comment was a year ago. i like the way you expressed a personal observation without using any ‘I’ statements.
        Spelling doesnt bother me as much as vocabulary. I purchased a hardcopy thesurus the other day. word usage is spelling, regardless of what order the letters are arranged in, i.e., weekdays/ weak daze, you’ll never rise above something if you are under standing. thanks for the comment old friend

      1. Fuck ’em all, Otto D.

        I’m thoroughly enjoying your site here and have found some VERY intriquing new shit to peruse with it, mis-spellings and all LOL…


        “Think of all the fear they could drum up if they chemtrailed ebola over somewhere the size of St Louis. motherfuckers would be lined up real quick for their death jab… Oh wait, they already do.”

        PURE GOLD!

        I will try to make a financial contribution soon. Keep doing what you do.

        P.S. i found you on stolenhistory.net.

      2. SH is a cool spot. Glad you like the place. Its alot of work. thanks for commenting. if you have questions or requests just lmk.

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