Ignaz Thomas Scherr, Prussian model public education/state indoctrination. New Bio

Swiss Pedagogue. Helped Install the Prussian School Model as the State Indoctrination Camp Worldwide

One of the Reset Class that helped develop and install an education model for a centralized world government. Zurich was ground zero in this arena and Scherr follows in the generation that picks up where Johann Pestalozzi leaves off. Basically its more like a state brainwashing camp that teaches memorization over intelligence and trains for obedient citizens and civil servants. He also started a school for the deaf and blind in Zurich in 1825.

Most of the information available on the web about Scherr is only about 3 or 4 paragraphs that parrot each other on every page. Less than half dozen pages. Although he was a prolific writer that holds an important role in history of modern education very few of his works have been translated so researchers have to pick through the weeds looking for second hand clues unless you can speak whatever dialect they spoke back then.

Most of the language they spoke in the area back then was German, some French, researching such a niche field so old and in a dif language is an obstacle. The sources I have to use are regarded as common knowledge but most nothing has been translated…every time it gets passed along it changes, names get dropped. It is fortunate the ones that have at least been digitized.

New Bio for Scherr

Newspaper clipping of a memorial dedicated to the Scherr brothers being carved.

I was able to get a new source translated for posterity, hopefully this new information will help any future researchers the way it has helped me in my understanding of how things have gotten to the point they have. It is a 20 page bio printed in 1901 by the authorities that followed in the school he started, I mean they are biased at the least. That being said it still corrects a few mistakes on the parroted pages and fills in a few holes in the record and drops many other names of contemporaries, each one its own rabbithole.

Translation programs still have a little more development to be completely useful. I spent a few weeks focusing on finding a decent translation service with mixed results. Most would not translate, several were partial, just enough to get a basic idea, and one or two docs that were sufficient.

Scherr, born 1801 Hohenrechsberg comes from a family of teachers and farm/manufacturers and was placed in some pretty high places at a very young age, which suggests he is part of a generational long-game. The state education model was such a game, along with the special interest project of ‘education’ of the blind and deafmute community.

Scherr was only 20 by the time he was appointed charge of the Royal Institute for the Deaf and Dumb. Scherr is the one given credit for connecting the deaf mutes to the blind institutes. His first publication Precise instruction for teaching deafmute children to understand written language, without the use of artificial facial expressions. suggests he ran with the oralist camp, exaggerated facial gesticulations are a part of signing, you dont just use only hands, its a full body experience. This is different than lipreading.

In 1825 he was offered a position in Philly but chose to stay in Zurich, check to see what headlines are happening over there. Penn State Institute was one of Americas First. Check Johann Baptist Graser. the Zurich institute for the blind boasted 14 pupils in the beginning., one of the first thing Scherr did was order a census to get a better count of the population numbers, next a recruitment drive with the help of his good buddy Chief Judge Ulrich. Im assuming they are talking about Johan Konrad Ulrich who worked several times to open his own blind schools and was the Prez of the Zurich Institute before he passed the torch to Scherr. Together they worked to admit more and more pupils against the appeasement of individuals on the Board of Directors. In 1827 they added deafmutes to the blind curriculum and accepted students from all over the world. The Zurich Prussian education model was a world project, to be installed everywhere.

Scherr traveled around many parts of Switzerland, every canton full of castles. the institute he went for a short time to teach was at Schwabisch Gmund. What I mean is its hard to tell for sure its the same school, many have different names for the same place that get mixed up in translation, in 1825 in Schwabisch Gmund open up the Pedagogical Hochschule (PH) the University of Education. There were 5 more PH schools added later it was made into a University, an intelligence network. Gmund was also home to the ‘State School for Gifted Children“. Try to find some history on that place why dontcha .

first time ever translated into English this poem written by Scherr is an example of how his attitude toward child labor got him ousted by the Industrial Complex Complex

The Institute was founded as a seminary, which is like a catholic school. Think more like Jesuit, which is a military intelligence org. This is the central point which all modern indoctrination camp state schools eventually developed, this was Reset Intelligence. He would go on to reform the whole elementary school experience and be involved in general education throughout many cantons in Swtz for many decades. Holding various titles of perceived authority, he always seemed to be the person in charge of a new educational complex. All these new state sponsored schools were popping up and he was sent to each one to help it get established.

Most of the parrot pages repeat that Scherr was granted citizenship through marriage, this has a nice wiki ring to it but I dont agree. He was granted in 1831, just a few months later he was appointed head of the new teacher college , Kusnacht, a lifetime gig at the premiere seminar in Switzerland. His new promotion at the new school is why he was naturalized by the state. His marriage Anne Lattmann, is used to try and humanize him. Modern commentators also talk about how he was unsure he would get the promotion bc of a disagreement over the location of Institute, he voted for a diff jurisdiction, the new bio tells us that the location he choose was strategic in nature more like a military decision than one made for convenience. The location was probs already chosen a long time in advance and Scherr just said some virtue signalling but impractical location. On second thought I dont think he was virtue signaling, his strategic location was for reals, I mean he really wanted his teacher training academy’s to be isolated out in the wilderness, “Not in the noise of the world, but in a lonely place, the future elementary school teachers should learn their important and sacred art.”

Scherr took up office in the recently vacated building of the local Templar chapter, the Johannite Commandery, Order of St John, Hospitalers, Knights of Malta… they are all the same thing. Its more likely he didn’t so much as move into a vacated office as just took the position under a new name.

For some reason I have to believe this wasnt the first time a fake opening celebration was held. Tommy was elected, without even applying for the position by the way, yeah, he was elected without even applying, to a lifetime spot at a new seminary, his office was the previous Templar Knights office? I call bullshit

There was internal power struggles. You have the aristocrats, (Resetters and Inheritors), and the clergy, (Jesuits/Templars), all vying for their pecking order. They are often at war with themselves, they keep this within their own ranks and the Orphan class doesnt know anything about it. This means control and authority shifted from camp to camp while the end game plan still moves forward. The church can war with the elites for power behind closed doors and nobody will ever know bc both sides are against the third, they share the same attitude against us.

Many of the Institutes board members were against Scherr, whether political or religious, he was under attack the whole time; called names and spread rumors. Mainly by the conservative clergy, they said his new state method is all theory and their method is based on reality, they had the most power so far time-wise and fought the change. The separation of church and state.

The Board of Directors took immediately to making new laws, which legislators enacted with out question (as if they have any real authority anyway) One of the new laws was in regard to approved teaching materials, Scherr said all materials only had to be approved by the board of ed, he was shot down by a Dr Keller who said all materials must be the same, not just approved but identical throughout the whole bitch, the beginning of the standardized test.

Another law they passed was the testing of the teachers themselves. Many of the old teachers were unqualified and fired, this created tension among the Orphan class against Scherr and the system itself. So now he’s got the church, the elites, and the Orphans all after him. A congregation of citizens petitioned the court, which proceded with the plans to install the new system, then a raid occurred on one of the school houses was broken into a teaching material was destroyed and stolen. Not just any education material but Scherr’s personal works.No details are given but I assuming controlled opposition works the same in Zurich as it does everywhere else. *I was able to partially translate a Socialist monthly mag from the 1880s that provided input on this incident, known as the Zuri-putsch.

That he reformed the elementary school system almost single handedly ruffled some feathers. He was supposed to have been elected to a lifetime position at the seminary however in 1839 he was removed from office and given one third pay and by 1840 he was dismissed altogether.

When Hs. Georg Nageli once attended Scherr’s
lessons, he said: “It is a bitter satire that in Zurich the blind and deaf-mute are so well cared for while thousands of sensible and able children are growing up without formal instruction leaves.” This must be from the Reformer camp that used child welfare to manipulate politics. He is well aware that the deafblind project was Intel so providing cover for one while victimizing the other kills two birds with one stone.

Some reasons may include his opposition to child labor. Scherr observed how performance at school was affected for children forced to work the night shift and made a few enemies within industrial/manufacturing circles. His report illicited a child labor edict to be issued by the local govt and he was given escorts home after Education Council meetings.

Check the ‘Strauss Affair’, the name is an indicator.

Modern parrot articles do not tell you how much animosity there was against Scherr

Wagner- “Fanatical” threatened to “chop Scherr into a 100 pieces the first chance he gets”.

Professor Hottinger and his report on the state of rural schools 1829 led to attention of the reformation movement inspired by the Paris July Revolution (Great Reset event). Urban reformers were already targeting the school system. the children are always the targets. The Paris Revolution was the queue the reformers were looking for

Scherr and his brother Johann opened their own deaf and dumb prep school in 1843

Other Names Associated with the Institute and Scherr

Paul Usteri, Georg Nageli “absolutely negative” (HG Nageli Dandliker?), Melchior Hirzel, Caspar v. Orelli, Georg Schibel, Dr. Ludwig Keller, David Ulrich, Krusi, Grunholzer- pupil, Bernhard Hirzel


Peregrinus, pedagogue
Schoolmaster Extramuros
Frymann, Christian, pseudonym of Ignaz T. Scherr