It’s All Fake

This site is meant to fill in all the blanks and answer questions to help people understand that the New World Order isn’t knocking on the front door, the NWO has already set up shop over 200 years ago and has been in a state of constant refinement ever since. From repopulating the Worlds’ continents to staging the First Nations people of Earth. After the people are there what do you do to keep them in check? Organize a slave labor force without them even know, of course. Documenting the development of machines that we have been told have made life so much easier (convenience) but are really necessary for the umbrella groups to tighten their control of everything. The new false timeline was inserted using sleight of hands illusions like fraudulent official docs and accompanying art work to prop it up.

The most important thing we try to do here is teach people how to find things for themselves, eliminating the need for the fake-truth guru. Everything you need is left behind for others to find on purpose, you just have to know how to read the signs. A communications code including the use of symbols, dates, letters (spell-ing), and hand signs. (by ‘we’ I mean me and my cat)

Pl leave a comment if you have a question or suggestion. Challenges are greatly appreciated, either with work I’ve already done which you don’t agree with or work I haven’t done which you think disproves my position. Bring it on. Just dont run off in tears if I shatter some core beliefs (I seen it, its not pretty)

Another common mocking slogan that is regurgitated in the mainstream conspiracy news is the WEF guy that said “You will own nothing and like it”. Thats some bullshit that makes you think you own something now. You dont own it now my friend.

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I got a kickass Pinterest acct. Found some hacker for 50$ to transfer all my 15,000+ images from the website to pinterest. Only can moveone every 3 mins so its gonna take a few months…

The Great Reset is Real

Im working on the next segment of the fraudulant World Heritage sites. Sky Caves in Nepal. Its challenging bc nothing is documented the way it is in America and Europe. Sources are extremely limited. I got them bitches though. Wait till you see how it was pulled off. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the weekend. It took a solid week of reading and figuring out what the angle was. just come on back if its not already posted. you should bookmark this joint anyway, best site on the web. I seen this site this morning, someone linked one of my papers there and i get notified. The home screen is an outerspace image but the name of the site is illusion buster something or other. I’m gonna have to do a follow up to the fake-truth-guru’s out there. If someone is trying to convince you something is a scam or a lie but they point you in the direction of Hollywood they are lying. same with sports. even if they are telling you sports are rigged but are saying it in a way that is confusing they are lying too.

I just read last night the very first major league baseball game was held at the World Fair in Chicago, not the big one in 1893. this was the 100 anniversary of Chicago itself, in 1933. of course its rigged. another thing they try to do is use gematria or whatever that fake numerology thing is. sure it may be correct on some level but gemetria comes from them so it cant be real. Anybody pushing that, or if their whole position rests on some fake numbers provided by gematria they are lying too, I’ll try to expand a little more clearly later. Thanks everyone, for letting me share.


I got some stickers made up. They’re like 5 bucks and the donation goes to my family in Ganbia. I got some teeshirts coming too that’ll be 15 or 20.

I put together a few playlists that would help explain better. Im starting to get enough posts where its a pain to keep them organized on the menu. I’m starting to condense things.

Fact Check this, Bitch

Nukes are Fake. Hiroshima is supposed to be the pinnacle of the war right? Then how come there is no footage except this choppy handheld camera? You know how its fake? bc if it was a sonic blast hotter than the sun the little baby clouds around the mushroom would dissipate dontcha think? Nagasaki doesnt even have this mush, just a few still shots and most the time some Trinity test footage is switched so you get the Hollywood looking video. Fakes Nuke to hide Reset ruins. Tokyo aftermath looks the same but it is said to be firebombed, they had an earthquake in ’23 that looks just like Hiro, Naga… and Hamburg and Dresden for that matter. The point is most of Japan wasnt repopulated until WW2 and the war itself is a proxy

Fake Nukes; Hiro/Naga

Most of you have probs seen this. IDK that this bitches name is, Miley Sirus or Katie Perry or whatever. She’s acting. Thats not an organic twitch and so it becomes All Seeing Eye symbolism by itself. Its a side gig for her to appear as a robot or MK Ultra victim. This is posted by USAToday for fux sake. I remember once uponatime conspiracy theory was all about Reptilians and the Vatican Library… Those were the days. You could just put on a 12 hr playlist of William Cooper and chill. The uncut Cooper at that. Now Cooper is a Harvard Spook and Aliens arent real bc Space is fake.

Here is another video under the same catagory. Celeb’s posing as some sort of freak show, which they certainly are but not like this. This is an act, a side-piece. They’re playing a role the scriptwriters lay out for them. The alternative media is just as controlled as the MSM, vids like this provide endless discussion about all the creepy shit the royals do. Even the two in the rear holding eerily still with great big smiles are posing like a robot or MK target individual. I have a few words I want to share about my own personal experiences as a TI and gangstalking at a later date. That shit stays with you man.

America, not Italy. The story of the canals of Venice are representative of the world grid. Filled in and paved over and nobody even knows.

Venice, Florida

History of Photography

I have discovered one of the best ways to find hidden chapters of this kind of material is to seek out portfolios of individual photographers. Usually the same people follow similar threads, Spooky people do spooky things.

Above is officially the very first image taken of the human being.

In early 1838, Louis Daguerre used his daguerreotype process of photography to snap a photo of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. They say the streets in the photo appear deserted because the exposure time for the photo was so long that the cars and trams could not be captured. Thats bullshit, there were no people in the image bc there were no people in the city. The same process was used a few years later to snap a picture of lightning… how did it go from not being able to capture a tram car to the ability to capture lightning? Hmm.

Thus, saying only the man having his shoes shined and the shoeshiner were motionless enough to be caught is bullshit too, they were inserted to seem like a natural scenerio where someone would hold the ‘Capt Morgan/Explorer’ pose. They were stage props.

‘Jove’s Autograph’- William Nicholson Jennings has first credited photo of lightning. Easterly has first claim, in 1847, but there is no image, just the cover of the album with the title on it. Thus, credit is given to Easterly but only for street cred, he must have the right lineage.

Jennings photograph is just as fake, but at least he has one. He was present during electrical experiments when they were hooking up the first town to the modern grid. The so-called lightning was artifically produced. He once caught the same bolt from two angles… They just expect us to think he was really fast I guess.

Jennings was declared official photographer of WW1.

The first moving images ever captured, Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, taken in 1878 by Eadweard Muybridge. In 1880 Muybridge showed the images at the California School of Fine Arts – the first ever motion picture exhibition. It was featured in Morse Gallery, as in Samuel Morse, Resetter family from Boston area. (Morse Code and the telegraph machine)

Here is a neat way to research history: find a picture credit for the source photographer and then look up all his other projects. Most times the photographer isn’t even a real person , just a file name, and everything in that file is like-material.

Another good way to find out info, say, if you have a single image with no attributes, upload your image into one of those reverse image finder sites. I use one called Tineye. They will give you all the details you need to find what you are looking for. You’re welcome, btw. Thats a good tip that took me a long time to figure out on my own.

Here are my files on early photographers and historical projects.

9-11 Fuckery

I have noticed a resurgence of 9-11 groups on social media, targeting the next wave of people waking up. Most of us hit 9-11 as one of the first cases that helps us come out of our State-induced coma. The thing that throws themselves under the bus right away is they forbid discussion of anything outside the mainstream narrative, some places still do not let you mention the Isreali ‘art’ student connection. For me, 9-11 has become rhetoric, its a political discussion with so many angles it seems that is the point, you can talk about anything you want, as long as its not CGI planes, lest you be kicked out for 30 days. Well it was cgi; no planes, no drones. I have seen a screenshot of a plane with a feature on the underbelly that ppl claim is a mini nuke or cruise missile, some even say the small blip that appears at the point of impact is the plane firing a missle before impact and that is how the plane penetrated the building. Crazy right? The image may very well be that of a military plane with a bomb strapped to it, its still just a stock footage cgi picture taken from an image data base. People will claim they saw the plane hit the towers with thier own eyes. I’m not calling them liars. After telling the story for 20 years it has become part of their identity and they could pass a lie detector. That just means they are lying to themselves bc they didnt see shit.

CGI Fuckery in 2 mins

Heres Whats New

Buddha version of the Catacomb Saints in my Sky Caves essay. The story goes these monks prayed so good they ascended and left their body. About 2 dozen have been found so far. They would brick themselves in a wall and survive for up to ten years, to be found during modern circumstances like renovation. This is similar fashion, the Catacomb Saints that were hidden from the dark age pillaging in the European cathedral where they remained until being ‘rediscovered’ in modern times.

“Protester self immolates in front of Parliament” [Link] The link is about that famous incident where the monk doused himself with gasoline to protest Vietnam;. Mostly remembered for not yelling out or moving… thats bc it was a dummy and the cops and surrounding monks were actors. Take the link.

I finally found the photos from an obscure Russian expedition into China in the 1870’s. I read about the expedition leaders name and presence but good luck finding his report… Turns out it was in the Brazilian National Archives. Crazy the connections right. I wrote the article about Asia last winter but just found the images by chance in the LOC in May. At 1872 that would make these some of the first images to come out of China. People think that China is so old with their dragons and stuff but Asia is one of the youngest cultures I have found. Which makes sense, repopulate the people last by telling them they are the oldest, its their style. Modus Operandi.

I dont trust the year. Plus, theres two at the very end that are the Great Wall, except their was no Great Wall until recently, this is a city wall maybe but too much has been touched up by hand. One of them may as well be a painting and not a photograph. For the most part it could be a Matthew Brady file. Just random headshots and Olde World ruins and cultural identity. Foot binding here. Of course the biggest building not in rubble has a giant IHS Jesuit sigil on the front.


Religious leaders at the The Parliament of the World’s Religions opened on 11 September 1893 at the Art Institute of Chicago, as part of the World’s Columbian Exposition in that city. It means all religions are fractals of the One World religion of the NWO.

Cecil Rhodes was responsible for helping to organize a controlled opposition Independence Revolution in Puerto Rico while doing human experiments regarding eugenics and birth control. I just found he was a major diamond mine owner in S Africa during the fake Boer War. Maybe not the same as Corneilius but I bet they both go by ‘Dusty.

Buffalo Hunt. I never liked this image but something kept me from deleting it… Then i found out why it was so familiar; this iconic Roman statue is on the Isle of Corfu, the Venitian Starfort. This must’ve served as the inspiration, the pose plus the fake culture. Ancient Greece is just as fake as Indigenous Native Americans.

I found this in an old news clip repository. A two-fer. The Indian Ghost Dance and a massive Pueblo structure, performed at the San Fran World Fair in 1935. both are modern customs that are part of the fake cultural industrial complex told to all First Nations Orphans to implant a fake history. I guess that would make this a three-fer, the World Fairs are exclusively the place where the fake customs were inserted into the mainstream industrial complex.

WW1 cover story (All War is a Cover)


I found a kickass old news video clip repository and then figured out how to upload and view them directly from the sight. Thats a biggie since I do a lot of those obscure historical events nobody realizes how important they are bc they dont know what they are looking for and if they found it they wouldnt be able to recognize it anyway. one min forty secs

Wars are fake as fuck, ALL of them. Ukraine, Ikraine, We all fucking kraine. Not saying people dont kill and get killed, thats terrible, but the part that makes it so fucked up is they don’t know why. Or worse, they use it for virtue signaling, like they are so brave or some kind of fucking hero and everyone else owes them a debt of gratitude or a BJ. Sorry GI Joe, you’re an idiot. If you fucking people think you’re so brave try saying “No”, but I get it. The military uses high-pressure predatory recruitment tactics on dumbed-down, public school educated children, and if you dont fall for that they fall back on good ol fashioned bribery. Its a psychological war and the soldier is the first casualty the moment he enters into binding-contract. Sorry but its true, I wouldn’t call you a fucking idiot if I didn’t love my brothers and sisters. Someone had to be the first one to say it.

Sorry for my emotional outburst. Heres why. That vid is representative, that means its an example that stands for the whole lot. watch it once or twice. Did you see anything? Besides the knee-high grass and flowers in the so-called “No Man’s Land”

This is not some propaganda news reel, this is a production of the War Dept. If they would just say it was a reenactment even, but no, we are told this is the real deal of the German surrender. Did anyone think to ask how the cameraman didn’t get mowed down by the “wall of fire”

Todays propaganda is not any better, its just a different flavor.

The Mediterranean Sea bed still has evidences of previous structures and canal grid. Ever wondered why the water is blurred out immediately once you leave the shore on Google Earth? Bc the water level used to be much lower and you can still see the features. From Greece to Egypt, all throughout the Balkans, around the coasts of Italy… Especially Malta. Not only is Malta a once-canaled city but its layers of starfort buttresses stacked up you can still see a few corners that haven’t been destroyed yet. Its like a starfort wedding cake.

Technical stuff

Im working on video making and adding audio, the difficult part is having each block sound the same as each other. On the left is my ringtone, took me all evening to fingure out how to make it. You have to find a free mp3 download and save to google drive, then access G Drive on Android and set mp4 as ringtone. The same chrome extention also showed me how to upload screen recordings, they have to be compressed and converted from webm to mp4, they make it harder than it should be. This is the first video I ever uploaded and im keeping it for sentimental reasons.

“Mama’s Sufferage”

Mic check 1 2. I’m learning how to embed audio… I just found how to compress a screen recording so it will upload onto wordpress. They make it hard on purpose, it also takes up so much memory, that way you are almost forced to use their video sites like youtube.

The first video I uploaded from screen recording with a microphone. 12 secs.

*My buddy left a link in the comment section that takes you a map off New York and the marshes along the coast of the islands. You can still see the laser etch marks in the bed rock from the old grid. The whole world has a grid pattern cut into it like an etch-a-stetch. Another commented why did I focus on the old canal grid so frequently. This is why, right here. this is direct evidence of the canals, of advanced directed energy technology, of the mudflood… The implications of this cannot be over estimated.

I’m not sure which part he was pointing toward. The main channel that is still navigable today and the larger squiggles arent as important to me as the etching. That is directed energy etch-lines in the bed rock. Most people would never see it

Lets look at another one right next store.

Match to this one I just posted about at the Nazca Lines in South America. They are all over the Earth. I am updating the Winged Lion post now. I shouldn’t’ve skipped over it so fast originally. The presence of the sigil in NY shouldve been enough to tell me there was more than I caught on to. Thanx again.

Brady has two counterparts, claimed to be his students, Alex Gardener and Timmy O’Sullivan. One or the other or all are responsible for just about every image in the library of Congress regarding the Civil War and Westward Expansion, Its all fake history. Here is an image I found in the Matthew Brady file at the Library of Congress captioned that this is the original structure on Gov Island. Matthew Brady was a historical fictional photographer whose file documents the trance-ition from the Olde to the New World. He also had the first crisis actor portfolio and stock images for historical narrative events, a list of his image titles are generic such as: Camp, Cooking at camp, Women at camp, Bridge, Destroyed bridge, Stone bridge, Actor, Actress, Child Actress… And so on. Everything in his file is directly related to the destruction of the Olde and installation of the New. Keep that in mind the next time you hear of him on the History Channel or something.

The statue of the winged feline doesn’t match the rest its a claim. The building also has a mermaid

I was running out of room on the site so I had to delete a few older posts for the space. They’re in the wayback machine and here is the pdf. Its a little difficult to turn a webpage into a pdf but there are conversion apps out there. They come back in mobil form, instead of desktop, but its better than nothing.

“Big Tree”, 1897, Grounds of the Smithsonian. Probs a piece from a World Fair brought back to DC by the Smithsonian. The Redwoods were a staple attraction. I just never seen this on the Mall before.

They built that great big castle and didnt disturb any of the grass or weeds or anything.

Ancient Space Lasers

Heres where I tell you the canal ws etched into the bedrock with ancient laser beams. True story. Not just that but you can still see evidence of laser ablations on the earth. An ablation is the signature left behind at the impact sight of a directed energy beam. They’re like fingerprints. The technical images are from an electron microscope but they match perfectly with rock faces you can zoom in one goosle earth. You can see the orange one is the Sahara next to a plasma etching ablation

It doesn’t end there my friend, you can see the bedrock from a desert in Asia the old canal grid. There is an oil field covering it up I dont think thats an accident. They also tore up another bedrock site in S America with a wind mill farm. Lesser scale you will find golf courses placed strategically to hide stuff. Tree farms and ‘reforestation’ projects… The Conservation Civilian Corps planted millions of trees during the 30’s, creating the State Park network, but thats a different story.

Most the earth is covered by vegetation. That plus erosion hides things pretty well; deserts offer the only chance to witness marks from the past, you just have to read them. If I had access to LIDAR technology that would be the shit. If anybody reading this has access to lidar tech just drop me a line in the comment section.

This a pretty good summary about the energy technology. Its very basic and alot of subliminal propaganda. Typical Russian/China vs the West, as if the governments have any real power or there was any distinction. Mainly they lie about the tech being lost. It wasnt lost, it was stolen. So take it with a grain on salt, theyre lying on purpose like a fucking little bitch but some of it is true. Thats the best kind of propaganda.

I only bring it up bc there is a section about old sail boats that harnessed energy from the atmosphere to propel themselves through the water like magnets.

Projects Inserted on Money

  • Anything printed on money is a psychological war game. It has to be bc money is one of the biggest weapons in the arsenal.
  • We have already mentioned the winged Lion found ar Jamestown.
  • Here is a Buddhist coin found at a fake Silk Road site in the Middle East, featuring the oldest known representation on Buddha
  • Here is an old ‘Viking’ coin with a swazzie, found in Vindelev, Denmark. The earliest known image of Odin.