Public Safety Committee, Ordo ab Chao, a la “For Your Own Protection”

First they manufacture the crisis, then install themselves as saviors

*My first introduction to the PSC came from my first attempt to bust the Helen Keller fraud, she had an ancestor, Georg, that was the first to come over here from Switzerland in the mid 1700’s. Georg’s story showcases an textbook example of how fictional ancestors are created on paper to seemingly justify self-validating claims of land grabs, generational wealth, social status, and so forth. It’s all an illusion.

When I wrote this I believed in Colonial history and founding fathers. Even though those things are all just a false narrative to be taught in public schools to children there are still some profound truths here. One can easily see the parallels of previous Public Safety Committees and what happened during the height of the 2020 power-grab extravaganza. It was nothing new, there is ‘Nothing new under the Sun.’ The Sun represents the central world authority, which gives light and life to everything on Earth, another layer of all the Sun symbolism on everything.

My understanding of the Keller’s, Colonial America, wars and public safety has progressed dramatically and I encourage the reader to see some of my other work for details. Keep in mind I have to use public education and media sources for most of this, neither of those are credible. Not only are they not credible but you can be assured 100% of everything they say is some form of deception.

America’s Revolution and the first form of Central Authority

Some variation of the Committee of Public Safety has been in effect for as long as there has been a perceived threat. It’s in the script. Any time you see them coming you want to go in the other direction if possible, if not then watch their every move, for your own protection. There always seems to be a Safety Committee nearby when the real threat comes from one group forcefully asserting authority over another group.

In the run up to the American Revolution we see the beginning attempts to centralize power in the colonies. That’s one of the objectives for staging the revolution to begin with. The centralization did not come bc of the war, a proxy war was held to bring centralization. Its globalism, global authoritarian totalitarianism is the end game of centralization, that’s why globalists are bad guys. There has always been a central authority, a World wide power structure which America was an extension, never independent, never free.

If the Redcoats were no longer the recognized authority the power vacuum was filled by the same lodge brothers. Local authorities had already been placed, media controlled, businesses owned by agents that had been prepping America for decades in advance. The first publicly known central power was created, instead of family or community authority we needed the Fed. 

So war was drummed up as it usually is, the State Committee of Safety was formed in 1774 prelude to the American Revolution, its job was to help enforce the trade embargo with Great Britain in order to repel the Intolerable Act. If you don’t know much about early American history is worth the energy to read up on. There are many parallels between what’s called the American Rev and what’s going on today with the social engineering in the media. Even in normie history books you can find Britain and the Rebellion were working together the whole time. The loyalist/patriot rhetoric being akin to rep/dem banter today, both are on the same side there the allegiance being to the lodge, not imaginary borders and faux patriotic nationalism. 

Each county had a Committee of Safety that elected itself from the pool of the most prominent residents of their community. It was just another Freemason side piece. Virginia was important to the shipping industry, second only to Boston, and there was a lot of powerful people here from the merchant class, who also depended on the shipping industry. All those merchants (trigger word) got together and decided the only way they could keep you safe was to regulate all import/export. The embargo was not supported by the whole community to begin with and the fact that the more to-do businessmen now had the self-proclaimed authority to seize ships, goods, records, people as they saw fit didn’t help either. Since they had no real authority, they used the media to propped them up. Just like today, the CDC has no authority. Governor mandates have no authority. The media was created as a weapon against the people to manufacture consent.

People that didn’t comply were branded an ‘Enemy of America’, they were featured in the paper which requested the public essentially shun them. Cooperators were given incentives. Many local businessmen recognized this scam and refused to submit their books out of principle, they were ostracized from the community until they submitted their books then an announcement was made in the papers they were once again ‘Friends of America’, and business would resume as usual. They were mostly not heavy with punishment. The most important part was establishing authority and obedience. Where have I seen this before? Any defiance was squelched by the papers except when the defier was coerced into making a public apology and recant. Those that didn’t take the bribe were held against their will and their goods and property seized, all they had to do was place a public apology in the newspaper and everything would be restored. It didn’t turn out so good every time of course, if the property was sold, the prisoner was entitled to profits but they were automatically ‘donated’ to the American people. 

Many times, the committee fixed the prices of good to ‘prevent hyperinflation’. A vendor could have his inventory seized only if somebody reported him as have raised his price within the last 12 months. Leniency was given to those that submitted their record books voluntarily. 

Gambling, cockfights, cards and dice were outlawed as well as all forms of ‘extravagance’, it was important to ‘accentuate solemnity to Americas effort to bring redress to her grievances’, is what the media told them. There is one case of a man wearing a new black suit while mourning a lost one and he was accosted by the safety committee that made him take his suit off and substitute it for a black armband. Any of the insane policies of today coming to mind?  

Mail wasn’t forgotten, all mail subject to confiscation and read without notice. This was done to reduce the threat of ‘spying within the community’ and forget about traveling in an unfamiliar town. Travel docs will be issued. “Vaccine Passports” come to mind. The media is holding all this together and the people are sucking it up. The true population of loyalists in the state of Virginia is estimated to be very low, certainly not enough to justify all the ‘security measures to keep the citizens safe’ so the papers were used to create sensationalism. Note how we see an invisible or ‘perceived’ threat the media uses to manipulate the people and spread fear and distrust. Spies. Not a real threat that can be targeted and overcome, but an invisible threat that doesn’t even have to be real, just the thought of it is enough. terrorism, nukes, viruses… Hegelian dialectic. create the problem to offer the solution. Ordo ab Chao. 

The dates of the embargo are based on region and who was on the wrong end. There is one instance where Thomas Jefferson took out a front-page confession that he unknowingly violated the boycott by accepting 14 windows that he ordered before the embargo took effect, he asked for forgiveness and understanding. GTFOH. This was done in mockery I can promise you. This would be like today’s celebs and politicians getting the fake shot. Contemporary sources indicate most people did not support such measures but complied bc of public pressure.

*Jefferson was a fictional icon and the contemporary sources are stage props.

Circulation of goods was controlled to point vendors had to show committee certificates of origin for their wares. It was proto contact tracing methodology. 

Another ‘service’ the SC provided was assisting the central gov in procuring stockpiles for the war, mainly gunpowder and lead. All these services of course were paid for by the people. Taxes, donations, contributions. Gun powder and lead were the most frequent item. Any person caught with a stash of gunpowder that the committee thought too high was confiscated. All orders had to be approved for people to make, buy and sell gunpowder. 

Some committees even took the show to the open waters and hijacked any vessels they considered suspect. I always thought this was called piracy. 

Eventually the state minutemen militia was formed, guess who armed, fed, clothed, housed, and controlled the state militia? That’s right, the Safety Committee. They were responsible for prepping Virginia for war, cataloging resources, mobilizing manpower, their biggest tool was a controlled media. The committee members were later renamed ‘state delegate’. The power never changes hands, only names. It is significant the committee believed they derived their authority from a centralized power, the Continental Congress, and not local assemblies. The upper crust doesn’t have to follow any rules and the few businesses that weren’t shut down made a fortune. The Philly chapter demanded that ‘7 artisans and 6 Germans’ be added to the committee showing the same multicultural agenda and entertainment industry propaganda machine as today and even a disgruntled governor for GA admits they are ‘with a Jew at the head’. The media hyping up potential threats and giving manufactured consent. The Committee of Safety has come to full circle.  


French Revolution Pt 1, 1793

Much of the scripts used today you can trace back to the French Revolution; Socialism, Communism, Society of Friends, and of course, the Public Safety Committee. It can be confusing trying to figure out a sequence of events; timelines are a trap, that’s why children endure years of repetition and forced memorization in the public education system. In timeline history the American Rev is older, so their P.S.C. should come first, however, France was repopulated first, so they have been using the script longer, so which really came first? Then consider both so-called Revolutions are inserts and you can probably find a public safety committee in Ancient Rome if you look, which is another insert. I get a headache trying to type it out comprehensibly.

Sure enough, the Ministry of Truth gives us a starting point: “… Desmoulins quickly turned his pen against the Committee of Public Safety and the Committee of General Security, comparing their reign to that of the Roman tyrants chronicled by Tacitus…” So there you go, from there I bet they reach back even farther to Egypt, You can look if you want, I already know they do. They are nothing if not predictable. The script of Ancient Rome is the future they are working toward.

Symbols are a language you must learn if you want to understand whats going on today or anytime in history. Here is the French variety of the P.S.C., notice the Roman imagery with the toga and bundle of sticks and laurel wreath. The American version still has the Roman flavor too, with the Phoenix featured front and center. The power never seems to change hands and they recycle the same imagery bc the same group inserted themselves into everything and attached whatever name and date they wanted. These symbols just mean the group was responsible, it does not mean the corresponding info is correct

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