These are ancient artifacts left over from the time before the Repopulation. Dates ascribed to them make no sense and could not have been built during this period. Many of the fake truther guru’s act like there is some mystical or paranormal atmosphere surrounding them and they are harmonic resonators or some shit, this is to throw you off the trail and make the field seem overwhelming or to hard to follow. The truth is much simpler. Also the frequency is way off in reality. Fake truthers make it seem like there are only a handful and you are extremely lucky if you find one. I have found the opposite is true. These fuckers are everywhere. like 50 in the NYC area alone and more at Boston harbor. They are spread out through the Caribbean, India, the Midwest, South America… Everywhere. Many on artificial islands. A series of wars were invented as a way to explain their existance. The French and Indian Wars, The American Revolution, 1812… these never happened. the Spanish-American, civil war, maybe these happened, I have found musket balls with a metal detector on said battle fields, thats the closest i have come to ‘proving’ anything. Maybe proxy military operations but thats it. These are so common you can take just about every military installation in the country and look it up with historical images tagged in the keyword search, almost every one will come back a starfort or at least partial.

Most of the Starforts have been destroyed, others exit in fragments or outlines. They are from a previous era in our land, wild stories have been made up to dismiss and explain away observations. The string of Indian wars was invented for a false sense of history. Starforts are among the infrastructural fingerprints from before the repopulation, along with tunnels, sewers, bridges, canals, aquaducts, railroads, reservoirs. Hopefully one day I will be able to type up something more indepth but for now Im just keeping a list of the ones I come across in my other threads. Im not seeking them but always on the lookout, they attract some weird shit and when I find one I make a note to return to later. My stamp collection is fun too, the nwo pay tribute to their own works in many ways. Stamps is one for sure, the people and events they put on stamps is scandalous my friend, anybody you see on a stamp is trouble.

The network of pre-existing industrial site extended from the florida Everglades there was the Seminole Rez and prison. shit even farther was Ft jefferson, out in the middle of nowhere, Ill find a pic. It extended all the way up in the UC (Upper Canada) following the Appalachin Mountains where there was a network of ancient foot paths and canals the map makers cut this right in half when they drew the invisible boundries up to try and hide everything. Compartmentalization is the biggest weapon

The more complex and elaborate ones are in Northern and Eastern Europe, scroll down to the bottom.




In colloquial language, permanent fortifications are often referred to as ” schanze “, which in many places is due to the fact that fortifications that were initially only provisional were later expanded into permanent fortifications.

A ski jump is usually an independent fortification. To block a valley or a pass, however, a row of adjacent redoubts could also be erected, which were often connected with a low rampart and ditch. In this case one speaks of a “entrenched line”. If such a line completely encloses an area on all sides, then this is referred to as an “entrenched camp” (such “ entrenched camps ” often served as contravallation or circumvallation lines .

According to their ground plan, a distinction is made between open and closed ski jumps . The closed ones are further divided into redoubts , which only have exit angles, and star jumps with alternately exiting and re-entrant angles. In the case of open ramparts , which can have the form of a Flesche, Redan, Hornwerk when the side where one’s own army was camped or where one’s own fortress was located was unfortified. 


A bastioned front pushed forward into the ditch is referred to as a horn work , which was one of the outer works . It consisted of two demi-bastions connected by a curtain wall , bordered by long flanks. A ravelin could have been placed in front of the curtain wall. The crown work is to be distinguished from the horn work ; this consists of at least two bastioned fronts.

The wall between two bastions has been referred to as a curtain wall or middle wall. The middle wall is usually straight, but sometimes sloping 


Circumvallation line describes a fortification or connected chain of ramparts that is led around a town or fortress. The contravallation or contravallation line , which includes a further ring of fortification.

Circumvallation should not be confused with the more general term of enclosure without the installation of a classic wall.

Couvreface /Contregarde

Citadel of Alessandria, ITALY
This is the most important hexagonal fortress in Europe, according to UNESCO,

Couvreface refers to a narrow outer work that is built in front of the moat in front of bastions or ravelins. It often consists of just a low rampart with a parapet that provides cover for archers. Another ditch in front of the works


redoubt  usually consisting of an enclosed defensive emplacement outside a larger fort. It can be a permanent structure or a hastily constructed temporary fortification. Redoubts were a component in the outer works of Vauban-style fortresses.

A redoubt differs from a redan in that the redan is open in the rear, whereas the redoubt was considered an enclosed work.


ravelin is a triangular fortification or detached outwork, located in front of the innerworks of a fortress (the curtain walls and bastions). Originally called a demi-lune, after the lunette, the ravelin is placed outside a castle and opposite a fortification curtain wall.

Marquis de Vauban Commonly referred to as Vauban, was a French military engineer and Marshal of France who worked under Louis XIV. He is generally considered the greatest engineer of his time, and one of the most important in European military history.

His principles for fortifications were widely used for nearly 100 years, while aspects of his offensive tactics remained in use until the mid-twentieth century. He viewed civilian infrastructure as closely connected to military effectiveness and worked on many of France’s major ports, as well as projects like the Canal de la Bruche, which remain in use today. He founded the Corps royal des ingénieurs militaires, whose curriculum was based on his publications on engineering design, strategy and training.

So he started the Army Corps of Engineers

Medieval Myth

Star Cities

My link

The old starfort/city maps of Medieval Europe are fakes. The medieval period is Europe’s version of the Wild West. All the Olde cities of Europe have starforts inserted into the timeline to hide their true past… At least partially. The star shaped redoubt walls were not simply moats but were the outer walls enclosing a central canal grid where the population area is.

Governors Island, New York City Harbor

This image was in the Matthew Brady file, titled as the original structure on the island. Brady is a fictional character and his file documents the transition from the Olde and New World

Ft Jefferson

Below is Ft jefferson, out in the gulf of mexico. This thing is 50 miles from any other dry land. said to have been built by prisoners in the early 1800’s. They might fool you but they aint fooling me.

Schweinfurt Representative Destruction

Imperial City of Schweinfurt- Example of a medieval city complex with city wall and towers, which were fortified by Swedes around 1640.

On August 17, 1943, the air war began over Schweinfurt as part of Operation Double Strike the USAAF with 376 bombers. 36 bombers were shot down and 122 damaged

FT Adams

Rhode Island. Said to have been built in 1799. The year is an allegory for the Old World, our history (his-story) began at 1800-1801 (aces and eights). Use some critical thinking skills bro

Corfu, greece

The history of this small island in the Mediterranian is crazy

Those are ancient canals, like venice and paris. The Starfort remains are called redoubts, one in the top midframe and one on the right midframe


This my link about S America. it’ll blow your mind

Bitche Citadell

Porte stras bitche, archway between Bitche and Strasbourg, the ancient ruined city said to be the Franco-Prussian War


Key West


there are a few in malta


Ft. McHenry-

battle of 1812, Star spangled banner is inserted. Thats a big one, gets a world fair named after it. Jamestown too, and San francisco. Other cities have them but Im not sure of the exact fairground. chicago, philly, buffalo. Itd be interesting to see an overlay. Im sure the location is meaningful. World Fairs held on the sites of old Starforts. 

Ft Frederick-

 The first thing I wanted to share was the role of the C.C.C., Citizen Conservation Corp, as we see in this pic of coopting an Star fort they name Ft Frederick they plant a lot of trees to shape the land as they want to fit the narrative, this same practice is found in the ghost cities before the repopulation there are whole landscapes of freshly planted trees. 

There is also a Ft Frederick starfort in Ceylon, off the coast of India. 

Ft Frederick sri lanka

Ft Loudoun- Tennessee, used for only four years for protection during the French and Indian war. Constructed by the Independent Company of South Carolina. Sited as ruins as early as 1763 by Timberlake. In 1917 a marker was placed here by the Colonial Dames org, same group that placed markers in Harpers Ferry, jamestown, gravesite of pathkiller, c&o canal, king phillips war, ft frederick. 

Carlisle is the name of a town in Ohio with an earthwork structure is simply known as the Carlisle Fort. It has been dated to 2000 years ago, if you can believe that…By an archeologist named JP MacLean who in 1885 wrote that the total wall length in 3676 ft and total coverage is 12-15 acres. He admits to the early locals scavenging the original structure for building materials. It is designated an earthworks since the ruins are dirt but in the same paragraph admits the original stone was carried off by “hundreds of wagons”. The first survey was done by Binkley and Blossom in 1835 and again in 1875, They cite the ancient lake dwellers of Switzerland. The town of Carlisle is said to have been named after George Carlisle, a railroad agent that “bought and platted a large section of the community.” 

MacLean wrote many authoritative books about ‘precolumbian’ America; elvolution, discrediting the race of giants and Viking habitation. He lead the first annual MacLean Clan gathering in the New World held in Chicago 1893 (Columbian Expo, World Fair) 

*There is also a Carlisle, Ohio village that is unincorporated. Located in Noble County next to other unincorporated town of Moundsville. Moundsville was in part settled by the Northrup family of Connecticutt. Hmm the Calisles and Northrups settling neighboring towns? 

*There is also an ancient Roman Ft. Carlisle that was part of Hadrians Wall 

Ft Pitt and Ft Duquesne

Site of Pittsburg. Built in 1759- 1761 Treaty of 1778 was signed here promising the Indians their own state. Strategic site at the junction of two rivers. All the fort has been destroyed except one section which has been owned by the Daughters of the America Revolution since 1896. Built next to but not on top of Ft Duquesne, another star fort supposedly built by the French in 1754. Control of the forts changes a few times in a series of historical fiction skirmishes. Always includes G. Washington. 

The Treaty of Ft Pitt in 1788 was one of many fantasy docs used in a fake timeline, this time the Indians were promised their own state to govern. 

Ft Pitt is a Starfort given a fake French and Indian War background to explain its existance. A historic treaty was signed here promising and Indians a state of their own to govern. We find the introduction of Tamenend. George Morgan was on the Committee of Indian Affairs (C.I.A.) during the AM Rev from Princeton NJ. Wow 4 red lights in one sentence. He was a translator for the Indians but had the day off when the treaty was signed. The Indians called him Tamenend after a dead soldier. 

Lenape went to found Moraviantown in Ontario, they were the local tribe and hooked up with the Moravian church in the 1770. Gnadenhutten was founded by the chief Moravian missionary 

Ft Duquesne had an active role in the Indian Wars and included G. Washington 

Ferals are called Squatters by the feds. 

Forts attributed to the French in the Ohio Valley 

Fort Sandusky, Ft LeBeouf, Ft Venango, FT McIntosh, Ft Stanwix, Ft Finney, Ft Washington, Fort Marietta, Old Waterford Garrison, Whites Fort 

FT Marion

*See Also: Samuel H Parsons, Jacob Proctor, Federal Trail, Miami-Eerie Canal, Hoskins Rebellion 

Starfort links

Ft Massachusetts. builf during the French Indian war 1741 by Ephraim Williams. Site picked up by daughters of revolution. site razed and paved.Dollar General parking lot. see fake doc capture of fort and indian captivity by Norton. he is Yale Skull and Bones

DAR and Colonial Dames are usual suspects grabbing false-narrative sites for restoration or acknowledgement.

Ft James, Jamestown

Confederate build earthworks and find armor and arms. this is the script of Pitt and Du. with one fort being built not exactly on top of another one but crossing its borders. The original dig was done by the ‘Colored Troop’, Black Civil War soldier did not play the role PC generation history books say they did.

I got a brother in the Gambia, Im planning to visit this season. Maybe I’ll look this place up. There is some stone circles similar to stone henge I used to want to visit. Nobody knows the backstory or age or who built them. I do. They’re fake tourist traps just like all the rest


Hoax, Fraud, Scam, Lie, Phony

Army corps of engineered modified existing structure to match history books. Erosion cut half away, Army corp of Engineers and Colonial Dames of America and Civilian Conservation Corps got together and made a living archaeology exhibit of World Fair caliber.

Bunker Hill

Fortifications engineer was Richard Howe. Major role in the American Revolution

nyc had so many

Ft Warren

Comes into our story as being designed by charles Bigalow from the Pemberton Mill Collapse, he designed the building to collapse under stress along with the army corp of engineers

Boston Harbor. The fort is named for Revolutionary War hero Dr. Joseph Warren, who sent Paul Revere on his famous ride, and was later killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. The name was transferred in 1833 from the first Fort Warren – built in 1808 – which was renamed Fort Winthrop. constructed from 1833–1861, served as a prison for Confederate officers and government officials. a National Historic Landmark in 1970

Fort Winthrop (1) (1808-1905) – A Second System Coastal Fort first established in 1808 as Fort Warren (1) on Governor’s Island, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Renamed Fort Winthrop in 1833 after John Winthrop, first governor of Massachusetts. Abandoned in 1905.Early HistoryConstruction was begun on 23 May 1808 by Lt. Sylvanus Thayer who later became known as the “Father of West Point”. He constructed a demilune battery on the south end of the island and a star shaped fortress on the summit along with a guardhouse and powder magazine. The fort was renamed Fort Winthrop in 1833 because a larger Fort Warren (2) was being being built further out in the harbor.The fort underwent a modernization program that started just before the U.S. Civil War that lasted until 1872. This work, along with the work on Fort Warren (2), was also supervised by Colonel Sylvanus Thayer.Endicott Period (1890-1910)The fort was regarrisoned for a short while during the Spanish-American War (1898) but was quickly returned to caretaker status with a single ordnance sergeant on site. On 7 Sep 1902, 18,000 pounds of powder stored in the powder magazine blew up. The cause of the explosion was never exactly determined but it was suspected that five boys had set fires on the island causing the magazine to blow up. One man was killed and five others were injured. The fort was severely damaged and was abandoned in 1905.On 31 Dec 1909 Fort Winthrop was listed as not garrisoned and with no armament.Current StatusDestroyed by airport construction, formerly Governor’s Island, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Massie, who was killed in a sword duel with Lieutenant Gustavus Drane at the fort on December 25, 1817 was so popular with the soldiers stationed at Fort Independence that they took out their frustration on his killer, Lieutenant Drane, by walling him up within a vault in the fort. Edgar Allan Poe, while serving at Fort Independence in 1827, purportedly heard the tale and was inspired by it

The legend that purportedly inspired Poe is not accurate. Lieutenant Drane, was not murdered by the fort’s soldiers. Drane, instead, continued in his military career, Lieutenant Massie’s remains were moved to the Fort Devens Cemetery. Ft devens is a superfund site bc they are hiding all the fake bodies

Ft Monroe

From the Colonial America hoax we have a series of harbor and coastal forts claiming to go back to the Indian wars, No way they built these at any point in time, let alone the 16-1800’s.

Ft Monroe… anything named after a fictional founding father is a pretty safe bet has a fake history attached. 1862. partial remains of starfort in tact with moat. Designed by chief engineer for Napoleon, later recruited by Army Corps of Engineers.

Ft Wool

isnt a starfort but lays near the south of Monroe is an artificial, manmade island.

Heres about 20 places on Earth named Ft George all built at roughly the same time.

Ft Sumter

Ft Sumter is said to have been started during the war of 1812 even though it was still incomplete in 1861. The opening shots of the civil war started here. The island is man made and was never completed and is now in ruins maintained by the park service. Here is pic from 1861 that shows the fort was already in ruins when it was supposedly being built.

This pic is maybe one of the earliest examples of photoshop and specifically photoshopping by the media for manipulation purposes. This is sold as an authentic picture caught by chance of a bomb exploding during the Battle of Ft Sumter. An asterisk at the bottom even says: “The extraordinary conditions which this photo was taken left it desirable for the artist to retouch slightly…” So they admit it was edited, but only alittle, and assures us it doesnt effect the accuracy of the events. LOL, What a crock of shit.


Zurich is the biggest starfort I have ever seen. This map comes from 1854. The whole entire city is built as one. This thing is ancient. Zurich is one of the centers of the Repopulation, a point which everything branches outward around the year 1800. The architecture suggests it is much older. Wow.

All that remains is a thin sliver of moat along the southern portion. Even in the mid-1800’s the declination process was well advanced. The northern moat, while still visible, has already dried up. Not even the outline is there. How much longer do you think till the entire outline is erased?


Ft Negley, Tenn

3.2 km from city center, 18,000 cu ft limestone, 130,000$ budget. KKK meeting ground for freemason klansmen. Built by unpaid freed black men (slave labor), site houses baseball field and science museum. The city plans to modify it to living archaeo park

Ft Whipple, Tenn

Ft Henry, Tenn

Bastille, France

The Bastille in France
L: The Bastille R: blow-up of Zurich. I think the whole city of Paris might be a Star Fort (Paris was a canaled city, like Venice.) (The whole world was)
Concept art of the Bastille. Rendition done by Hoffbauer. A new variation of Hoffman, the spook family. Bauer is also the name of Rothschild before he chose Red shield for himself. I ran Bauer through the translator, it came back as ‘peasant’. Thats the mockery, these people called themselves peasants.
A map of Paris before it was Paris.This has a date of 1540 so that means its bullshit. Obviously there are no star points but there is a moat and walls. Things like this are hidden behind half truths. The shape could be off but other claims could be accurate. Anything before 1800 is a lie. This early map was inserted to give the fake narrative a history. Paris had canals. I got a whole article about it.
Panoramic landscape of fortress of Nossa Senhora da Graca in Elvas, Portugal
1861 plan of Tvrda, Croatia (Is that a variation of Essex?)
Brno, Czechia, The Gypsy Trap
Moscow 1775. Russia also had canals, nothing as magnificent as what Paris was but a large city with river running through it which canals shoot off is a pattern to be on the lookout for.
Look at Google earth trying to be sneaky. lol. good one guys, Hmm, What in the world could that be? nothing suspect going on here. This super-secret starfort is half mile across and is located to the east of Paris.

Flanders, Antwerp, Belgium

I never seen a Jewfort
2 Jew forts. The central Y line is a canal. All the gray areas to the side are the old canal grid filled in and paved over. you can see the mudflood region near the top, its still green with young trees and the outline is not yet hidden. The Reset was very recent



Copenhagen, Denmark

Rio de Janeiro

Walled Cities

The Ottoman Empire, HQ’d in Constantinople/Istanbul, the the antithesis of the Holy Roman Empire, HQ’d in Rome. These are two branches of the Post-Reset World Order that are at war even in the free public education system. This is all for show anyway, its an internal power struggle.

This branch seems to favor the massive wall and tower walled population centers over the Bastion (Starfort) of the Western world.

Ft d’Issy, Paris

Ft Izzy is featured in two paris wars at the same time. The French Revolution that spawned the Paris Commune in 1871, and the overlapping Franco-Prussian War circa 1870-73. This is supposedly 1871.