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The above links are all separate articles for each area. Theres alot of photographic evidence proving the war is a media creation. Its not all pictures though. The pasted Ministry of Truth article below is an example of such things, a ‘scandal’ called the Hall Carbine Scandal, JP Morgan bought a bunch of surplus rifles for cheap and sold them back to the gov for thousands of percent profit. Resetters love to insert themselves into manufactured scandals as the villain. The operation was inserted around 1911 as a way to explain the generational wealth acquired by robber barons of the early 1900’s. Heres the thing, these assholes print the money, they dont use it. In this sense there is no money, in the age of digital currency it should be more clear, the entire system is built on invisible debt which doesnt exist except in our collective mind.

Just like there is no clear economy there was no war, its all fabricated by spell casters that write his-story books, thats where the Hall Carbine comes in. When it was inserted later and treated as a legit political offence the incident gives the illusion that the Civil War was real, the political system as well as the economy. History is nothing but false evidence inserted at a later point in time over and over again.

The thing that drew me to this is the JP Morgan bankster Gordon Wasson that handled the accounts. Wasson was a military intelligence/international bankster/Big Pharm advocate/psychological warfare technician. Wasson was credited with the introduction of ‘Magick’ mushrooms onto the world scene by publishing an article on Life mag.This signaled the start of the Psychedelic Industrial Complex.

Theres no more of a mindfuck than the Civil War…

During the American Civil WarJohn Pierpont Morgan financed the purchase of 5,000 surplus rifles at $3.50 each, which were then sold back to the government for $22 each. The incident became renowned as a scandalous example of wartime profiteering. Interest in the incident was revived in 1910 as an indictment of Morgan.[1][2]

The Affair[edit]

The weapons, known as “Hall’s Carbines“, were purchased by arms dealer Arthur M. Eastman in a deal negotiated with James Wolfe Ripley, Brigadier General and head of the US Ordinance Bureau, in June 1861. Subsequently, Eastman agreed to sell the weapons to Simon Stevens for $12.50 each, if Stevens would provide financing in the amount of $20,000 to allow Eastman to complete the purchase from the government. Stevens quickly negotiated a sale to field general John C. Frémont for $22, promising to bore out the rifles to fifty-eight caliber. With the deal completed, Stevens obtained a loan of $20,000 from Morgan. The weapons were delivered to Eastman in August 1861, refurbished at a cost of approximately 75 cents each, and 2500 arms were delivered to Fremont by the end of August. Meanwhile, Stevens obtained a loan of $46,226.31 from another banker, Morris Ketchum, of which $37,500 were used to repay Eastman. Morgan was still owed $20,000, and was holding 2500 rifles as collateral. On Sept. 14, 1861, the US government paid for the first shipment, and Morgan released the remaining rifles for shipment to Fremont. A voucher in lieu of payment for the remaining funds due was sent to Morgan, who forwarded it to Ketchum.[1]

Reaction and evaluation[edit]

By the time the second payment was due to be paid in September 1861, a scandal was developing. Ripley discovered that Fremont had purchased the rifles without his authorization, and he felt that Fremont had been overcharged. Ripley complained to the Secretary of War, and the matter was reported in major newspapers on September 26, 1861. By the next day, a House investigating committee was looking into the matter.[1] In 1863, a Congressional Committee on Government Contracts was highly critical of the arms merchants, writing: “Worse than traitors in arms are the men who pretending loyalty to the flag, feast and fatten on the misfortunes of the nation, while patriot blood is crimsoning the plains of the South and bodies of their countrymen are moldering in the dust.”[2]

Interest in the affair was rekindled in 1910 with the publication of Gustavus Myers‘ History of the Great American Fortunes, which included a chapter on J. P. Morgan.[3] The matter then became a cause célèbre, attracting a wide range of commentary.[1][4] Myers said that the rifles were more likely to blow the rifleman’s thumb off than they were to cause any damage to the enemy. An earlier version of the rifle was known to be subject to this problem.[4] Gordon Wasson argued that there was no evidence Morgan knew that he was participating in a scheme to profit from the chaotic situation at the onset of the Civil War.[1] However, Matthew Josephson had earlier asserted that Morgan certainly did know, because he had presented the government with a bill for $58,175 before he delivered the remaining rifles that were being held as collateral.[2] Reviewing the evidence, Charles Morris concluded that it was “implausible” that Morgan did not know about the profitability of the endeavor.[5] Jan Irvin pointed out that Gordon Wasson became vice president for public relations for J. P. Morgan after completing his book, which attempted to exonerate Morgan. As early as 1937, Wasson had been working to influence historians Allan Nevins and Charles McLean Andrews regarding Morgan’s role in the affair, and then he used Nevins’s report[6] as a reference for his own book on the topic.[7][8]

Im still trying to figure out how to break everything down comprehensiv;y… all the smaller skirmishes. This page is just the photo repository where i can build each post and link to it.

Cool props bro, what about shot and powder? and those ramming sticks with the pillow thing on the ends?
This is the one labeled the race riots of Tulsa, ’21. I’ll have to check a third time but I couldn’t confirm this was what the label says. All other sources indicate the Tulsa damage appeared fresh and the corpses were really corpses. I just put the image here until a better home is made.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
yeah, federal prisoners from Bull Run facilitated at Castle Pickney in Charleston
“The Crater”
Thats a cannonball stuck into the brick wall
Ditch and “Cheavaux de frise” in front of the Union Fort Sedgwick, called by the Rebel soldiers “Fort Hell”
Bomb proof shelter at Petersburg
Group of Monitors on James river
Moniter refueling by coal ship

Much of the Civil War, especially Sherman’s March through the South was designed as a way to cover up destruction of the RR that was already there. The infrastructure was always in place and only had to be repaired or rerouted in areas.

Dutch Gap Canal by Waud
Ruins of Hampton, Waud

At least the photographic evidence and the narrative did get something to jibe. They said that the Colored Troops are the ones that did all the infrastructual work around Ft James, which would become the Historic Jamestown Settlement. These images have a handful of actors in soldier uniforms that were on sight. There are a few Whites but I think they were photoshopped in later.

Blacks were in the South before Europeans were brought to America as Orphans. The Trans-Atlantic slave trade is a myth to perpetuate racial division.



Ruins of Hampton, VA



Church ruins in the historic park

Confederate fort southeast of Yorktown, overlooking debris from an exploded 32-pounder Navy gun.

Money Shot

You would think for all the excitement there would be literal mountains of dead bodies in the field. I have been to Gettysburg several times and seen the battlefield, its not that big, so with names like the Slaughter Pen and Devils Den you’d expect a bloodbath scene right? Sorry to disappoint but no, here are the few photos I could find, most are from Gettysburg but I included some from other famous battles too for comparison. There was no war, at least not like we have been indoctrinated to believe.

This is the only image featuring some kind of gore or what you’d expect a real war casualty to look like. Its still fake as fuck though. If someone’s guts got blown out dont you’d think there would be a mess on their clothes? Not a speck of blood. Zoom in on the face. These early fake death shot use prosethic fish lips, I guess its some sort of imagery projection. The people looking at this most likely have never seen a dead body before, swollen appendages and such are exaggerated. Plus hes got an eye hanging out that just looks like something from the Halloween Store. The hand is blown off but does the photographer expect people to think it landed there or did he toss it back with the corpse? Either way doesnt really matter bc its their favorite ‘Hidden Hand’ NWO gang sign thats what it really is.

“Guarding the Confederate POW camp at Gettysburg” How long do you think those actors had to stay seated in the field?

Good post about town of Gberg history including pics of architecture pre-Civil War. 🔗

Andersonville Prison Camp

Hanging of Capt Wirz

Sherman’s March was focused on the destruction of the railroad in the South. Northern devastation was dismissed with the Great Strike that went from WV to San Fran bc they couldn’t use the war

22 NY at Harpers Ferry

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