The Great Reset and Repopulation of Asia

The history of the Centralized International Authority and Full Spectrum Dominance kill grid

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Chinese built the Railroads? Nope, they were just here before the Europeans

Chinese labor at the Sampson Shoe Factory, North Adams, MA, 1860

No TransAtlantic Slave Trade either. The repopulation didn’t start full swing till the Civil War centralized their authority… Duh, Slavery was ‘abolished’ during the war, which never really happened, which means slavery didnt happen either. Slavery is used to explain the large African population in the South that existed when European Orphans started arriving. Im sure their was slaves, who do you think dug out all the cities?

Same with the Railroad. it was always here and so were the Asians. The two are used to prop each other up.

How could an entire world be scammed into a life of debt slavery, perpetual warfare, instant gratification and processed culture? We have lost our sense of collective history, people can’t see past their own mental barriers the slight of hand cheat that is all around all the time.

These posts were all one bloated run-on essay that I had to break down bc it was crashing the cheap ass service here at WP. One post became 6 or 7 and I could still break down more if needed. The problem with one post is its difficult to find a specific spot, the benefit is once a Seeker has found the post he is more likely to stay on it than to click 5 separate articles.

So at any rate, Here are all my Asian articles

Japan Catacomb Saints

and a growing file on Japan. 1891 Earthquake

Nagasaki and Hiroshima

Nukes are fake, the cities are Reset leftovers. Tokyo had another earthquake in 1923

Ginger Mummies and the Sky Caves

All these fake archeological sites are hidden in a nuclear testing site. The nukes are fake too

History of Tibet and the Dalai Lama

Dharmasla in India was dug out from the mudflood before the DL HQ. Another ‘Earthquake’

Phony Burning Monks

Psy-op has carried over to Climate Change dispair

World Fair Culture and Human Zoo’s

Ancient cultures around the world were written up by elitist art academies and inserted as authentic history at the Human Zoos

NWO Transition China

I never thought the installation of the centralized grid would be a good thing but in China’s case idk. They even made post cards

Ruins of Lucknow

Bunch of old energy grid was left. I think whatever kind of energy system they used fried the grid, all the metal components are melted

Great Wall of Tataria

Just made international headlines recently

Space Buddha

Statue discovered from the 30’s points to the SS Tibet Expedition

Mass Executions

The transition of China into the NWO had some of the bloodiest chapters in the photographic record.

Survey of Religious Sites

Fake archeology sites and history of India, Tibet

Caucasus Mudflood

Bonus, borderline Asia. Good article. Oil producing capital for Russia. As Above, So Below twin of Nile Valley